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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 13 Issue 1
January / February 2022
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From the desk of Dr.Jik K Aggarwal

Dear Practitioners

As we move into 2022, to the one who views life through a worldly lens, it appears that the coming year will be another one filled with uncertainty and anxiety resulting from enduring the pandemic. But for those who live life with a higher purpose, 2022 will be welcomed as a year of growth, hope, and a harbinger of opportunity to serve and share love. Swami says “Endowed with a sacred body man is misusing it. Human life is like a bamboo that has many knots in the form of desires for wealth, wife, and children. These knots have to be removed. From the new year, you have to understand the true meaning of humanness and transform your life. You will then be true servants of the nation. Play your part in every field of public life, keeping your heart pure and unsullied.” – Sathya Sai Baba, New Year Discourse, 1st January 1998.

If we are to bring humanness into our every thought, word, and deed, the right perspective is imperative. As an organisation, I feel we have done justice to 2021 and hope and pray that we are able to carry forth the impetus into the new year. Looking back on the year gone by, as vibrionics practitioners and as an organisation dedicated to seva, we have grown and evolved by leaps and bounds on all fronts.

  • Our ‘Spread the Word’ campaign launched in 2020 took off in a big way in the year gone by, an unexpected upside to the pandemic! While adhering to restrictions, our practitioners took the challenge head-on and spread awareness at every chance they got by giving talks at schools, colleges, Sai Centres and on virtual platforms to reach out to audiences ranging from devotees to students, teachers and armed forces personnel, from urban areas to remote corners of the world.
  • In India, we saw greater cooperation emerge between the Sai Seva Organization and the Sai Vibrionics that paves the way for smooth functioning of vibrionics clinics at Prashanti Nilayam and opening of new ones in several other locations, such as the opening of a new clinic at the Sai International Centre, New Delhi.
  • The world became a smaller place as a result of the shift to virtual meetings and we grew closer as a family and organization. Virtual networking amongst practitioners gained significant impetus during the year with several new regions starting monthly meetings to stay connected and updated.
  • The distribution of the Immunity Booster (IB) to maximum people remained the primary focus of practitioners during the year. The demand for IB is increasing by the day and we are close to a figure of 600,000 IB beneficiaries at the end of 2021.
  • The biggest stride we made this year is in the field of training new practitioners and retraining existing ones. In 2021 we have worked hard on significantly enhancing our training standards. Up-to-date SOPs are now in place from admission to accreditation for the AVP and SVP designations and also for the newly instituted Assistant Practitioner (AP) category. Our eternal gratitude to all the teachers, mentors and the training coordinator, supported by the very hard working and vigilant admissions team and IT team.
  • Another development has been to elevate our erstwhile monthly report coordinators to regional coordinators (RCs). The RCs now have a very important role of being an interface between the administration and the practitioners on the ground. A bimonthly coordination and update meeting of RCs is now a regular feature.
  • The maiden launch of our AP course in a vernacular language, combined with the opening of clinics in several remote parts of India has brought us significantly closer to our goal of making Sai Vibrionics accessible to the masses. In 2021 we started with Hindi and Telugu and in 2022, we expect to build on this success and expand our reach by launching AP courses in other languages like Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam and launching several additional clinics.
  • I am glad to report that in 2021, our IT Team has managed our IT resources (servers, databases, data storage and websites) effectively and ensured above 99% uptime. Their major plans for 2022 are to release a revised version of our main website with language support for Hindi and Telugu users, to provide support for searching case histories in multiple languages, to make available in our news site all the case histories published in our First International Conference book and to train additional Admin personnel for IT contingency purposes. Please extend your support and cooperation to the IT Team in the implementation of their plans. You may write to them at [email protected].
  • A couple of months ago we initiated the construction of the Sai Vibrionics Centre. This has recently been put on hold due to unexpected challenges with the construction contractors. We expect to resume work as soon as possible. While this may result in a delay, delays are not denials.

As an organization, we remain a “Work in Progress.” I expect that we will always be in that mode. Because if we are not changing and evolving, we are not growing! 

Here’s the real perspective we all need to develop according to Swami Himself - “The heart full of compassion is the temple of God. Jesus pleaded for Compassion. Compassion was His Message. He was sorely distressed at the sight of the poor. This day, Jesus is worshiped but His teachings are neglected. Sai is being worshipped but His teachings are neglected. Everywhere, pomp, pageantry, hollow exhibitionism! Lectures, Lectures, Lectures! No activity, no love, no seva. Heroes while lecturing, zeros while putting what is said into practice. Develop Compassion. Live in Love. Be Good; do Good, and see Good. This is the way to God.” – Sathya Sai Baba, Christmas Discourse, 25 December 1981.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022,

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal


Rheumatoid Arthritis 11599...India

A 52-year-old female school teacher had been suffering from pain in the small joints of her hands and feet. Her ability to hold a piece of chalk to write on the blackboard was gradually decreasing. Her rheumatologist diagnosed her condition as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis and she started taking prescribed medicines and supplements in Dec 2015. Although there was hardly any improvement in pain, she decided to continue all these medicines. Additionally, two years ago, she developed knee pain (possibly due to standing for long hours in school) and developed GI distress (stomach burning) a year ago. By January 2018 she could not even hold the chalk and had to take medical leave. When she visited the practitioner on 2 Aug 2018, she was very depressed and was given: 

For Rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis: 

#1. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC12.4 Autoimmune diseases + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.3 Arthritis + CC20.6 Osteoporosis…TDS

For GI distress:

#2. CC4.5 Ulcers + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion…TDS

A month later on 5 Sept, the burning sensation in her stomach went down by 90% and #2 was reduced to OD and stopped on 15 Oct as there was 100% improvement. On 20 Sept she reported only a slight reduction in pain in small joints and knees. By 28 Dec, there was 50% improvement in small joints and 80% in knee pain. On 10 July 2019, pain in all the joints improved by 90%, so the dosage of #1 was reduced to BD. On 21 Oct, she stated that despite stopping all her allopathic medications for the past two months there was only marginal pain in joints. As there was no difficulty in holding the chalk, she was able to resume teaching. On 15 Dec, the dosage of #1 was reduced to OD and by Jan 2020, she had completely recovered. Twice she tried to stop the remedy, once in Mar 2020 and again in Jan 2021, each time slight pain was felt after about two weeks. Therefore she decided to continue at the maintenance dosage of OD. As of November 2021, the patient is completely symptom-free and is in regular touch with the practitioner.


