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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Vol 8 Issue 2
March/April 2017

1. Health Tips

Water and Health Part-1 – Wonders of water! 

To understand water is to understand much about the cosmos, the marvel of Nature, and Life itself1. First, we need to know about water and how it can transform our lives! Water, a common but most amazing element, has been glorified as sacred by the Vedas as well as extensively studied with awe by scientists. Water is part of our daily experience; we see, drink and use water every day.  All aspects of our living require water, and generally clean water.  Can we exist without water?

1. Planet Earth is predominantly water

Water is present on planet earth as one of the five basic elements (panchabhutas), others being Earth, Fire, Air and Space (Ether). Water occupies about 72% of our planet. Similarly the human body, composed of the same five elements, is about 72% water2. Plants and animals contain more than 60% water by volume3. It is the major constituent of almost all life forms.

2. Divine Dictates

“The water we drink is life giving. It issues from the head of Shiva. It is sacred” – Baba4. Apah Suktam of 9 verses in the Rig veda (10.9) glorifies and implores water as a source of life and energy; it is medicine, to be approached with reverence, always with a prayer to protect and nourish5. “A large part of water we drink is expelled as urine. A minute part of the water consumed becomes prana (life force). Therefore, the nature of the food and water that we take in decides our character. Only by controlling the quality of our food and water can we attain divinity.”…Sathya Sai Baba, quoted from Vision of Sai vol-2 by Rita Bruce, p234

3. Water has unique properties

Science tells us that water is simply two hydrogen atoms bonded to one of oxygen and therefore has unique electro-chemical properties. It naturally exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas. Without its uniqueness, there would be no life on this planet. Water is vital, both as a solvent in which many of the body's solutes dissolve and as an essential part of many metabolic processes within the body3.

4. Water can respond and react1,6-8

Water has the ability to copy and memorize information and can be energized; as such it has healing capabilities. Water responds and reacts to thoughts, words, and music, accordingly changing its physical structure. Polluted water can be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization and vice versa. This has been demonstrated through water crystal experiments done in 1990s by Masaru Emoto, Japanese author, researcher, photographer, and entrepreneur. He exposed water to different words (spoken and typed), pictures, videos, music, and prayer, then quickly froze and examined the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with accurate microscopic photography. He found that frozen tap water or stagnant or polluted water formed asymmetrical ungainly crystals whereas rainwater, water from clean streams and rivers, from glaciers, and water from holy places around the world formed beautiful crystals. He also found that water exposed to positive vibrations through sound, thought, script etc resulted in visually "pleasing" symmetrical crystals, whereas water exposed to negativity yielded deformed frozen structures.





Prof Emoto says that positive words spiritualize water revealing life at its most harmonious and fullest. Crystal formation in response to Love and Gratitude is nothing less than grandeur. If thoughts can do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to us!

Though the scientific world is divided on the science of his experiments, others in their experiments have further strengthened proof of water’s miraculous properties and amazing memory9-11.

5. Water - A liquid computer with photographic memory!

Water Memory documentary10  made in  2014 by a Nobel laureate demonstrates the amazing photographic memory of water showing how clusters of water act like a computer memory card capable of recording and storing information. It seems the molecular structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition. Water remembers pollution, chemical abuse, our emotions, even our preferences and aversions. Crimes occur where people often curse. How we treat water alters its state accordingly. Holy baptismal water from churches when tested in a laboratory after the service, had a powerful stable structure. Water can receive and transmit signals. One can imprint water with subtle energies even from a distance of 10000 km.

Water memory has been used in homoeopathy to make the remedies more potent by successive dilution and succussion of a substance to a level where there is no trace of the substance in the remedy. Only the memory of the substance would be retained by the remedy without causing harmful side effects.

6. Soil moisture Memory11 - A new unique study

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA in the USA collectsdata from space, air, land and sea to increase understanding of our planet for improving lives and safeguarding our future.  Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and NASA lab have been working to estimate soil moisture memory in the top 2 inches (5 cm) of earth's top soils since 2015. Soil moisture memory tracked by their study can help in modelling earth's climate, forecasting weather and monitoring agricultural crop growth.

