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" Wann immer du einen kranken, niedergeschlagenen, unglücklichen Menschen sieh st, da ist dein Tätigkeitsfeld für Seva " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 15 Ausgabe 4
July / August 2024

From the desk of Dr.Jit K Aggarwal

Taking cue from Swami’s Guru Purnima message, Dr Aggarwal urges all of us to make our life a complete offering to the Divine and invoke the teacher in each one of us! He gently reminds us to be up-to-date and play our part for Swami’s 100th Birthday celebrations.

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12 interesting cases are shared: depression; allergy to dust & smoke; itchy patches on skin; haemorrhoids; migraine during menses; indigestion, addiction; itchy skin rash; hives; acidity & haemorrhoids; shoulder & knee pain; eczema; insomnia, leg pain.

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Praktiker Profile

We are introducing two dedicated practitioners, in Swami’s fold since birth, teachers by profession, who propelled by a strong internal urge have embraced vibrionics. They share their heart-warming cases and some miraculous cures.

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Answer Corner

Read to learn about: how and when a newly qualified practitioner should consult his mentor for treating patients, why should we let the pill dissolve slowly under the tongue, how to carry our SRHVP safely during travels, how to advise a patient regarding pullout and its careful handling, and how to replace damaged/ worn out/misplaced SRHVP cards.

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Divine quotes from the Master Healer

Swami lovingly guides us how to transform ourselves through satvic food and how to do our duty from heart as worship!

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Upcoming workshops including a Teachers Training workshop in Puttaparthi, India.

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In Addition

In Addition has • Health article on “Maintain Brain health to realise its amazing potential” gives a peep into our awesome brain, the various brain disorders and disabilities, Do’s and Don’ts in a stroke, and Tips to keep our brain healthy. • Glimpses of ever widening camps and clinics • Introduction of a new sub-section "From the Diary of Dr.Jit.K.Aggarwall" with a tale from his vibrionics journey - a lesson on purity of mind • Our homage to two departed souls!

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