Kidney stones 11599...India

A 62-year-old man had a history of kidney stones ever since he was hospitalized for ten months due to a compound fracture in his right ankle caused by a car accident in April 2007. He would get excruciating pain in both flanks once every 18 to 24 months and each episode would last for 4 days. Depending upon whether the stone was present in the kidney, ureter, bladder or urethra, his other symptoms were lower abdomen pain, the urgency of and burning during urination, difficult voiding and occasional fever. He had been hospitalized six times in 12 years and was invariably kept on fluids and discharged the same day with various medicines to be taken for 7 to 10 days. The stones were never more than 7 mm. He had been asked to drink plenty of water and take a low oxalate diet. He was diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol in 2013 and was on allopathic medications for these until 2018 when vibrionics brought all these conditions under complete control. He next experienced excruciating pain in his flanks on 14 Oct 2019, so approached the practitioner within a few hours and was given:

CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC13.5 Kidney stones + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…every 10 min for 2 hours followed by 6TD

Within three hours, the pain had gone down, so he could attend to his office and the same evening, his pain had vanished. He confirmed the following day that remnants of stones were seen while passing urine. He was absolutely thrilled since his other symptoms had disappeared too. On 21 Oct, the dosage was reduced to TDS and then to OD on 30 Oct. It has been more than two years now without recurrence of an episode but he prefers to continue at OD as a preventive. He is extremely happy and has been constantly recommending vibrionics to all his friends!

Chronic acidity 11599...India

A 51-year-old man had been suffering from acidity causing burning, belching, and acid reflux for five years. He had a sedentary lifestyle and a very stressful job as head of a retail sales chain, and for over 30 years he had been smoking 10 cigarettes a day. Over the past five years, he had tried many over-the-counter as well as prescription medications but nothing helped. When he saw the practitioner on 9 Sept 2018 he was not taking any medicine, and was given: 

CC4.5 Ulcers + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS

He was advised to quit smoking and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The patient did not come back until 16 Feb 2019, when he said that so long as he was taking the remedy the symptoms were not intense. Now that remedy finished in January, they have again aggravated. Apart from giving him a refill, he was advised to walk for 40 minutes at least five days a week. On 19 Mar, he was happy to report that his symptoms were again less intense. On 6 June, there was an improvement of 20%. He had not been regular in taking the remedy but now that he felt noticeable improvement, he started taking it regularly. He made no effort to quit smoking. On 11 Nov, he reported 50% improvement which went up to 80% by 26 Dec. By the third week of Mar 2020, there was no trace of acidity.

As he did not visit the practitioner due to Covid-19 lockdown, he stopped taking the remedy in March 2020. The positive side of the lockdown was that he was forced to quit smoking as he was unable to obtain his brand of cigarettes and within a week he started to feel invigorated with extra energy. This led to big strides in changing his lifestyle. He now realizes the importance of healthy living, has slowly given up smoking and taken up cycling, covering daily a distance of 10 to 15 km and on weekends more than 30 km a day. When last contacted in Nov 2021, more than 18 months after stopping the remedy the patient has had no recurrence of acidity.

Editor’s note: This case clearly demonstrates the importance of taking remedies regularly and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Severe pain in neck region 03518...India

A 42-year-old man had been suffering from pain at the back of the skull and ears up to the neck for 10 years; it gradually became worse and was now severe. He believed this was caused by wrong posture during prolonged usage of his laptop, eight hours a day. He tried homoeopathy for some months but without much relief. He did not take any allopathic medicine. When he did not work on laptop (eg, during vacations), he felt some relief. When he resumed work, the pain would aggravate. On 16 April 2021, he consulted the practitioner who taught him how to apply acupressure at specific head and face points and gave the following remedy:

CC3.7 Circulation + CC11.3 Headaches + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC20.5 Spine…TDS 

In one month, the pain was reduced by 80% and his daily hours of work on computer remained at 4 to 5.  By 13 June, the pain was better by 90% and by 27 June, he was completely pain-free, so the dosage was reduced to OD. From 1 July, his computer work went up to 8 hours per day. On two occasions when he felt overstrained, he could feel some pain but by increasing the dosage to BD for two days, he felt absolutely fine. From the third week of July, he stopped taking the remedy as there was no recurrence of pain even though he was advised to continue the maintenance dosage of OD. As of 30 Nov 2021, he continues to be completely well and has been diligently doing acupressure. 

Pain in arm 03518...India

A 41-year-old female teacher had been suffering from pain in her right arm, more in the elbow, for eight months since the start of online classes during the pandemic. It gradually became worse, causing her to become exhausted by the end of the day. A niggling pain at a rating of seven on a scale of 1:10 was present at all times. While typing on the keyboard or doing crochet, the pain would increase to a rating of eight and would shoot up to her shoulder. Over the past four days, the left arm also got affected. She did not take any painkiller or other medication and on 14 May 2021 was given: 

CC20.3 Arthritis + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue...QDS

Within a week, pain in her left arm completely disappeared but the right arm felt the same. By 13 June, there was 75% reduction in pain in her right arm, though pain increased when she did crochet it was no longer shooting up to her shoulder. On 24 June online classes resumed. She diligently continued taking the remedy and by 15 July, there was 100% relief from all pain. She no longer felt tired even after a full day at school. Dosage was reduced to BD and gradually tapered down to zero by 11 Aug. As of end Nov 2021, despite continued online classes, she is free of pain and feeling energetic, managing her classes well, and pursuing her hobby of crochet. 


