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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 11 Issue 5
September/October, 2020
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From the Desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

Last month marked the start of this year’s Indian festival season. It started with Guru Poornima, followed by Krishna Janamashtmi (birth of Lord Krishna). Ten days ago we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesha is the remover of obstacles) and just yesterday the beautiful Kerala festival of Onam reached its conclusion. It really is a beautiful time of the year – one filled with lots of joy and fervour, positive vibrations and Divine energy. Despite the pandemic putting a pin in large social gatherings and mass celebrations all over, including in Prashanti Nilayam, this is indeed an opportune time to rejoice. There could be no better moment than now to soak ourselves in His work. Swami says “The Message of Onam is that the Lord is won by means of total surrender of the ego. When the heart is pure, the Lord resides therein and guides man to Himself.” – Sathya Sai Baba Discourse, Prashanthi Nilayam, 7 Sep 1984. I really can’t think of a better way of surrendering our ego than immersing ourselves in an unconditional, compassionate, selfless and loving seva activity such as vibrionics.

I am excited to bring to you this edition of the newsletter through which I can share with you the latest updates and developments in the world of vibrionics.  

I’m pleased to let you know that we have gone digital with our courses. This is huge for us as now we can reach many more prospective candidates and also expand the scope of our continuing educational courses to remote areas. Using the virtual platform of Microsoft Teams, we are now conducting live workshops online. We have rolled out courses in English to begin with and hope to start these in other languages over time. 

Further to the launch of our transformed new-look website which we hope you have visited, please find below some additional features and functions that will make access to knowledge and information faster and easier. These changes are planned to be implemented by the end of September. 

  • All case histories to be categorized and linked to the 21 main categories  
  • All health articles published in our newsletters will be indexed and linked
  • Smartphone user interface for easy access on the go

As you will appreciate, developing an effective remedy for any ailment is a continuous process. Our research team depends heavily on the latest data and case histories supplied by practitioners in the field, to upgrade our remedies. (For the latest update, refer to 'In Addition #3' of this issue).The process of developing a highly effective remedy for COVID-19 is no different. Most viruses are DNA viruses; however, COVID-19 is an RNA virus that is prone to mutating and evolving fast. Hence, it is even more imperative for us to hear from our practitioners of their experiences in treating patients with COVID-19, no matter how complicated or simple their case might be. As there is still so much we don’t know about this relatively new virus, and though the pandemic is stemming in some areas, in others there are reports of a second wave hitting, I would urge you all to not let your guard down and continue to take all the recommended precautions to stay safe. Since we are on the subject of treating COVID-19, I’m delighted to share with you that by His loving grace, our COVID-19 Immunity Booster distribution project continues with great fervour with a 30% increase in the number of IB distributed, reaching out to more than 1,80,000 individuals till date, in India alone. This is a milestone achievement and I take this opportunity to congratulate all practitioners for their selfless service.

Although it is mandatory for all practitioners who are VPs and above to become members of the IASVP, many have not registered. Recently, Practitioner 11573 from the Delhi-NCR region in India launched a pilot project to motivate and assist eligible practitioners to become members of the IASVP. I am pleased to inform you that this initiative was a roaring success – within one month, all VPs in Delhi became IASVP members! I would like to expand this drive across the globe so that all eligible practitioners become IASVP members by 23rd November 2020 - Swami’s 95th birthday. 

I’d like to remind all IASVP members that they should mention “Member IASVP” in their email signature (at the end of the email) right after their name. Also, with a view to implement uniform standards across the organization, the Secretary IASVP is in the process of emailing our standardized visiting card to all IASVP members. If you have not received the visiting card design, please send your request directly to the Secretary IASVP via email at [email protected].

A practitioner needs to be a role model for his patients, inspiring and motivating them to pursue a healthy lifestyle - mentally, physically, emotionally, and above all spiritually. I call on all practitioners to make a conscious choice to live a happy, stress-free, and healthy life. I’m certain that the myriad of articles on healthy living in the “In Addition” section of our newsletter will serve to be immensely beneficial to all. I invite all of you to share the links to these very insightful and practical articles with your patients, friends and family. Not only will they enjoy the articles but it will also give them an opportunity to explore vibrionics in greater detail via our website content. Also, I request all practitioners to share any wellness tips, thoughts, and suggestions for our newsletter via email ([email protected]) for due consideration by the newsletter team.

I have no doubt that we have entered the Golden Age. The pandemic has given us all ample opportunity to serve those around us and also turn inward to discover and experience the radiance of divinity within us. Let us all rise to the cause and make every day a spiritually charged day so that we can collectively effectuate a massive transformation and giant shift in the overall consciousness of our living planet, Mother Earth, bathing her in pure unconditional love! With that, I wish you all good health and pray that you have bountiful opportunities to love and serve through vibrionics.

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal

Insomnia 00814...Croatia

A 65-year-old woman, known to the practitioner for a long time, asked for help with insomnia. For over a year, she had been sleeping less than two hours a night. She looked upset, nervous and restless which was unusual for her as she leads a very healthy lifestyle; she did not have the will to live.

On 10 September 2019 she was given:
#1. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS 
#2. CC15.6 Sleep disorders…
half an hour before bedtime

Before going to bed that night after taking  3 doses of #2 at 10 minutes interval, she slept for 8 hours. The second night she could not sleep at all. The third night, she fell asleep on the couch watching TV, without taking the remedy. After only two days of taking the remedy, her sleep schedule was back to normal!
On her next visit two weeks later she looked better, though still nervous. She could touch upon the subject of her stress but did not share its cause. The practitioner surmised that there was an improvement of about 60% in her mental state. She had not taken #2 after those two days but had slept well every night. She was advised to continue #1 and restart #2. After another month on 20 October, she felt 80 percent relief mentally, so #1 was reduced to BD. When they met again on 19 December 2019, she looked completely normal and was even able to talk about the cause of her earlier stress (family problem), so the dosage of #1 was brought down to OD. Her ‘will to live’ had returned, and so did her old ambitions, so much so that at the age of 65, she opened a new pharmacy. Both #1 and #2 were stopped on 1 March 2020.  As of July 2020, she is perfectly fine.

Vol-X - Issue-Y - Jan/Feb,2021 - Practitioner#03560 India

Crohn’s disease 00814...Croatia

A 47-year-old man came with a complaint of frequent bloody stools and abdominal pain. He fell ill with Crohn’s disease 23 years ago after a breakup and also the death of his best friend. He had to undergo two consecutive surgeries for a perianal fistula and then for a rupture in the small intestine. The doctor prescribed Salazopyrin (anti-inflammatory for bowel disease) which he took for 15 years and stopped it as this did not help. However, he continues to take enteral nutritional supplements as Crohn’s patients generally suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

On 23 December 2019 the practitioner gave him: 
#1. CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS

His condition improved quickly and just after two weeks there was an improvement of 50% in his symptoms. As there was no further improvement in the next one month, on 1 February 2020 the practitioner decided to enhance #1 to:
#2. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC14.1 Male tonic + #1…TDS

Within a month, the improvement went up to 80%. Frequent bloody stools were replaced by one normal stool, the pain subsided and even his private life improved. So the dosage of #2 was reduced to OD. He likes to continue the supplements (cheaper than normal food) to maintain a balanced intake of nutrition. As of July 2020, he is taking the remedy at OD. If he happens to miss a dose, he starts to feel uncomfortable.

