Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 10 Issue 4
July August 2019

From the Desk of Dr Jit Aggarwal

In the context of approaching Guru Purnima in July and Swami’s message of oneness with the Guru, he calls upon all practitioners to immerse ourselves in His Love, experience the expression of divinity in each and every aspect of creation, and offer that love to each and every being that crosses our path. By remaining in loving vibration, we can help raise the frequency of those whom we treat. Also time has come for each practitioner to bring in a potential one. It is time that vibrionics needs senior and aspiring to be senior practitioners to come forward and take a lead role with commitment and passion, as our human resource is limited.

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Case Histories

12 cases are shared: on rhinitis, bronchitis; anal fistula and boil, constipation; bleeding after abortion; dermatitis; hypothyroid; lower gastrointestinal bleeding; injury with nightmares; button battery ingestion by child; adult still’s disease; back and knee pain after fracture; panic attacks after trauma; and residues of malaria, excessive salivation & perspiration.

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Practitioner Profiles

We are introducing two practitioners. Both became practitioners in 2018 and are really passionate about seva, and have seen amazing cures with vibrionics. The first one is a retired banker, guided and blessed by Swami at every stage of her life right from her childhood as a balvikas student; treated over 650 patients including a stray dog on the street by broadcasting combo mentally; always feels divine presence during seva. The second one, born into a family of devotees, has a full time research and teaching job as a microbiologist; sees patients including destitute and depressed every day after work and on holidays; has embarked on a study to test the effect of vibrionics on some multi drug resistant microorganisms isolated from patients.

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The Answer Corner

We learn about why vibrionics is compatible with allopathy and not homoeopathy or ayurveda; how to deal with a patient who is already being treated with one of these two healing systems, will 6TD dosage cure faster than TDS and in what situation, why tapering down dosage is important, and how will toxins get released from a patient on dialysis as he is not allowed to drink more than a litre of liquid including water.

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Divine Words From The Master Healer

Swami lovingly urges us to have control over our food habits for a healthy heart and be ever ready to do selfless service and never think of being served by others.

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Upcoming workshops in Croatia, U.K., France, and India (Puttaparthi) are listed.

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In Addition

We share in our health article what is headache, how primary headache is an illness and a secondary headache is symptom, alternative therapies for treatment, how to manage a headache with home remedies and self-monitoring, and how preventing a headache is important through a proper life style, calm alertness, and right posture of erect spine. Also, we share about 3 local meetings of practitioners held in East and West London and Midlands, U.K, and a refresher workshop conducted in Pune, Maharashtra (India).

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