Eczema 03599...USA

For over two years, an 11-year-old girl had dry eczema above the folds of her left elbow with rough and discoloured skin along with severe itching. Allopathic medicines, both oral and cream for external application, helped to subside the symptoms temporarily as the problem recurred every three to four months. In general her skin was so sensitive that even a tiny bug or insect bite would cause an abscess. When the eczema symptoms recurred this time, the patient’s mother did not opt for allopathy but instead consulted the practitioner on 3 Nov 2020, the girl was given:

#1. NM27 Skin-D + NM36 War + NM46 Allergy-2 + NM62 Allergy-B + NM102 Skin Itch + BR13 Allergy + SR308 Pituitary Gland + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.6 Eczema ...TDS in aqua-base cream for external application

#2. CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + #1…TDS 

After a week there was 60% improvement in itching and 50% in roughness and discolouration. On 22 Nov, as the girl had developed runny and blocked nose with watery eyes, probably due to seasonal allergy, #2 was changed to:

#3. CC9.2 Infections acute + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.6 Eczema…TDS

Within five days on 27 Nov, there was 50% relief in all the acute symptoms and her skin was 90% better. On 4 Jan 2021, there was complete recovery and the skin had become normal. #1 was stopped and #3 was reduced to BD for a week before stopping. As of Dec 2021, almost a year after stopping the remedy, there has been no recurrence of eczema. 

If using the 108CC box give #1: CC10.1 Emergencies + CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.6 Eczema

Hemifacial spasm 11626...India

A 60-year-old woman had been suffering from twitching of muscles on the right side of her face (hemifacial spasm) for four years. The twitching started near the eye and gradually extended to the cheek muscles; her right eye appeared smaller than the left (see pic). Two years ago, she consulted a doctor who prescribed four Botox injections. She took one injection in Mar 2018. As this caused swelling of the eye and also keeping in mind the large expense, she decided not to continue the injections. Around the same time, her husband passed away and she was under a lot of stress. Gradually the frequency of twitching increased to 30 to 40 times per min, especially in the morning and while talking. On 17 Mar 2020, she was in great discomfort and consulted the practitioner who gave: 

#1. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.4 Paralysis + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue…TDS 

Within the first month, twitching reduced by 30% and in another month by 50%. As she was feeling lethargic, #1 was enhanced on 16 June 2020:

#2. CC12.1 Adult tonic + #1…TDS

By 25 Aug, her cheek appeared normal but there was still some twitching. This was completely resolved by 18 Oct. So the dosage of #2 was reduced to BD and then to OD on 12 Feb 2021 before stopping on 3 May. In Oct 2021, her eye was normal but occasionally, when she is under a lot of stress, mild twitching would occur. So, she decided to resume the remedy at the maintenance dosage of OD which she is continuing as of Dec 2021, she feels good.

Muscle tear 03601...Nepal

In Aug 2018, a 52-year-old woman had a motorcycle accident. Her right elbow banged against the gravel on the ground. As the arm pain increased over the next two days, she had an x-ray done, this showed no fracture but the doctor diagnosed a tear in the muscle near the elbow. She took the prescribed medicine and used the ointment for one month. This gave her 50% relief from pain but she had difficulty lifting heavy items in the kitchen. In Oct 2018 the pain aggravated, she opted for a herbal remedy and massage which helped, so managed her life with occasional pain. In June 2019, the pain increased again and she could not lift even half a kilogram of vegetables. Her doctor gave an injection which gave some relief but it was only temporary as the pain resurfaced in Nov 2019. She decided to take herbal treatment from a traditional healer, this seemed to work. During the Covid-19 lockdown as she had difficulty in commuting she could not continue this treatment and the pain spread to her right shoulder, neck and part of the upper back, she had difficulty in bending her neck. On 9 Aug 2021, she woke up with unbearable pain and planned to visit her doctor. The same day she received Immunity Booster (IB) from her brother who had just qualified as an AVP; she took one dose that night. The next morning, miraculously her pain completely vanished! On 15 Sept 2021, she received from her brother the following remedy for her chronic condition:

CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.1 SMJ tonic + CC20.2 SMJ pain + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.7 Fractures…BD

She also continued to take IB at OD. After one week, she was able to carry 5-6 kg bag of vegetables and after two weeks, a 25 kg bag. She could carry out all the household chores without difficulty. From 15 October, the dosage was gradually tapered down to OW over the next one month. As of Dec 2021, She continues the maintenance dosage of OW, also IB at OD; she is absolutely fine with no pain.

Mite infestation in water 12051...India

Many inhabitants of a small village had been suffering from severe itching and rash all over the body for almost a month. They found that the water in all the 41 tanks (40 individual house tanks + one common tank) in their village was discoloured and had mite infestation. One of the chief villagers contacted the practitioner who gave the following remedy on 17 July 2021:

NM36 War + NM101 Skin-H + NM102 Skin Itch + SM2 Divine Protection + SM41 Uplift + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR293 Gunpowder + SR311 Rhus Tox 200C + SR497 Histamine…TDS for oral use and in vibhuti to be mixed in tanks…2TW

41 villagers used the remedy orally. Within 20 days all the children and middle-aged people in the group were totally free of all symptoms and it took the elderly another 10 days to get 100% better. The villagers were advised to continue the oral remedy at OD as a maintenance dosage.

A small packet of remedy in vibhuti was first mixed with one litre of water and then this solution was added to the tank and stirred with a wooden pole. This method was followed consistently twice weekly in all 41 tanks for four weeks. Some tanks became free of infestation within a week and others within a period of 10 days, depending on the degree of infestation and the water was now safe to use! They were advised to treat the tanks once weekly. Incidentally, this water was used for everything except drinking. Throughout the month of treatment, they continued to use the infested water without filtering! They gained so much confidence in vibrionics that they did not even seek the help of local water authorities for future treatment of their water.

