" 病める人、打ちしおれた人、落胆した人、疾患に苦しむ人がいれば、まさにそこにあなたの奉仕の場があります " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out


Gangrene, Diabetes 02494...Italy

While in Prashanti Nilayam, the practitioners (husband and wife team) decided to make a phone call to on old friend in Italy, who was very ill, to see how he was faring. They had been out of touch for some time. Their friend, then 64 years old, had been suffering from diabetes for 30 years and was insulin dependent but did not take care of himself. He was in...(continued)


甲状腺機能低下症(インド) 02836...India


CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.1 Brain & Memory tonic….TDS



糖尿病患者の足切断手術の回避(インド) 02640...India


ボトル:NM20けが + NM25ショック + NM32 静脈―痔疾 + SM15循環  +SR264 シリカ (200c) +  SR293 火薬  +SR298 ラケシス(30c) +SR325救急  +SR408ライムギ(30c)


ボトル:SM17糖尿病  + SM39 緊張  +SM41心の高揚一日回



糖尿病第二タイプ 02786...Russia


#1) CC12.1 Adult tonic(成人トニック) + CC15.4 Eating disorders(摂食障害 + CC18.1 Brain disabilities(脳障害)...TDS. (一日回)

#2) CC6.3 Diabetes(糖尿病)…TDS. (一日回)



甲状腺機能低下症 02799...UK


SR308 Pituitary Gland (脳下垂体)+ SR319 Thyroid Gland(甲状腺) + SR521 Pineal Gland(松果体) + SR568 Hypothyroidism(甲状腺機能低下症) + CC15.1 Mental &...(continued)


Diabetes with High BP 11423...India

A 49-year-old male patient was diagnosed with diabetes a year before he saw the practitioner. He also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He was given:
CC3.3 High Blood Pressure + CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis + CC6.3 Diabetes…TDS.

On a regular self-monitoring over a period of a few weeks, there was no change. However, what did come to light was...(continued)


Infertility 11476...India

A woman aged 33 had not been able to conceive a child for 8 years even though she had tried various artificial allopathic methods. When she came to the practitioner in October 2011, she was tense and agitated. She had been taking allopathic medicines for diabetes for 6 years and hypothyroidism for 3 years. She was given the following:
#1. CC6.2 Hypothyroid +...(continued)


Diabetes with High BP and High Cholesterol 02859...India

A 49-year-old male was diagnosed with diabetes a year previous. He also had high BP and high cholesterol. He was given:
#1.  CC6.3 Diabetes…BD

#2.  CC3.3 High Blood Pressure + CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis…BD

The patient monitored his blood sugar regularly but found  there was not much improvement. Further investigations...(continued)


Diabetes, High BP & Depression 10001...India

In May 2008, a female patient, 52, who was a distant relative of the practitioner, sought treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure. She had been diagnosed with diabetes 10 years earlier and was now insulin dependent; she took 15 units of insulin before lunch and 10 units before dinner daily. With this, her random blood glucose was 150. In addition, she...(continued)


Difficult Pregnancy 11476...India

A 33-year old woman came to see the practitioner in October 2012 because she had been trying to have a child for 7 to 8 years without success despite allopathic fertility treatment.  She was also taking allopathic drugs for hypothyroidism (Thyronam 25 mg OD, since 2008) and for diabetes (Centapin XR tablet OD, since 2005).

She was given:
#1. CC6.2...(continued)


尿路感染症と糖尿病 11520...India

糖尿病の治療を受けていた歳の男性が年月日、膀胱炎の治療を求めてきました。尿内の膿細胞の濃度が-hpf(high power field: 高倍率(400倍/強拡大)での視野)で、38.9° Cの高熱がありました。その前の週には、頻尿、排尿の際の焼け付くような痛み、失禁が見られました。また病歴として、年間の慢性便秘と年間にわたる慢性糖尿病がありました。


#1. NM21 KBS + NM36 War + SM27 Infection + SR456 Bladder (Urinary) + SR536 Urethra + CC10.1 Emergencies…一日回



肝臓癌患者の治療 Missing...India

CC2.1 癌+CC2.2癌の痛み+CC2.3腫瘍・病的増殖+CC4.2肝臓・胆嚢活性+CC6.3糖尿病+CC12.1
活性+CC19.3喘息+CC19.4喘息(救急) +CC20.3 関節炎+CC20.6骨粗そう症


