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Vol 8 Issue 3
May/June 2017

1. Health Tips

Water and Health Part-3 - Pure energized water, the natural way!

We have already seen1 that our bodies are predominantly water, which has great memory. We should have an adequate daily intake of water to be drunk slowly, peacefully and lovingly to keep ourselves hydrated, energetic, and free from disease. Therefore our drinking water should be potable to safeguard our vital life energy. 

Diminishing global water supply! An estimated one-fifth of the world’s population lives in areas with an insufficient water supply and about one-quarter faces clean water shortages2.  Even if there is water, it may not be drinkable or in the proximity of the needy3Distilled water is devoid of minerals and drinking it is not advisable as it is injurious to health4. Bottled mineral or purified water may give us pure water free of physical contaminants but it may lack the vital life force and may not even quench our thirst. Let us look at some of the simple ways of obtaining and storing clean water and also how to energize our water and in turn ourselves!

1. Potential of metals as purifiers

Storing water in copper and silver vessels finds mention in the ancient texts of Ayurveda for purification5. Intense research has taken place with copper and silver in this regard and much information is now available on their practical use for food and hygiene, disinfecting water and air, wound healing and surface sanitation3.

2. Water from copper vessels - some studies5 -7

Research done by US National Institute of Health has revealed that copper pot had the effect of purifying the microbial contaminated water. Recently, US Environmental Agency registered copper as the only solid surface material to kill bacteria that may pose a threat to human health. It was found that copper content in water stored in copper pots was well within the permissible limit of 2 mg/litre set by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to studies by WHO, a guiding factor is that at levels above 2.5 mg/litre, copper would impart an undesirable bitter taste to water; at higher levels, the colour of water would also be impacted.  

3. Water from copper vessels - an Elixir!8-13

According to traditional wisdom, water kept in a copper vessel for at least four hours but preferably overnight, would acquire a certain quality which is very good for health and energy in general and for liver in particular. Copper ionizes, energises and balances the pH (acidity level) of water making it alive. This water is a natural anti-oxidant and gets easily absorbed by our cells and enhances our hydration.

One or two glasses of this water on an empty stomach in the morning would have a detoxifying effect. Ayurveda states that this water has the ability to balance all three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, the fundamental bodily elements. It not only kills harmful bacteria and gives relief from gastro intestinal disorders, but also reduces inflammation in stomach, takes care of ulcers, respiratory disorders and arthritis, tones the heart as well as muscles and tissues.

4. Drink water with wisdom from copper vessels6,12,13

Within the overall daily intake, it would be enough to drink this water once early in the morning and once in the evening to get the requisite amount of copper needed for the body (about 1.2 mg per day). We should continue to drink this water for three months and then stop drinking it for a month to remove any possible excess copper deposited in the body. This cycle can continue lifelong for deriving the best health benefits.

Ayurveda does not advocate drinking water (or eating food) in a standing posture. It is recommended that drinking water should always be lukewarm. If you drink cold water, Itwill need to be heated to body temperature and this requires greater supply of blood to the digestive system. So the blood supply to brain and heart will be reduced which is detrimental to health.

5. Water from silver vessels12,14-16

A study done on intestinal bacterial pathogens, to observe the effect of water stored in silver containers revealed the distinct potential of silver containers to disinfect water.According to experts, no microorganism ever tested has been able to stay alive for more than six minutes when exposed directly to colloidal silver. NASA has adopted the Russian method of purifying water by using ionized silver which is not only easier but also more efficient and effective.

According to Ayurveda, water taken in silver vessels cools the body, controls pitta dosha and strengthens the immune system and can be taken daily. 

6. Water from brass vessels17-18

Some experiments done by microbiologists from UK show that water stored in brass vessels prevents water-borne diseases, as bacteria is less likely to thrive in such pots. As brass is an alloy of copper (70%) and zinc (30%), water gets purified by copper ions. Widely prevalent water-borne diseases could be avoided in developing countries if people could switch to the traditional wisdom of using brass vessels for storing drinking water. 

7. Gentle cleaning of metal vessels19-20

Copper, brass and silver vessels should be cleaned every day, gently by simply rubbing lemon or its juice with or without salt or tamarind paste. After half a minute wash with clean water. Coarse scrub should not be used on these vessels. There are other methods one can explore.   

