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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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The Answer Corner

Vol 10 Issue 5
September/October 2019

Question 1: How can I use vibrionics to prevent diseases in apparently healthy patients who were cured of their ailment using vibro?

Answer 1: Prevention of disease is most important as often emphasized by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His speeches. A practitioner should appropriately convey to his patients the preventive aspect of vibrionics remedies and the most opportune time is when he has been cured of an ailment. He can be given a cycle of CC12.1 Adult tonic for a month, alternating it with CC17.2 Cleansing or vice versa, for a year. The dosage of this preventive cycle may be reduced to BD in the next year and OD during the third year. If a patient develops an ailment in the middle, the cycle can continue while an appropriate remedy is given for the ailment, but keep a gap of one hour between the 2 remedies. Alternatively, you can stop the cycle and give only the additional remedy until the acute problem is gone and then resume the cycle. A patient can be inspired to persuade his healthy family members and friends also to take preventive treatment.


Question 2: How can I minimise the use of ethyl alcohol since this is not easily available in my country?

Answer 2: In vol 10 #2 of our Newsletter (link given below), it was explained that 1 drop of alcohol is enough for up to 20 ml (2 dram) bottle of pills. However, some practitioners wrongly think that adding more than one drop gives faster results; this only consumes more alcohol. Vibration is pure energy that works at a qualitative level. In highly acute situations, one may add one drop directly to 200 ml of water to make the remedy. In camp situations when one needs multiple bottles of the same remedy, one can add just 15 drops of the combo to 450 gm of pills (one packet).


Question 3: How to tackle a situation when known patients, including relatives, friends, or those who wield high office or status, expect the practitioner to visit them to treat or deliver remedy for them? 

Answer 3: It is not an easy situation to be in, but certainly a challenge to be faced. There is a way out for everything. Foremost, we have to view every situation with an alert mind and a compassionate heart. At the same time, we should adhere to our discipline as practitioners that a patient has to be seen personally, at our clinic (maybe at home), wherever consultation is regularly scheduled. Further, a proper record is to be maintained, remedy is to be prepared carefully, and the first dose is to be administered lovingly and prayerfully. When an individual demand goes contrary to the normal protocol of a patient visiting a practitioner, we may politely invite them to visit our scheduled place so that they can be treated properly and professionally. When we pray and connect with the Lord  and allow Him to function through us, He gives clarity. We will know when to adhere to our discipline strictly and in what situations we can handle such patients differently without compromising on our professional standard or ethics. We should remember not to set a wrong precedent and get caught in it.


Question 4: What should be my approach when patients address me as “doctor”?

Answer 4: A patient normally visits a practitioner to seek relief from a diseased state. To him, the practitioner is no less than a doctor whom he trusts. Therefore, we should not say or do anything to disturb his faith with which he has approached us. At the same time, we should not project, directly or indirectly, ourselves as doctors. Whatever praise that is expressed by an overwhelmed patient should be inwardly passed on to the Lord as we are working as His humble instrument. 


Question 5: Sometimes miasm is recommended along with a combo and sometimes in isolation with a 3-day gap before and after a combo? Please clarify.

Answer 5:  Each miasm carries the seed of many diseases in the body. Many of us have one or more miasms dormant within us which may surface due to wrong lifestyle and negative mental patterns. Each miasm remedy is deep acting and so is likely to have a pullout. Therefore one miasm is used at a time and given only when a person is in relatively good health. Prior to that, SR218 Base Chakra is advisable OD for 7 days to activate the miasms. Also, all other remedies are stopped 3 days prior to starting a miasm and continued only one week after the miasm dose. All these precautions are meant to enable the miasm to work effectively to achieve its purpose.

But, in some cases where the symptoms warrant it, a miasm is given simultaneously with other remedies to help the treatment of a disease and here, there is little likelihood of a pullout. Many combos in the 108CC box include one or more miasms to provide relief from some diseases without much pullout. These broadly cover combos for all cancers and tumours, all kinds of infections, autoimmune diseases, mental and emotional problems, brain disabilities, paralysis, and arthritis.