Infertility 02444...India

A couple, a 35-year-old male and his 32-year-old wife, had remained childless during fourteen years of marriage, despite 2 to 3 years each of ayurvedic, homoeopathic and allopathic treatment and also counselling.  They ran a small beach shop in Goa where they met the practitioner who was on a holiday there.

On 14 September 2017 he treated them as follows:

The husband:
SR232 Pearl + SR343 Argent Nit + CC14.1 Male tonic + CC14.3 Male infertility + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...BD

The wife:
SR232 Pearl + SR343 Argent Nit + CC8.1 Female tonic + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...BD

Both were given a four-month-supply in large bottles but they did not contact the practitioner when the remedies finished. During his next holiday in Goa in November 2018, the practitioner again met the couple who presented him with their 3 month-old-son and confirmed that they had exclusively taken Sai vibrionics remedies given by him! Expressing enthusiastic gratitude, they happily informed him that the wife was again pregnant!!!

If using the 108CC box, for Husband give: CC14.1 Male tonic + CC14.3 Male Infertility + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic

If using the 108CC box, for Wife give: CC8.1 Female tonic + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC15.4 Eating disorders


Hernia 02444...India

A 47-year-old man from France suffered for two years with a painful hernia of about one-inch diameter in the lower-left groin. Noting that the hernia protruded like an ungainly balloon his doctors advised surgery which he refused.

The patient met the practitioner on 11 June 2020, and was given:
NM96 Scar Tissue + SR356 Plumbum Met + CC4.9 Hernia + CC14.1 Male tonic...6TD in water

After 3 days, the patient reported that he had no pain and his hernia had shrunk in size. On the 10th day, the patient met the practitioner who noted that the hernia had completely disappeared and also the pain did not surface again. Cure complete, the patient remained in India for another week before returning to France.

If using the 108CC box give: CC4.9 Hernia + CC14.1 Male tonic + CC21.1 Skin tonic

Constipation 02444...India

A 60-year-old Irish man suffered from chronic constipation since his childhood. He used to pass stools once in 2 or 3 days, that too with much strain and pushing. He tried allopathy for a year, homoeopathy for 2 years and ayurvedic treatment for 5 years but all in vain. When he came to India on a short visit, his problem worsened due to travel and change in diet. Now, he could not pass stool even after 3 days.

So the patient approached the practitioner on 12 February 2019 and the following remedy was given: 
SR356 Plumbum Met + CC4.4 Constipation + CC14.2 Prostate + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...BD

While in India the patient stayed near the residence of the practitioner and they met almost daily. On the very next day, the excited Irish man told the practitioner that he had comfortably passed stools!. Three days later, he specially came to tell him that for the first time in several years, he now had regular daily bowel movements due to vibrionics treatment!  He requested a large supply of the remedy as he was returning to Ireland the following day. The practitioner waved his happy patient goodbye with a half-year supply of the remedy in a large bottle.

If using the 108CC box, give: CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC14.2 Prostate + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic

Editor’s comment: The practitioner added CC14.2 Prostate as the patient had also been suffering from frequent urination with urgency.

Respiratory allergies, erectile dysfunction 11964...India

For the past four years a 31-year-old male had been suffering, almost all year-round, from a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat, rendering him constantly fatigued. His symptoms became severe with a change in weather. He resorted to antihistamines such as Cetirizine or Allegra, which only provided temporary relief.

On 24 September 2016, the patient consulted the practitioner who gave:
#1. CC9.2 Infections acute + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.4 Autoimmune diseases...TDS

Immediately afterward, the patient had to go away. When he returned over 5 months later, he complained of severe cough, chest congestion, blocked sinuses and intermittent fever, all of which he had developed recently. He affirmed that the above remedy #1 had worked so well that he had 100% relief during most of his absence.

On 2 March 2017, the practitioner decided to treat him for respiratory allergy as well, so he gave:
#2. CC9.2 Infections acute + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.6 Cough chronic...QDS

In two weeks the patient recovered completely but neglected to follow the reduction schedule due to the pressure of work and stopped taking the remedy. As a result, two months later all the symptoms came back, except for the fever. On 15 May the importance of strictly adhering to precautions for taking the remedy and for following the reduction schedule was impressed on him.

The patient promised to follow the instructions, he was given:
#3. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic...TDS 

After 12 days on 27 May 2017, he reported a 100% improvement. The dosage of #3 was continued at TDS for another week and gradually tapered down over the next 2 months before stopping. His symptoms never came back!

Encouraged by this cure he decided to seek help with his other problems: erectile dysfunction, belated discharge, and low sperm count. He had been married for two years and various allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments only gave temporary relief. On 27 July 2017, the patient was feeling helpless and very depressed. 

He stopped all other treatment for his sexual problems and the practitioner gave:
#4. CC14.1 Male tonic + CC14.3 Male infertility + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS

On 3 September, the patient reported no perceptible change in his condition, so #4 was replaced by: 
#5. CC17.2 Cleansing...TDS

After 3 weeks on 23 September, he was less stressed but there was no other change. So the practitioner decided to treat him with miasm. He was given a single dose of: 
#6. SR249 Medorrhinum 1M

After one month on 23 October, the patient felt a 25% improvement and received 2nd dose at the higher potency of 50M followed by the 3rd monthly dose at CM on 22 November. By now there was 100% improvement and the delighted couple celebrated with a 2nd honeymoon in Goa. The patient met the practitioner only in April 2018 when his wife was six weeks pregnant! She gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 31 December 2018.

On 19 August 2017, the patient’s 27-year-old wife complained of persistent low-grade fever for 10 years, heaviness in her eyes and frequent headaches. She had consulted many doctors and taken a number of tests including a CT scan, but to no avail, not even a diagnosis.

When she came to the practitioner she had ceased all medications and simply reconciled herself to her fate. She was given:
CC8.1 Female tonic + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS

In eight weeks, the fever disappeared as did the headaches along with the heaviness in her eyes. The dosage was gradually reduced over the next 4 months before stopping in December 2017. She has been asymptomatic to date.

Male patient’s testimonial received on 13 August 2018 (paraphrased):
I would like to express some of my wonderful experiences with Vibrionics. I had allergies to climate changes and many other things due to which for 3-4 years I had a running nose, sore throat kind of issues almost all year round. I had taken many medications including high dosage of antibiotics and also gone for allergy vaccinations. Then I got to know about a practitioner of Vibrionics. The effect of his pills on me was miraculous and I recovered very fast, didn’t get affected again. However, I keep his medicines handy even if there is slight itching in the throat and it works every time. I was also cured of my long-lasting sexual problems within a matter of months and now my wife is 6 months pregnant. She herself had a problem of mild constant fever ~ (99-100F) and tiredness from almost 9-10 years, she consulted many doctors, went through a number of tests including a CT scan, but none of the doctors were able to cure the same. Vibrionics medicines cured her completely.

I would really like to thank you Uncle and Aunty for your selfless help, you really changed our lives and many others in so many ways. You work night and day to perform lifesaving acts which are nothing short of miracles, that too free of cost. Thanks for your effective analysis and medications, else I would never have been able to continue living a life of bliss!

Urinary incontinence 11624...India

An 82-year-old male suffered from urinary incontinence for four years and his physician diagnosed the cause to be prostate enlargement. He was treated with Dynapres that gave partial relief but due to its side effects, he discontinued it after three months. He managed to live with this condition in spite of some aggravation five months ago. His condition worsened during the last month when the frequency of urination increased to 7-8 times during the day, and 5-6 times in the night, disturbing his sleep. He was unable to control the bladder and urine leaked on his way to the washroom, and there were episodes of bedwetting.