Diabetes 02640...India

A medical doctor, aged 67 years, working for an ESIS hospital, was advised to undergo cataract surgery. But his blood sugar levels were not within the acceptable limits in spite of the fact he was on insulin for a long time. Since the operation was urgently required, he came for help and was put on the following vibro combination:

CC6.3 Diabetes…BD



Life-long Constipation 02859...India

An 80-year-old man approached the practitioner with some trepidation looking for a solution to lifelong constipation for which he had taken all possible treatments. He was given:
CC4.4 Constipation…TDS

His was relieved of the constipation right away. He told the practitioner that vibrionics has changed his life, he is more...(continued)


Leukaemia 11993...India

A 72-year-old male had been diagnosed with the last stages of blood cancer. He had been suffering from this for two years, was also diabetic and bedridden. Doctors predicted that he would not live for more than two weeks. He was given the following:
#1. CC2.1 Cancers - all + CC3.1 Heart tonic…TDS

#2. CC6.3 Diabetes + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental...(continued)


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 11476...India

A 46-year-old woman has developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to excess use of a computer. For 4 months she had pain in the wrist, hands and fingers. The pain in the wrist was so severe that she had difficulty in performing even simple tasks with it. She was given the following, and as she was also diabetic a combo was included for that as well:
CC6.3 Diabetes...(continued)


糖尿病 and Circulation 02802...UK



#1. CC3.7 Circulation + CC6.3 Diabetes + CC18.5 Neuralgia….一日回



重症筋無力症 10001...India


.複視 (物が二重に見えること)、視点を固定することが困難なこと―――こうした症状によって、一時に分以上文字を読むことができず、夜間における読書は不可能でした。






甲状腺機能低下症, 足のむくみ, 関節の痛み, 失禁, 精神不安 02817...India

実践者手記: 波動薬を服用している共通の友人の家で歳の女性にお会いしました。その女性は過去年間様々な問題を抱えていました。足の裏の焼け付くような痛み、足の裏やつま先のむくみ、精神疾患、極端に低い自尊心、歩行困難、痛みのため手を思うように動かせないことなどです。また年間は、関節の痛み、失禁、そして甲状腺機能低下症を併発していました。対症療法を何年も受けていましたが、症状が改善されることはありませんでした。肥満であることにたいして自分を責め続けており、全てに怒りを感じていました。失禁のため彼女は家から離れることを避けていました。彼女は声を上げて泣き、私の手を取って、友人から紹介された波動薬を通して神が症状を癒してくれることを願いました。彼女の話に耳を傾けると、結婚生活に問題があり、同じ家に住みながらも...(continued)


Diabetes 11573...India

A lively, cheerful 47-year-old woman came to the practitioner on 10 April 2015 with multiple problems. She had suffered a brain haemorrhage 18 years ago after a homoeopathic overdose. She fortunately recovered from it. A year later, she was diagnosed with a benign cervical tumour. She had also been suffering from pain, inflammation and cramps in her arms and...(continued)


乾癬, 2型糖尿病, 涙目 02799...UK


#1. CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.2 Skin infections + CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.6...(continued)


呼吸アレルギー 11278...India

歳の実践者は活動的ではありながらも、年間,ハウスダストと刺激臭に対するアレルギーに悩まされ、それらはくしゃみと長引く鼻詰まりの原因となっていました。年までに、抗アレルギーの対症療法の薬をほぼ毎日摂取しており、また、血糖値のレベルはわずかに高い程度で、糖尿病の治療は受けていませんでした。年月までに、血糖値は正常値(空腹時:150mg/dl、食後:200mg/dl)よりも十分に高いレベルを示し、また、穏やかな高血圧と診断され(140/80).糖尿病の薬(Diamicrox R-6昼食前に日回)と血圧の薬(Cardace 2.5 mg、日回)を処方されました。年月日に対症療法の薬と併用して以下のような波動薬の治療が始まりました:

#1. CC9.2 Infections acute + CC19.2...(continued)


糖尿病、メトホルミン( Metformin:ビグアナイド系薬剤に分類される経口糖尿病治療薬の一つ)アレルギー 11567...India

年月日、か月前に糖尿病と診断された歳女性(空腹時血糖値:190mg/dL, 正常値70-110mg/dL; 食後血糖値: 250mg/dL, 正常値 70-150mg/dL)が治療を求めて実践者を訪れました。その日に行われた検査の血糖値の値(316mg/dL, 正常値 70-130mg/dL)にも示されているように症状は不安定のままでした。患者さんは対症療法のメトホルミンに対して激しいアレルギーがあり(ナス、魚、ジャガイモなどの食品に対してもアレルギーがありました)、その服用ができないでいました。メトホルミン錠が下痢、めまい、蕁麻疹を誘発するため、彼女はホメオパシーを試しましたが効果はありませんでした。それまでのか月間、彼女には虚弱感と疲労感があり、また足に焼け付くような感覚があり、夜中に,...(continued)


