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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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The Answer Corner

Vol 11 Issue 6
November/December 2020

Q1. Can Immunity Booster (IB) for Covid prevention be given to a patient suffering from an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis; with such disorders, the patient may be taking an immunosuppressant drug to lower his immunity?

A. Yes this can be safely given to such patients. IB has been formulated to address the symptoms caused by this virus; so IB works on strengthening the organs most susceptible to the virus. Yes, it will boost one’s own immunity at the etheric level, enabling one to fight viruses including Covid and bacteria. Therefore IB does not interfere with immunosuppressive treatment being given at the physical level. It has been reported by some practitioners treating rheumatoid arthritis that they have given IB without any adverse effect on their treatment of this disease. 


Q2. Could Immunity Booster (IB) for Covid cause a pullout? 

A. Yes, in theory, it could because this combo is like any other remedy. However, the occurrence of pullout is rare with acute problems such as Covid. If IB is given for prevention, pullout (though unlikely) can be in the form of headache and/or tiredness and is expected to last two days but continue IB at OD.


Q3. I’ve had my 108CC box for over two years and it needs to be recharged. There are no practitioners anywhere near me. What should I do?

A. It is possible to keep the vibrations active for another two years. Hold each dropper bottle in your right hand and tap against the palm of the left hand nine times, while praying. The vibrations which might have become dormant would get a chance to reactivate and this will extend the charge by six months. This process can be repeated every six months by up to 4 times. Take great care by keeping your box away from sources of radiation and ensuring the bottles don’t dry up. Check each vial at least once in three months and top up any bottle which is running low. 


Q4. I used to get alcohol for topping-up the 108CC bottles, through devotees visiting India. As some bottles are running dry and people are not travelling, I am at a loss as to what to do? 

A. We use ethyl alcohol of >96% purity. In some countries, grain alcohol of high purity is available, If it is not possible to procure this locally, then one can use clear liquor like gin or vodka (around 45% alcohol content) as a temporary measure. The problem with lower purity alcohol is that, when added to pills, it does not evaporate fast enough; so the pills become mushy especially when we add multiple drops of different CCs in a bottle. To avoid this problem, add one drop from each CC required to an empty bottle; use one drop of this mixture to prepare the remedy in pills. See similar question in News Sep/Oct 2014, vol 5 #5.1.

Warning! For making remedies we must not use denatured ethyl alcohol, or methyl alcohol commonly known as rubbing alcohol, as both are poisonous if taken internally. Use only ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol.


Q5. Can I use water instead of ethyl alcohol to mix the crushed medicines or allergens before potentising them?

A. Yes, you can use water but it should be pure, eg, bottled or boiled & cooled water. Important thing is to make sure that the substance being potentised should either touch the bottom of the container or it should dissolve at least partially in water/alcohol. If it does not dissolve but floats, then use the substance on its own.


Q6. My patient is in the habit of inhaling Vicks VapoRub; can he still use it while taking vibrionics?

A. Vicks VapoRub, also used by mothers for applying to the chest of children to relieve coughs and colds, contains camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil. Such strong-smelling ingredients have the ability to antidote many vibrations. So it is best to avoid VapoRub and other similar balms (eg, amrutanjan in India, also such products sold in many countries under different brand names) while taking vibrionics remedies. If a patient must use it, allow a gap of at least one hour on either side of taking the remedy. 


Q7. For how long are the vibrations effective in mediums like coconut oil, petroleum jelly, olive oil, vibhuti, and corn powder?

A. Just like in sugar globules, vibrations in these mediums will remain effective for six months provided the remedy is well preserved eg, kept away from sources of radiation.