8. Water from clay (mud) pots12,13,15,21-22

Drinking cool water from clean clay pots has a refreshing earthy flavour in addition to the health benefits it offers. It is more suitable for hot summers. Clay pots not only cool the water due to evaporation and bring it closer to the body temperature in extreme heat, they also provide natural healing with the elements of earth. This is a unique natural quality these porous pots have which no other container can provide. Natural clay, being alkaline in nature, interacts with the acidity of water and provides the proper pH balance. Thus, this water helps curb acidity and gives relief from gastric problems. This water, unlike fridge water, is gentle on throat. It may be warmed up especially before drinking on empty stomach, early in the morning. Clay pots are affordable and the only maintenance is to keep the pot clean by gently washing it with a brush without soap, once in two days. If mud pots are not available, it is better to use stainless steel (rather than plastic) containers. 

9. Water exposed to sunlight13,23-26

Exposure to sun improves the quality of water. According to some experiments, water kept in cobalt blue glass bottles and exposed to direct sunlight for 20 minutes or in artificial light for one hour would eliminate any bacteria or virus. It can then be shaken well to energize it. It should be closed with a non-metallic cap to protect it from dust and other particles. One can explore and experiment by creating solar charged water using glass bottles as guided in the referred links.

10. Restoring tap water8,27

By and large tap water goes through treatment and purification before it is distributed to our homes and it contains natural minerals. But it absorbs much negativity and its molecular structure gets disturbed as it travels to our houses through many bends and turns in lead or plastic pipes. In tropical countries like India, it may also gather harmful bacteria. While water has memory to retain the imprint of the impurities, it also has a way of unfolding itself back into its original state. If we just leave this tap water undisturbed for an hour, the negativity will undo itself. Keeping water in an open jug for 24 hours (or boil for 20 mins) helps the dissolved chlorine to escape and also water becomes more palatable. Tap water can be either boiled and cooled or purified by use of filters and suitably stored. 

11. Shape of vessels also matters12,28

Ideal shape of the vessel for drinking water would be the traditional spherical or elliptical, as its surface tension is less. Also, such shapes create their own vortex, supporting continual energetic movement inside and therefore water or other liquid stored in them would retain its life force.

12. Structured Water is awesome!26,28-30

Stagnant water can deteriorate and pick up undesirable energies. Naturally flowing spiralling water has well developed layers and is called structured water. Studies have shown that water from the Ganges is naturally structured and carries the signature of structured water found in cells.

Ways to energise and structure water: One can find several methods from simple to complex ones on various sites to structure water. Vibrionics Manual for Senior Vibrionics Practitioners gives a method to structure water in its Appendix A5. In one of the studies, it has emerged that stirring water with a spoon increased the energy of water better than the structuring devices. One can stir water, both clockwise and anticlockwise, for a few minutes to create a vortex. What is important is mindfully ‘connecting’ to water and not the speed of stirring. One can further energise it by stirring it in a figure of “8”, or the infinity symbol ∞ which is a geometric representation of the endless and eternal nature of energy. This process will cleanse the water of any undesirable memories of pollutants/energies it may carry, and sensitise it to receive only beneficial energy from the infinite cosmos. 

Further, it has been found that energizing water through sound at 432Hz had the highest effect and proved to be the best way to structure water. This study says that if sound has such a profound effect on increasing the energy of water, healing sounds would have an equally profound effect on humans who are predominantly water30.

13. Use of vibrionics to purify and energise water

In order to remove impurities including poisonous chemicals, trauma and negative energies from water, following vibrionics remedies may be used:

CC10.1 Emergencies, CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic or CC17.2 Cleansing if using 108CC box

NM6 Calming, NM25 Shock, SM1 Removal of Entities, SM14 Chemical Poison or SM16 Cleansing if using SRHVP

To energise water to build immunity we can use:

CC12.1 Adult tonic from 108CC box or SM2 Divine Protection, NM86 Immunity, or SM26 Immunity when using SRHVP

Note: Only non-metallic containers should be used for all vibrionics remedies. 