糖尿病による壊疽 02786...Russia




肩と肘の急性腱炎、糖尿病 01096...USA

年月日に、医師でもある実践者は歳の患者さんから電話を受けました。ビー玉ほどの大きさ(10-25 mm)の瘤が両肩や肘の関節部分にでき、前肘関節の腱は両腕ともひどい炎症で激しい痛みを伴っていました。過去週間、激しい痛みのため彼は腕を動かすことができませんでした。職場での大量の煙に晒された後、建設現場では粉塵に見舞われており。この症状の痛みに対しては、治療や医師の助言を求めておらず、また、この実践者からは大変遠くにすんでいたために、患者さんは実践者に会いに行くこともできませんでした。彼は糖尿病を3年間患い、対症療法の薬(メトフォルミンgm、1日2回)を摂取していました。以前、波動薬による糖尿病の治療を試みていましたが、今回が再度の服用となり、以下のレメディが処方されました:

#1. CC2.3...(continued)


Diabetes, Lump under the Ear 10399...India

A 41-year-old man suffering from diabetes for three years came to the practitioner in June 2010. He was taking allopathic medicine but wished to take Vibrionics also. He was given: 

For diabetes:
#1. CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC6.3 Diabetes + CC7.1 Eye tonic + CC12.1 Adult Tonic + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic…TDS

He visited the practitioner...(continued)


気管支炎, 咳、慢性消化不良 03524...USA


#1. CC4.10 Indigestion + CC6.1 Hyperthyroid + CC12.1 Adult...(continued)


Overweight, Irregular Menses, Infertility 02806...Malaysia

A 28-year-old lady contacted the practitioner on 20 February 2014 for treatment of her obesity. Her height is 168cm/5ft 5in, weight was 88kg/194lb and Body Mass Index (BMI) 31.6. She had also been having irregular periods over the past one year. She had no other health problem and was not on any medication. Since excessive body weight can cause menstrual...(continued)


White Spots 10940...India


#1. SR252 Tuberculinum 200C…週間に日, 4

#2. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.2 Skin infections…一日回


#3 SR250 Psorinum 200C…週間に日, 2




Diabetes, resting tremors, high BP, partial hearing loss 03535...USA

An elderly man aged 76 sought the practitioner’s help to address his long-standing multiple chronic problems. In 1984 his son died in an accident. The pain of losing a grown up child was unbearable and his emotional state started affecting his body. A couple of years after the accident, he was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. He also had a family...(continued)


Diabetes, Hypertension 03535...USA

A 60-year-old woman had been suffering from diabetes mellitus and hypertension for fifteen years. Chronic stress and tension were thought to be the main causative factors for her condition. In spite of taking allopathic medicines right from the beginning for both her problems, the fasting and postprandial (after eating) sugar levels were 190 and 250...(continued)


Diabetes, diabetic sores, back pain 03516...Canada

On 15 January 2015, a 40-year-old man sought treatment from the practitioner for type-2 diabetes, diabetic sores and back pain. His blood sugar was so high (~12mmol/L) for the past three years that he needed daily insulin injections along with a low dose of Metformin. Also for three years, he had diabetic sores on his right shin with open wounds. The sores...(continued)


Diabetes, chronic cough...UK 02799...UK

A 70-year-old lady was suffering from persistent severe dry cough for the past two years. She was being repeatedly treated with antibiotics which provided temporary relief only. Seven years ago, suddenly she felt dizzy and it was found that her blood sugar was very high. So the doctor immediately put her on insulin. She had a history of high blood pressure...(continued)


Hypothyroidism and irregular periods 11570...India

A 35-year-old lady was suffering from hypothyroidism for two and a half years. She had been taking thyroxine 50 mcg but this treatment was not helping her. She felt tired, frustrated and unable to cope. For the past one year, her periods were irregular, occurring 7-10 days later than the due date. She had tried allopathic medication to regularize her periods...(continued)


