" 病める人、打ちしおれた人、落胆した人、疾患に苦しむ人がいれば、まさにそこにあなたの奉仕の場があります " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 12 号 4
July / August 2021


From the desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

Dear Practitioners

After around 18 months of uncertainty and chaos, it finally seems as if most parts of the world are getting back to some sort of normalcy. Despite speculation of an imminent third wave in the offing, at the moment the general mood, globally, seems to be optimistic and I feel so grateful to see that India and other countries are recovering steadily from the second wave of the pandemic. All over the world, the masses are getting vaccinated; people have been taking precautions and observing safety guidelines. With new and varied mutations appearing all over the world and the virus itself being so erratic and unpredictable, healthcare professionals and the scientific community have our deep gratitude and respect for their untold sacrifices and sincere efforts in dealing with Covid-19.

“The world is a huge hospital, and humanity is bedridden. Some are writhing in the pain of envy, some are bloated with pride, some are losing sleep through hate, some have become blind through miserliness, some are struck down by selfishness. Everyone has some illness or other. On this Guru Purnima Day, you have to render gratitude to the doctors who diagnose your diseases and prescribe remedies and to the nurses who tend you back to health.”…Guru Purnima Discourse 27 July 1961 http://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume02/sss02-14.pdf.

The onset of July naturally brings back happy memories of bygone days when we used to celebrate Guru Purnima in the Divine presence in Prashanti Nilayam. This festival holds a special importance for us, as on this day, we were fortunate for Bhagawan, in His physical avatar, to cut the cake offered by vibrionics practitioners in the Sai Kulwant Hall, on three consecutive years. Reminiscing these precious moments fills me with a deep sense of gratitude to our master for His love and the infinite blessings He bestowed on Sai vibrionics. As we approach Guru Purnima, we need to remember that Swami is present wherever His work is being done in the form of selfless service and wherever His name is chanted or sung in the spirit of pure unconditional love and devotion. Swami urged us to live our lives and conduct ourselves such that we are celebrating Guru Purnima in every moment of every day, i.e. awakening the Guru in each one of us.

In His Guru Purnima discourse of July 1974, Sathya Sai Baba says “When you are driving a car, the car is your God. When you are doing business in a market, the market is your God. According to the culture of Bharat (India), we first make obeisance to the work which we have to do. Before we undertake to do any work, we should regard that work as God.”

I am happy to report that our practitioners have been serving their patients in exactly this spirit. Initially, due to lockdown restrictions, we witnessed a slowdown in our ‘spread the word campaign’. But such is the dedication of our practitioners, that despite personal losses resulting from the pandemic, they have relentlessly worked to distribute the Immunity Booster (IB) far and wide. I’d humbly like to acknowledge their efforts and devotion. The number of beneficiaries of IB as on date stands at 433,148. There has been a substantial increase (12%) in the overall demand for the IB remedy in the month of May, at the peak of the second wave of the pandemic. This is the highest increase we have seen till date. Around the same time, we posted an online request form for IB on our website (www.vibrionics.org) with a view to reach out to the masses who have a challenge connecting with practitioners due to lockdown travel restrictions. Our research team has been keeping a close eye on the continuously mutating virus and has once again revised the IB, check out the details in the ‘In Addition’ section of this issue.

As online operations continue in full swing, we conducted the fourth bi-monthly virtual conference of Regional Coordinators from India on 13 Jun 2021. I’m pleased to share that several initiatives were discussed and launched at this conference. Further details about the conference can be found in the ‘In Addition’ section.

Our efforts to assist eligible practitioners to become members of the IASVP continue steadfastly. Kudos to Practitioner11956, who recently assisted 17 VPs from the state of Kerala, India to become IASVP members. I wish to point out that there are some members of the IASVP whose Identity Card validity has expired. I sincerely request them to log into the practitioners’ website after reading and affirming the rules of conduct. Should you need any assistance with renewing your IASVP membership, please reach out to the secretary of IASVP at [email protected].

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the only thing we can rely on to tide us over these trying times is our unwavering faith in God and our fervent devotion to play our part in His mission as dedicated vibrionics practitioners committed to serving others. I wish you and your loved ones a blissful Guru Purnima and pray that the Divine light in your heart shines brighter by the day. On this auspicious occasion, let us all seek guidance from the guru within. “The best thing is to have your own Self as the source of Light, as the guru. The Inner Intelligence, the Inner Guru will reveal the Truth. This prayerful attitude will so educate your impulses that the inner intelligence will be fully revealed.”…Guru Purnima Discourse “Be Grateful to the doctors” 27 July 1961.

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal

Herpes zoster (shingles) 02493...Syria

A 45-year-old woman had a red rash on her abdomen that became unbearably painful after a few days. There was an itching and burning sensation and the area was sensitive to touch. It was identified by her physician as herpes zoster in mid-April 2018. She took allopathic medicines for a month but did not get any relief in her pain which was so intense that she got pushed to look for an alternative treatment. She happened to attend a lecture on vibrionics delivered by the practitioner. Immediately she consulted him on 18 May 2018 and was given: 

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.8 Herpes…TDS 

In two weeks, she experienced substantial improvement in pain and became so convinced by the beneficial effect of vibrionics that she stopped taking allopathic medicines. After another two weeks, she reported 75% improvement in pain. By 20 Sept, her condition became completely normal. The dosage was reduced to BD and after another month to OD before stopping the remedy at the end of November. She has been fine ever since and started attending more lectures on vibrionics. She consults the practitioner even for minor health issues.

Editor’s note: Burning pain of herpes zoster can be highly debilitating and can persist for several months even after the rash resolves.

Perennial allergic rhinitis 02858...Syria

A 54-year-old female ophthalmologist had been suffering from blocked nose, post nasal drip and swelling on the face, especially around the nose and eyes for over 16 years. Symptoms would continually recur throughout the year. From time to time, she tried many different allopathic medications but they provided temporary relief lasting for about two weeks. When the practitioner explained to her how vibrionics works, she was keen to take this treatment and was given the following remedy on 18 Jan 2013

 CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies…TDS 

After one month, she felt 40% better in her overall condition. Over the next three months, there was continuous improvement in her symptoms and on 15 May, she reported 90% relief. Dosage was reduced to BD and by 15 July 2013 she was completely healed. She was put on maintenance dosage of OD for 6 months before stopping the remedy. The patient kept in touch for over a year and there was no relapse of symptoms.

