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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Vol 9 Issue 5
September/October 2018

1. Health article

Sprouting for good health

“A seed when planted will sprout into life, but when it is cooked the life is destroyed. Eating food in its natural state promotes longevity. Food which is not cooked contains the largest amount of protein. For instance, the amount of protein in mung dal and soya beans is great…The way to eat peas, beans, or lentils is to soak them in water and let them sprout. In this way you consume them in all their richness…” Sathya Sai Baba1

1. Seed is the source! 

Each plant life around us has emerged from a seed blessed with the necessary intelligence and support from the planet. Scientists are still researching to understand what exactly happens inside a seed as it begins to come to life and becomes fascinating for an observer. When a seed begins to sprout, specific biological mechanisms within it are activated to convert the stored energy into nutrients that are used for its growth into a healthy, vibrant plant. The same dormant nutritive energy in a seed can be activated for human consumption by a simple process at home too.1,2  

2. What are sprouts?          

Sprouts, as ready nutritive food, are very tiny shoots that emerge from seeds after they are soaked in water for a few hours and then allowed to germinate.2

3. What can be sprouted?

All edible seeds including whole grains, legumes, beans, pulses, lentils, and peas can be sprouted. Some of the popular sprouting seeds in different countries are mung, chickpeas, wheat, alfalfa, sunflower seeds, fenugreek, groundnut, radish, and broccoli. They should be organic, healthy, fresh and not chemically treated, neither split nor roasted or cooked.1,3,4

4. How to sprout?     

Growing sprouts at home is a quick, easy, and a cost effective process. Start with small amounts. One should handle the seeds and grow sprouts in hygienic conditions.1,3,4

Sprouting time would depend on the type of seed, the frequency of rinsing, the temperature of rinse water, and the temperature of the environment. Smaller seeds take 10 to 12 hours to sprout (for example, mung beans). Larger seeds take about 3 to 4 days to sprout.1,3,4

5. Why sprout? 

All raw seeds have inherent in them, antinutrients or enzyme inhibitors, which reduce the body’s ability to absorb and assimilate the essential nutrients. Studies have shown that sprouting inactivates these inhibitors and reduces the allergens. It significantly improves the nutritional content, especially the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, fibres, antioxidants, and enzymes. It also eliminates most of the gas-producing starches.3,4,6,9

A study5 showed distinct increase in vitamin C and calcium content after sprouting. There was significant decrease in antinutrients and protein digestibility had enhanced substantially. According to another study7, sprouting of grains for a limited period caused increased activity of hydrolytic enzymes, improvement in the contents of certain essential amino acids, total sugars, and B‐group vitamins, and a decrease in dry matter, starch, and antinutrients. The digestibility of storage proteins and starch improved due to their partial hydrolysis during sprouting. The magnitude of the nutritional improvement was, however, found to depend upon the type of cereal, seed quality, and sprouting conditions. The vitamins barely detectable in dry grains were found considerably enhanced and reached the peak after 7 days of sprouting.8

6. Benefits of sprouts 

Sprouts rank as the most fresh and nutritious of all vegetables available to human diet and can benefit us in many unimaginable ways1,3,4,6,9-11. They can: 

Overall, uncooked sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and hence should be a vital component of our diet. One may add some lemon juice and seasoning to make them tasty. They can be mixed with salads. They can also be taken before or along with a meal or in between meals as healthy snacks. 

If individual choices or conveniences or health conditions do not favour sprouting, soaking itself can be immensely beneficial. The whole grains, lentils, beans, and pulses, are more nutritious when cooked after soaking overnight. Nuts should not be sprouted, only soaked.4 Almonds are best for health when soaked overnight and taken next day after rinsing and removing the peel.12

7. Cautions 

References and Links:

  1. The teachings of Sathya Sai Baba on health by Srikanth Sola MD page 10. Also Appendix B.
  13. Caution
  14. Caution


2. Addendum to Index of 108CC book

Since the last 2011 edition of the 108CC book, several changes/additions made to those remedies over the last seven years are given below. We regret the omission of this table in the last newsletter.