7. Revere water

The key to health lies in treating water with reverence. By negative emotion and thought we pollute water in our own body. Indifference can be even more harmful as shown by the incomplete crystal formed by the ignored water1With our thought or emotion we can change the molecular structure of water without changing its chemical composition. Even the way we look at a glass of water and hold it and drink it or offer it to someone can have an impact on it and in turn on us and others12. Our lives can be more healthy, peaceful, and blissful by treating water with respect, peace and tender care. Being worshipful towards water can become a form of “Love All, Serve All”, offering our loving gratitude to humanity and our Planet.

8. Connect with water to spread Love and Gratitude

In a way, we are moving water tanks actually living in a body. The quality of water inside us is thus directly related to the type of human beings we are13!This possibly indicates that so long as we are in the mental/emotional grip of the six enemies of desire, anger, pride, greed, attachment, jealousy, the water within our body, brain and heart would not be pure. We can purify and charge the water within and around us by connecting to it with positivity and Love and Gratitude. In this way, ubiquitous water in all its forms can be a medium for us to spread peace, love and joy throughout the universe; this will come back to us by reflection, reaction, and resound.

9. Vibrionics and water

The inherent nature of water provides a clue as to why vibrionics remedies when taken or administered in water work more effectively and quickly. Furthermore, we really need to focus on a positive frame of mind not only while making, giving and taking the remedy, but also while drinking adequate water to more easily flush the toxins from the body.

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Water and Health Part-2 – Dehydration

1. What is dehydration1-3

Simply stated, dehydration is a considerable reduction in the amount of water in the body which interferes with its normal functioning. It can happen to anyone.

Water, occupying at least two-thirds of our body, is a life-giving nutrient essential for health. It plays a major role in facilitating our normal functions. It carries nutrients to cells, regulates temperature, aids proper digestion, lubricates our joints and eyes, keeps our skin healthy by eliminating toxins and also acts as a shock absorber.

Our Body loses water and also some salts in the natural course of physiological processes like breathing, excretions, every day activities and climatic conditions. The body also has a sophisticated water management system and adjusts itself by shifting water to the needy cells. But the human body does not have a water storage system as it does for fat. Dehydration occurs when the threshold is crossed and the water balance is disturbed resulting in inadequate water for our cells and for the proper functioning of our organs.

Thirst, an invaluable inbuilt mechanism, is the body’s signal to replenish itself when it loses 1 to 2% of its normal water content.

2. How does one reach the dehydration stage3

Dehydration does not always happen suddenly or due to illness. It may happen if one’s daily intake is habitually inadequate. If one fails to heed thirst or does not register thirst due to repeated indifference, dehydration results. Gradual dehydration over a period of time may lead to various chronic illnesses.

There may be other factors or medical conditions. Dehydration happens with drinking less than the amount of water one loses, not only in the natural course but also due to excessive work or exercise, exposure to heat or stress, or any illness like vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever, frequent urination, or injury etc. Regular intake of cold drinks and beverages, like coke or coffee, or dry food items actually drain water from the body, thus causing dehydration. Some of these factors or their combination may silently lead the body to dehydration levels that actually result in sudden onset of sickness.

No other fluid can exactly replace the important role of water in keeping the body hydrated, not even milk and juices!

3. Symptoms/indicators of dehydration to be heeded1-4

Increased or sudden bouts of thirst, dry mouth, swollen tongue, lethargy, lack of alertness, weakness, dizziness, palpitations, confusion, sluggishness, fainting, concentrated/decreased urine output, headaches, abdominal pains, low B.P, shrivelled or dry skin, deep yellow to reddish coloured urine (the normal colour of the urine should be colourless to light yellow). One should observe oneself to be aware of the body condition and one’s hydration needs. Increasing water intake reverses dehydration, but in severe or complex cases one should seek medical care immediately, without delay!

It can be injurious to attempt silencing the body’s different signal systems of water shortage with medication or chemical products. This in the long term can be detrimental to the body’s cells.

4. Special care for infants and elders1-2

Perception of thirst may diminish as we grow older. Without timely attention to drinking adequate water infants, children, the elderly, athletes and those with chronic ailments are more prone to dehydration. Parents and caregivers in homecare must pay attention to this aspect when they tend to their infants, children, elders or patients at home.

5. Prevention is best: Be hydrated appropriately!1-2

It is important to be aware of one’s bodily needs, to decide how much water to drink, when to drink, and how to drink to be appropriately hydrated and to remain disease free! It will vary for each individual based on age, gender, health condition, climate, place, etc. Those who have health problems and/or are on medication or treatment should exercise caution and may consult their physician.