Multiple strokes, hearing and memory loss 03535...USA

The practitioner visited an 89-year-old man recently discharged from hospital. The man expressed his desire to take vibro remedies for his low energy, two-year-old hearing loss (one had to practically shout into his ear) and one-year-old mild memory lapse (for example, forgetting particular names and certain incidents). He was not taking any medication for...(continued)


Hypothyroid 11576...India

On 12 Mar 2016, the practitioner was approached by a 42-year-old lady who was suffering from hypothyroidism for the past 10 years. She was overweight and did not have an energetic profile due to the effect of reduced thyroid hormone. Though her heart rate and cholesterol levels were normal, she complained of feeling tired, sluggish,...(continued)


Hypothyroidism, chronic cough and asthma 03542...UK

On 26 July 2016, a female aged 60 saw the practitioner for her health problems. 

Her asthmatic condition started over 40 years ago that subsequently had stopped and resurfaced recently. The condition was rapidly deteriorating and she needed to use Ventolin inhaler or nebuliser at least twice a day to control her wheezing. She was also suffering from...(continued)


Hypothyroid 11600...India

A 43-year-old female was diagnosed with hypothyroid 7 years ago when she was prescribed Thyroxin 100mg per day. After one year, she developed itching, dry skin and headache. At her routine check-up in March 2018, the TSH value was a little high at 7.82 (normal range is 0.13 - 6.33). She came to the practitioner on 3 Aug 2018 when she...(continued)


Hypothyroid 11594...India

A 20-year-old girl had developed dark circles under her eyes 3 months ago. In the past 2 months, her weight had increased from 51 kg to 53 kg, she felt feverish every day, and had profuse hair fall. On 28 May 2018, the practitioner advised her to get the thyroid level checked. Two days later she came back with her medical report, serum TSH was 12.5 mIU/L,...(continued)


Saving a Diabetic’s Foot from Amputation 02640...India

A 54-year old man who had been suffering from diabetes for many years had undergone amputation of all five toes of his right foot. He was hospitalized with the possibility of having his right foot and fore leg up to the knee amputated. A Vibrionics practitioner gave him the following combos in the hope that this could be prevented:

#1. NM20 Injury + NM25...(continued)


Hypothyroidism 00600J...India

A man, aged 27, came to see the practitioner because he had been suffering from hypothyroidism since childhood. His symptoms were that he appeared lazy though, in fact, he was just lacking in energy. He was losing a lot of hair, his face was swollen, he was chronically anemic and he suffered from lack of sleep due to nightmares. Intermittent allopathic...(continued)


Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 02786...Russia

The patient is a 58-year old woman who had diabetes type 2 for 9 years. She was an emotional overweight woman in a bad state of health with a lot of stress and no energy. She was being treated allopathically for diabetes with Byetta and Glucovance. Her blood sugar level was 10 units whereas the normal value is 5.5 units.
She was given:
#1) CC12.1 Adult tonic...(continued)


Hypothyroid 02799...UK

When this practitioner was in Sierra Leone, a woman doctor who came with the allopathic team from UK, saw her give Vibrionics treatment to people there. On her return, the doctor contacted the practitioner to ask if Vibrionics could help her under-active thyroid. She had a hypothyroid for 5 years and since then she had been taking 50 mg of thyroxin daily. As...(continued)


Diabetes 02640...India

A medical doctor, aged 67 years, working for an ESIS hospital was advised to undergo cataract surgery. But his blood sugar levels were not within the acceptable limits in spite of the fact he was on insulin for a long time. Since the operation was urgently required, he came for help and was put on the following vibro combination.

CC6.3 Diabetes…BD



Diabetes with High BP 01423J...India

A 49 year old male patient was diagnosed with diabetes a year before he saw the practitioner. He also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He was given:

CC3.3 High Blood Pressure + CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis + CC6.3 Diabetes…TDS.