14. Energising water the Sai way - Love and Chants!

We can purify and structure not only the water outside of us but also within our cells by staying quiet and prayerful for some time and consciously connecting with the Creator and His creation. We can also consciously impart healing sounds to water wherever we are through chanting or by being in a space resounding with healing vibrations. The water inside our cells is absolutely critical for our health and needs to be revered and maintained with all the love at our disposal; this will spread loving vibrations around us.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has provided pure drinking water to WHO standards to millions of people in Southern India at their door step with great love. Establishing water purification plants to provide clean water to hundreds of villages is being continued under the guiding principle “Love all Serve all”. In these villages the problems of joint and body pains have virtually disappeared and common cold and other ailments have greatly reduced. The project is being gradually extended to cover the entire country2.

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2. A tribute to our translators

We dedicate and commemorate this section to some of our highly committed practitioners who have been tirelessly translating our vibro newsletters (and other materials) from English into their native language. It our heart-felt prayer that the readers draw inspiration from these examples of selfless and relentless pursuit of delivering extraordinary value to Swami’s vibro mission.

Practitioner 00723…Bosnia (Croatian/Bosnian) has been translating Sai Vibrionics newsletter since its very inception in 2010. Even before she became a vibro practitioner, she started translating different books on vibrionics, such as manuals and handbooks. She finds this to be a truly valuable experience for her. This has given her the opportunity to learn a lot about different diseases but most importantly, she has learnt a lot about health itself. In her own words “Thanks to my translating experience, I have also become a practitioner and I hope I will be able to serve Bhagawan through this Divine Instrument of Him even more”. 


Practitioner 01620…France (French) has been an active translator since 2012. Being a certified vibrionics teacher, she has translated admission and teaching material as well as all the newsletters to date. The practitioner feels that she is better able to assimilate and appreciate the content in each newsletter as a direct result of spending copious time translating the material. Furthermore, every time she translates a newsletter, she feels as though she has been transported to Prashanti Nilayam. The portion she enjoys the most is the Practitioner Profiles section. She finds that it provides valuable company of her peers even though out of physical proximity. She expresses her deepest gratitude to Swami for offering her this seva.

Practitioner 02713Austria (German) has been an active practitioner since 2006 and has translated all the newsletters since inception. She finds translating newsletters both a fulfilling and a challenging task. The practitioner is filled with immense gratitude to Swami for letting her play a small role in His unfolding Mission. During the intense and meditative translation process, she feels His presence, constantly reminding her lovingly and with great clarity that He is the ultimate Doer. In her words: “Every newsletter is a testimony of His unconditional Love for all mankind. I would like to finish with one of my favourite quotes of The Master Healer: ‘Head in the Forest, Hands in Society’.”

Practitioner 03108…Greece (Greek) having qualified as AVP from Puttaparthi in September 2013, has witnessed many miracles with her patients, her family and herself. Two years ago, when she started translating the newsletters, she found this to be hard work because one has to be very precise about diseases and sometimes there is need for careful research in order to exactly understand the entire case. Nevertheless she felt this experience was really a blessing. In her own words, “After a bit of practice, you feel that you have entered even more into the vibro world. It’s not just sharing a case but it’s more like participating in the whole process. By being focused for hours on a newsletter, you understand better how this miraculous world works. And of course it’s a fabulous way to learn more because each case is unique. I use other practitioners’ experience to enhance my own treatment. So, my sole advice is: “Each newsletter is special and must be read again and again and again”.

Practitioner 01588…Italy (Italian) having trained in year 2000, soon started translating the Soham books on Natural Healing, moving onto vibrionics manuals and deep-diving into newsletters, starting with the very first issue published in September 2010. Her favourite section of the newsletter is the ‘Case Histories Using Combos’. Reading about the incredible healings from so many diseases, has strengthened her faith and confidence in the extraordinary powers of the Master Healer, our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. She dubbed our video “What is vibrionics?” in Italian and found it to be an enlightening experience. She says “I express my sincere gratitude to Swami and I look forward to doing more translation work in the future”.

Practitioner 02779…Japan (Japanese) has been translating our newsletters ever since their inception. He personally feels strongly that he has benefited a great deal from the translation seva. It helps him in his practice by increasing his knowledge of technical terms and by sharpening his translation skills. Above all, he has derived powerful inspiration from practitioners’ experiences, Baba’s words, and Dr Aggarwal’s mentorship. The practitioner reports “I believe this seva is indeed such Divine grace that it endows us with spiritual energy and stamina so that we can go incessantly forward towards the goal.”