Polycystic ovarian disease PCOD 02858...Syria

A 44-year-old woman was suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular menses and growth of hair on chin and face for three months. She was diagnosed with PCOD with multiple cysts on both ovaries. She was advised hormonal treatment by her gynaecologist. Concerned about their side effects, she did not want to take allopathic medicines nor did she want to undergo surgery. She heard about vibrionics and its benefits from her friend who was successfully treated for anxiety and fear, so she decided to take vibrionics. On 30 Aug 2017, she was given:  

CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.7 Menses frequent...TDS  

The first period after starting vibro was timely and bleeding reduced but still a little heavy. The second period also came on time and bleeding was normal. An ultrasound test confirmed the absence of all cysts on both ovaries. The remedy was continued at TDS until 30 Oct when the dosage was tapered down gradually to zero on 11 Dec. Two months later the patient reported that everything was fine and the hair on her face and chin had totally disappeared. There has been no recurrence of symptoms even after a year.


Food intolerance to banana, honey 12051...India

A 22-year-old woman was suffering from food intolerance to banana and honey for over 12 years. Whenever she ate either of these, she would get abdominal discomfort followed by severe stomachache lasting for 3 to 4 hours. So these two items were not part of her diet for ten years but on 3 May 2020, she happened to eat a small quantity of these and developed excruciating pain in her abdomen. The same day she consulted the practitioner who potentised both the food items in the SRHVP at 200C and gave her:

Banana & honey potentised…TDS 

After two weeks, she tried banana milkshake and to her amazement, she did not get any of the usual symptoms. This encouraged her to eat honey the same day and she was perfectly normal. She was overjoyed that her childhood problem was solved within just two weeks. Dosage was reduced to OD and the remedy was stopped after a month. It has been a year now and she continues to relish banana and honey.

Anxiety disorder, backache 03553...Canada

A 33-year-old female had severe anxiety for six years owing to traumatic divorce from an abusive husband just three months after marriage. Symptoms included crying often for no reason, disturbed sleep, lack of concentration and sometimes increased heart rate. She was not taking any medication but was doing some breathing exercises for anxiety. Intermittently she had moderate lower back pain that radiated to the right foot with a strong pinching sensation. She related this to the lumbar puncture during caesarean delivery five years ago; she was then bed-bound for a month. She had been taking OTC painkillers and for the past ten months also undergoing physiotherapy but both these provided only short-term relief. On 8 Oct 2019, she was given: 

For anxiety:

#1. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS and in water…OD to spray in her bedroom

For back pain:

#2. CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC20.5 Spine...TDS

She stopped the painkillers but continued with physiotherapy. After two months on 10 Dec, she reported 30% improvement in back pain as she could walk and stand straight, better than before. As her health insurance had expired, she stopped physiotherapy. Anxiety attacks were now less frequent and she felt less distracted. In November 2019 the practitioner got promoted to SVP level and was advised to use the SRHVP for six months. So, she made the following to replace #1 and #2

For anxiety:

#3. NM6 Calming + NM69 CB8 + BR2 Blood Sugar + BR3 Depression + BR4 Fear + BR5 Heart + BR7 Stress...TDS and in water…OD to spray in her bedroom 

For back pain:

#4. NM38 Back Pain + NM97 Sciatica + OM18 Sacral & lumbar + OM31 Spine: Lumbar-Sacral...TDS 

On 27 Feb 2020, there was 80% improvement in both her problems which completely disappeared by 4 May. The dosage was reduced to OD and gradually tapered down to zero by 4 June. She was given CC12.1 Adult tonic and CC17.2 Cleansing alternating monthly, for the next six months. The remedies were stopped over a year ago and she continues to do well and thanks Sai Vibrionics for her wellbeing.

If using the 108CC box, give #3: CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic; #4: CC20.1 SMJ tonic + CC20.5 Spine

Addiction to crystal meth 03591...Indonesia

A 33-year-old man was addicted to smoking crystal meth (methamphetamine, a stimulant drug) on a daily basis for the past two years. He started isolating himself in his room, hardly interacting with his wife and son because of which they left him in Sept 2020. So he decided to give up his addiction and stopped using the drug. Within three days, withdrawal symptoms, being restless, sleeplessness, fatigue and increased craving for the drug and for food, became severe. He immediately sought the help of the practitioner who gave on 29 September 2020:

#1. CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.3 Addictions…TDS 

He did not take any other treatment. After one day he reported with delight that he felt energized, his fatigue was reduced by 50% and the craving for the drug by 75%. After one week on 7 Oct, restlessness, sleeplessness, and fatigue were completely gone and craving for drug came down by 90%. However, there was no change in his craving for food. After another three weeks on 30 Oct, he no longer craved for the drug. However, he was still eating a lot and was concerned about putting on weight. So he was also given:

#2. CC15.4 Eating disorders…TDS 

Additionally, the practitioner advised him to follow an exercise routine and a healthy diet. On 1 Dec the patient called to say that his craving for food was reduced by 50% and it was after a long time that he really felt good. He had been surrounding himself with positive people so as to stay happy and contented. He sounded calm, energized and confident.

On 4 Jan 2021, #1 was reduced to BD and then slowly tapered down to 3TW over a period of five months. By 24 Feb his craving for food had vanished and so #2 was reduced to BD. In March, the patient decided to continue this dosage as #2 was helping him to lose the extra weight and on 1 June he reduced this to 3TW. As the use of the drug can cause some brain changes which can last for a year or more after stopping, he continues to take both #1 and #2…3TW as of 14 June 2021 even though he is fine. Incidentally, he now prays to Sai Baba for spiritual guidance.


Diabetes 03566...USA

In the year 2012, this 26-year-old female suddenly felt extreme fatigue, frequent urination, and tingling sensation in her fingers and toes. Her physician immediately ordered a blood test and diagnosed this as diabetes with HbA1c* level at 7.5. This appeared to be hereditary as her father and grandfather were both diabetic. Also, she had a very unhealthy lifestyle as she ate a lot of junk food and sweets. She was much overweight at 77 kg (170 lbs) for a height of 160 cm (5 ft 3 in). The doctor prescribed metformin 1000 mg BD. Also, she joined a gym and started eating healthy food, as a result, she lost 23 kg (50 lbs) in two years. Her HbA1c level came down to 7.0 by 2017, the doctor reduced the dosage of metformin to OD. When she visited the practitioner on 12 Aug 2019, she was continuing metformin OD and her HbA1c level had been stable at 7.0. She also reported having heartburn and constipation as the side effects of metformin. She was given the following remedies: 

For diabetes:

#1. CC6.3 Diabetes + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS

For heartburn and constipation:

#2. CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC10.1 Emergencies...TDS 

She continued to follow a strict diet and regular exercises. It took four months for HbA1c to come down to 6.5, so the physician reduced metformin to 500 mg OD. There was 60% improvement in constipation and heartburn. In another four months by 15 Apr 2020, HbA1c level became normal at 5.5 and she was completely free of the side effects of metformin. The dosage of #1 and #2 was reduced to BD and OD respectively. The doctor advised her to reduce metformin to 250 mg OD but she declined and stopped it by herself and in another two weeks, she stopped #2 also as she felt it was no longer needed. In Nov 2020 she reduced the dosage of #1 to OW but then she felt more comfortable to keep it at 2TW which she is continuing until now in April 2021 and her blood sugar has been normal; she regularly monitors it.

