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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 11 Issue 3
May/June 2020

From The Desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

In the context of the unprecedented times being faced due to COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Aggarwal shares how our research team arrived at the most appropriate remedies for the situation, including the prophylactic “immunity booster”. Many, while strictly following the local government guidelines, have been distributing the remedies for both prevention and treatment and excellent feedback has come from those who have taken the vibrionics remedies. He advises how to deal with the new opportunities for seva and also cautions that even as situation improves, we should not become less vigilant but follow the social distancing, high levels of hygiene, and take all protective measures till the virus is under complete control.

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Case Histories

10 cases are shared: chilblains, pain in wrist & fingers; acidity; migraine; Bell’s palsy; anxiety, depression, panic attack, tinnitus; infertility - erectile dysfunction, ovarian cyst; menstrual pain, anaemia, acidity; constipation; spondylitis, skin itch; and papular urticaria.

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Practitioner Profiles

We are introducing three practitioners. The first one is in Sai-fold since 2002 and a practitioner since 2008. He spends his Thursdays treating patients in Two Shirdi Sai temples, and also the monthly medical camps of Sai organisation, assisted by his wife. He has treated over 4000 patients; some were directed in their dreams by Shirdi Sai Baba to visit him. Many who were suffering for long despite medicines got cured after taking remedies from him, he shares. The other two are an enthusiastic devout couple active in Sai organisation for the last 40-45 years. Practitioners since 2011 & 2012 respectively, they have treated over 500 patients and in their experience about 70% of all patients get cured. They feel vibrionics should become a part of all health camps as many doctors refer their patients to them.

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The Answer Corner

Read to learn about: whether Covid-19 preventive remedy can be combined with another and 20-minute ideal gap between two remedies; whether one drop of remedy from 108CC box directly in water for patients is practicable; if the wells of SRHVP become tarnished will it affect the quality of the remedy and how to keep the wells clean; whether using a diffuser to disperse remedy to ward off negative energies is recommended; if blood nosode is impracticable in any situation, what is the alternative; can any potentised allergen or remedy of potentised medicines cause a pullout; can our mind be responsible for an illness due to accident when one did not have an iota of thought of accident at that time.

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Divine Words From The Master Healer

Swami lovingly guides us how individuals who take the path of sadhana should keep away from unclean surroundings and objects. Swami is also calling upon us to avail every possible occasion to render service to the society according to the needs of the situation, especially national service without any discrimination.

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Upcoming workshops and seminars for 2020 in India (in Puttaparthi and a virtual one in Delhi), USA Richmond VA, and UK London are listed. AVP and SVP workshops are only for those who have undergone the admission process and the e-course. Refresher seminars are for existing practitioners.

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In Addition

We share in our health article “Spice your day in a healthy way!”, what is a spice, its usage and storage, and benefits of commonly known 20 varieties of spices, along with caution to be observed as when taken in small quantity they make food delicious and healthy and protect us from many ailments. The spices covered are mustard, cumin, asafoetida, chili peppers including paprika & cayenne, black pepper/peppercorns, coriander/cilantro, fenugreek, carom/caraway, nigella/black cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, anise/fennel, cardamom (green and black), clove, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg & mace, allspice, and popular spice mixes like garam masala and panch phoron. Details of Feb 2020 AVP workshop held in Puttaparthi are included. Also, there is an encouraging report on global response to Covid-19 from our practitioners.

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