Testimonial from villagers: We are very happy to inform that with your guidance, the vibrionics medicine for skin due to mite infestation was given to 11 children, 13 youth and 17 old people. As we requested you to send this per our requirement, this has worked especially well for us. Daily we have taken twice for 2 weeks and are happy to have been 100% cured in 20 days. We used the remedy in 40 tanks according to your instructions twice weekly. We even tested the water and found it completely purified and usable. We request you to provide the same for other conditions also as we have developed utmost confidence in this medicine.

Link to the video testimonial of the villagers:

If using the 108CC box give: CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.10 Psoriasis + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions; 
Editor's note: Addition of NM103 Stings & Bites or CC21.4 Stings & Bites could have brought a faster response.


Brahma Kamalam plant rejuvenation 11615...India

The practitioner’s elderly sister-in-law, a great plant lover had planted a Brahma kamalam* (Saussurea obvallata) five years ago. Apparently, it was growing but not even a single flower had bloomed! She had experienced the benefits of vibrionics for her constipation and again during the Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as she learnt that vibrionics can benefit plants too, she immediately requested a remedy for rejuvenation of her plant. The following remedy was given on 15 July 2020

CC1.1 Animal tonic + CC1.2 Plant tonic…OD in water

On 15 Sept, she shared with great joy that one big flower (see pic) had bloomed. She continued the remedy without missing even a single day. Three more flowers bloomed in the first week of November. She discontinued vibro water from April 2021 as it was off-season for flowering. During the next season five flowers bloomed in July 2021 (see pic), followed by 15 in August and 18 in September (see pic)! Her favourite plant had rejuvenated and she did not need to use the remedy again! As of Nov 2021, the plant continues to flower.

*This plant, a medicinal herb called the King of Himalayan flowers, is offered at the holiest shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath.

Painful, frequent menses 11624...India

A 34-year-old housewife had been suffering from painful and frequent menses since her first delivery in June 2012. Her monthly cycle reduced to 15-18 days and bleeding would last 4 to 5 days. After the birth of her second child in Nov 2017, she also started getting severe back and leg pain which would start 4 to 5 days before menstruation and continue throughout her period. This was accompanied by numbness in the lower abdomen, she was unable to pass stool during periods and this made it difficult for her to do household chores. Also, she could eat only fruits and have juices. She did not consult a doctor and was not taking any medication. On 5 April 2021, she was given: 

For menses:

#1. CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.7 Menses frequent + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS 

For digestion: 

#2. CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.4 Constipation + CC12.1 Adult tonic…TDS 

The day she started taking the remedy happened to be the fifth day of her cycle. Her next period came on the 21st day and she observed 20% improvement in the premenstrual back and leg pain and numbness, and 100% relief from constipation during periods. On 20 July, she reported that her periods had become regular (26-27 day cycle) and there was 100% relief in all her premenstrual symptoms from the month of May. Also, her food intake during periods has been normal. 

On 15 Aug dosage of both #1 and #2 was reduced to BD which she continued until mid-Oct before stopping. As of Dec 2021, she is doing fine without recurrence of any of the symptoms. The practitioner is in regular touch with the patient and will keep monitoring her for another year.

Lack of self-confidence 03582...South Africa

An introvert 13-year-old girl who lacked self-confidence was afraid to speak even to her own family and friends since she was 3 years of age. She also found exams at school very stressful. The girl’s aunt took her to the practitioner who gave her the following remedy on 3 Aug 2021: 

CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic…TDS

A month later on 5 Sept, the practitioner was delighted to hear from the girl’s mother about her complete transformation, read her testimonial below. The remedy was continued at TDS until she completed her exams in November after which it was reduced to the maintenance dosage of OD.

Patient’s mother’s testimonial 

“Ashreya has always been an introvert who was happy to go with the flow and would prefer to stand back and watch and listen to others without contributing unless absolutely necessary. She found it difficult to speak in front of a crowd, even if it was family and friends – her hands would become clammy, she would have beads of sweat on her brow. She was opinionated but preferred to keep her opinions to herself. All that changed ever since she began taking vibrionics to boost her confidence levels.

She has since become a confident young lady, who now participates in healthy discussions on various topics. Ashreya is also not as afraid as she used to be to speak up and let her voice be heard, especially if it is something she is passionate about. Her teachers, friends and family have also noticed that she has definitely “come out of her shell”. Our little girl has blossomed into a beautiful, confident young lady who now truly believes that the world is hers to take on. Thank you Swami for introducing us to vibrionics.”


Practitioner Profile 11599...India

Practitioner11599…India retired at the age of 44 after a successful career in sales for over 2 decades, hoping to spend his time pursuing endurance sports. Life had other plans for him. A chance encounter with a clairvoyant at an airport in 2000, piqued his interest in Vedic astrology and led him to read about Advaita philosophy. In 2005, he was drawn to Sathya Sai Baba through His discourses that expounded the greatest of truths in a very simple manner.

In 2007, while trying to stay busy to get over the trauma of his mother’s passing, he made a major blunder while helping out a friend with some medical transcription work. His prayers to Swami were answered and he witnessed a great miracle when the file that he had erroneously uploaded to the client’s server mysteriously disappeared even though it reflected as having been uploaded on his own computer!

For many years the practitioner has been involved in various service activities including taking the sick for their hospital appointments, explaining to them their diagnosis and lab reports and suggesting possible alternatives to resolve their medical issues. In 2016, after watching the Souljourns videos, Sai Vibrionics struck a chord with him as he was already actively involved in supporting sick people. He enrolled to become a practitioner and now says that vibrionics seva is his very life-breath.

