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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

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November/December 2019

From the Desk of Dr Jit Aggarwal

Greeting the practitioners in the holy month of November, Dr Jit Aggarwal has drawn attention to the fact that omnipresent Divine energy of God, though beyond space and time, is not far from us. Selfless service is the best way to connect with Him and feel the oneness with Him as pure love and the vibrations of our blessed remedies. We are so privileged to have been given an opportunity to practise something which scientists have been researching for years to understand. We also need to first tap the information readily present in the Newsletters before we pose a query, and also be in readiness to gather knowledge through web conferencing tools as is being done regularly by some coordinators.

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Opisy przypadków

8 cases are shared: wheezing, migraine, asthma, fungal infection, frequent urination, knee pain, abscess, and greenflies on rose plant.


Profile Healera

We are introducing two practitioners. Both carry their “Wellness kit” always ready to serve and have indeed done so in emergency and otherwise, during their journey to work and while on tours, in addition to their regular practice. The first one is a chartered accountant employed in corporate sector, had his first darshan of Swami in 2010 and became an active volunteer in seva activities, and later a practitioner since July 2018. Filled with gratitude to Swami, he lays emphasis on self-transformation by freeing the mind of the toxins of ego. The second one, a teacher by profession, with a doctorate in the field of Commerce, and passionate about seva since her college days, came into the fold of Swami in 2010 and became a practitioner in 2011. Always feeling blessed, she says that vibrionics practice has made her equanimous and empathetic.


The Answer Corner

We learn about the procedure for preparing ear and nasal drops (having covered eye drops in vol 9 issue 1); why and how it is not advisable for a practitioner to practise along with vibrionics any other system of healing, even though without charge; for the purpose of monthly reporting, how to calculate number of patients while working as part of a team in health camps; how to deal with patients to know the root cause of their problem, when they do not describe even their symptoms clearly; and how to give preventive remedy to the family members of cancer patients or to the patients gone into remission.

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Divine Words From The Master Healer

Swami lovingly guides us how to obtain vitamins and proteins from satvic vegetarian food, and how feeling another’s pain as your own, another’s success as your own, and seeing everyone else as yourself and yourself in everyone is the core of the sadhana of seva.

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Upcoming workshops in India (Puttaparthi) and USA Richmond VA are listed.

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In Addition

We share in our health article on “Work towards a healthy thyroid”, about thyroid and its vital function, thyroid disorders, mainly hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, their symptoms and causes, thyroid profile test and thyroid function indicators; and how to prevent thyroid problem through regular exercise in fresh air, foods rich in iodine, amino acids, vitamin B-12, and selenium, avoiding or minimising certain foods and beverages, and through vibrionics. Also, we share important information given during AVP workshop and refresher seminar held in Zagreb, Croatia; Audio conference in USA; National annual refresher seminar in London, UK, and SVP and AVP workshops in Ales, France.

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