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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 15 సంచిక 2
March / April 2024

From the desk of Dr.Jit K Aggarwal

Sharing Swami’s profound messages on the significance of Shivaratri and Seva, Dr Aggarwal has put forth ideas for us to work on for our collective offering to Swami on the momentous occasion of His 100th Birthday; also, steps to expand the practitioners’ base.

పూర్తి వ్యాసం చదవండి

దృష్టాంత చరిత్రలు

12 interesting cases are shared: constipation; Achilles tendinitis, shoulder pain; migraine; fungal infection; pus discharge, itching & pain in ear; respiratory allergy; hole in ear drum, ear infection; Diabetes, sciatica pain, sleeplessness; itching & white patch on scalp, knee pain; food allergy; pain in left hand; and pounding in ear, numbness in leg.

దృష్టాంతములు చదవండి

సాధకుని వివరములు

We are introducing two dedicated practitioners actively involved in Sai service for years, now practising Vibrionics with full faith and a keen desire to alleviate the suffering of the distressed; they share some cured cases and their favourite quick relief combos.

సాధకుని వివరములు చదవండి

Answer Corner

Read to learn about: why do two patients take different times to be cured from the same chronic illness of similar duration; can we and how to advise a patient to make eye drops using the remedy pills; will the body become resistant to IB; how best to treat and advise patients with nutrient deficiency; and is urine nosode made at 30C a wonderful heart tonic and why.

పూర్తి వ్యాసం చదవండి

Divines words from the Master Healer

Swami lovingly guides us: “all ills are traceable to what” and the drug for it; how to serve and how not to!

పూర్తి వ్యాసం చదవండి


Upcoming workshops in Uruguay and Puttaparthi, India.

పూర్తి వ్యాసం చదవండి

In Addition

In Addition • Health article on “ Plan a balanced intake of Minerals – essential micronutrient for health” elucidates what are the essential minerals, their role, with Tips. • Vibrionics Updates 2024: “Addendum to Index of 108CC book”; • An interesting anecdote about ailing plants becoming healthier and flowery! • Vibrionics camps in AP - one in a slum area in Penukonda, Sri Sathya Sai District, and the other at a sea-shore based village in Visakhapatnam; and • Eligibility criteria for SVP admission made more flexible

పూర్తి వ్యాసం చదవండి