*HbA1c is an average of blood sugar levels over the past 2 to 3 months: Normal 4.0 to 5.9%; pre-diabetes 6.0 to 6.4%; diabetes above 6.4%.

Vaginitis 11629...India

A 40-year-old woman had been suffering from inflammation, itching, and blisters in the vagina (diagnosed as vaginitis) for 10 years. She also had inflammation, dry scaly patches, and tiny bumps on her ankles, arms, and lower torso for six years. She took allopathy for seven years and homoeopathy for two years, without any benefit; these provided temporary relief as symptoms would soon return. She was neither able to sleep peacefully at night nor able to carry out normally her daily chores during the day. As she was desperate to find a solution to this embarrassing problem, on 31 Aug 2020, she visited the practitioner who gave: 

CC8.5 Vagina & Cervix + CC21.6 Eczema + CC21.7 Fungus…TDS 

On 9 October she was delighted to report almost 60% relief in vaginitis and 30% in other areas of the skin. After another month, the improvement was respectively 90% and 50%. By the last week of December, she was completely free from all symptoms and the dosage was reduced to OD which she continues as preventive as of Mar 2021 and there has been no recurrence.

Editor's note: External application of the remedy is recommended for faster recovery.

Low appetite, poor memory 11616...India

A mother was concerned for her 11-year-old daughter who had a low appetite for five years. They live in an extended family and all the patient’s cousins were eating well. The mother tried various strategies to make her eat properly but was not successful. For two years, the girl was also having a hard time retaining what she learnt at school. On 5 Aug 2019, she was given: 

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic…BD in water

Keeping her school hours in mind BD dosage seemed more practical than the standard TDS. After three months, the girl’s appetite and memory improved by 50 to 60%. In another two months, she was eating well to the satisfaction of her mother and had no problem with her memory. After another month on 15 Feb 2020, the practitioner reduced the dosage to OD. As she had been keeping good overall health, the remedy was stopped in Nov 2020. As of April 2021, the girl is doing fine.

Hair loss 03578...France

A 70-year-old woman had been losing a significant amount of hair for the past six months. Physical and emotional stress appeared to be the underlying cause, since in the recent past she had undergone several highly stressful events such as flooding of her home and conflictual relations with people around her. When she visited the practitioner, she was not taking any medication except that for diabetes which she had been taking for 20 years. On 30 Mar 2019, she was given: 

CC11.1 Hair tonic + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS

Within one week, she noticed she was losing less hair, an improvement of about 20%. After another 8 weeks, her hair stopped falling, so the dosage was reduced to OD. However, she discontinued the remedy by herself as she was completely satisfied with the outcome. Even after two years in April 2021, she is absolutely fine with no further hair loss.


Fear in child 01001...Uruguay

A two-year-old girl started having episodes of fear in Sept 2019. Whenever she saw a dog or heard a bell ring or saw anything that moved quickly (eg, another child running or a cat jumping), she would start to tremble and cry inconsolably for about half an hour hugging her mother tightly, without letting her go. Ever since her birth (through a C-section) she has been of a nervous disposition. She was physically healthy and there was no apparent cause for this fear. On 3 Dec 2019, she was given:

NM6 Calming + NM25 Shock + BR4 Fear + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM9 Lack of Confidence…TDS 

In one week, the child was substantially better as the episodes would last half the time and the fear was not so intense. Thereafter she was continuously improving and after another two weeks the fear was almost gone, On 2 January 2020, mother reported that there was no further episode and the child was happy and confident. The dosage was reduced to OD for two weeks and then gradually tapered down before discontinuing the remedy on 8 Feb 2020. It has been more than a year and the child continues to do well.

If using the 108CC box, give: CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic 


COVID-19 02726...USA

A 51-year-old man had low grade fever, chills, body ache, shortness of breath, and tiredness since 8 Dec 2020 and was taking over-the-counter medications that gave some relief. He was tested positive for Covid-19 on 12 Dec. As the symptoms persisted even after a week, his wife got worried and on 19 Dec 2020, contacted the practitioner who delivered our standard IB remedy:

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC9.4 Children’s diseases + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic…every 10 mins for 2 hours followed by 6TD and for his family members TDS 

Within four days, fever was gone and other symptoms improved by 30%. In another three days, there was 60% improvement in shortness of breath and 90% in body ache. On 29 Dec he was feeling normal, except for a little tiredness, the dosage was reduced to TDS. By the first week of Jan 2021, he was absolutely normal. The dosage was brought down to the prophylactic level of OD including for all family members. As of 29 Mar 2021, all of them continue to feel great.


Practitioner Profile 02493 & 02858...Syria

Vibrionics Practitioners In Syria

We are delighted to profile a group of three practitioners, all from the medical fraternity, actively involved in Sai Vibrionics service in Syria. While the leader of this small group has been practising vibrionics for 17 years, more recently the couple, whom he brought into Swami’s fold, have taken a substantial patient load.

Practitioner 02493…Syria is a dentist who visited Swami in 2003, the first of his 12 visits. Since then he has been conveying Swami’s message and teachings in the Arabic world. He spends much of his time raising the awareness of people through his lectures, books, retreats, meditations, medical camps, and many other activities, literally struggling in a dark area of the world. This ardent practitioner and his Sai group have established a Sai Centre aptly named Dar Al Salam, (the Abode of Peace), where they not only treat patients but distribute much-needed groceries and clothing despite their modest means, also offering environmental help. With loving and compassionate support, they teach human values without discrimination, unmindful of religious distinctions.