The practitioner has witnessed spectacular results with treating acute episodes of chronic problems. In one such case, a diabetic patient, whose baseline blood glucose was 300 plus, approached the practitioner with a reading of 580. Refusing to go to the hospital, she was given CC6.3 Diabetes + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…one dose every 10 min for two hours, and then 6TD. Her numbers dropped by over 150 in the first two hours and were back to her baseline in just 12 hours! In another case of a 10-year-old leukaemia patient, the platelet levels had suddenly dropped. He was given blood transfusion and at the same time vibrionics remedy: CC2.1 Cancers - all + CC2.2 Cancer pain + CC3.2 Bleeding disorders + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic. Within two days the boy’s platelet count was back to normal and he was discharged from the hospital.

The practitioner has also treated cancer cases where patients have shown a remarkable downward trend in their tumour markers after taking vibrionics. A 53-year-old male patient with recently diagnosed colon cancer and metastasis consulted the practitioner, prior to initiation of chemo, and on 14 May 2021 was given CC2.1 Cancers - all + CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC4.2 Liver & Gallbladder tonic + CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.11 Liver & Spleen + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…6TD. After two rounds of chemo, the patient called him in excitement to say that the doctors were baffled with the CEA (a tumour marker) value, it was originally 523 and in a month's time, dropped to 28; further dropping to 16 in September 2021. He was certain that it was vibrionics at work. The doctors confirmed that if this progress continued, it would enable them to perform a node dissection since the previously widespread metastasis was now within the scope of surgery. In another instance, a 60-year-old man, after a year of chemo for pancreatic cancer, was told that his prognosis was poor and thus no further treatment was warranted. He was given CC2.1 Cancers - all + CC2.2 Cancer pain + CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC4.7 Gallstones on 5 August 2021. Later, the patient went to another cancer hospital where they changed his treatment regimen. Prior to reinstating chemo, a blood test revealed for the first time in a year, a substantial drop in CA 19-9, a tumour marker. The patient's wife, overjoyed with the result, expressed her gratitude to vibrionics. Such cases have served to make the practitioner feel even more humble and grateful for being an instrument of Swami.

He readily participates in medical camps, makes monthly visits to old-age homes to provide remedies and has been doing weekly vibrionics seva at Sundaram in Chennai. In May 2021, during the pandemic, he was actively involved in distributing the immunity booster to Covid patients in Chennai by bicycle as public transport was not operational. He has transcribed several talks on vibrionics and is presently involved in translating the 108CC manual into Tamil. He is always on the lookout for more opportunities to help others and, outside of vibrionics, he continues to volunteer with Rotary consumer cell to provide help with passport and driving license applications etc.

Vibrionics, the practitioner says, has taught him to be more observant, sharpened his listening skills, made him more empathetic and above all has taught him humility. He often finds that Swami prompts him to prescribe remedies beyond the ones he has looked up in the manual; such incidents help strengthen his faith. He believes that holistic treatment can only occur when the practitioner listens to the patient at the physical level and hears the unsaid words of the patient. His advice to fellow practitioners is to live by Swami’s saying - “Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva.”

Cases to share


Practitioner Profile 03518...India

Practitioner 03518India is a finance professional, who relocated from Canada to Puttaparthi in 2020 post-retirement, to serve Swami in a more focused way. Since then, she has been involved in various service activities, one of which is actively working on the Swachh Parthi project to create awareness of the environmental and health dangers of plastic and educate local residents about the same.

She was first introduced to Sathya Sai Baba in 1986 and was drawn to His teachings on the unity of faiths. She started attending weekly bhajans and enrolled her daughter in Bal Vikas (SSE) classes. She has served in various leadership posts in her local Sai Centre and the Canadian Institute of Sathya Sai Education. For over two decades she has been providing free preventive wellness advice to friends and colleagues. For ten years she taught Jyoti meditation in local schools to help students deal with stress and anxiety. She made a series of spiritual wellness videos at her workplace as part of their Corporate Wellness offering and maintains a preventive health blog.

The practitioner first heard of vibrionics in 2003 but her analytical mind was not convinced. In 2014, she witnessed the power of vibrations when a group of friends chanted the entire Bhagawad Gita in her home and the roses offered to Swami, which would usually wilt away in 5 days, remained fresh for 2 weeks! A few months later she came across the Souljourns videos of Dr and Mrs Aggarwal. Inspired by Swami’s words that described vibrionics as the ‘medicine of the future and finding vibrionics in tune with her own beliefs in preventive wellness and healthy lifestyle practices, she immediately applied for the AVP training. She qualified in March 2015 and treated 90 patients till mid-2020 in Canada, became a VP in August 2020 and treated another 85 patients after moving to Puttaparthi in Sept 2020, despite the constraints of Covid-19.

She has been a key member of the vibrionics admin team since July 2021 when she was assigned the role of Training Coordinator. She has assisted the Global Training Head in creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) end to end from admission to accreditation for the AVP and SVP designations. Very committed to vibrionics seva, with a willingness to do whatever is required, she is also involved with summarizing transcriptions of talks, formatting the newsletters for publishing, and coordinating the work relating to maintenance of the Master box blessed by Swami and facilitating recharging of the 108CC boxes of active practitioners. She is also undergoing training to become an SVP.

One of the practitioner’s earliest cases was that of a female who was unable to drive for the past one year due to severe body pain. She was given CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.5 Spine + CC20.6 Osteoporosis + CC20.7 Fractures and in four months, she had a miraculous recovery and became completely pain-free. Now the practitioner finds that CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue when added to any other SMJ combo is extremely effective in providing quick pain relief. Once she herself had an attack of acute laryngitis and was not able to speak a word. After taking CC19.7 Throat chronic…6TD, she was miraculously able to deliver a scheduled speech the very next day!

A young woman desperate to have a child finally conceived through IVF but faced many challenges during her pregnancy. At three months, she developed complications like photophobia and gestational diabetes, also her childhood cough-variant asthma made a comeback. She was treated with CC7.1 Eye tonic and CC19.6 Cough chronic as and when these complaints arose and the combo CC8.2 Pregnancy tonic + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic, in addition to the IB. Not only did all the complications disappear but also she had a safe pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl in August 2020, all of which the patient attributes to the miracle of vibrionics.

