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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Answer Corner

Vol 12 Issue 3
May / June 2021

Q1. In my country, it is generally difficult to find patients. Now due to COVID-19 restrictions in the past year, I had no new patients. I could only serve my existing patients by sending refills through the postal service. Any suggestions on how to find new patients? 

A. The best way to get new patients is through word-of-mouth with the help of old patients. Encourage them to share their ongoing improvements and success stories so as to motivate their family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues to avail the benefits of vibrionics. People are more open when offered remedies for their plants and pets. If you are a VP or above, you have access to our standard visiting card template which can be customised with your contact information. Provide enough visiting cards to your patients to give out with their verbal or email compliments about vibrionics. Also, share our newsletters and website details with them since patients love reading healing stories and anecdotes.


Q2. My patient is using prescribed allopathic cream for warts, can I also suggest vibrionics remedy application after some gap? 

A. Yes of course. In this case, it is better to apply the vibrionics remedy first as the vibrations will get absorbed within 20 minutes; if allopathic cream is applied first, it is likely to physically stay longer than 20 minutes on the skin and may interfere with vibrionics.


Q3. I am somewhat confused about the procedure for broadcasting remedies. Can you apprise me of this and any associated rules and requirements of broadcasting?

A. All aspects of broadcasting including the procedure have been covered in earlier newsletters vol 7 #1 to #4 & #6, vol 8 #6, vol 9 #4, vol 10 #2, vol 11 #4 & vol 12 #1. In vol 7 #4, we have stated that vibration from a single card can be broadcast by directly inserting the card in the slot of SRHVP. The latest research has however confirmed that it is best to first prepare the remedy using this card and then broadcast as normal. Remember all the rules about dosage, duration, tapering of dosage, and initiation while giving the first dose, remain the same as with oral intake.


Q4. A few of my patients stopped taking remedy after a short time, some others, after receiving it, did not start taking due to apprehension or family pressure. There are of course those who don’t want to take in spite of going through newsletters and other website content. Can you guide me as to how to handle such situations? 

A. Most people tend to be fearful of the unknown. Hence it is understandable that even after reading through vibrionics literature, some would be apprehensive and may not like to take this treatment. In such cases, it is best to offer them the option to try it on their plants or pets which indeed produce positive results very fast. There will be others who just don’t want to take vibrionics. As they don’t have the inner willingness to take these remedies, these are unlikely to work well for them anyway. Our responsibility is to create awareness of vibrionics and we should not try to convince anybody of the benefits of, or persuade them to use, this healing system. Oftentimes people want the treatment in desperation because traditional medicine did not work. Human nature being what it is, the same people are hoping for a fast miracle cure. When this does not happen, they move away to another therapy. They are not meant to receive the healing benefits of vibrionics. It is best to accept this as the divine will and concentrate your energy on other new patients.


Q5. What is the role of lifestyle in the treatment of chronic diseases that are hereditary?

A. Only 10 to 30% of diseases afflicting us are estimated to be hereditary. The remainder are due to environmental factors such as lifestyle and pollution etc. Moreover, our genes are not permanently programmed. They can evolve depending on our environment, influenced mainly by what we take in through our five senses. Hence it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is essential to educate patients on the importance of lifestyle viz, diet, meditation, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and doing everything joyfully but not until you establish a rapport with them. Any insensitive insistence at the initial appointment might put them off vibrionics. 


Q6. Several of my patients with chronic illnesses experienced fast recovery like 60-80% in the beginning but then the improvement stopped. What could be the reason and what should I do? 

A. After giving a vibration for some time, the body can in certain cases become immune at some point, so it turns off the reception to that vibration. This can be explained by an example - when you move into an apartment next to a railway station, noise bothers you so much that you can’t even sleep. However, after some months you won’t be bothered by the noise as the body would exclude that sound from the spectra of disturbance and it won’t react to it anymore. The reason is that there is a miasm which is blocking further improvement. Hence in such cases, treat with SR560 All Miasms before restarting the original remedy, as explained in newsletter vol 8 #5. Also, refer to vol 6 #2 for a similar question.