He first learnt about vibrionics from one of the doctors in Puttaparthi General Hospital where he was volunteering and he felt so inspired that he took his vibro training during his next visit in 2004. Since then he has been steadily and courageously rendering service in beleaguered Syria!. He speaks of his great joy and profound satisfaction to be Swami's instrument of compassion and healing at all levels, both practising vibrionics and radiating what he feels to be Swami’s Presence within himself. Indeed, he feels himself to be one member working alongside a divine worldwide community of loving sevites, each bolstered and augmented by the whole.

Feeling saturated with Swami’s immense grace, he writes, “I believe that if we practitioners develop full faith we can treat patients with one touch, word or compassionate look." When treating patients the practitioner takes a holistic approach evaluating the cause, counselling when needed and advising on a healthy lifestyle. A good example is that of a 32-year-old woman with abdominal pain and diarrhoea for over eight months after she developed anxiety due to problems with her husband. Diagnosed as IBS, fibre supplements had been prescribed and these did not help much. He alleviated her fears this might lead to cancer and he also explained to her how much the acceptance of her husband could help in the process of healing. She was also advised to reduce her coffee intake from 2-3 cups to one a day as caffeine stimulates gut mobility. With CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic, she got relieved of her malady in six weeks. Whenever she meets the practitioner she expresses her gratitude for the relief and new understanding of life.

He feels that their Sai centre has been transformed to work as a huge vibrionics healing device to spread peace, love and nonviolence in their area. A frightening situation arose earlier this year when a large armed military contingent attacked the city, intending to arrest 35 of its denizens. As the shooting drew near their centre, he imagined "Swami using our centre as an enormous vibro machine and felt myself become one with Him”. Within less than an hour the problem got resolved without anyone getting injured. The entire military contingent unexpectedly withdrew!

Practitioner leaves us with this inspiring reflection "Vibrionics seva expanded me to realize and experience unity in diversity, feel oneness with everyone and have firm faith that everything is His Will." What a powerful testament to illustrate that giving loving service is truly also receiving, that in truth giving and receiving are one.

Case to share:


Practitioners 02858…Syria an ENT specialist and his pharmacist wife, first learnt of Swami in 2003 through practitioner 02493. They remember how impatiently their little group waited to meet him after his return from India every summer to listen to the details of his trip, to quench their thirst to learn more about Swami and to see videos of His darshan. The wife reminisces how eagerly they imbibed everything he told them about these pilgrimages; how they drank the nectarine details in his stories. Finally their group had the chance to visit Prashanti in 2012. As there were financial constraints only a few could make this trip. Though Swami had recently made His transition, while in the ashram, they felt His Presence "vibrating all over the place manifesting in the permanent peace, love, and happiness".

Once there, the group leader took the couple to meet Dr Aggarwal who was delighted to receive these health professionals during this time of widely reported distress from the conflict throughout Syria. They were offered the opportunity to learn vibrionics. The husband immediately enrolled for the course. The wife, however, was somewhat hesitant with two small daughters needing care and another child on the way, even though she considered the opportunity he offered as most precious. She had already experienced the benefits of vibrionics. She demurred, "Maybe next summer I'll do it.". Dr Aggarwal quoted to her Tolle's ‘The Power of Now’, and asked how she could be sure she would be able to come in the future. This turned out to be the case due to Syria's ongoing civil war. Much to her eventual satisfaction, she yielded to his urging and took the course, feeling enormous gratitude while realizing that her long-held dream of healing with natural means had finally come true.

The practitioner couple credit this course in vibrionics for adding a new dimension to their work, helping patients alongside allopathic medicines while promoting a healthy lifestyle with positive thinking and emotional care, all these yielding wonderful results. They found that healing was at all three levels - body, mind, and soul. This opened a bright new chapter in their lives as they subsequently learned to metaphorically dance with Swami and His mission, largely through vibrionics. 

Returning to Syria, the couple worked as a team in their Sai centre, helping and treating numerous patients during this very difficult time. People were deeply appreciative and openly grateful for this simple and totally free treatment, especially having suffered so much wartime poverty. Furthermore, conventional medicine had failed most of their patients. When their own daughters were quite young, they were given remedies in water as soon as they showed any sign of a headache, abdominal pain, cold or fever and they would feel relief within half an hour. They obtained great success with emotional disorders when treated with CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic or CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders and the results were relatively rapid, especially in cases of severely harassed women in contemporary Syrian society.

They share with us a few cases of healing. A young woman of 33 had been suffering from PMS for over a year, with irritability, anxiety, depression, oedema, breast pain, and headache during 7 to 10 days before her periods. Afraid of becoming dependent on painkillers and antidepressants, she stopped these after six months of their use. After starting the remedy CC8.6 Menopause + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic, she had 70-80% relief before the first period itself. She continued the treatment for six months for complete healing. In another case, a 35-year-old woman, married to a 54-year-old man for a year, was terrified that she would not have any children. Within a few days of taking CC8.1 Female tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic, she felt great relief and became pregnant within a month.

The practitioners generally discuss with the patients the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when they are approached for any treatment. A 40-year-old man had severe constipation for three years; he had a bowel movement every 3 to 4 days with hard stools, incomplete evacuation and had abdominal pain and bloating. He did not want to become dependent on laxatives which in any case provided limited relief. The practitioners discussed with him the benefits of a balanced diet, regular meals, sufficient water intake and regular exercise. Two days after taking CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC12.1 Adult tonic, he could pass stool with lesser pain, and after one week, daily with hardly any pain. With the gradual tapering of dosage over the next six months to OW, he achieved complete recovery and when checked a year later, he was keeping fine.

Surrendering to Swami when working with vibrionics, the practitioners discovered and experienced the power of positive thoughts through their sincere desire to help patients. Learning to listen carefully, they offer encouraging words that revive hope and aid in the healing process. Taking part in Swami's mission has brought them closer to people, and rendered them more compassionate and understanding. Finally, the couple expresses gratitude to Swami for His gift of vibrionics to help them purify their hearts, thus steadfastly advance their soul on their spiritual journey.

Cases to share:

Practitioner Profile 02786...Russia

Practitioners 02786…Russia have been doing seva with vibrionics for nearly 12 years. The husband, a textile engineer, retired as general director of design and post-retirement continued to work for several years as technical director of a cotton mill. The wife, a Maths teacher by training, didn't work much in her speciality but instead pursued teaching chess.