Being very sensitive to external negative energies, the practitioner works hard to limit unnecessary social interactions so that her vibro-practice is not impacted and she can be a conduit for Swami’s love to flow through her and treat patients effectively. Through her personal experiences, she confidently speaks about the efficacy of vibrionics to everyone but regrets that many patients take vibrionics as a last resort when they have exhausted all other avenues of treatment.

The practice of vibrionics has taught her to be more loving and non-judgemental. Her advice to fellow practitioners is never to lose hope, even when there doesn’t seem to be a cure in sight. Each patient provides the practitioner with a subtle learning experience and this is facilitating a gradual transformational change in her. 

Cases to share

Answer corner

Q1. While reading the newsletter I find some amazing cases of healing. I wondered if there is some art to obtaining such fantastic results?

A. There are many aspects to a successful healing. First of all, it is very important to dispense the correct vibration (one that matches the frequency of the disease). It goes without saying that the prescribed dosage and precautions should be adhered to. Other determining factors that create positive energy and trigger the healing process are: the purity of the practitioner in general, his connection with the Divine during consultation, his empathy for the patient's condition, and his love for a fellow human. When the patient is filled with confidence and hope of recovery by this treatment, the process of healing gets accelerated. The faith of the patient in vibrionics, his trust in the practitioner, and his own purity are also factors that contribute in bringing about positive results.


Q2. I understand that a remedy should not come in contact with any metal (an exception mentioned in one newsletter is pure silver or copper). I observed that the bottle used for spraying water remedy contains a metal spring which comes in contact with the remedy. Will it reduce the efficacy of the vibrations or is it okay as plants though have life, do not have a mind like humans?

A. We have found from experience that a remedy sprayed using such a bottle has been effective every time. This may be because the remedy sprayed comes in contact with the metal spring for a very short time and thus it does not get neutralised.


Q3. Is it advisable to wrap the remedy bottle in aluminium foil when sending it in the mail?

A. Over the past few years there has been an exponential increase in the number of mobile towers and other electronic equipment emitting powerful radiation. In view of this, the answer to a similar question given in vol 9 # 6 needs to be revised. It is wise to carefully wrap the remedy bottle in fresh strong aluminium foil to minimise the risk of exposure to radiation during transit. Even if the foil looks intact, never reuse it as there may be micro holes in the foil invisible to the naked eye that will let the radiation through. It is best to keep remedies at least 30 cm (12 in) away from sources of radiation.


Q4. We generally dispense remedies in 5 ml plastic bottles. As most of my patients live far away, can I mail the remedies in larger bottles?

A. It is understandable that you want to mail larger bottles and it is comforting for the patients too that they have enough supply. But the same can be achieved by sending two 5 ml bottles. The advantage of sending two bottles is that the patient can store the second bottle away from sources of radiation just in case the bottle in use gets exposed to radiation. Only if a patient finds it difficult to handle a smaller bottle eg, an elderly person, you can send a bigger bottle.


Q5. Are vibrionics potencies different from homoeopathic potencies? 

A. Vibrionics potencies are based on homoeopathic potencies and are therefore similar and work in a similar way but the remedies are made differently. Homoeopathic remedies are traditionally made from a mother substance, using the dilution and succussion method, so those at potencies below 12C are likely to contain a trace of the original substance. On the other hand, vibrionics remedies are prepared in a potentiser machine in which only subtle vibrations are infused into a healing medium; so these contain no physical substance whatsoever.


Divine words from the Master Healer

Health does not depend on medicine -- good words, good manners, good sight, good thoughts—these are essential. What can even powerful or costly medicines do if one is ill with bad thoughts and bad feelings? On the other hand, virtuous living, beneficial thoughts, elevating ideals, and righteous conduct can confer not only health but what is even more precious, Atmananda, the Ecstatic Awareness of the Reality itself.

…Sathya Sai Baba, “The Jewel in the iron safe”, Divine Discourse, 20 November 1982        


Life at Prasanthi Nilayam must deepen faith in the seva path to salvation. It is the attitude that is important. The particular item of service might be small. You may not get a chance to partake in some gigantic scheme of service through which millions may be benefitted; you can lift a lame lamb over a stile, or lead a blind child across a busy road. That too is an act of worship. 

...Sathya Sai Baba “ A flower at His feet” Divine Discourse 4 March 1970                              




Forthcoming Workshops*

  • USA: Virtual AVP Workshop 2022 to be announced, contact Susan at [email protected]
  • India Puttaparthi: Ongoing AP workshop Telugu 30 December 2021 to 1 January 2022, contact Padma at [email protected] or by telephone at 8329-848 898
  • India Puttaparthi: SVP Workshop 3-7 March 2022** contact Hem at [email protected]

*All AP, AVP, and SVP Workshops are only for those who have undergone the admission process and the e-course. Refresher seminars are for existing practitioners. 

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In Addition

1. Health Tips

Promote Health with Pulses in Diet

Catering to the cravings of the tongue and swallowing heavy foods three or four times a day can only add to the heap. Regular and limited intakes alone can enable a person to discharge one's duties…Sathya Sai Baba1

1. What are pulses

Pulses are edible seeds that grow in pods which are multi-seeded fruits of leguminous plants harvested solely as dry grains, unlike vegetable crops. They include a variety of lentils, peas, and dry beans. Pulse crops use less water than other crops, help in minimising greenhouse gases and enhance soil health.2-3

2. Benefits, usage and storage of pulses

Benefits: Pulses are a low-fat source of plant-based protein essential for cellular function and muscle growth. Their protein content is twice as much as in wheat or quinoa and thrice that of rice; there is approximately 9 g of protein in one serving, that is, half cup of cooked pulses. They also contain complex carbohydrates, have a low glycaemic index (1/3rd of glycaemic load of rice), and are rich in fibre (four times more than brown rice), antioxidants, folate, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Consequently, they can reduce the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, improve gut health and vision, maintain weight, strengthen bones, promote skin health, and enhance immunity. Pulses should be a vital part of any vegetarian diet.3-8