Ten years ago, he had undergone surgery for his fractured hip and had been suffering from knee pain for four years. He was mentally disturbed due to his condition, and due to the illness of his wife. He had a low appetite, had lost 2 kg of weight in one month. The practitioner decided to address first his most pressing problem of urinary incontinence.

On 29 February 2020, he was given:
#1CC13.3 Incontinence + CC14.2 Prostate + CC18.5 Neuralgia…6TD

Three days later, the patient’s daughter reported that her father could hold the urine till he reached the washroom, and there was no bedwetting but he felt tired. Dosage of #1 was reduced to TDS and for tiredness and his mental state, he was given:
#2. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS

Within a week on 9 March, the daughter reported that her father’s incontinence and bedwetting had completely disappeared. He started eating well as his appetite improved. So #1 and #2 were reduced to BD for two weeks followed by OD for two weeks; the patient chose to stop taking the remedy on 7 April 2020. 

The daughter is in frequent contact with the practitioner as all her family members now take vibrionics treatment. As of August 2020, the patient feels energetic with a good appetite and sleep cycle and no incontinence. 

Laryngitis 11561...India

A 38-year-old female approached the practitioner with a complaint of hoarseness and pain in her throat. These symptoms manifested for the first time towards the end of 2011 after she started her training in music. Since then the problem had been recurring especially during over usage of her voice. Her ENT specialist, through a laryngoscopy, diagnosed this as laryngitis for which she was given allopathic medicines and advised complete voice rest; this provided only temporary relief and so did the home remedies which she took for some months. So she found it impossible to sing. In 2015 she consulted an ayurvedic doctor who gave her medicines, suggested dietary changes and advised voice rest. She continued this protocol for 8 months, though it helped her, on resuming singing, hoarseness recurred. She also followed the guidance of a voice expert but in the end, recovery was only partial.

On 16 October 2017, when she decided to opt for vibrionics, she had severe hoarseness and pain in her throat for two days, was feeling extremely depressed as she was restricted from singing, had a low appetite for a year, and was anxious about the health issues of her child. The practitioner counselled her to stay relaxed, sip water slowly when anxious and recommended pranayam. She gave: 

#1.  CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.7 Throat chronic…6TD 

After one week, the patient had 10% relief in throat pain only. After 16 weeks on 3 February 2018, she felt 50% improvement in her voice and 70% relief in her throat pain. As the progress seemed slow, the practitioner probed a little further into her health history. It came to light that during childhood washing hair used to cause heaviness in her head as well as a lot of phlegm in the chest. Moreover, her ayurvedic doctor had also diagnosed dust allergy and lactose allergy causing her acid reflux that in turn could cause hoarseness in the voice. The remedy was changed to address any remnants of her past issues as follows:

#2. CC4.10 Indigestion + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.7 Throat chronic…6TD

After 5 weeks she came looking cheerful as the throat pain was gone and there was 80% improvement in hoarseness, acidity, and low appetite. By 23 April 2018, she was completely free of all her symptoms and the dosage was reduced to TDS. She was very happy to resume her music classes and stage performances.

On 8 August 2018, she was elated to share that she could comfortably perform an entire one-hour music program in the G# scale. She thanked vibrionics wholeheartedly. The practitioner gradually tapered down the dosage over the next 5 months before discontinuing in January 2019. On 27 February 2019, she was put on CC12.1 Adult tonic alternating monthly with CC17.2 Cleansing for a whole year. As of June 2020, there has been no recurrence and she visits the practitioner for her daughter’s treatment.

Burping chronic, burning in oesophagus 11603...India

A 37-year-old man had been suffering for the past three years from burping throughout the day and burning sensation in the food pipe, especially at night causing disturbed sleep. The patient took ayurvedic treatment for 2 months but had no relief. On 13 November 2018, the patient took treatment from the practitioner who gave the following remedy:
CC4.10 Indigestion + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...6TD

After three days there was 90% improvement in both burping and burning sensation and he was able to sleep better. So the dosage was reduced to TDS. After another 2 weeks on 30 November, the patient got 100% relief from both symptoms. So the dosage was reduced to OD for two weeks, 3TW for one week, OW for one week and then stopped on 28 December 2018.

After 3 months on 25 March 2019, the patient started burping again, though less frequently this time but without any burning sensation. The practitioner gave the same remedy at TDS. After two weeks, the burping stopped, so the dosage was reduced to OD and the patient decided to continue the remedy for several months before stopping it on 21 October 2019. After another 7 months when the patient visited the practitioner on 29 May 2020 for the immunity booster remedy for Covid-19, he confirmed that his earlier symptoms never recurred.

Itching 11561...India

An 11-year-old girl for the first time had severe itching all over her body; this resulted in a brownish pink rash. The cause was not known but her physician diagnosed it as fungal infection for which she took allopathic medicine for 2 weeks but there was no relief, so she stopped taking it. The girl was emotionally strong and physically healthy.

She had already suffered for a month when on 21 September 2017, the mother took her to the practitioner who gave the following remedies:
#1. CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.6 Eczema + CC21.7 Fungus + CC21.10 Psoriasis...TDS in virgin coconut oil for external application.

The practitioner was aware that itching can be caused by intestinal worms; she learnt from the mother that her daughter’s deworming medicine was overdue. So she decided to include the remedy for worms (CC4.6) and gave:
#2. CC4.6 Diarrhoea + #1...6TD to be taken orally.

As the water intake of the patient was less than a litre per day despite her tendency to sweat profusely, the practitioner advised her to daily take 2-3 litres of water. The patient’s mother was in touch with the practitioner daily. Within 24 hours, itching came down by 40% but there was no notable change in a rash. The next day, there was 90% reduction in itching and 50% in a rash. After another 3 days, itching completely disappeared and there was 70% improvement in a rash, so the dosage of #2 was reduced to TDS for 3 days followed by OD. By 3 October, the rash had also vanished, so the dosage of #2 was reduced to OW for a month and then stopped whereas #1 was continued until the oil finished. As of May 2020, the patient has not had any relapse.

Vol-X - Issue-Y - Jan/Feb,2021 - Practitioner#03560 India

Arthralgia recurring - post Chikungunya 11622...India

A 32-year-old female came to the practitioner on 12 March 2020 with severe joint pain, body ache, headache, fever and fatigue. Four years ago, she had suffered from chikungunya with symptoms of painful swollen joints, fever, headache and was treated with allopathic medicines. A year later, she got typhoid with high fever, for which she was treated in the hospital. From then on, she would get these symptoms every month and on taking allopathic treatment, she would get relief for a few days, but the problem would recur. So she decided to opt for vibrionics. The practitioner observed that she was also depressed and had low self-esteem.

She was given the following combo:
CC9.2 Infections acute + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.2 SMJ pain…TDS

After two weeks, the patient felt 80% relieved of all her symptoms and looked cheerful. On 2 April, she reported she was completely free of all pains and was energetic. Dosage was reduced to BD for one week, then to OD. On 16 April 2020, as the patient was able to do her work comfortably, she stopped the remedy.

As of July 2020, none of the symptoms have recurred and she is happy that the quality of her life has improved.

