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Loss of Vision 11958...India

A 40-year-old lady suffering from short-sightedness for two years contacted the practitioner on 13 July 2015.  She had been diagnosed with macular dystrophy. Her vision was RE-6/60, LE-6/24* and near vision was N36**. She had consulted doctors in India and London. She was told there was no treatment for this condition and that gradually she would go blind. They challenged her that if she did find treatment for this anywhere in the world, they would cover her expenses! She resigned from her job as an aviation engineer in December 2013 because of loss of vision. Patient did not have any other health problems. She was not on any medication, did however take some antioxidants. Patient confided that some family problems had caused her mental trauma during the past few years; this coupled with vision loss had made her feel depressed.

On 20 August 2015 she was treated with the following combos:
#1. CC7.2 Partial vision + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders + CC17.2 Cleansing…TDS 

#2. CC7.2 Partial vision…QDS in rose water as eye drops

The patient’s vision started improving within a month. Her improvement progressed gradually and eventually she started recognizing people, she could use her mobile phone, was able to read headlines on TV and in newspapers. Now she can read large letters and to assist her with small letters she has been given low vision aids such as magnifying glasses. As of 1 July 2016 her vision test results are as follows: RE 6/24, LE 6/9; near vision N18. Now she can also teach children. She is very happy and sings praises of her Lord for this return of her vision! She is continuing to take the above vibro remedy

Practitioner’s comment: 
In this case her improvement in vision is noteworthy since there was no conventional treatment option for this condition and she was expected to eventually lose her vision completely. 

Editor’s explanation:
*Short-sightedness: 6/6 is normal vision6/12 denotes the subject can see objects at only 6m, those that a normal person is expected to see at 12m. This means short sightedness. 6/24 - subject vision at 6m. Expected normal distance is 24m.

**Near vision impairment: N5 is highest level near vision, N7-N8 mild impairment, N10-N18 moderate impairment, N20-N36 severe impairment and N48 is the lowest level near vision.