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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Answer Corner

Vol 15 Issue 2
March / April 2024

Q1. Why do two patients take different times to cure from the same chronic illness of similar duration?

A. Assuming both patients take the remedies as prescribed and strictly follow all precautions, there are some obvious factors which affect the time it takes to cure an illness eg, age, immunity or lifestyle of the patient. There are other equally important reasons that influence the speed of healing like the patient’s faith in the system and how consciously he takes the remedy eg, with intense prayer and positive thoughts. We only train people with 100% faith in vibrionics. But the prayer, positive thoughts and loving approach of the practitioner during consultation and preparing a remedy can achieve faster healing. Further, as often emphasised by Sai Baba, purity of mind (thoughts), words, and deeds of both patient and practitioner contribute to a speedy cure.


Q2. I have read instructions on how to make eye drops using the 108CC box. My patient wants to dissolve some pills he has for his eye problem in water to make eyedrops because he lives far away. Is there a way he can do this?

A. We recommend putting three globules in 200 ml of distilled water to make eye drops. The miniscule amount of glucose content will not adversely affect the eyes. Discard the excess water and it is good to use it on plants. To be on the safe side, repeat the process frequently, say every 2 to 3 days. Also see vol 4 #2.Q5, vol 8 #2.Q3 and vol 9 #1.Q1.


Q3. Immunity Booster IB was created in early 2020. People have been taking it for a long time and some are concerned that the body might have become resistant to it, so it may be futile to continue it. What is your recommendation?

A. The same question was posed earlier in vol 12 #5.Q1 and the key to the revised answer lies in the ‘dosage’. After recovery from a common chronic ailment (eg, high BP, diabetes), we suggest that the patient continues indefinitely with the remedy at OW, this being our standard prophylactic dosage. The same applies to IB; in other words, it can be continued lifelong when taken at OW; it behaves like a tonic. Incidentally, the body does not develop resistance to a vibration but it may learn to ignore it if taken frequently, meaning >6TD. In areas where there is the presence of Covid-19, take IB more often than OW. Also, refer to Vol 14 #1.Q2.


Q4. We commonly come across patients with nutrient deficiency, how best can we treat and advise them?

A. As you know we often use CC12.1 Adult tonic or CC12.2 Child tonic to boost energy; SRHVP users can give NM12 Combination-12NM90 Nutrition, SR561 Vitamin Balance. If the problem is due to weak digestion, then one can give CC4.1 Digestion tonic or SM18 Digestion for better assimilation of food. If a patient is taking supplements then combining these with their potentized version (prepared using SRHVP) will result in better absorption of nutrients. Remember that organic supplements are far better absorbed than ordinary ones. It is good to give general guidance on diet and water intake (see AVP or SVP manual) to all patients, especially for a chronic disease. Good eating practices help in the optimum use of nutrients in our diet. Please do go through the health articles in our newsletters for comprehensive guidance on the subject.


Q5. Chapter 7 of the AVP manual states that urine nosode at 30C is a wonderful tonic for the heart. Is there a reason and what is the connection between urine and heart?

A. There is an established school of thought that if one drinks a glass of first urine daily, it is very good generally and especially for strengthening one’s heart. As many people don’t like the idea of drinking their urine, some have tried taking the nosode made at 30C instead and it is their experience that it is indeed an excellent heart tonic. Usually, nosodes are made at 200C but as this is working more on the physical body it is best taken at 30C.