On a regular self-monitoring over a period of a few weeks, there was no change. However, what did come to light was...(continued)


Diabetes 03566...USA

In the year 2012, this 26-year-old female suddenly felt extreme fatigue, frequent urination, and tingling sensation in her fingers and toes. Her physician immediately ordered a blood test and diagnosed this as diabetes with HbA1c* level at 7.5. This appeared to be hereditary as her father and grandfather were both diabetic. Also, she had a very unhealthy...(continued)


Thyroid 01644 ...USA


A 58-year-old woman was getting ready to have thyroid surgery out of town when she called her practitioner on the way to the hospital. The practitioner started broadcasting with the Potentiser: NM20 Injury...transmitting continuously 

while the patient was out of town and approximately 2 to 3 days after she got home. She needed no  pain...(continued)


Goitre 02802 ...UK

A 42 year old lady from UK, who had developed a large smooth goitre around her neck for over 3 months, was awaiting an operation, which she did not want. She was seen on 09/07/10 and was given just one bottle containing: 

CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC6.1 Hyperthyroid + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional...(continued)


Alopecia 01044 ...New Zealand

I met my 56-year-old neighbour in the street and we started going for walks together. She always wore a hat during our walks. Once when she had coryza I gave her CC19.2 and she got better. This led to her telling me that she had lost all her hair from her scalp about 10 years ago; she had many investigations  done  and was  told  it...(continued)


High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Tobacco & Alcohol Addiction 02779 ...Japan


On 12th September 2010, a 75-year-old mother and 45-year-old son came to see the practitioner because they were suffering from the same symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, tobacco and alcohol addiction as diagnosed at a nearby hospital. The mother had enjoyed for over 20 years smoking more than 24 cigarettes a day and drinking more...(continued)


Hypertension and Diabetes 10679...India

A 52 year old male from Karnataka, was suffering from hypertension and diabetes. He was under treatment  for  both  these  problems  with  allopathic  medicines.  The  patient approached the practitioner in July 2013, after he suffered from Bell’s palsy paralysis of one whole side of the face. The...(continued)


Diabetes with High Blood Pressure 12051...India

A 70-year-old lady was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. She also had high BP of 160/100. In the same month she was detected with diabetes, she was given this combo: 

CC3.3 High Blood Pressure (BP) + CC6.3 Diabetes + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS 

Two months later, when she tested herself  she  had...(continued)


Hypothyroidism 02090...India

A 10 year old girl weighed 26 kg, saw the practitioner, who after observing her symptoms advised her to check her TSH for hypothyroid. On February 2013, her lab reports showed her TSH as 42.19. On March 2013, the following combo was given: CC6.2 Hypothyroid…QDS for two months. 

After 6 months her TSH level came down to 2.93 (normal range)....(continued)


Back Pain with Swollen Knees and Hypothyroid 11990...India

When a 63-year female patient, came to the camp arranged by the Samiti, she was suffering from back pain, swelling on both knees and hypothyroidism. She could not walk properly for five years, and took many allopathic and ayurvedic treatments. But the relief was only at the time of medication. She had no permanent relief and also hadn’t...(continued)


Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Uterine Cysts, Coeliac Disease, Slipped Disc 00915...Greece

A 45-year-old woman suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and excessive stress approached the practitioner. She had multiple problems, namely cysts in her uterus, celiac disease-like symptoms and slipped disc. She was very overweight and had a lot of pain in her foot. So the practitioner talked with her a lot in order to help her to decide to lose...(continued)


Hypothyroidism 11623...India

A 39-year-old woman diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism in May 2020 was advised to get it re-checked after three months but she ignored it. Over the next six months, she gained 10 kilos, developed overeating habit and suffered from a plethora of symptoms such as body chills, muscle cramps, numbness, sleeplessness, mood swings, fatigue and hair loss. Her...(continued)


Hypothyroidism 02494 ...Italy

A 31-year-old woman was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 10 years ago. She had a swollen neck and had gained a lot of weight. She had been taking allopathic medicine but it did not help. On 10 Nov 2003, she sought vibrionics treatment and was given:

SR258 Kali Phos + SR379 Coffea Cruda + SR521 Pineal Gland + SR568 Hypothyroidism…TDS 

On 20 Nov,...(continued)


Hypothyroidism 11594...India

A 33-year-old woman was experiencing muscle cramps, mood swings, and fatigue for the past two months, since July 2020. During this period she had gained 4 kg (8.8 lb) in weight. Her doctor ordered a thyroid test which revealed an abnormally high level* of TSH, >100 µIU/ml. Fearing potential side effects of allopathic medicines which she decided not...(continued)


Diabetes, sciatica pain, sleeplessness 03599 & 02726...USA

A 75-year-old female 4’10” in height and 52 kg in weight had, high fasting blood sugar FBS (260 mg/dL fasting, normal being 90 to 130) in spite of taking three different tablets and 3 units of insulin daily, for more than a decade; sciatica and back pain with only 50% improvement on taking homoeopathic treatment for 4 years and also sleeplessness,...(continued)