Usage: Soak them overnight, longer in case of dry peas and beans. In the process, the pulses are brought back to life, their enzymes get activated, and antinutrients are broken down to aid better digestion and absorption of nutrients. They can be sprouted to enhance their bioavailability. (refer vol 9 #5 for the article on sprouts). Lentils, peas, and beans when cooked with some spices are a favourite in Indian meals. Sweet and salty dishes are also made out of lentil and chickpea flour.3,4,8,9

Caution: Excessive amount of protein in one’s diet can lead to cell proliferation affecting the heart, kidney, and liver with potential risks of cancer.10,11

Storage: Pulses have a long-shelf-life and should be kept away from heat, light and moisture in dry tight containers. One can put a few pieces of black pepper, red chillies, cloves, or neem or bay leaves in them to prevent bugs and insects, especially in monsoon season; organic pulses attract bugs easily.12,13 (also refer to vol 12 #5, for storage of grains under Health article)

3. Variety of Lentils/dals:

They are available as whole, split with the skin on, and split with the skin removed. Lentils are varied in colour and texture with lower antinutrient phytates than beans. They help alkalise the body and balance pH level. High on folate, manganese, iron, and phosphorous, a cup of cooked lentils can meet 90% of our daily folate needs and 37% of iron needed in a day.6,14,15

3.1 Horse gram (Kulthi): Known as a miracle pulse, generally fed to race horses, it is very high on protein and can cure a variety of diseases such as common cold, throat infection, fever, asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, jaundice, irregular menstrual cycles, urinary stones, and leukoderma. In some parts of India it is used to prevent malnutrition. Having the highest calcium content among pulses, it is excellent for bones. Its soup is ideal for a cold winter day to impart warmth; excess heat generated by it in the body can be balanced by taking sprouted green gram or ash gourd juice to cool the system.16,17

3.2 Lentils (Masoor): Brown ones with a mild earthy flavour are ideal for soups and stews, soften upon cooking; become mushy when overcooked. Green ones with a peppier, crunchy, nuttier flavour are ideal for salad after sprouting. The mild red variety is the most common. Lentil paste when applied facilitates quick healing of wounds.14,15,18

3.3 Mung bean/green: Whole mung is ideal for sprouting and consuming raw, steamed, or cooked. Split Mung without skin is pale yellow and used with rice in a dish called “Khichdi” popular in South Asian cuisines, considered easily digestible and good for children, the aged and convalescing patients. Moth beans (Matki) are tiny oblong brown lentils similar to mung in looks, benefits, and usage.19,20

3.4 Pigeon peas (Toor/Arhar): Yellow in colour, it is extensively used in India to make a dish called sambar with vegetables and tamarind extract, eaten in combination with rice for a meal or with savoury crepes. This nutrient dense lentil can meet the daily demand for iron and calcium; also considered as an incredible source of folic acid essential for fetal growth and to prevent birth defects of the new-born. Lentil paste can help control swelling and baldness and lentil leaves can heal wounds.21,22

3.5 Black gram (Urad): In India, it is used for making a variety of popular snacks like idli, dosa, vada, kachori and for tempering salty dishes. Whole black gram cooked with spices called maah ki dal is considered a nutritious delicacy. In addition to the nutrients found in pulses, it is high in omega-3 fatty acid and in phosphorous, essential for bones and teeth. A perfect health package, especially for men and women of reproductive age, it can also heal piles and colic disorder, stimulate liver, and prevent malnutrition and plaque formation in arteries.23-25

External application: Paste of soaked urad is used in promoting skin health, treat acne, tan, sunburn, and skin spots. Boiled and mashed urad with coconut oil can be applied on hair to contain hair loss, treat dandruff, and promote hair growth. The same when tied in a cloth and applied with sesame oil on the affected part, can give relief from joint pain.23,25

Caution: Though a laxative, diuretic and a cleanser, high intake of urad can increase uric acid levels; people with kidney stones, gallstones and gout should take care.23

4. Nutritive Peas and Beans

4.1 Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans (Kabuli chana) & Bengal gram (Kaala chana): These need to be soaked for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours to shorten the cooking time and to make them digestible. They prevent anaemia, boost energy level, and are especially healthy for growing children. Split chickpeas (chana dal) with similar benefits are easier to cook.19,26-28

Other uses: Face packs from chickpea flour is a time-tested recipe to cleanse the clogged pores and maintain supple skin. Liquid from canned or cooked chickpeas works as a good binder and flavourless egg replacer in recipes. Roasted and ground chickpeas can be used as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee.26-28

4.2 Kidney beans (Rajma): These nutrient-rich kidney-shaped beans are normally eaten with rice or corn, especially the more common red variety. A health booster, kidney beans are next only to black gram in omega-3 fatty acid content.24 These need to be soaked for 12-24 hours, the liquid discarded and beans rinsed several times and cooked until tender. In this way, the liver-damaging toxins naturally found in raw beans get eliminated or rendered inactive. There is a fascinating variety of beans with similar benefits, like white beans, black beans, borlotti beans, navy beans (best to prevent osteoporosis), pinto beans, adzuki beans, butter/lima beans, haricots, cannellini beans, flageolet beans, fava/broad beans (ideal for a mother to be and can help with Parkinson’s disease and motor function), and alfalfa, if sprouted, it reduces risk of breast cancer.3,6,29,30

4.3 Soybean: It is a much-debated protein-rich bean; one may choose organic soybean, non GMO, fermented and minimally processed. The best way to consume it is in its fermented form like miso, tempeh and natto, rich in probiotics and vitamin K, these support heart, bone, and overall health and immunity, and relieve sleep disorders.31,32