Psychiatric disorders 11592...India

In 2017, when a 40-year old woman visited the practitioner, she was extremely distraught due to unknown fears, persistent sadness, and crying for no reason. Any news of death made her shiver with fear and the sound of an ambulance frightened her. She felt strain in the nerves on top of her head resulting in severe headache. She had complete lack of self-confidence. Her problems started in 2006 but there was no known cause. When the symptoms were severe, she felt weak but she managed to carry out her daily chores.

In August 2006, a neurosurgeon ordered a CT scan of her brain but it did not reveal any abnormality. For her headache and weakness, she was prescribed medicines that she took for two years but there was no improvement. Even the temporary relief that she felt was eclipsed by the side effects of allopathic medicines. In July 2008, she started having right-sided stomach-ache, gas and belching during evenings and nights. Also she developed tinnitus in her right ear, marked by a buzzing sound 3-4 times a week.  She refused to consult an ENT specialist due to fear of the side effects of medicines. But she started homoeopathic treatment for her psychiatric condition and buzzing sound. As there was no improvement, this was stopped after two months. In October 2008 her physician diagnosed the condition as depression and prescribed Placida, which she took until the Indian Government banned its use in July 2014. During these long 6 years, Placida had made her drowsy and sleepy all day. She was able to manage her tinnitus without any treatment.

After stopping Placida, her mental state deteriorated so much that in August 2014, she had to visit a psychiatrist, who gave her MDD-XR 100 mg OD for depression and Happi-D tablets for gastric problems. If she missed even one dose, her condition would become very bad. Two years after starting MDD-XR, due to its side effects, she developed an involuntary movement of the legs, kicking them in the air. The psychiatrist could not suggest any remedial measures for this. He rather warned her not to stop the medicine as withdrawal effects could be severe. So she continued to take both the allopathic medicines.

On 30 November 2017, the patient's husband contacted the practitioner (his friend) who gave: 
#1. CC3.7 Circulation + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC5.3 Meniere’s disease + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders...TDS 

After a month, she felt 50% relief from all symptoms -  fear, feeling melancholic, crying for no reason, headache, restless legs, tinnitus, and gastric issues.  After another month, her gastric problems and tinnitus completely disappeared while all other symptoms gradually improved. In another 10 months by end of November 2018, she had a full recovery. She did not feel weak anymore and there was a complete regain of self-confidence. So her psychiatrist stopped Happi-D and halved the dose of MDD-XR to 50 mg and after two weeks, to 25 mg and finally stopped it on 10 January 2019. On 16 January 2019, she experienced a partial (about 30%) relapse of fear, headache, and kicking of legs.

So, on the advice of a Senior Practitioner 11585…India,  #1 was replaced by the following:

For calming:
#2. NM6 Calming + NM25 Shock + NM95 Rescue Plus...TDS

For Headache:
#3. NM44 Trigeminal Neuralgia + NM85 Headache-BP...TDS

Within two weeks, her fear vanished and she had 50% relief from kicking of legs and headache. After continuing the remedies for another month at the end of February, she again achieved 100% relief from all symptoms. The dosage of #3 was reduced to OD. As she was not taking any allopathic medicines, #2 was reduced to OD only after three months at the end of May. The dosage of #3 was tapered down to OW by June end before stopping at the end of August 2019. However the patient is continuing to take #2 at OD and as of June 2020, she has had no relapse whatsoever.

If using the 108CC box, give for #2: CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic and for #3: CC11.3 Headaches + CC11.4 Migraines

Practitioner Profile 00814...Croatia

Practitioner 00814…Croatia is a pharmacist by profession with over 40 years of work experience. She has always been interested in alternative systems of medicine and as such completed formal training in homeopathy. The practitioner came to know about Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 1989 after reading the book ‘Man of Miracles’. She began praying to Him in earnest and several times, He appeared in her dreams. Thereafter in 1991, she became an active member of the Sai organisation and started to participate in bhajans. The war of independence in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 caused much hardship but also provided her with valuable opportunities to serve through the Sai organisation and she also served as an SSE (Bal Vikas) teacher. In 1994, during her first visit to India, she had the opportunity to serve for a month at the Whitefield General Hospital.

It was during one of her visits to Puttaparthi in 1997 that she first heard about Sai vibrionics from a fellow Croatian. After a brief course of instructions, she received SRHVP machine from Dr Aggarwal in the same year. However over the next two decades, due to business and domestic reasons, she was not able to practice vibrionics. The biggest miracle, she states is that Baba had not forgotten her. Although she had neglected her vibrionics practice, He presented her with a second opportunity in September 2019, in the form of a vibrionics workshop in Croatia conducted after a gap of 20 years by Mrs & Dr Aggarwal. She recognised this as a sign from the Divine. She applied for an online VP cum refresher course, attended the workshop, received the 108CC box, and restarted her practice. Since then there has been no looking back for her.

The practitioner narrates that on her return home from the workshop, she found her first patient at the bus station - her friend who had come to receive her and had terrible pain in her knee after a holiday abroad; physiotherapy for a month had not helped her. Right there and then, she gave her the remedy CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue, made using her newly received 108CC box, to be taken TDS. By next day her pain was at least 50% better. This inspired her to consult the practitioner for her other multiple health issues. Subsequently, she treated several family members as well as colleagues.

In March this year came the ‘Lavender Project’. The practitioner who has always felt very compassionate towards people, animals and plants noticed that in the ecoregion of her town, which has about 850 lavender bushes and around 100 olive trees, the plants in general but especially lavender bushes were in a poor state of health. She approached the local government with a request that she be allowed to treat and look after the bushes. She was surprised that the local authorities not only happily gave her permission but even provided four volunteers to assist her in this project!

The practitioner prepared the remedy CC1.2 Plant tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.7 Fungus. In the first instance, she dissolved 8 pills of remedy in 1 litre of water. The liquid remedy was then added to 50 litres of water and the entire team sprayed it on the lavender bushes (see pic) once a day. Thereafter, for the ease of preparation, she added 8 drops of each of the above three CCs in one litre of water and then mixed it with 50 litres of water. The treatment began on 8 March 2020 and continued for three weeks until 27 March when the work had to be stopped due to the pandemic lockdown. The practitioner was very disappointed but she took it as Swami’s will. When the curfew was lifted, the treatment team visited the ecoregion and were pleasantly surprised to find the lavender bushes in full bloom and looking very healthy (see photos). The local authorities are very pleased and so have made a decision to commence similar treatment of olive trees in 3-4 months’ time. The practitioner states that she is still a novice and did not use any special formula, just a simple combo on the lavender plants. In her practice, she gains knowledge by reading the vibrionics newsletters, imitating other practitioners and talking to her mentor and vibro colleagues. This is the first time in her life that she has come across such true teamwork.

She experiences a feeling of deep satisfaction from helping people, animals and plants and states that the practice of Sai Vibrionics fulfils her much more than all the years spent working as a pharmacist has done.


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Practitioner Profile 02444...India

Practitioner 02444…India originally from USA, having completed two years of study as an architectural student at the University of California, found himself drafted into the Marine Corp in 1971. Vietnam was his imminent destination as an Air Radio Operator on a helicopter but he was soon diagnosed with Lymphatic Carcinoma, requiring surgery in 1973. This was followed by rounds of chemotherapy in the Navy hospital after which he was discharged with a 30% chance of survival. He was given a 100% disability pension with five years of free flights to anywhere in the world. In 1977 he travelled to Nepal in search of a cure. There his leg became completely paralysed. In Kathmandu he met his first healer, Dr Jha, a Vedic brahmin yogi, who also treated the Royal Nepalese family. Within one month, his leg became normal! Inspired by this cure, he spent the next 5 years learning this ancient ayurvedic medicine of temperament healing while helping Dr Jha in his clinic. Feeling sufficiently proficient and confident, he provided free treatment to many patients. He also managed to write a book titled, Temperament Healing with Homeopathic Gemstones. Meanwhile, his carcinoma completely disappeared!

Over the next two decades, he travelled extensively in Calcutta, the mountains of North India, Goa and Nepal, providing free treatment while living rough as part of his sadhana. These twenty years of austere life deeply impacted his heart. He especially remembers rich insights gifted to him while privileged to be in the company of sadhus (saints) who were in absolute silence. He considers the spiritual practice of silence to be very close to his heart and extremely beneficial. Following the progress of his patients, he also gained in wisdom. Having seen many patients give up their addictions like smoking, drinking and overeating, he too relinquished his addictions, practising himself what he preached. Helping others heal, helped to heal himself. 

In 2001 he went to Varanasi to take part in the Kumbha Mela, visited by some 60 million people including millions of sadhus. There on the banks of the Ganges, he offered free homoeopathic medicines and chanced to meet a Sai devotee who told him about a Dr Aggarwal engaged in similar seva in Puttaparthi. In 2003 he arrived at his clinic in Baba’s ashram. There he attended classes in Vibrionics and simultaneously helped in this busy clinic for several months, eventually qualifying as a vibrionics practitioner. The experience received at this clinic opened up a new perspective for him. He realized that the two systems of healing, temperament healing and Vibrionics, are quite compatible and both work through the power of vibrations, reflecting what he had learned from his study of the Holy Vedas.

One day on the suggestion of Dr Aggarwal, he went for darshan of Sai Baba and it dawned on him that Baba had been subtly beckoning him throughout his life, culminating in his first darshan. He remembered an incident from when he was just four years old. His mother had taken him to a zoo and there, hanging on a wall, he saw a picture of Sai Baba and found it to be irresistibly attractive, fixating his gaze onto the striking countenance framed in a huge halo of dark wool. Suddenly the photo came alive and Swami winked at him! He states that coming to Swami was the major turning point in his life, bestowing spiritual rebirth. He's convinced that it is only Swami's grace and His immeasurable love that inspired him to translate his understanding of spiritual theory into practice. He remembers countless times Swami somehow communicated to him that He is constantly watching him, encouraging him to continue with his seva to aid in the transformation of his heart. He prepared in 2004 a completely revised and updated version of the book he had authored earlier, but when presented to Swami in darshan, it got rejected! 

For 5 years from 2006 to 2010, he visited Manikaran in the Himalayan mountains every summer (for 2 to 3 months) to conduct medical camps, where he treated some 20-30 patients daily. During this period, he revised his book again and a landmark in his practice came on 13 March 2009, when Swami blessed his book. He feels Swami's presence vividly in everyday life and considers vibrionics to be a very effective system of healing with a great future; that under Swami's guidance nothing can stop it or harm it. He is naturally happy to be given this opportunity to serve people, especially Swami’s devotees. He finds himself constantly inspired watching patients miraculously heal, knowing that Swami is healing through him, using him as His effective instrument. This gives him a certain kind of assurance that God is happy with him. 

Added to this, there were times when a lot of vibhuti constantly fell from Baba’s pictures in his apartment. Patients came to collect it along with vibrionics remedies, feeling improvement in their health and wellbeing from both. Broadcasting remedies also work wonders in his practice. Always first asking Swami which medicine to give, the practitioner often experienced Swami's helping hand in choosing the correct combo. When opening the lid of 108CC box, the appropriate combo bottle would stick to the lid and elevate.

Using his knowledge of temperament healing, he starts the treatment by balancing chakras using gems (SR226 to SR234) and metals (SR273, SR359, SR383, etc). He found that SR233 Ruby is especially effective with all eyesight problems, low blood pressure, and digestion problems. He believes that there is no such thing as an utterly hopeless case. The fact that a patient has sought him out is reason enough for him to listen carefully and do his best to provide appropriate treatment to facilitate a complete cure. For example, a 45-year-old intestinal-cancer patient was diagnosed as terminal in 2008 after the doctors opened him up and then quickly closed him; and gave him only six weeks to live. On top of that, somebody in his family wanted him to transfer his house to her name, burned him with a red-hot iron! The practitioner and his wife, also an experienced SVP 01228 (profiled in Vol 7 issue 1), treated him for cancer as well as the burns and he is still alive 12 years later, healthy and happy! 

During the past 17 years, while living in Puttaparthi, the practitioner has had the opportunity to treat many patients from amongst the pilgrims coming from all over the world. Currently, a doctor from the General Hospital regularly brings him patients, especially those with no improvement with allopathy and many of these patients have exhausted other available systems of healing. To see these patients improve with vibrionics gives him great satisfaction. Together with his wife, he holds medical camps at many local schools (see pic), old-people's homes and villages. Also, they had initiated an annual medical camp at the railway station (see pic) on Swami's birthday; this has been ongoing for 10 years.

They have treated many school children with large worm infestations. Together they have treated more than 30,000 patients - a tremendous seva! Over time he has discovered that everybody in the world needs healing, be it physical or mental.

Both husband and wife report that all their patients are getting better! Now that the Covid-19 virus has also come to Puttaparthi, more and more people are taking the Covid 19 immunity booster for prevention, keeping our practitioner couple even busier than usual. The practitioner feels he is very fortunate to be practicing Sai Vibrionics as he believes this to be the perfect seva to lead one to enlightenment. He summarizes his reflections with Swami's words "Love all Serve all".

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The Answer Corner

Q1. Can a mother tested positive for COVID-19 breastfeed her child?

A. Mother’s breast milk helps build immunity which is so important for a child’s health, so we do not recommend weaning a baby. Instead, Immunity Booster remedy can be given to the mother to protect both the mother and the child. Based on studies and tests, WHO encourages breastfeeding by COVID positive mothers; in most of the cases they did not find viral load in breast milk. Visit


Q2. As advised in vol 7 #2, I have been washing fruits and vegetables in freshwater after soaking them in salt and vinegar solution for 20 minutes. Kindly advise in the present extraordinary situation of COVID-19, if I should take any extra precautions to handle fruits, vegetables, and other groceries?

A. COVID-19 spreads through person to person contact or inhalation of droplets emanating from an infected person or by touching a contaminated surface. Outside the human body, virus disintegrates in a matter of a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the surface type. If you had fresh produce or groceries delivered recently, leave them aside for several hours. In any case, wash your hands with soap after handling groceries delivered/purchased. It has been established that the virus degrades rapidly outside the body. Regardless of surface type half of the viral particles die within hours, not days. Also, take note that cooking kills the virus on the food. For more details, see


Q3. What is the importance of prayer in treating a disease?

A. The importance of prayer lies in invoking God’s grace in the process of healing. Swami says God’s grace is like rain which is showered on everyone equally. If our vessels are turned upside down, we cannot receive any rain. Prayer is like turning the vessel to catch the rain. A patient, due to mental agitation caused by disease, may not be in a position to focus on praying. In this situation, a practitioner’s prayer done with firm faith and pure love for the patient becomes a powerful tool in healing. A triangle is formed where the practitioner receives grace from God and it is passed on to the patient. The patient should be advised to pray at least when taking the remedy. 

“Do not consider prayer and meditation as the pastime of ‘freaks, geeks, and cracks’. Hold fast to them, for they alone can save you from ruin”…Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Divine Discourse, 25 Nov 1964.


Q4. I used to practice Magnet therapy before I joined vibrionics. Is it okay to store the magnets in the same cupboard as I keep the 108CC Box?

A. Do not keep the two together. Though all remedies in the 108CC box are protected from electromagnetic radiation by the addition of NM45 Atomic Radiation + SR324 X-Ray,  it is highly recommended to protect them from long-term exposure to radiation coming from powerful magnets, electric motors (as in electric fans, they use powerful electromagnets), SRHVP machine, TVs, microwaves, computers, and cell phones. Also, refer to vol 7 #1 and vol 8 #4.


Q5. Can a nosode* made from fruits, vegetables and vitamins be taken as a substitute for the physical food, since some foods being promoted for good health are quite un-affordable?

A.  Fruits and vegetables potentised in the SRHVP can be used either to make the nutrients contained therein more bioavailable or to remove food allergies. A potentised version of a food item carries its energetic signature and not the actual nutrients needed by the body. While an imbalance in the energetic body can be corrected, the physical body needs nutrients for the organs to function. It is important to have a balanced diet but it is not necessary to eat exotic fruits and vegetables being promoted. God provides the necessary nutrients in locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables.

*Incidentally this is not the correct usage of the word Nosode. A nosode is a remedy made by potentising a diseased human or animal tissue or bodily discharge.


Q6. In vol 11 #2, it is advised to wear gloves while handling morbid matter. Should we do the same when potentising food items?  

A. As a general rule, we should advise the patient to bring the sample (be it a food item, an allergen or a medicine) in a clean/sterile vial small enough to fit inside the well of the SRHVP. Then the question of direct handling of the substance does not arise; this avoids any cross-contamination of the practitioner's energy. The vial should be covered with a plastic wrap such as cling film, before placing it in the Sample well. In this situation, wearing of gloves is not necessary.

Divine Words From The Master Healer

“The current belief is that medicine is to be valued for its validity during illness. Its use ends with the cure. But this point of view has to change. Medicine is used to see that one does not fall ill, not so much as to raise him up when he falls, just as the purpose of truth is to so live that one is not subjected to birth again.”

...Sathya Sai Baba, “The Doctor’s Profession” Discourse, September 1980


“The service that you render must reward you, not only with your satisfaction but with the satisfaction and relief of those whom you serve. When those whom you serve are not relieved or made happy thereby, of what avail is your elation or exultation at the help you have been allowed to offer? You should have the joy of the recipient as your objective. Do not sit back and talk of your having done what is expected of you, but try to discover whether your act of service has really been worth-while, whether it has been intelligently rendered with full appreciation of the peculiar circumstances of the individual who needed it.“

...Sathya Sai Baba, “No Bumps, No Jumps”, 3rd All India Conference of SSS Seva Dal, 14 November 1975



Forthcoming Workshops*

  • France (& Benin & Gabon): Virtual AVP Workshop & Refresher weekly sessions Sep-Nov 2020 (full details will be intimated to participants) contact Danielle at [email protected]
  • UK London: UK National Annual Refresher Virtual Seminar 20 Sep 2020, contact Jeram Patel at [email protected]   
  • USA Richmond VA: Virtual AVP Workshop weekly sessions Sep-Nov 2020 (full details will be intimated to participants), contact Susan at [email protected]
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*AVP and SVP workshops are only for those who have undergone the admission process and the e-course. Refresher seminars are for existing practitioners. 

**Subject to change


In Addition

Health tips

1. Vegetables – eat your way to health!

“What are the main causes of ill health?...In order to cater to his palate and other senses, man changes the composition and the characteristics of the things provided by nature and prepares, through the process of boiling, frying and mixing, concoctions which have no vitality in them. "Be vigilant about food habits…uncooked or half-cooked vegetables and greens are good for health.”…Sathya Sai Baba1

1.  What is a vegetable?

It is the edible portion of any herbaceous plant that can be used as food, excluding fruits as normally understood. Broadly, vegetables are in the form of roots, tubers, and bulbs; stems or stalks; heads or flowers; leafy greens; and botanical fruits considered and consumed as vegetables, including squash, gourds, and pods, and some unripe fruits.2

2. Benefits and usage of vegetables

Benefits: Studies reveal that almost all the vegetables are low in calories, high in vitamins (A, K, B, & C), minerals, dietary fibre, disease-fighting phytochemicals, and antioxidants. They are alkaline by nature and high in water content, especially the leafy greens and most of the root and green vegetables. Consequently, they can detoxify the body, strengthen and energise all the vital organs and systems, enhance immunity, and prevent and treat chronic and life-threatening diseases. In particular, the much-feared blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia, and weight can be kept in check and cancer, heart attack, stroke, respiratory illness, infection etc can be prevented. In short, vegetables are the best natural medicine. Above all, they can keep one energetic and healthy with a glow on one’s face!3-8

Usage: Buy locally grown seasonal fresh vegetables. Some are best taken only raw, like cucumber, and some both raw and cooked (because of better absorption of some nutrients) eg, broccoli, carrot, tomato, bell pepper. Spinach and potato are more beneficial when cooked. Keep cooking time, temperature, and the amount of water to a minimum. Steam, blanch, or cook lightly instead of boiling; bake, grill, or sauté instead of frying. Raw may not suit those with lower digestive capacity.3-8

Recommended intake: 250-300 gm or 2½ cups of vegetables per day, with a prudent mix of different vegetables - raw, juiced, or cooked. Strike a balance, for example, do not have a serving of rice and sweet potatoes together; also, not the same root or green vegetable all the time. Occasional indulgence to cater to one’s taste and the mood is fine!3-9

Cleaning vegetables is very important: Unwashed vegetables may lead to brain tapeworm. First, wash hands properly, and rinse vegetables in tap water to remove the potentially harmful residues and germs from their surface. Soaking vegetables for 20 minutes in a bowl of water mixed with baking soda, or salt and vinegar, or turmeric and salt is suggested, followed by thorough washing in running water. Vegetables with firm rough surfaces should be scrubbed with a soft brush.3,8,10

Keeping vegetables fresh: Buying vegetables fresh and when needed is the first best option. No need to refrigerate tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, corn, and hard or winter squashes like pumpkin, but keep them in a cool shaded place that is well ventilated. Where refrigerating is inevitable, store green vegetables in a plastic bag or container, tomatoes in a bowl lined with a paper towel, wrap leafy greens in a paper towel and put them in a plastic bag; if they look wilted, refresh lettuce and greens using ice water; some vegetables can be chopped and frozen.2,3,8,11

More than 1000 vegetable species are cultivated worldwide. We are covering about 50 common vegetables, their Indian names are given in parenthesis.

3. Roots, tubers, and bulb vegetables

3.1 Beetroot (chukandar): Deep coloured and sweet in taste, it is excellent for athletes. It can reduce blood pressure in a few hours, especially systolic BP, and enhance cognitive faculties. Concentrated liquid from boiled beet applied to scalp relieves flakes and itch. Beet greens can be used like spinach.12

Caution: Not advisable for those prone to kidney stones and gout.12

3.2 Carrot (Gaajar): An excellent source of beta carotene and vitamins A, C & E, prevents blindness in children and age-related macular degeneration; can stop the progression of leukaemia, lung and colon cancer, improve dental, hair and skin health.13

Parsnip (chukandar): Looks like a white carrot and rich in folate, it can prevent birth defects as well as gum disease. 

