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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Answer Corner

Vol 15 Issue 4
July / August 2024

Q1. Having qualified as a practitioner, should I discuss my patients’ cases with my mentor, finalize each combo with his advice, and then prepare the remedy for dispensing?

A. For simple cases, you can give the remedy to the patient first and discuss the case with the mentor later. This will avoid any delay in providing the treatment. If an update is advised by the mentor, this can be dealt with separately later or during the patient’s next visit. For difficult or complex cases, it is best to first discuss and finalise the combo with your mentor before preparing the remedy. In the meantime, however, since it is our practice not to send the patient empty-handed, an appropriate tonic or another combo should be given. It is good to setup in advance, a protocol for requesting urgent response from your mentor to minimize any delay in your response to a patient.


Q2 . We tell patients to let the pill dissolve slowly under the tongue without chewing or sucking on it. What exactly is the logic behind it? Will keeping it under the tongue longer, help in better absorption? Is it such an important aspect that we should emphasize it to our patients?

A. The advantage of taking a medicine sublingually is that it enters directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries in the lining of the mouth. This bypasses the digestive system and liver (enterohepatic system), allowing for faster absorption.

However, when it comes to energy medicine like vibrionics there is another more important aspect to this. It is strongly recommended that the patient stays focused on the remedy while it is in the mouth and prays for his wellbeing. Prayers are known to enhance the effectiveness of vibrations. Research has confirmed ‘Longer the prayers, faster the healing’. Just remember “The longer the pill or the remedy water stays in the mouth and especially under the tongue in an attitude of prayer, the better will be the absorption of vibrations.”

Also note that strong flavours in the mouth may interfere with this absorption. This is why we don’t take anything 20 minutes before and after the remedy.


Q3. Will the efficiency of SRHVP get adversely affected if it is carried during all kinds of travels?

A. SRHVP is a piece of equipment that needs to be handled carefully and protected from sudden jerks and falls. However, since it has no moving parts inside, there is no problem in carrying it through rough journeys. But you should lock the dial before your travel (do not forget to unlock it later) and wrap the SRHVP nicely with enough padding all around. The sensitive part is the dial which should be well protected.


Q4. Possibility of a pullout tends to bring in a sense of apprehension in the mind of some patients. Can we assume that the 1st type of pullout will not adversely affect the patient or his confidence by increasing the intensity of the existing condition like high BP or high creatinine level or depression? 

A: There should be no concern here provided this situation is handled carefully. In cases where the 1st type of pullout could be a major concern, give a single dose and monitor, gradually moving to OD with great caution and then upwards, as per our standard procedure for handling pullout. A pullout should not adversely affect a patient provided the practitioner has given a clear explanation on pullout and how to deal with it, at the time of first dispensing the remedy.


Q5. If a few specific SRHVP cards are damaged, can those cards alone be supplied by our organization or should they get the entire set? Alternatively, can a photocopy of those specific cards from a good set of cards be made on a thick card and used instead?

A: There is no problem about supplying cards to replace damaged/worn out/misplaced cards. Provided the required card is available in our stock, the cost will not be prohibitive; at present, all cards are available. Even if we have to break up a new set of complete cards, it is important/priority for us that a practitioner is able to make the needed vibration, so we shall always keep the cost to a minimum. A photocopy is not recommended as it does not appear to work so well, may be due to minute invisible distortions.