6. Suggested water intake regime/schedule by a renowned doctor from Iran, who treated his patients with water instead of drugs, is being highlighted here as a broad basic guide3

  • The body uses around 1.5 to 2 litres (6-8 glasses) of water daily to carry on with its essential functions. Drinking 1 or 2 glasses spaced throughout the day is generally ideal. It is best to drink water before one starts to feel dehydrated.
  • Water should be taken first thing in the morning to correct dehydration during long sleep. One could start the morning regime with one glass of water and reach up to 3 glasses gradually over a month or so, taking one’s own time. As the day’s first input, water is the most effective laxative to flush toxins and keep the body clean from the inside. Care should be taken not to take any beverage like tea or coffee for at least an hour.
  • Water intake is important before exercising to provide for perspiration.
  • Drinking water before a shower is advisable for those who feel dizzy after a shower.
  • Water should be drunk half an hour before every meal to prepare the digestive tract, especially for those who suffer from any kind of gastric or digestive disorder or discomfort.
  • Water should be taken two to two and a half hours after a meal when the process of digestion in the stomach is complete. This will correct the dehydration caused by the breakdown of food.
  • Water should be taken whenever one is thirsty—even during meals though in limited quantity just enough to quench the thirst.
  • A glass of water should also be taken at night before going to bed to avoid risk of heart attack.

7. Food with 70-80% water content important for hydration5

There is a view that one should avoid sipping water throughout the day as it can cause imbalances in the system due to excessive absorption. Whenever thirsty, one should drink enough to quench the thirst plus 10-15% more.

One can set the body right by drinking adequate water appropriately every day, and by consuming foods with high water content like fresh vegetables and fruits especially in hot weather conditions. The water content of the food that we eat should be 70 to 80% so that it is in tune with the proportion of water in the body.

8. Vibrionics remedies to prevent and cure dehydration

The most appropriate remedy in vibrionics to maintain an adequate level of water in the body is NM34 Water Balance.

When using the 108CC box, depending upon the condition and the organ affected, one may appropriately choose one or more of the following combos: CC3.1 Heart tonic, CC4.1 Digestion tonic, CC4.6 Diarrhoea, CC5.3 Meniere’s disease, CC7.3 Eye infections, CC12.1 Adult tonic, CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic, CC18.1 Brain disabilities, CC19.6 Cough chronic, and CC21.1 Skin tonic

If using an SRHVP machine, choose from: NM2 Blood, NM5 Brain Tissue Salts, NM18 General Fever, NM34 Water Balance, NM63 Back-up and NM75 Debility, depending upon the symptoms.

One should seek medical help without delay in acute and life threatening situations.

References and Links

  3. “You’re Not Sick ,You’re Thirsty” by Dr F. Batmanghelidj MD, based on his pioneering research into the role of water in the body and how it can relieve a stunning range of medical conditions by his experience of curing patients (Warner Books 2003 edn).

Content is based on and inspired by data from various sites and books referred and does not purport to suggest or substitute or replace medical attention and care.


2. Sai Vibrionics clinic opens at SSSIHMS, Whitefield, Bangalore

Vibrionics is steadily moving towards becoming the medicine of the future, as declared by Baba in a private interview. In December last year, Dr Aggarwal received a call from the Medical Superintendent of the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital (SSSGH) in Bangalore asking if he could present an overview on vibrionics at an information session on integrated alternative medicine at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, SSSIHMS, Whitefield. Just before the start of this event on New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2016 in Dhanvantri hall, the program’s agenda was placed at the divine lotus feet in Swami’s room. Almost immediately, both sheets of paper were anointed with heaps of vibhuti – truly a big blessing for the new concept of starting integrated therapies at the Super Speciality Hospital!

Both the Director of SSSIHMS and the Superintendent of SSSGH, spoke at length on the significance of alternative therapy and the necessity for making it an integral part of Swami’s healthcare mission. In addition to Sai Vibrionics, presentations were made on 3 key holistic healing therapies - Tachyon, Access Bars and Acupressure. It was decided to launch a Wellness clinic at the SSSIHMS as soon as practical. On 19 January 2017, the anniversary of the opening of SSSIHMS, a brochure for the Wellness Clinic was released by the member secretary of the Central Trust at a grand function presided over by the Health Minister of Karnataka and attended by members of the Central Trust and other dignitaries. 

