Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

From the Desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

Vol 11 Issue 6
November/December 2020

Dear Practitioners

This edition of the newsletter marks two major milestones – first being the 95th birthday of our beloved Swami and second being an exciting vibrionics-related announcement. We are all set to establish our very own Sai Vibrionics Research, Training, and Wellness Centre in Puttaparthi! The wheels on this project have been in motion for a while but then COVID came as a stumbling block as it pushed things back by 10 months. Swami says “Regard whatever happens to you as something intended for your good”...SSS vol XVII chapter 15. Little did we realize that all this delay would give us an opportunity to redesign the Centre in order to downsize and adapt the buildings to our current and future needs. This is because over the last few months we have considerably moved practitioners’ training to virtual platform and intend to continue this. This has obviously reduced our need for elaborate physical space.

We now envisage the Vibrionics Centre to take about two years to complete. This Institute will not only give our practitioners a much-needed facility for research & development but also play a pivotal role in promoting vibrionics by creating a central independent organizational base for the functioning of all vibrionics-related activities - IT, publications, training, and above all treating patients. I see this as being run entirely by our healing trust via its core leadership team, which is already doing a commendable job. Establishing the Centre is the first step in the gradual process of transitioning my responsibilities to our committed vibrionics core team members. I’m filled with immense gratitude to Swami for giving me the strength and opportunity to continue to advance vibrionics and even more so for blessing our vibrionics mission with a strong team of committed individuals who come from all walks of life and all age groups - retired army personnel to home-makers, software engineers to academicians – from those in their thirties to our head of research who is still going strong at 87!

Ten months into the pandemic, COVID-19 is very much on our minds as it continues to play havoc throughout the planet. This is primarily because of its high level of asymptomatic transmissions and constantly changing behaviour. I remind all of us not to let our guard down nor discourage patients from seeking medical help. However, I am pleased to share that we have received very encouraging feedback from the ground level. Majority of those who have taken the Immunity Booster (IB) have not contracted any infection and even the very few who showed mild symptoms have recovered quickly with just an increase in dosage of the same remedy. In India alone in the last two months we have had a massive surge in the demand for the IB. In addition to the 180,000 recipients who started taking it prior to August 2020 and continue to replenish the remedy, our practitioners have distributed the IB to 54,000 new recipients.    

Another exciting update is that since the launch of our revamped website ( this year on Guru Purnima day, we have received a whopping 4,000 visitors in less than four months. The number of enquiries from people seeking treatment has also increased. We have also launched Phase-2 of website enhancements that features a more user-friendly Menu with links to Case Histories by Category, Mantras, and a freshly laid out Articles section. We have also made improvements to the webpage on our News site ( for downloading the pdf version of our newsletters. This page can be accessed by simply entering “pdfs” in the search bar in any language. Also, language support for Marathi has been added to the website. Another good news for our Tamil-speaking practitioners is that our AVP manual has been translated in Tamil by Practitioners 11579 & 11580 and will be offered at the Lotus feet of Swami on 23 Nov 2020. 

My humble request to everyone is to send in your wellness and spiritual articles and patients’ testimonials (audio, video, or written). For starters, we have added a video testimonial from Practitioner 11601 to the website - do have a look. For all such contributions including any query or suggestion concerning the website, or if you encounter any bug in the site, write directly to [email protected] for a quick response.

In conclusion, I’d like to leave you with Swami's very impactful lesson on happiness. He says “Whatever you do, do it with shraddha (dedication). The secret of happiness is, not doing what you like, but liking what you do.” Any work that is infused with love and viewed as a spiritual offering is effectively transformed into worship. Yes, we are in the midst of an unforeseen and tragic pandemic. Yet, we have our loving Lord Sai’s words to guide us, our vibrionics community to fall back on, and this incredible blessing of Vibrionics seva to tide us through. Let us all emerge on the other side, stronger, kinder, more dedicated, and more spiritually evolved.

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal