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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Case Histories

Vol 11 Issue 2
March/April 2020

Diarrhoea, breathing difficulty 03542...UK

On 22 August 2019, while on a holiday in Paris, the practitioner was asked for help at midnight by the husband of a very sick 75-year-old lady staying in the same hotel. Since that morning she had stomach cramps, diarrhoea, headache, and breathing difficulty due to congestion in her chest, but was reluctant to visit a hospital. Immediately, the...(continued)

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Colitis with cysts in colon 03542...UK

A 53-year-old female from Malaysia suffered for more than 2 years from stomach cramps and frequent stools, at least 6 times a day, after which it was diagnosed as colitis in July 2018; colonoscopy revealed cysts and inflammation in her colon. On the advice of her physician she changed her diet, stopped taking oats and took probiotics. On 13 December 2018,...(continued)

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Blurred vision with dizziness 01001...Uruguay

A 38-year-old woman experienced blurred vision several times a day with occasional dizziness for the past 3 months. Stress at work would make her dizziness worse. Her physician advised her to consult a neurologist which she chose not to; instead, she consulted the practitioner on 5 December 2018.

The following remedy was given:
NM44 Trigeminal Neuralgia +...(continued)

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Painful boil on leg 01001...Uruguay

This practitioner’s 49-year-old husband had an inflamed boil on his leg, this had developed over a period of 15 days. It looked like a small ball filled with pus.

On 2 February 2019 he was given:
NM16 Drawing…6TD orally and in olive oil for external application BD only on the first day

While taking the second dose the patient felt...(continued)

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Winter rash 02870...USA

A 63-year-old female suffered from red itchy rash on her back, throughout every winter for the past 15 years. It spread from her back to the abdominal region below her chest and the skin felt rough like a grater. Typically the itching would start when the temperature dropped to single digit (in Fahrenheit); sometimes these symptoms would...(continued)

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Skin infection 11563...India

A 27-year-old female had a rash on her feet and arms especially left elbow for the past six months (see pic).

Itching was so intense that she could barely sleep for 2-3 hours. She did not consult a doctor but tried several home remedies without success. So she contacted the practitioner on 15 April 2018 who gave:
#1. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC12.4...(continued)

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Abdominal pain 11618...India

A 47-year-old male was having dull intermittent pain on the right side of his abdomen for the past 9 months. Owing to his busy work schedule, he had not consulted a physician. When he visited the practitioner on 4 August 2019 he had continuous pain for the last two days and it became intolerable upon bending. He had not taken any medicine to relieve his pain....(continued)

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Acidity, food allergy 11618...India

A 58-year-old woman suffered from stomach pain and acidity for the past 8 years, especially when she consumed food items made with chick peas or spices. She got only temporary relief with  allopathic medicines but as soon as she stopped them, her symptoms would return. She generally avoided spicy food and chickpeas. When she had an episode of gastric...(continued)

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Insomnia 03582...South Africa

A 66-year-old housewife suffered from insomnia for the past 17 years. She could sleep only for about 3 hours every night. This made her lethargic, irritable, and mentally and physically exhausted. She had difficulty in doing even her routine household chores. She had not taken any medicine for insomnia.

On 19 September 2019, she visited the...(continued)

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Removal of entity 11601...India

An 11-year-old girl had intolerable pain in her legs, especially thighs, and middle of her abdomen due to which she missed her school for the past three weeks. Presuming that her symptoms may be due to onset of puberty, her parents had consulted a doctor who also suspected the same. As medicine did not help her, the parents brought her to the practitioner on...(continued)

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