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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Travel Sickness, Diarrhoea, Vomiting 11965...India

The practitioner writes: During my initial stage of practicing Vibrionics, I experienced my first miracle when seven guests from Kerala arrived on April 18, 2014 to visit Delhi. From traveling and eating food outside, all 7 had come down with stomach upset and continuous vomiting. I immediately prepared a remedy in water:
CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.10 Indigestion...(continued)

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Bad School Results 01159...Croatia

A 10-year-old girl was brought to see the practitioner because she had behavioural and learning disorders and was doing badly at school. She was given:

NM5 Brain tissue salts + NM104 Tops…TDS

After a month of taking this combo her mother said that she had calmed down and had achieved all ‘A’ grades at school.  Her teacher was...(continued)

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Boils on the Buttocks 11210...India

A 50-year old man was suffering intense pain from boils on his buttocks. The boils would appear one after another, swell with pus and then burst, but always new lesions appeared. Twice some had to be surgically removed. Initially the patient was given:
#1.  CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC21.2 Skin infections...TDS

In a month there was 20% improvement. The...(continued)

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Warts on Sole of Foot 02870...USA

A 13-year-old girl had been suffering for 18 months with warts on the sole of her foot. A chiropodist (or podiatrist as it is known in the US), had scaled off the skin over the warts so that Fluorouracil cream 0.5% could penetrate the warts and clear them. The treatment had continued for two months without success, so it was discontinued. When the...(continued)

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Multiple Problems 02813...Belgium

A 31-year-old man came to the practitioner because he had respiratory allergy since he was 15 years old. This prevented him from sleeping at night unless he took allopathic pills. He had been suffering from herpes for the last five years and just before coming to see the practitioner a new eruption had emerged. His brother had been recently diagnosed with...(continued)

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Cluster Headaches, Depression and Hyperactivity 02894...UK

On 23 December 2013, a male patient, age 34, came in with acute symptoms of headache, watery eyes, and a stiff neck. He was unable to bend his neck to the left. He had suffered from cluster headaches for the past 14 years.  For periods of 6-8 weeks at a time, he would experience 2-4 severe headaches a day, each lasting up to an hour. The attacks were...(continued)

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Dementia 00534...UK

The practitioner writes: My elderly mother-in-law (84) was active and living on her own in a care home  [a residence where persons can live independently with a warden on site if needed]. She was taking various medications to manage diabetes, high BP, thyroid function, indigestion and stress incontinence, as well as iron tablets. During a two-week stay...(continued)

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Chronic Nosebleeds, Dandruff 02799...UK

A healthy, active boy of 11 who loved sports developed a passion for playing football [soccer] but he was inhibited by nosebleeds. As soon as he started running, his nose would bleed. He had been having constant nosebleeds since the age of 3, at least 3 times a week at night, whenever he was active. The family managed as best they could but the boy was...(continued)

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Vitiligo 02799...UK

A girl (age 10) had vitiligo on her face, hands, and body for 4 years. According to her parents, her physician had prescribed steroid cream, which did not help. She began Vibrionics treatment on 23 September 2012 with:
CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic + CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.2 Skin...(continued)

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Addiction to Marijuana 02758...Russia

A young couple, a 25-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, were addicted quite strongly to smoking marijuana. They understood that it was bad for them and wanted to quit but had no willpower or capability to do so. Due to their young age, they had no acute or chronic symptoms yet, except for the addiction itself. When they started treatment at the beginning...(continued)

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Leukaemia & recovery from bone-marrow transplant surgery 12051...India

On 19 September 2013 treatment was sought for a 4-year-old girl suffering from leukaemia. She had been diagnosed 2 years earlier and had completed chemotherapy in one hospital in Bangalore but had suffered a relapse 4 months after returning home and was not considered a candidate for further treatment. She was then admitted to another cancer centre in...(continued)

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Eczema, Academic Stress 02799...UK

The practitioner writes: On 21 April 2013, an 18-year-old male university student presented with itchy skin and severe eczema on his face, neck, back and legs. He had developed chronic eczema one year previous, before he went to university and after he had been treated for acne with allopathic medicine in 2011-2012. He was worried about his education.


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Examination stress 02859...India

The panic-stricken parents of a 17-year-old girl approached the practitioner in mid-January 2014. Their daughter had been an excellent student all her life but was wilting under social and academic pressure of writing the Class XII Board exams [Editor’s note: These are high-stake examinations for Indian secondary school students, required for...(continued)

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Diffuse cerebral atrophy and Depression 11964...India

An 82-year-old man who had been suffering from multiple ailments withdrew into himself on 14 January 2015. He stopped all movements, refused to eat or take any medicine, had memory loss and did not recognize anyone. He had to be admitted in hospital where he was diagnosed with diffuse cerebral atrophy, acute confusional state, altered sensorium and dementia....(continued)

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Severe travel sickness in a child 03527...France

A three-year-old boy suffered from severe travel sickness since he was 18 months old, from the time he could sit upright and travel. After 10-20 minutes of starting to travel by car he would become very sick, feel uncomfortable, turn pale and would start vomiting. He had not received any treatment for this condition. As he was going on holiday with...(continued)