The couple was first introduced to Swami by their friends In the summer of 2002. The same year after reading Dr Fanibunda's book 'Vision of the Divine' and Howard Murphet's 'Sai Baba, Man of Miracles' they decided to visit Puttaparthi over Christmas. This was the beginning of their annual visits to the ashram, every winter vacation. In 2009, after the husband became a pensioner, they relocated to India to fulfil their dream of living in Prashanthi Nilayam.

At the ashram, the couple met some Russian practitioners who motivated them to pursue Sai vibrionics which eventually became the very meaning of their life. In July 2009 they received training to become practitioners. So great was their dedication to this work that they earned the promotion to be SVPs in just seven months. They practised vibrionics with a missionary zeal, engaged in this seva during all their waking hours and in five years, they had treated three thousand patients both inside the ashram and outside in Puttaparthi. They studied Handbooks on Healing in great detail and gave valuable inputs which were later incorporated in Vibrionics 2016. The couple went back to Russia in 2014 and were not able to return. Their service work became less intense and presently, due to the pandemic, it decreased further. The city they live in has a high level of radiation, due to radioactive rain from 1986 after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Therefore, they find vibrations do not work on many locals. However, there are people on whom these still work and these patients regularly come for treatment. They send remedies by post throughout Russia with good results and through visiting Russian devotees to many of their patients in India.

They have many interesting cases to share with us. In one instance, a young overweight woman with skin allergy was given CC21.3 Skin allergies, to which she experienced a pullout in the form of psoriasis, an ailment she suffered from as a child. The remedy was altered to NM41 Psoriasis which resolved both psoriasis and allergy and interestingly, six months later, she managed to shed all her extra weight! In another instance, an eight-year-old girl developed a nervous tic some months ago after witnessing a dog's death in a car accident. As tics can continue into the teenage years, the parents were worried. With CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia, she was fine within a month.

The practitioners find the following remedies work very well for different cases of tumour: #1. NM108 Visc Alb (M&F) 8X + NM110 Essiac 3X + SR576 Tumours...TDS and #2. NM110 Essiac 10MM...OW. A 38-year-old man was finding it difficult to swallow even his saliva because a 10 cm goitre was pressing against his oesophagus. Within one month of taking CC12.4 Autoimmune diseases + #1 and #2, the goitre vanished and he was feeling well. In another case, a 79-year-old woman had a tumour near her intestines. When tilting to one side she could feel a lump that had been slowly growing and now was fist-sized. She was given NM111 Portal Clearance + CC4.4 Constipation + #1 and #2. They did not see the patient until several months later when she came for treatment of tuberculosis (TB) she had since childhood. On enquiry, she disclosed that the tumour had got resolved long ago. Now she was given CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic which she took for a month but stopped soon after as the pullout scared her. Sometime later, the woman caught a bad cold with a strong cough for which she went to her TB dispensary where she had been registered for more than 50 years. After a medical examination and fluorography, the amazed doctors informed her that all she had was severe bronchitis and the TB was gone, so they were removing her from the register.

An elderly patient successfully treated by them requested remedies for her son who had become deaf in one ear after a stroke several months ago. He had gone to various clinics in Russia and Germany but to no avail. He was given CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.4 Paralysis. The mother called the practitioners a few months later that her son’s hearing had returned. One day while driving a car, he could hear the engine and thought there was a problem with it; this upset him. But suddenly the truth hit him when he realised that he could hear again. Since then, he began believing in God and visited Baba’s ashram with his mother the very next year. At the time of leaving Prashanthi Nilayam, he told the practitioners "How happy I am to have seen the living God!" The practitioners believe the man was deaf because he got a blood clot in his ear and thanks to SR271 Arnica in one of the combos, the clot got dissolved.

The practitioners find the 108CC box to be very effective. A simple combo like CC3.6 Pulse irregular saved a man from heart surgery. Women suffering from infertility got pregnant safely and found the joy of motherhood after receiving the appropriate remedies. In their experience CC15.3 Addictions certainly brings about a reduction in drug use.

For Covid-19 afflicted patients the couple has been broadcasting remedies using patients’ photos as a witness with excellent results. The first patient was a woman from India who had Covid-like symptoms including a very sore throat, a temperature of 39.5C (103.1F) and dry cough. The fever started coming down the next day, normalising the day after and sore throat and cough were cured within days. Then there were 12 persons from Iran, with similar symptoms to varying degrees of severity. Soon after broadcasting started, every single patient improved. The practitioners found that various respiratory infections in addition to Covid-19 were prevalent during that time. Remedies for prevention were posted to 124 persons and none of them got sick.

The practitioners state that when they see the grateful faces of their patients, it gives them a charge of happiness. If a day has passed when they haven't done 'good' to someone, they feel that it has been spent in vain. They thank Swami for giving them the opportunity to participate in such a noble cause.

Answer Corner

Q1. How long should a nosode be given and can it be given alongside another remedy? 

A. A nosode is no different from any other vibrionics remedy. So there is no specific time frame for taking a nosode; follow the same protocol regarding pullout, dosage, duration, and tapering as that for any remedy. In vol 6 issue 3, it was mentioned that only in special cases, a nosode can be given along with another remedy. For example, during Covid times, a special case will be that of IB remedy which must be taken daily or it can be when an acute condition (eg, a patient on nosode gets injured) arises and the patient needs immediate treatment. It is best to keep a gap of at least 20 minutes between the two remedies. 


Q2. A health professional, taking IB as a prophylactic, was tested positive for Covid-19. How do we ensure that IB will prevent one from catching the virus? 

A. IB certainly helps in preventing the infection but if infected, symptoms are generally less severe and are relieved faster when the dosage of IB is increased. But remember that no medicine including a vaccine is 100% effective.


Q3. Can I use xylitol globules (used by some homoeopaths) in place of regular sugar pills (size 30) for diabetics since sometimes, they are not keen to take sugar pills? 

A. Xylitol is usually compressed into tablets which don’t absorb vibrations properly. If you can find xylitol globules, which are small and soft like our pills, these may be acceptable. However, we do not see any problem with using sugar pills even for diabetics as each globule is a mere grain of sugar and if your patient adds three globules to 100 ml of water, this remedy will last five days, amounting to less than one grain of sugar a day! This amount of sugar is insignificant compared to that contained in the human body and hence perfectly safe for diabetics. However, if you or your patients are still concerned, you may choose to make the remedy directly in water or vibhuti.


Q4. I know that water is allowed during the 20 minute gap needed before and after taking a remedy but can this water be from a copper vessel? Also, can I take vibhuti in this period?

