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" Όποτε βλέπετε έναν άνθρωπο άρρωστο, αποθαρρυμένο, απαρηγόρητο ή ασθενή εκεί ακριβώς είναι το πεδίο σας για προφορά " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Infertility cases 10717...India

I have treated several cases of infertility. My first patient came to me on September 9, 2009. She was a housewife who had been married for 10 years. Her husband was a driver. The couple were unable to have a child. For the past five years, they had sought treatment from different gynaecologists but she never conceived. They were desperate as their hopes were waning. I prayed to Swami from the bottom of my heart to bless them with a child and I prepared two remedies, one for the wife:
#1. CC8.2. Pregnancy tonic…TDS

and one for the husband:
#2. CC14.3 Male infertility...TDS

I also prepared a water remedy CC10.1 Emergencies by mixing 2 drops in 1 litre water. I asked them both to take ½ cup of the charged water early in the morning on the first day they planned to start treatment before taking their respective remedies. In this way, they began Vibrionics on September 10. They continued for four months. In the middle of January 2010, the lady came to me, smiling and weeping with happiness. She had conceived. Her family doctor had confirmed that she was two months pregnant. l asked her to continue #1...BD for protection against miscarriage until her delivery. With Swami's grace, she safely delivered a healthy daughter on August 27, 2010.

This patient is from a small town where news spreads very fast. So the news of this lady's happy outcome attracted many couples who were also infertile. They met her, got my address and approached me. I started treating 12 such cases. Of these, 4 more cases were blessed with success.

On October 8, 2010, six weeks after the previous couple's child was born, a 29- year-old lady came to me for treatment. She was a nurse who had been married for 8 years to a painter. She was despondent because she had been unable to get pregnant and had little hope of doing so because her husband was always drunk and physically quite weak but stubbornly unwilling to go to a doctor. I prayed to Swami to handle this case. I prepared #1…TDS for the lady and #2...TDS for the husband.

To treat the husband's alcoholism, I also prepared 3 drops of CC15.3 Addiction in 1 litre water and instructed the lady to give her husband 10ml of the charged water early every morning before he started #2. Thus the couple began treatment on October 9. In six months‟ time, the husband had reduced his drinking by 90%, and by the end of April, the lady got pregnancy symptoms. After her pregnancy was confirmed, the wife continued taking #1…TDS while the husband's remedy was changed to CC15.3 Addiction…TDS. Their beautiful daughter was born on December 24, 2011. The lady was brimming with happiness as she had got a child and at the same time, her husband had completely stopped drinking except on rare occasions. It seems the birth relieved him of tension and he is now very happy. This is how Swami blessed this couple.

On October 15, 2010, one week after the above lady came to me with her problem, a childless couple came to see me. The couple, the wife 36 and the husband 38, had undergone many courses of allopathic treatments trying to have a child during their marriage of 14 years. The lady had conceived twice before, once when she was 24 and once when 28, but both times, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I gave the wife #1…TDS and the husband #2…TDS.

After more than a year of treatment, during the last week of November 2011, the husband came to give me the good news that his wife was pregnant. I instructed the lady to continue #1…TDS until her delivery. Everything was fine but at the time of delivery, the cord got wrapped around the neck of the child and the child did not survive. This was a sad event, known to Swami.

More recently, early this year (January 22, 2014), a 33-year-old lady came to me seeking help for having a child. The problem was her husband, 42. He suffered from sexual dysfunction and had trouble reaching climax or ejaculating but was too embarrassed to seek treatment. Having been told by a doctor that his semen was too thick to come out, he developed an inferiority complex and lost all interest in intercourse. As the lady unburdened herself, she cried a lot, saying that she would not have a child in this lifetime. I showered her with love and consoled her, and encouraged her to take heart because with God's grace, everything is possible.

I prepared two remedies to give to her husband. For the husband's emotional fitness, I prepared 3 drops of CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic in 1 litre water and instructed the lady to give him 10ml of the charged water every morning. This was to be followed by CC14.1 Male tonic + CC14.3 Male infertility...TDS. After two months treatment, the lady reported that her husband was showing interest in sex and there had been some improvement in the passing of semen. After six months treatment, on July 17, the lady came to relay the happy news that she was pregnant. Her husband also came to thank me. The couple is expecting their new arrival sometime in December 2014. The husband, however, has since discontinued his Vibrionics. The lady remains positive and reports, “Leaving aside our physical relationship, my husband is very co-operative and jolly. Anyway now that I will be getting a child, that is God's Grace and that is enough for me".

On January 28, 2014, just a few days after I got the previous case, another childless couple, wife 28 and husband 35, came to see me. They had been trying to have a baby for 7 years. The husband was a barber and the lady, a housewife. They were too poor to go to a doctor for treatment. They told me that they had firm belief in God, that God would bless them with a child. But as the years passed, their belief began to waiver so they came in for Vibrionics. I gave the lady #1…TDS and the husband #2…TDS. After four months‟ treatment,  the lady's pregnancy was confirmed. She is continuing #1…TDS until her delivery, which is happily expected in January 2015.

I will conclude with a related case about our family's cat. In December 2011, our cat (then 1½ years old) was about to have her first litter. Her belly was big, and she had been very lethargic for 2-3 days, sleeping continuously. One morning, she moaned and stopped eating. I thought she would deliver that day. But two days passed, and the cat was screaming, and not taking anything but milk. We felt helpless. Then a thought struck me. I put 30 ml milk in a plastic bowl, added one drop of CC10.1 Emergencies and also a little vibhuti, and I prayed to Swami to give her relief. The cat drank the charged milk and within two hours, she gave birth to three beautiful kittens.

Om Sai Ram