4.4 Black-eyed beans/cowpeas (Lobia): It is a bean high in folate with vitamin A and K. Considered bland this can be eaten as sprouts or cooked with onion, tomato, and spices to enhance taste; does not cause much flatulence associated with beans.33 Caution: Considered as a common allergen and often genetically modified, higher consumption may cause hormonal imbalance in men.33

5. Tips for wise usage of pulses

  • Wash thoroughly before use. While purchasing, check for freshness and whether it is an organic produce or pesticide-free. Buy in small needed quantities so that quality and shelf life get tested.12
  • Pair the high protein high fibre pulses with grains for a balanced diet. Do not depend on one variety based on preference or convenience; rotate them and also mix lentils and peas/beans. Enhance absorption by combining pulses with vitamin C, eg, fresh lemon juice.8
  • Do not cook pulses unless soaked for some hours and rinsed well, for best nutrition. Some pulses can be sprouted with care and included raw in salad, except kidney beans.29 For optimum benefit, have a mix of sprouts and cooked pulses. Cook them well assimilation with some spices to aid digestion; overcooking or frying at high temperatures may affect the quality of nutrients; omega-3 fatty acid, found only in some lentils and kidney beans, can break down and get lost during overheating or frying.3,7,29,34-
  • Be moderate in intake of pulses and drink enough water, especially half an hour before every meal to prevent gas, abdominal cramps, and bloating. One may choose to discard cooking water of beans to minimise gas, but minerals will get lost.14,34
  • Can apply lentil paste for skin and hair health, and for healing wounds and getting relief from swelling and joint pains (see 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 & 4.1).

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2. Virtual AVP workshop, 2-20 Nov followed by face-to-face workshop 24-26 Nov 2021, Puttaparthi

It was heart-warming that the batch of the AVP workshop in November had a worldwide representation; the 7 AVPs who qualified were from Dubai, France, South Africa, Romania and India. For the first time during the 10-week integrated e-course the candidates had weekly one-to-one interactions with their respective e-course teachers and chapter-wise assessments were held virtually under supervision. This gave them greater clarity on the subject and they could interact more productively during the workshop which was on the practical aspects of diagnosing the problems of patients, identifying appropriate combos using the 108CC book, and presentation of a proper patient record. The two sessions on anatomy covered symptoms of major diseases and the requisite lifestyle changes needed, explained by one of our medically qualified vibrionics practitioners. After a live clinic on 24 Nov, the qualified AVPs took their oath before Swami, prepared their wellness kits and made remedies for the patients from their own newly charged 108CC box. In his valedictory address Dr. Aggarwal explained how vibrionics works, how every disease has its own frequency and if this exactly matches the vibration of the remedy, the disease can simply vanish. We need not know the name of a disease; symptoms and the likely cause if known are enough to show the way. Just because a disease is chronic, its cure need not take long; the results can sometimes be very fast, even instant. The focus, dedication and devotion of the practitioner and positive thoughts of both patient and practitioner play a crucial role in bringing about healing. We should work more from the heart than the head and act with a sense of surrender to the Divine Healer who knows what is best for the patient!

3. AP Hindi workshop, 16-18 Dec 2021 Puttaparthi

As part of our drive to reach out to rural and remote communities, we have initiated a pilot project to provide vibrionics training in vernacular languages. The first such workshop was held in Hindi for seven candidates from the northern and eastern regions of India. The enthusiasm and zeal of the participants was remarkable; they displayed a great passion to do service back home where medical facilities are not readily available. It is really encouraging that most of them started their seva with great enthusiasm on the very day they qualified!

4. Annual Camp at Puttaparthi 21-23 Nov 2021

For the 13th consecutive year, practitioner 01228 organised the yearly health camp (see pics) at Prashanti Nilayam Railway Station as a birthday offering to Bhagawan. This year six enthusiastic practitioners joined hands to serve devotees arriving at the station. As a result of the pandemic, the number of beneficiaries was dismally low last year. However, this year an encouraging 419 patients were given vibrionics remedies. Five of the practitioners were participating in the camp for the first time and found the experience to be very enjoyable and fulfilling. Several patients who knew nothing about vibrionics showed keen interest and many took remedies for their families and contact details of local practitioners for their future use. Guidelines for Covid appropriate behaviour were strictly followed.

5. Inspiring anecdote

Miracle of IB remedy 18004…India

A practitioner on his way back home from Puttaparthi after qualifying as an AP experienced a miracle which confirmed to him the efficacy and power of vibrionics. He offered a fellow passenger a lift on his way to his hometown (Kalimpong) on arriving at the Bagdogra Airport. A few minutes later, this man was suddenly struck with some sort of attack. His body went cold and his right side became numb and motionless. The practitioner was at a loss as to what to do. As there were two pills left in his bottle of IB, he put one pill in the patient’s mouth and closed his eyes for a minute to earnestly pray to Swami. When he opened his eyes, he could hardly believe what he saw. The man was totally fine – his body was warm again and he could move his right side. Shocked at his own sudden recovery, the man asked the practitioner if he had given him a magic pill? The man then explained to the practitioner that he was on his way to the local hospital to take his brother’s dead body back home. The man suffered a similar attack just before boarding his flight from Bengaluru. A fellow passenger massaged his affected body parts for an hour which gave him some relief and allowed him to take the flight. The man promised to get back to the practitioner soon for treatment, having experienced the power of vibrionics in such a miraculous manner..

6. In Memoriam

Sri Narasimha Rao Yalamati 01456…India from Hyderabad has been practicing vibrionics since 2002, running a clinic six days a week from his home. Active till his last, he passed away without any pain or problem in his sleep on 14 October 2021 at the age of 77. He will be greatly missed both by his family and the vibrionics fraternity.

Sri Keshavrao Bangalkar 10300…India from Nagpur, Maharashtra, left for his heavenly abode on 25 Dec 2020 at the age of 85. He was from the first batch of practitioners trained at Dharmakshetra in Mumbai. He rendered many years of vibrionics service while he was active and this we gratefully acknowledge.