23 Feb 2017 was a landmark day in the History of Sai Vibrionics as a vibro clinic officially became part of the Wellness Centre opened on that day at SSSIHMS, Whitefield. On the auspicious day of the eve of Mahashivratri, the Clinic was inaugurated by the Hospital’s Director at a grand function held in the OPD wing. So great was the interest in vibrionics that five patients were treated that morning itself, even though the vibro clinic was due to start 3 days later. Truly Swami’s grace and blessing!

3. VP Refresher Workshop and Awareness seminar, Nagpur

In our drive to re-train the existing practitioners and bring them at par with the rigorous current standards of training, a Refresher Workshop and Awareness seminar was held at Nagpur in the State of Maharashtra. It took months of hard work by VT10375 together with the Nagpur co-ordinator SVP10228 to organise this seminar. Those who never underwent a correspondence course opted, willingly and enthusiastically, for the online course. Arrangements were made for computer non-savvy practitioners to attend a manual course. This two-day session was successfully conducted by VT10375 and SVP10001 with 29 enthusiastic practitioners (14 AVPs & 15VPs) in attendance. In addition, 8 prospective candidates aspiring to do Sai Vibrionics seva were present, on 18-19 Feb 2017.  

The course included an introduction to vibrionics, the importance of maintaining patients’ records, writing of case histories, latest developments in vibrionics and tips to practice vibrionics effectively and efficiently. The attendees actively participated in the session on the 21 Categories of 108CC Box incorporating basic anatomy from a practical point of view. 

The course ended with all practitioners taking the test and passing with flying colours, after which they all renewed their ‘Promise to God.’ They were very happy to be addressed by Dr Aggarwal in the Valedictory session which evolved into a highly interactive telephonic conversation with questions and answers and clearing of any doubts. The session concluded with the important message “You should always remind yourself that HE is the Healer and you are His chosen instrument”.

4. Sadhana camp for practitioners, Kerala 

Practitioners from Kerala organized the first ever Sadhana camp conducted on the new year’s day of 2017 by Dr Anandamohan, state coordinator of the medical wing of SSSSO and care taker of Shormnur Sai Hospital owned by Kerala trust. He addressed the vibro team consisting of 32 practitioners and stressed the importance of spirituality and personal sadhana in their healing practice. He distinguished between healing (refers to a person) and curing (refers to a disease), noting that the spiritual dimension must be present for complete healing to take place. That implies each practitioner is responsible for their own spiritual development. The vibrionics system has been initiated and blessed by Sathya Sai Baba, ensuring its purity and beneficence. Each practitioner therefore must strive to be a pure and loving instrument in His hands, thus augmenting the effectiveness of the remedies. We must do our best to spiritualize our day to day life which of course benefits each one of us as well as those who come to us for help. He spoke in detail about the following aspects:

1.     Body-mind-spirit relationship and its effect on health: Spiritually we are connected to the whole universe and the omnipresent Divine healer within everyone, the Master healer who is the basis and keystone of health and health care. Harmonizing and integrating body, mind, soul and spirit through counseling helps us connect with the Divine healer.                                                                              

2.     Spiritual care as an integral complementary therapy: It can be provided to all patients as tertiary care. Based on integrating the five human values into daily life, the program promotes a calm mind and relaxed body by encouraging introspection. This leads to a changed perception and consequentially to a higher level of consciousness and expanded awareness.

3.     Spirituality in palliative care: Spiritual support reduces the burden of illness for everyone, especially during the critical and terminal stages. A clear spiritual understanding based on Bhagawan Baba’s guidance and His teachings of universal values is required and should be understood by every health practitioner irrespective of their area of working (allopathy, ayurveda, homoeopathy or any other therapy).

4.     Spiritual care as part of preventive medical care: A healthy mind is best for prevention, and spiritual knowledge is the foundation for such a mind. Mental power based in sound spirituality promotes and enhances the immune system which naturally augments overall health and the effectiveness of preventative healthcare.

Earlier the chairman (also the state vibro coordinator 02090) in his opening remarks quoted Swami’s words on Sadhana and pointed out that our mind and intellect should always be filled with pure thoughts and selfless love. This in turn equips practitioners to do healing work more effectively. In his short valedictory skype address, Dr Aggarwal gave a summary of new developments in vibrionics and also applauded the new initiative. Confident of enhanced results, he stressed the importance of this new emphasis on the spiritual nature of all healing. Finally, the participants expressed their huge appreciation of what they just learnt, and expressed their hope that such sadhana camps will be held frequently in times to come. 



Om Sai Ram