Caution: Avoid the leaves, stem, and flowers which contain a toxic sap that can cause severe burns.14

3.3 Radish (Mooli)

It can maintain pH balance, clear the respiratory tract, fight cold and cough, help in treating jaundice, urinary disorders, and osteoarthritis, keep the body naturally hydrated, and clear dryness, acne, and rash. Leaves are edible and seeds help in treating leukoderma.15

Caution: May irritate the digestive tract and cause gas and bloating, avoid in case of gallstones.15

3.4 Turnip/Celeriac (Shalgam): Can treat stomach ulcers, sore throat, jaundice, and hepatitis, and dissolve small kidney stones.16

Rutabaga: is a cross between turnip and cabbage, slightly larger and sweeter than turnips. Jicama: sweeter and nuttier than turnips.16

Caution: Avoid if one has thyroid disorder.16

3.5 Sweet potato (Shakarkand): Higher in vitamin A than normal potato, it is excellent for eyes. Starchy and sweet, it can be enjoyed in both savoury and sweet dishes.17

Caution: Avoid if one has kidney stones, take in moderation if diabetic.17

3.6 Potato (Aalu): A comfort food for all occasions, it is most beneficial when consumed with its fibre-rich skin, and not deep-fried. It strengthens the nervous system, cardiovascular health, builds strong bones, and enhances athletic performance and endurance.18

Cassava: Higher in protein and calories than potato, it has antinutrients; so, must be peeled, soaked, and cooked to get its benefits (toxic if eaten raw).19

3.7 Elephant foot yam (Suran/Jimikand): Has hard skin, decreases mucus and wind while increasing bile and aiding in digestion; ideal for growing children.20

Caution: Once cut, it can irritate the skin and throat, so should be kept submerged in water and boiled with vinegar, lemon, or tamarind.20

3.8 Taro root/Colocasia (Arbi): A great source of various nutrients, fibre, and resistant starch; its root and leaves should be eaten cooked.21

3.9 Onion (Pyaaj):One of the best detoxifiers, it can prevent blood clots and treat insect stings, warts, itching from chilblains, and respiratory illness including cold and flu. Compared to yellow, red, and white onions, sweeter ones like Vidalia and Shallots have a lower percentage of nutrients.22

Caution: Avoid, especially raw, in case of heartburn or digestive disorder.22

3.10 Spring onions/Scallions (Pyaaj patta): These are young onions, a better source of folate, vitamins, and calcium. Used as a garnish, these can be consumed raw. Similar to leeks (bigger and milder in flavour with more vitamin A) and chives (milder, with lesser nutrients, but an excellent source of choline that helps in body metabolism and foetal development).23

4.  Stem and flower vegetables

4.1 Kohlrabi (Knolkhol): A form of cabbage and similar to broccoli stem in taste but milder and sweeter, the whole plant except its stem is edible. A cup of kohlrabi can fulfil 100% of our daily vitamin C requirement.24

4.2 Asparagus (Shatavari): It is lower in vitamins than broccoli, but a better source of iron and copper. A natural diuretic, it can prevent oedema and urinary tract infection and has a calming effect.25

4.3 Cabbage (Patta gobi): Green cabbage is healthier when sautéed. Red cabbage, more apt for salad, has 10 times more vitamin A and double the iron of green cabbage, but has only 50% of its vitamin K content.26

Brussel sprouts: smaller in size with similar nutrients, its flavour gets enhanced when roasted or sautéed. Will be stinky if overcooked or boiled.27

Collard greens (Haak) & Bok Choy: High in vitamins, they are particularly good for detoxifying the body, bone building, and healthy vision.28

Artichoke: Considered a liver tonic, its leaves are the most nutritive part.29

4.4 Broccoli: It is called a superfood for the prevention of cancer, strengthening of bones, and promoting health in every respect. Most nutritive when it is fresh, washed just before steam cooking.30

4.5 Cauliflower (Phool gobi): A repository of vitamins and minerals, it is excellent for memory.31

Caution: In case of kidney or gout problem or if on blood thinners, avoid it or take in small quantity.31

5.  Leafy Greens

5.1 Spinach (Palak): It is one of the best sources of magnesium. When cooked, its nutrients get enhanced, but iron and calcium in it are not absorbable due to some antinutrients.32

Lettuce (Salad patta): Comparatively low in nutrients but high in water content, it keeps the body hydrated.32

Arugula/Rocket: One of the most nutrient-dense foods excellent for health.33

Watercress: Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, it is good for the heart. A perennial vegetable that grows naturally along running waterways, it needs to be washed thoroughly before use.34

Mustard greens (Sarson ka saag): Similar to but spicier than spinach.35

 Kale (Karam saag): Akin to spinach in nutrients, it is richer in vitamins. Best eaten raw, in smoothies, steamed, or lightly sautéed.36

5.2 Moringa/Drumstick (Sahjan): Known as a miracle plant, it contains 2 times the protein in yogurt, 3 times the potassium in bananas, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots and calcium in cow’s milk, and 7 times the vitamin C in oranges. Extensively used in cooking and traditional medicine, it can purify the blood, fight inflammation, balance hormones, combat malnutrition and aging, prevent anaemia, aid digestion, balance blood sugar, and heal skin problems.37

Caution: Those on medications should consult their physician.37

5.3 Fenugreek (Methi) leaves: A rich source of iron and other minerals, it aids digestion and management of diabetes, adding flavour and spice to food.38

6.  Fruits consumed as vegetables including gourds, squashes, and pods

6.1 Avocado/Butter fruit: A high potassium food rich in heart-healthy fats, it is excellent for protection against chronic diseases. Once cut, sprinkle lemon juice to keep it fresh for some time.39

6.2 Bell/Sweet peppers (Shimla mirch): Colourful and versatile in use, one medium-sized bell pepper can more than fulfil our daily need of vitamin A and C and can fight ailments from common cold to cancer. Ideal for pregnant women, it can be added to salads or any food preparation.40

6.3 Tomato (Tamatar): One raw tomato per day can prevent colon cancer. Also, it is one of the best sources of phytonutrient lycopene that enhances immunity and stalls cancerous tumour growth. Lycopene is more bio-available when the tomato is cooked and consumed with a fat-rich food like avocado, olive or coconut oil, nuts, and seeds.41

Caution: Avoid in case of acid reflux or frequent joint or muscle pain.41

6.4 Cucumber (Kheera): Juicy, cool, and crisp, it is best eaten raw. A healing gourd with diuretic effects, it helps de-puff swollen eyes, naturally slows aging, cleanses and alkalises blood, prevents dehydration, constipation, and overheating of the body. Cucumber slices kept over the eyes can relax and refresh them.42

6.5 Pumpkin (Sitaphal/Kaddoo): This vibrant winter squash is excellent for eyes and prevents obesity. Its seeds can enhance the quality of sleep.43

Zucchini (Turai): A summer squash rich in vitamin C, with high water content, is easy to digest.44

6.6 Ash Gourd/Winter melon/White pumpkin (Pettha): A unique medicinal melon eaten mostly in India and China, it can clear negative energy from the environment. A glass of juice every morning will keep the body cool, alert, and energised, and enhance the intellectual capability, keeping the nerves calm. It can get rid of boils, piles, and constipation.45