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White Spots 10940...India

A 35-year-old businessman sought a Vibrionics cure for small white spots of 6-8 months’ duration on his neck and thigh. Treatment commenced on 10 July 2013 with:
#1. SR252 Tuberculinum 200C…OW, 4 doses

#2. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.2 Skin infections…QDS

After 3 months (9th October), the patient showed 30%...(continued)

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Chronic cough, travel sickness 11570...India

A 15-year-old girl suffering from chronic cough since childhood contacted the practitioner on the 12 July 2015.  She had tried allopathic as well as homeopathic medicine in the past but had only temporary relief and the cough persisted. Her father had also been suffering from the same problem and it is suspected that there might be some allergen in...(continued)

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Learning disability 02090...India

On 8 January 2017, a young mother brought her 8-year-old daughter to the practitioner. The child was in 3rd grade and had a history of learning disability. This was apparent from the fact that she had not even learnt the alphabet properly. The practitioner talked to both, the girl and her mother, and prescribed the following remedy:

CC12.2 Child...(continued)

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Lyme disease, childhood trauma 03546...France

On 22 May 2017 a young man of 43 consulted the practitioner for treatment of Lyme disease. He had all the symptoms of the disease viz, loss of memory, headache, throat and stomach pain for the past four years. His joint pains were so severe that he had to stay at home. However the blood test did not confirm this diagnosis and the doctors suggested the...(continued)

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Examination stress 11590...India

A 17-year-old medical student was extremely stressed due to her forthcoming final examinations. She was studying long hours but for the past two weeks she was having difficulty in remembering what she read.  When she consulted the practitioner on 1 Dec 2017, she complained of disturbed sleep, lack of concentration and poor memory due to stress.

She was...(continued)

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Fungus on scalp, black magic, poor memory 03572...Gabon

The 9-year-old son of the practitioner had a fungal infection that looked like dandruff all over his scalp, extending down to the neck (see pic).

It was often itchy. Each time either parent combed his hair, dandruff-like white particles would fall off. He also had large white spots on the right and back side of the neck and on top of the head. All the...(continued)

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Low appetite, poor memory 11616...India

A mother was concerned for her 11-year-old daughter who had a low appetite for five years. They live in an extended family and all the patient’s cousins were eating well. The mother tried various strategies to make her eat properly but was not successful. For two years, the girl was also having a hard time retaining what she learnt at school. On 5 Aug...(continued)

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Hemifacial spasm 11626...India

A 60-year-old woman had been suffering from twitching of muscles on the right side of her face (hemifacial spasm) for four years. The twitching started near the eye and gradually extended to the cheek muscles; her right eye appeared smaller than the left (see pic). Two years ago, she consulted a doctor who prescribed four Botox injections. She took one...(continued)

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Long term Depression 01339 ...USA

A 64-year-old second generation Jewish man whose parents were Holocaust survivors, came to me the first time in October 2011, having suffered life-long depression, a continuing feeling of hopelessness and a concern for his lack of memory. We spoke at length both about his life and illness. We also talked about Sathya Sai Baba and related topics. I mailed the...(continued)

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Cured-Jaw Bone Deterioration from Radiation Therapy 01339 ...USA

A male patient, age 59, contacted the practitioner through a referral from another patient in June 2012. The patient had neck cancer four years previously. He made a trip to Puttaparthi and Sathya Sai Baba cured him. He now had necrosis of his jawbone from the radiation treatment he had undergone prior to going to India. Necrosis is death of body tissue. It...(continued)

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Restless Leg Syndrome 02864 ...USA

 A 72-year-old female complained about restless leg syndrome for 30 years. And because of the pain in her legs she has been unable to get a good night’s rest for the same amount of time. The pain has steadily worsened, specifically in the nights, which are bad. She has a whole lot of other medical complaints including ...(continued)

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Addictions 02758 ...Russia

A young couple, male of 25 years and female of 24 years, were addicted quite strongly to smoking marihuana (dope). They understood that it was bad for them and wanted to quit but had no willpower and potency to do it. There were no acute or chronic symptoms yet (due to their young age) except for the addiction itself. They started treatment in the beginning...(continued)

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Multiple Problems Dog 03040...Poland

During the past five years a pedigreed golden retriever dog called Elsa (see pic), who is now eleven years old, has been treated by vets for the following: 

Ventricular hypertrophy, lung inefficiency, oxygen deficiency, chronic verminal disease, benign skin tumours, hypothyroidism, arthritis, postural dizziness affecting the legs, snoring. 


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Loss of memory 03578...France

A 54-year-old woman pursuing studies in public accounting had been suffering from memory issues for over 6 months. She was not able to remember lessons learnt even a week ago. She would also forget words and lose track even during a conversation. This discouraged her so much that she lost confidence in herself and wanted to stop studying. She didn’t...(continued)

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Lack of self-confidence 03582...South Africa

An introvert 13-year-old girl who lacked self-confidence was afraid to speak even to her own family and friends since she was 3 years of age. She also found exams at school very stressful. The girl’s aunt took her to the practitioner who gave her the following remedy on 3 Aug 2021: 

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain &...(continued)

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