A. Yes, you can take this water as the copper ions therein will not interfere with the vibrations in the remedy and will rather have a positive effect on the body. The same applies to water from a silver vessel. As vibhuti is neutral, this is also allowed during this 20 min gap. In fact, vibhuti is one of the mediums in which remedies are prepared!


Q5. After talking to a patient with a mental or some serious problem, I often feel quite low. I suspect I am picking up negative energy from my patient. How can I deal with this?

A. After talking to a patient, it is the “brooding over” his illness that creates negative energy in you. This is detrimental in two ways. It makes you feel low and hinders the healing process in the patient. So we should be careful and entertain only good thoughts. Through constant prayers and contemplation on God, we can be cleansed of negative energies. Before starting a healing session, it is important to make a heartful prayer, so you can operate in the mode of complete surrender to God. keeping in mind that He is the only healer and you are simply a channel through which His healing energy flows to the patient.


Q6. Whenever I treat a patient with a serious illness such as cancer, I don’t feel confident and am worried that the patient may not improve and such thoughts keep churning in my mind. I don’t know what to do? 

A. Remember that this patient was sent to you by God who gave you the opportunity to act as His instrument to treat this patient. So your duty is to prepare the prescription to the best of your ability according to what you have learnt and if needed, as per advice given to you by your seniors. Now dispense the remedy with love and mentally pray to the Divine “My work is over, now You please take over.” Not focusing on the result will help you not to attach to the patient’s illness and God will speak through you for any advice to be given to the patient to improve his health.


Divine words from the Master Healer

After eating food, you should be able to get up as light as you sat for eating. This is the sattvic way of eating. When you sit for food, you are very active and agile, but after eating food, you find it difficult even to get up because of overloading of the stomach. That is a slothful (tamasic) tendency. Stop eating when you feel you can still eat a little more.

...Sathya Sai Baba, “Supreme Bliss Comes From Absolute Wisdom” Discourse 1 September 1996                     http://sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume29/d960901.pdf

When seva is rendered with love, intelligence and earnestness, it leads persons nearer and nearer to Divinity, for it draws unto itself the Grace of God.

…Sathya Sai Baba, “The doctor's profession” Divine Discourse, September 1980                                                http://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume14/sss14-53.pdf


Forthcoming Workshops*

  • USA: Virtual AVP Workshop** twice-weekly sessions Sept to Nov 2021 dates to be announced, contact Susan at [email protected]
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual AVP Workshop, ongoing weekly sessions 2 June to 16 July concluding with a practical workshop at Puttaparthi (after Guru Purnima) on 26-27 July 2021** contact Lalitha at [email protected] or by telephone at 8500-676-092
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual AVP Workshop, Sept to Nov 2021** Dates to be announced contact Lalitha at [email protected] or by telephone at 8500-676-092
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual SVP Workshop Jan 2022** Dates to be announced contact Hem at [email protected]

*All AVP and SVP Workshops are only for those who have undergone the admission process and the e-course. Refresher seminars are for existing practitioners. 

**Subject to change

In Addition

1. Health Tips                      

Taking care of your nose and throat is vital!

Only fragrant and sweet-smelling scents should be absorbed through the nose. When foul smell is inhaled disease sets in. If you inhale foul air, you are likely to breathe in disease-producing germs…When you get rid of the evils associated with pollution of speech, hearing, sight, thought, and action (arising from the misuse of the five sense organs) you will be able to become the Paramatma”…Sathya Sai Baba1

1. Nose and Throat - structure and function

Nose is an elegant protective organ that enables us to breathe for survival and to smell which plays a key role in taste and safety. It has two external nostrils divided by a septum that gives shape to it; nasal cavities (fossae) lined with mucous membrane and tiny hairs (cilia) that filter the air; six turbinates (bony ridges) three on each side of the nose to warm and humidify the air breathed in and filter the dust and pollen; and four pairs of sinuses (air-filled cavities), two around the bridge of the nose and cheeks since birth, one around forehead that develops from seven years of age, and one deep inside behind the nose from teenage. Sinuses produce the mucus to moisten the nasal passage and are responsible for determining the sound and resonance of our voice. They serve as an air cushion to help protect the brain and eyes and control the amount of nitric oxide in your lungs.2,3

Throat (pharynx) is the passageway for air, liquids, and solids, and helps in speech. It consists of the larynx (voice box) in the front with its vocal cords which open into the trachea (windpipe); epiglottis (soft tissue above vocal cords) that prevents food and irritants from entering the lungs; and tonsils and adenoids (lymph tissue) on either side of the pharynx to protect against infection.2,3 Ear, nose, and throat are part of the upper respiratory system and function as one interconnected unit. Viruses and bacteria can easily move between the three, and disturbance in one can cause a problem in the other.4

2.  Upper respiratory tract infection (URI)

URI involves the sinuses, nose, and upper throat. Normally it occurs when a virus or bacteria enters the body through the mouth or nose, common during autumn and winter. It is contagious and can pass to another person through touch, sneeze, or cough. Enclosed spaces where people gather eg, classroom, office, home or a vehicle can be high-risk areas. Proper handwashing and covering the face while coughing or sneezing may reduce its spread. Common symptoms are nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, fever, runny nose, sneezing, facial pain or pressure, body ache, headache, and itchy or watery eyes. The most common URIs are cold and cough (refer to vol 9 #6 and vol 10 #2 for articles on “common cold” and “cough” respectively). URI is self-limiting, lasting 7 to 10 days, sometimes up to three weeks but needs medical attention in case of high fever, severe respiratory distress, or difficulty in swallowing.5,6

2.1 Sinusitis, inflammation of the sinuses, is mostly viral but could become bacterial if it does not settle within a week, and very rarely fungal. Symptoms are nasal obstruction causing difficulty in breathing through the nose, thick discoloured discharge from the nose, postnasal drainage, decreased sense of smell, and facial pressure or pain around the eyes, cheeks, or forehead. Acute sinusitis is usually due to common cold and chronic sinusitis is associated with other nose disorders (see #3 below), allergy-related respiratory issues like asthma, immune system disorder like HIV/AIDS or cystic fibrosis.7-10

2.2 Laryngitis is inflammation of the vocal cords mainly due to yelling or overuse of voice. Allergy, acid reflux, viral or bacterial infection may also cause it. Symptoms are hoarse or loss of voice, itchy or sore throat, and persistent cough (refer to vol 10 #2 for infectious coughs).11,12

