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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Post-Surgical Wound on Foot 00534...UK

The practitioner writes: To repair a ruptured posterial tibial tendon on the side of my left foot, I had extensive surgeries beginning in May 2007. The work included restructuring the foot with bone grafts to attach a new tendon, breaking the big toe and realigning the foot by removing part of the heal bone. I had 7 large surgical scars from each of the 7 operations. During the final operation in March 2014, the scars were opened and the plates and screws were removed. The wounds all healed in 3 weeks except for one 3-inch patch. The redness spread and the wound began bleeding as shown in the photo. Bandaging it made it worse. It burned and itched.

On 14th April I made the following combo, which I took in water and also applied topically:

#1. CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC21.1 Skin tonic + CC21.2 Skin infection + CC21.3 Skin Allergies + CC21.4 Stings & Bites + CC21.6 Eczema + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions…TDS

I took the remedy by dissolving one pill in 10ml water, I took 5ml of the charged water under the tongue and applied the remaining 5ml to the wound. I used water as other media like olive oil and coconut oil were making the wound very slimy, and water dried it. But there was no improvement, even after 2 months’ treatment.

So I examined which meridians passed over and around the wound. These were the Liver, Spleen and Kidney meridians. On 24th June, I added a second combo with the following meridians:

#2. SR238 Governing Vessel + SR240 Kidney Meridian + SR242 Liver + SR245 Spleen + SR248 Conception Vessel…6TD

This I took in water and applied topically, just as for #1 above. Within 3 weeks I had 70% improvement but then the healing plateaued. The healed scar was still itchy. On 20th September I discontinued #1 and #2 and prepared the following nosode:

#3. CC21.7 Fungus + Tea Tree essential oil + Daktarin (antifungal cream)…6TD

As with #1 and #2, I dissolved one pill in 10ml water and took 5ml of the charged water under the tongue. I then mixed the remaining 5ml water in fresh aloe fresh aloe gel from my aloe plant and applied it to the wound as aloe is also an antifungal. After 3 months of taking #3, I had 90% improvement as shown in the accompanying photo. I am still continuing #3…TDS as of December 2014.