Addison's disease                                     6.1          Adhesions                                             21.1

Adrenal Gland Deficiency                         6.1          Alopecia                                       11.2+12.4

ASD                                        3.6+15.5+18.1          Asperger’s                                             15.5

Autism spectrum disorder       3.6+15.5+18.1          Baldness                                      11.2+12.4

Blepharitis                                                 7.3          Cholera                                   4.6+4.10+9.3

Concentration weak                       17.3+18.1          Condyloma                             8.5/14.2+21.1

Death approaching                                 15.1          Dengue                                            9.3+3.1

Down’s syndrome                            3.6+18.2          Epithelioma                             2.1+2.3+21.1

Extremities painful, circulation                  3.7          Eye lashes in-turning                              7.1

Eye stye                                                    7.3          Genital cyst/wart, female               8.5+21.1

Genital cyst/wart, male                  14.2+21.1          Genital herpes female                    8.5+21.8

Genital herpes male                      14.2+21.8          Head Injury                          10.1+18.1+20.7

Hysteria                                                   15.1          Involuntary semen                                14.3

Irritable bladder                                       13.3          Leucoderma                       21.2+21.3+12.4

Lung cancer                    2.1+2.3+19.3+19.6          Mycoplasma pneumonia              19.6+19.7

Multiple sclerosis (MS)                18.4 + 12.4          Nose bleed                                            10.1

Oral Candida                                           11.5          Plantar fasciitis                            20.1+20.4

Polymyalgia Rheum.(PMR)  20.2+20.4+20.5          Prog. Syst. Sclerosis 12.4+15.1+21.2+21.3

Prostate – enlarged                       13.1+14.2          Prostatitis                                     14.2+13.1

PSP Syndrome              7.1+15.1+18.4+18.6          Pulmonary hypertension         3.1+3.6+19.3

Retinitis pigmentosa                          7.1+7.2          Salmonella                                       4.6+4.8

Scars internal                                          21.1          Sinusitis due to allergy                 19.2+4.10

Skin dry                                                   21.1          Spinal Injury                                 10.1+20.5

Spine – degeneration                              20.5          Teething                                                11.5

Typhoid-recovery stage                   9.1+4.11          Vitiligo                                  12.4+21.2+21.3

Walking pneumonia                       19.6+19.7          Zika virus                                          3.1+9.3

3. AVP workshop in Puttaparthi, India 22-26 July 2018 

Nine candidates (7 from India including two from Puttaparthi*, one from Thailand and one from Gabon) qualified as AVPs in this intense five-day workshop. Two practitioners from India who had qualified years back also participated to refresh and enhance their knowledge. The workshop, conducted by the two experienced course teachers 10375 & 11422, had inspiring and interactive sessions on a daily basis by the senior most faculty Dr Jit Aggarwal, through skype from the UK. The other highlight was a lively session on effective case history writing by Hem Aggarwal who also led the participants’ to take oath before Swami on the eve of the holy Guru purnima.

*One is a practicing allopathic doctor and the other has long experience working with her father, a long-standing vibro practitioner. Immediately after the completion of the course, they started seva in the Ladies’ seva dal building.








4. AVP workshop and Refresher in France 8-10 September 2018

The 3-day workshop was conducted by the French coordinator and trainer 01620 in the home of one of her future practitioners. There were 8 participants - 2 new students,  5 existing practitioners and the newly trained practitioner 03572 on Skype from Gabon in West Africa. The work was intense but at the same time the atmosphere  was warm and friendly. Both new trainees were  attentive and very responsive. At the end of the workshop both were touched with deep emotions when  they received their 108CC boxes. So great was their enthusiasm that at the time of valedictory talk on Skype by Dr Aggarwal, their first two patients from the neighbourhood knocked at the door and the new practitioners gave them their first consultation. The existing practitioners found this experience and exchange of ideas at the workshop highly informative and inspiring.





5. Vibrionics in Telangana State, India 9 September 2018

At a joint meeting of two districts, practitioner 11585 got an opportunity to speak in the presence of the state president and almost all other officials of Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation of Telangana State, district presidents of both the districts together with all the office bearers and Samiti conveners. It was only with the grace of Swami that he was able to address this assembly of high level dignitaries for 25 minutes on the subject of vibrionics. He explained how the system works on physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels, has zero side effects and gives amazing results. He also briefed them on the regular medical camps being conducted in the district. He stressed that  it is easy to conduct vibro medical camps at any place. He narrated that both he and Practitioner 11592obtained high success rate with patients at the weekly vibro camps at Satya Sai Mandir Palvoncha. This generated a lot of interest among the office bearers. After the meeting, the two practitioners treated 27 patients including a few office bearers. Such interest is a boost to the practice of vibrionics in the state.







Om Sai Ram