2.3 Pharyngitis, generally known as sore throat, is inflammation of the pharynx, caused by viral infection like common cold or flu or a less common bacterial infection (strep throat). In addition to the painful, dry, itchy throat, symptoms could be swollen glands, fever, headache, runny nose, cough, and difficulty swallowing or speaking. Allergy, acid reflux, vocal overuse, or sleeping with mouth open for too long may also cause sore throat.12-17

2.4 Tonsillitis, rarely serious and most common in children18,19, is inflammation of the tonsils with symptoms similar to pharyngitis. Sometimes, adenoids also get swollen. A study has identified immunologic factors that predispose certain children to recurrent tonsil infection caused by group ‘A’ streptococci bacteria.20 A rare complication of bacterial tonsillitis is quinsy (peritonsillar abscess), a severe inflammation of the tonsils, throat, or adjacent parts with swelling and fever.21

2.5 Influenza (fluand COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, affecting the upper as well as lower respiratory tract and also other body systems.5,22,23

3. Disorders of the nose

3.1 Allergic rhinitis (Hayfever) has four cardinal symptoms - often runny nose (rhinorrhoea), nasal obstruction, nasal itching, and sneezing. One may also have headache, increased mucus in the nose and throat, or sore throat. Main cause is exposure to allergens like dust mites, mould (fungus), pet dander (protein found in skin cells, saliva, or urine of pets), and pollen from trees and plants.24-26

3.2 Postnasal drip happens when excess mucus drips down the back of the throat causing discomfort. The nose, throat, and sinuses are constantly producing mucus which helps to keep the airways from drying out. In addition, one may have sore throat, cough, nausea, or foul breath. Postnasal drip is actually a good sign that the body is working to stay healthy by creating more mucus to flush out any invading germs or allergens.27

3.3 Nasal polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of nasal passages or sinuses hanging down like teardrops or grapes. Small polyps are asymptomatic. Larger ones can block the nasal passage leading to breathing difficulty, lost sense of smell, and frequent infections. Polyps are normally caused by chronic inflammation or sinusitis but sometimes by asthma, allergy, drug sensitivity, or some immune disorder.28

3.4 Deviated nasal septum occurs when the septum gets displaced to one side, indicated by nasal congestion or blockage of either or both nostrils that does not respond to treatment, one-sided nasal pain, recurring sinus infection, and noisy breathing during sleep. Sometimes nosebleeds may occur due to dryness; in severe cases, it may affect breathing, cause headache, or lead to infection.29,30

3.5 Nosebleed (epistaxis) is loss of blood from the tissue that lines the inside of our nose. Nosebleeds are quite common in children under 10, pregnant women, and adults over 50 with medical conditions such as high BP, atherosclerosis or blood clotting disorder. Anterior bleeding may occur due to dryness in the air, frequent use of nasal sprays, nose picking or rubbing the nose too hard or blowing it with force, inserting an object into it, a hit during play, old or recent facial injury, high altitudes, allergy, or infection; it can normally be managed at home. Posterior nosebleed that occurs at the back of the nose or deep inside, especially after an injury when bleeding does not stop even after 20 minutes of applying pressure to the nose, needs medical care.31-34

Steps to control nosebleeds (see pictorial steps in the link33)

       Sit upright to reduce the blood pressure in the veins of your nose and discourage further bleeding and tilt head forward to avoid swallowing blood.

Gently blow your nose to clear out any clotted blood. As a temporary measure, you can spray a nasal decongestant into the bleeding side of the nose, apply saline-based nasal gel, or shove cotton balls soaked in  nasal spray or saline water or plain water with a little apple cider vinegar.

Pinch the soft part of the nose using the thumb and index finger for 5-10 minutes continuously,and breathe through your mouth. Place an ice pack on the bridge of the nose to slow down the bleeding.

If the bleeding does not stop,31-35 seek immediate medical help if the nosebleed is rapid or uncontrollable or occurs frequently, or it is accompanied by other symptoms like high BP, light-headedness, chest pain, or rapid heart rate.31-35

4. Tips for a healthy nose and throat

Keep the nose moist by applying plain petroleum jelly, coconut or sesame oil, or saline nasal spray; trim the fingernails of children to prevent injury and nosebleed. Blow your nose gently, never by force.31,36 Bathe  your nasal passages daily to prevent and treat sinusitis, postnasal drip, and other nasal disorders; inhale steam to clear nasal passages but do not overdo as this might damage the tender mucous lining.37

Breathe always through your nose. Attend to any problem that obstructs nasal breathing,at the earliest (refer vol 10 #5 for details on right breathing). Mouth breathing should only be in exceptional situations for a short period as the body perceives this as an attack and turns on the immune system, thereby weakening it.38,39 Breathing exercises like pranayama help greatly in keeping the nose, throat, and sinuses healthy.

Rest your voice often and drink enough warm liquids to prevent laryngitis; when we are silent the vocal cords remain open providing an airway to breathe properly. Fight the urge to clear your throat and do not whisper as this may damage the larynx more than normal speech. Talking too loudly or too softly can stress your voice.40-42

Avoid exposure to dust and allergens and when pollen counts are high (during dawn and dusk, especially in the spring and early summer) to prevent allergic rhinitis.43

Additionally, for maintaining overall good health, follow guidelines on sleep/rest, exercise, diet, and water intake (See health tips in previous newsletters).

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2. Updates on Covid-19 remedy (original article published in Vol 11 Issue 2, remedies last updated in Vol 0 Issue 3, also sent via email 9 June 2021)

While the world is trying to come to grips with Delta variant of Covid-19, many cases of yet another mutant called Delta Plus have been reported. While the scientists are still researching the newest variant, preliminary studies seem to suggest that apart from the usual symptoms viz, dry cough, fever, tiredness, aches and pains, skin rashes, toes and fingers discoloration, sore throat, conjunctivitis, loss of taste and smell loss, diarrhoea, and headache, chest pain, breathlessness, shortness of breath, and speech loss, Delta Plus patients also exhibit nausea, joint pains, and hearing impairment. In view of this, the two IB combos have been modified, given below is the final version of the complete treatment protocol.