Practitioner 02150…Poland (Polish & Russian) has been actively translating our vibro materials into Polish since 2001. When our Russian practitioner 00004…Canadawho translated all newsletters until Dec 2015, could not continue due to other commitments, he took over the job of Russian news also. He finds the translation seva has been particularly useful in keeping him abreast on the latest developments in vibro as well as the proceedings of various vibro events around the globe. The practitioner draws his daily dose of inspiration by reading Swami’s thought and quote of the day. He says “I am very happy that Swami chose me as an instrument of His work.”


Practitioner 02308…Slovenia (Slovenian) has been practicing vibro for 15 years. She undertook translation of all study material right from the beginning and has of course translated all the newsletters too. She finds practicing vibrionics and translating to be mutually beneficial and she expresses her appreciation and gratitude for both activities. Her inspiration for this seva came when during darshan, Swami gave a deep look into her eyes. This changed her life into one of sincere service and dedication to healing and helping others, especially through Sai Vibrionics.





Practitioner 02678…Spain (Spanish) proceeded on his heavenly journey in Dec 2016 at the age of 81. He started his vibro practice in 2003 and was instrumental in translating our manuals, training modules, and all newsletters to Spanish since 2009. He is greatly missed!


Practitioner 11567…India (Telugu) has been translating and coordinating translation work of newsletters into Telugu for over a year. He feels blessed and privileged to do this work as he feels this really helps those patients who want to use vibrionics remedies, but are unable to understand this method of healing due to language constraints. While doing this work, he has experienced many times Swami’s divine assurance “If you do my work, I will look after your work”. He is supported in this work by 




Practitioner 15568…India who is a recent and ardent addition to our vibrionics family. She finds the translating work truly inspiring and helpful to her personally; for example, she came to know of Ho'oponopono which helps her enormously in her daily life. She feels she connects with Swami when translating the section, "Divine Words from the Master Healer”, and she expresses gratitude to Him for this seva.







3. AVP workshop in Puttaparthi 17-21 March 2017

The first AVP workshop for 2017 at Puttaparthi was conducted by two experienced teachers 10375 & 11422 from 17th to 21st March for five participants from the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. 

The participants were taken carefully through the core contents of each of the chapters of AVP manual supported by practical examples. Participants were given hands-on training to interact with patients, to record patients’ details, to make remedies, and to prepare case history of a successful case. The significance of the mentoring system was explained along with the importance of prompt monthly reporting as per the format given in the oath before Swami. There were highly interactive skype sessions with Dr Aggarwal on all 6 days including the eve of the start of the course. He guided them on the right approach for practice and how to deal with patients with compassion and understanding without getting carried away by expectation or anxiety over the outcome of treatment. He also shared his beautiful experiences with Swami and the guidance he received from the Healer and the Guiding Light for all practitioners. The teachers felt such skype interactions gave them further information and the students’ many queries were answered. 

All the participants passed the test with flying colours and left Puttaparthi with firm resolve and enthusiasm to embark on their journey of Sai Vibrionics practice.


4. Practitioners’ meeting in Hyderabad, India - 26 March 2017

All 14 active practitioners from Hyderabad participated in a highly interactive meeting hosted by Practitioner00123 on 26 March 2017. The participants shared their experiences, their methods of practice and useful combos.

The host reiterated that during his 22-year journey with vibrionics, he had learnt many lessons which he recapped for the benefit of the group. Serving without any expectation or reward and treating patients with love and sincerity were the most important. We have to be welcoming, kind and tolerant to patients and for practitioners, it is important to take care of their own physical, mental and spiritual health. The group appreciated the mentoring system initiated recently and the senior practitioners regretted that they missed this kind of guidance in the early years of their practice. Now they decided to network themselves through electronic media to share their knowledge, experience and cases for their continuous development. Practitioner11562 offered to develop a five minute video on human anatomy for circulation 

Later in the afternoon, there was a skype interaction with Dr Aggarwal. He reminded the group that energy flows when there is loving interaction between practitioner and patient. Any remedy will work if we administer it with “LOVE” as Swami is the one who heals our patients. The meeting ended with a unanimous consensus of regular and frequent workshops. All left the meeting charged with renewed resolve to delve deep into their vibrionics seva.









Om Sai Ram