Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 13 Issue 5
September / October 2022

From the desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Dr Aggarwal reminisces about the blissful moments of advent of our Newsletter during the same period in 2010 with blessings of Swami, “His call to utilize the body to serve others to please the God within and Him”, steps taken towards the formation of Sai Vibrionics Institute, need for manpower to commit to the vibro-mission, initiatives towards a systematic research in vibrionics and taking vibrionics to rural areas.

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Case Histories

12 interesting cases are shared: psychiatric disorders; psoriasis; lichen planus; chest pain & weakness; recurrent UTI, constipation; poison ivy/oak rash, blisters; lazy bile; urinary tract infection; fungal infection; corns; kidney stones; and revival of apricot tree in France.

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Practitioner Profiles

We are introducing two very service oriented practitioners with varied qualifications and talents. The first one with rich experience of having worked as a nurse in Swami’s Super Speciality hospital in Puttaparthi, treats ashram inmates, seva dal, and visitors to Prashanti with great love and compassion and actively participates with her characteristic efficiency in various camps. Artistic, innovative, and accessible, the second practitioner finds effective ways to connect with and guide poor and illiterate patients and shares her amazing cases of healing with vibrionics.

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Divine words from the Master Healer

Swami lovingly guides us about the purpose of our body and how to take care of it, and what things to avoid to do service as a sadhana.

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Answer corner

Read to learn about: can we safely prescribe remedies to a heart patient with a pacemaker; how should and with what extra care a patient with braces or metallic dentures take the remedy orally; remedy for tomato flu; can we wear an Apple watch while handling remedies; is it necessary to take allopathic medicine for hypothyroidism along with vibrionics; and significance of using brown bottles for remedies in the 108CC box.

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Upcoming workshops at Puttaparthi, India, and Virtual Annual Refresher Seminar, London UK.

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In Addition

We share: • a health article on “Prevent sleep disorders” dwells into what is sleep, types of sleep disorders, as well as rare, with tips to prevent and manage them; • Update on Remedies for Covid-19 including monkeypox(2022). • some glimpses of AVP workshop of July 2022 and new Sai Vibrionics Medical Centre started in Visakhapatnam zone! • five interesting anecdotes on “magic IB and its multiple uses”; the power of CC10.1; sightless seeing stars after seven years; de-addiction in no time; and how cockroach infestation was nipped. • we salute two dedicated practitioners who tirelessly did Swami’s work till the end.

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