Caution: Those susceptible to a respiratory illness, should mix it with honey or pepper.45

6.7 Bitter gourd/Bitter melon (Karela): Can treat diabetes, gout, jaundice, and kidney stones and regularise menses. Also, some think it can treat and prevent malaria, viruses, HIV/AIDS and leprosy, and it can help in managing autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis.46

Caution: Not advisable for pregnant women and those on diabetic medications, and after surgery until recovery.46

6.8 Bottle gourd/Calabash (Lauki): Highly recommended for gut health, it is used for making both savoury and sweet dishes. If bitter, it should not be consumed.47

6.9 Some other excellent gourds with similar benefits:

Ivy gourd/coccinia (Kunduru); Indian squash/round baby pumpkin (Tinda); Pointed gourd (Parval) known as poor man’s vegetable, considered good for anorexia; Ridge gourd (Torai); and Snake gourd (Chichinda) which can cure biliousness. (bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive flatulence).48-52

6.10 Aubergine/Brinjal/Eggplant (Baingun): Contains a rare antioxidant Nasunin in its purple skin which protects brain cell membranes.53

Caution: Not suitable for those with low iron level, kidney problems, gout, or allergies. Its leaves and tubers are toxic and should not be consumed.53

6.11 Okra/Ladies finger (Bhindi): Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, with a highly nutritive slime inside, it is the best vegetable to prevent migraine and boost memory.54

6.12 Green/French Beans (Phaliyan): Rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, and fibre but low in sodium, it is a wholesome food and good for diabetics. Studies show it can inhibit HIV.55

Caution: Avoid in cases of urinary tract problems.55

6.13 Green peas (Matar): Rich in fibre and protein, but due to its antinutrients may cause digestive discomfort, so eat cooked.56

6.14 Green chillies (Hari mirch): An important ingredient in Indian, Mexican and Thai cuisines, rich in vitamin-C, iron and capsaicin, this increases blood circulation and stimulates palate.57

6.15 Sweet corn/maize (Makka): a starchy vegetable (botanically a fruit, also a cereal), it is highly fibrous, nutritious, gluten-free, and beneficial, if it is not genetically modified.58

Caution: It can ferment in the gut and cause stomach ache if one has a sensitive digestive system.58

6.16 Some unripe fruits offer several health benefits like vegetables: Jack fruit (Kathal) for enhancing immunity and good sleep; Papaya (Papita) for digestive health, skincare, and to fight infections and menstrual pains; papaya leaves are known to cure epidemic fevers, and Plantain/Banana (Kaccha kela) including its flowers and stalk have high fibre and are excellent for brain and kidneys and keep many diseases at bay.59-61

6.17 Mushroom (Chhatrak): A beneficial fungus by nature (though eaten like a vegetable), it is a powerful cancer fighter and immunity booster, and a great source of B vitamins good for brain and heart; can prevent thyroid disorders.62

Caution: Buy from a known source as some mushrooms picked in the wild can be highly toxic.62

Conclusion: Vegetables should be an important part of our daily diet but excess intake may cause digestive disturbances. They will work best like medicine when used in moderation, in a balanced mix, with understanding and mindfulness about one’s own body requirements and response.3-8

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2. An anecdote – miraculous experience of a Practitioner 11601… India

Whole-Hearted Faith Heals Hole in Head

On 18 February 2020, while cleaning the portico of her house before the start of her evening clinic, the practitioner slipped and fell down on her back around 5 pm. Hearing her cries, her sisters came running, found her in a pool of blood, uttering “Sairam, Sairam, Sairam…” which she continued for 20 minutes, having completely lost awareness of her surroundings. Meanwhile five patients had arrived and were seated inside her house. The sisters carefully lifted her into a wheelchair and arranged for a ride to the nearby hospital.

With all the commotion going on, the waiting patients came outside. Recognizing her good friend amongst the group, the practitioner regained her memory. Now conscious of her situation, the practitioner refused to go to the hospital and asked instead for her Sai Vibrionics combo box. She prepared the remedy*, took one dose but vomited. With full faith in Swami she took another dose and also made the remedy in coconut oil. As soon as it was applied to her wound, the bleeding stopped. Even in this condition, she carefully tended to 3 out of 5 patients who had come from far off places, one of them pregnant. The other two patients who lived close by decided to come back another day.

Next day, on the insistence of the family, her sister took her to Sri Sathya Sai Hospital where she was reprimanded for not coming immediately as this was a case of head injury. The nurse shaved the area around the wound in preparation for stitching. The doctor on duty found that the wound, although very deep, had already begun to heal and there was no need for stitches! She was referred to the senior neurosurgeon who conducted an extensive physical examination, blood test and CT scan. The medical staff was surprised to find that this deep three inches long wound closed without complication and there was no internal blood clot, fracture or brain injury. The wound was merely dressed and she was sent home without any allopathic intervention. However, the blood test revealed that she had elevated blood sugar and her blood pressure had gone up (doctor thought due to the fall); for these she was given medicines but she needed nothing for pain!! She stopped taking them after one week and continued vibrionics for a month. In addition she occasionally applied Swami's manifested turmeric powder to the wound. Now 100% recovered, she feels that this whole incident has been a great miracle in her life and offers profuse gratitude to Swami and His Vibrionics.

*CC3.2 Bleeding disorders + CC3.7 Circulation + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC20.7 Fractures + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions




3. COVID-19 Update 

We have used the following combos for prevention & treatment of Covid-19 since 13 April 20:

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC9.4 Children’s diseases + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest Infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic.

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVP: NM6 Calming + NM76 Dyspnoea + NM113 Inflammation + BR4 Fear + BR14 Lung +  SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM40 Throat + SR270 Apis Mel + SR271 Arnica 30C + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR277 Bryonia 30C + SR291 Gelsemium 30C + SR298 Lachesis + SR301 Mercurius 30C + SR302 Nux Vom 30C + SR306 Phosphorus 30C + SR385 Eupatorium Perf + SR406 Sabadilla 30C + SR505 Lung.

In light of the mutating virus, our research team has modified the Immunity Booster remedy as follows:

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.2 Liver & Gallbladder tonic + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC9.4 Children’s diseases + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest Infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic.

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVP: NM6 Calming + BR4 Fear + BR9 Digestion + BR10 Fever & Infection + BR14 Lung + SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest +  SM40 Throat + SR271 Arnica 30C + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR291 Gelsemium 200C + SR302 Nux Vom 30C.

The dosage in both cases is the same as before: OD on waking, as preventive; TDS in case of suspected infection (mild symptoms such as a slight cough).  For a patient diagnosed with COVID-19, one dose every hour for 6 hours followed by 6TD; on improvement, tapering down to QDS – TDS – BD - OD. Any allopathic treatment should be continued and NOT discouraged at any time.

Recuperation: When a patient has recovered but has little energy and feels tired in body and mind, give the following Recuperation Combo until the patient feels healthy and strong:

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC11.3 Headaches + CC19.7 Throat chronic

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVP: NM75 Debility + BR9 Digestion + BR10 Fever & Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM24 Glandular + SM40 Throat. Dosage: OD at night before going to bed, while continuing the Immunity Booster at OD on waking.

For the convenience of those who have the previous combo of 13 April 20 already made in alcohol, they can simply add the following to their existing bottle: CC4.2 Liver & Gallbladder tonic + CC9.2 Infections acute

For those without 108CC box but having SRHVP: BR9 Digestion + BR10 Fever & Infection.