A. Immunity Booster (IB) for prophylaxis and treatment:

For those having 108CC boxCC3.2 Bleeding disorders + CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC5.2 Deafness + CC7.2 Partial Vision + CC9.4 Children’s diseases + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC11.3 Headaches + CC11.5 Mouth infections + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.1 Brain disabilities + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.4 Asthma attack + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVPNM6 Calming + NM25 Shock + NM80 Gastro + BR4 Fear + SM18 Digestion + SM20 Eyes + SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM35 Sinus + SM39 Tension + SM40 Throat + SR268 Anacardium 30C + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR278 Cactus 30C + SR279 Cadmium Sulph 30C + SR291 Gelsemium 30C + SR298 Lachesis 30C + SR301 Mercurius 30C + SR304 Oxygen 200C + SR318 Thuja 200C + SR383 Cuprem Met 30C + SR408 Secale Corn 6X + SR458 Brain Whole + SR463 Cranial Nerves + SR566 Fungi-Pathogenic

Dosage: For prophylaxis: BD on waking and before sleep. Give OD on waking to those fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 or living in a country where there is no Covid.

For treatment: A dose every hour for 6 hours followed by 6TD, tapering down on improvement to QDS - TDS - BD - OD. Follow same dosage for those with post-Covid complication such as fungal infection or blood clots.

For those with Covid-19 symptoms but tested negative or test not taken: start at 6TD, then taper down as above

Warning: Any allopathic treatment should be continued and NOT discouraged at any time.

B. Recuperation: When a patient has recovered but has little energy and feels tired in body and mind or develops a complication, give the following until the patient feels healthy and strong:

For those having 108CC box: CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC3.7 Circulation + CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC11.3 Headaches + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.4 Asthma + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic + CC20.1 SMJ tonic + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVP: NM2 Blood + NM6 Calming + NM7 CB7 + BR3 Depression + SM18 Digestion + SM26 Immunity + SM31 Lung & Chest + SR269 Antim Tart 30C + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR298 Lachesis 30C + SR318 Thuja 200C + SR351 Kali Carb 30C + SR389 Kali Bic 6X + SR408 Secale Corn 6X + SR566 Fungi-Pathogenic

Dosage: TDS, tapering down on improvement but continue IB at OD on waking with a gap of at least 20 minutes between the two.

C. To avoid side effects of vaccination:

For those having SRHVP: SR318 Thuja 30C.  

For those with only 108CC box: CC9.4 Children’s diseases

Dosage: OD at night, start two days before vaccination and for 10 days from day of vaccination, while taking IB at OD on waking during this period.

In case a patient develops side effects (symptoms being, extreme soreness in arm, tiredness, headache, aches & pains, nausea or vomiting), usually a day or two after vaccination, additionally take the Recuperation combo as given above.

D. For increasing the oxygen saturation level, but continue all other treatments:

For those having SRHVP: SR304 Oxygen 200C in water

For those with only 108CC box: CC19.1 Chest tonic in water

Dosage: every ten minutes until oxygen level reaches 90, then every hour as long as needed.

3. Virtual Conference of Regional Coordinators (RCs) of India – 13 June 2021

The fourth bi-monthly virtual conference of 21 RCs was held on 13 June 21. The primary function of RCs is to establish a strong base for the administration of Sai Vibrionics and at the same time be the engine for the growth of Vibrionics. The team of RCs acts as an interface between the practitioners and the IASVP wing of the organisation. Over the last six months, the conference has deliberated, discussed, and executed several administrative tasks like distribution of IBs to sevadals of different states coming to Prashanti Nilayam, IASVP membership drive, organising regional meetings, and initiating ‘Spread the word campaign’ in their respective regions. Valuable feedback received has helped in streamlining various standard operating procedures. It was decided to initiate a nationwide drive to standardise the information in our practitioners’ database. This will help our Practitioners Info department to give a quicker response to requests from patients needing to contact practitioners in their respective areas. These meetings of RCs also help to bring the practitioners together to form a close-knit community. The positive contribution made by the conference is already visible in the increased number of attendees at refresher workshops.


4. First Anniversary of Virtual Karnataka Seminars - 6 June 2021

To commemorate one year of virtual monthly meetings the Karnataka practitioners held a special session on 6 June 2021. A total of 90 participants, the highest attendance in any vibrionics virtual meet, included many from outside Karnataka and some senior practitioners specially invited for the occasion. The Karnataka Regional Coordinator (RC) highlighted that during the preceding year, they revised and discussed in detail the AVP manual and the 21 categories in the 108CC book including chronic diseases and their causes with emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes. Three practitioners got the opportunity to share that they had benefitted enormously from these meetings and this seemed to be echoing the thoughts and feelings of other practitioners. Dr.Aggarwal recounted a few personal experiences with Swami that led to the emergence of vibrionics. He stressed that love is the basis of healing and advised practitioners to connect with Swami and to work more from the heart than from the head.

The practitioners’ doubts were cleared and 1 or 2 take-home points are included here.

  • As the Immunity booster IB is extremely important, it is advised to be taken first thing in the morning as there is no other vibration in the mouth, so it works efficiently and also difficult to forget at that time.
  • CC17.2 Cleansing can produce a strong pullout and should be given only when the patient is in a relatively good state of health. It is recommended that the patient is first treated for any specific disorder before giving this combo.
  • While treating skin conditions, special care should be taken owing to the possibility of strong aggravation of symptoms (1st type of pullout). Give one dose and wait, then build up the dosage slowly based on the feedback from the patient.

As part of the continuous learning process, this was a highly enlightening session. Many practitioners were so inspired they requested many more sessions like this. The online sessions not only keep the practitioners connected to vibrionics but also provide them an opportunity to know one another and work as a family. Many activities discussed in such meetings are further taken up by smaller groups so as to take vibrionics forward. The Karnataka RC expressed gratitude to Baba for His immense blessings in making this seminar a resounding success.

5. In Memoriam

Mrs Aparna Choudhuri 00036 at the age of 79, graciously merged with Swami on 23 February 2021. She was fully aware and connected with Him till her last moments. She had been with vibrionics since 1994 from the time of its very inception. She served her patients with humility in and around Puttaparthi for over two decades. Truly leading a life of devotion and service, her contribution to vibrionics will always be acknowledged with gratitude. She will be remembered for her Handbook on Union with God, a book on healing through mudras (finger postures).

Sri Manish Gupta 10462 succumbed to colon cancer on 8 June 2021. We are deeply saddened to lose a very valued colleague at the young age of 47. Ever since coming into Swami’s fold in the 90s, he had been a regular at Prashanti Seva and an accomplished bhajan singer. His journey with vibrionics began in 2009 when he attended a workshop in Rajasthan. Always ready to do any assigned task with passion and energy, he became a regional coordinator in 2018 and subsequently in Aug 2019 organised a state-level workshop to infuse new energy into his team. He was a dedicated, sincere, and hard-working devotee and always stood by his commitments. Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife and two daughters at this time of bereavement.