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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Sprained ankle 11624...India

A 45-year-old female had a fall while walking on an uneven surface and injured her left ankle three years ago. As there was much pain and swelling she immediately went for an x-ray that confirmed no fracture. The orthopaedist diagnosed it as sprained tendon for which he prescribed physiotherapy for a week and crepe bandage for two months but the swelling persisted. Also he prescribed painkillers whose side effects gave her acidity which after a year of taking them, became intolerable, so she stopped taking them. The pain started to get worse, so she could not get proper sleep and also developed neck pain radiating to her shoulders. Further after every 15 minutes of doing household chores, she would get tired and was irritable all the time. As homoeopathic treatment for two years also did not give her much relief, she opted for vibrionics. On 11 April 2020, she was given the following remedies: 

#1. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine + CC20.7 Fractures…TDS 

#2. CC15.6 Sleep disorders…half an hour before sleep

On the night of 17 April, she had severe ankle pain lasting 4 to 5 hours, a likely pullout. By next morning she felt 30% improvement in shoulder and ankle pain. After another three weeks on 9 May, she called the practitioner, profusely thankful as she felt more than 90% relief in her shoulder and ankle pain and swelling. She had been sleeping well and had no difficulty with her housework. By 30 May, all symptoms had completely vanished and after two weeks, both remedies were stopped. After one and a half years, on a review at the end Oct 2021, the patient confirmed that none of the symptoms had recurred. Previously, she had thought, living a life free of pain and looking after her family, would never be a reality.