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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Case Histories

Vol 15 Issue 2
March / April 2024

Constipation 03590...USA

A 13-year-old boy with constipation for five years since May 2015 consistently passed hard stools almost daily but sometimes every 2 to 3 days. In Sept 2019, when he complained of stomach-ache and low appetite and got tired easily, a doctor was consulted. An X-ray revealed colon backup and he was prescribed a laxative (Miralax) which did not help much; so two...(continued)

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Achilles tendinitis, shoulder pain 03590...USA

A 61-year-old female had been experiencing persistent pain in her left heel for one year after a fall in Dec 2018. So, she had restricted movement, with difficulty in walking. Her doctor diagnosed it as Achilles tendinitis. She applied the prescribed ointment daily and took the painkiller only when the pain was severe; this gave her temporary relief. In Sept...(continued)

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Migraine 03590...USA

A 48-year-old woman suffered from recurring migraines that started in her teens. Initially manageable, the frequency and intensity of attacks gradually increased over the years. During each episode, she experienced pressure and pain behind her eyes and tightness in her temples, along with nausea and sensitivity to light. In 1997 at age 25, her condition was...(continued)

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Fungal infection 11612...India

For the past 6 months since March 2022, a 68-year-old woman was distressed by persistent itching in her vagina and urinary urgency. The doctor diagnosed this as a fungal infection and the prescribed medicines would relieve her symptoms within a week but only to come back after some days. As the itching would sometimes be severe, she was taking prescribed...(continued)

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Pus discharge, itching & pain in ear 11612...India

The 56-year-old wife of the practitioner had been suffering from recurrent pain, itching, and pus discharge in her right ear since 2005. This would happen at least once a month and homoeopathic medicines would stop the discharge within a week with 60% relief in itching and pain. As there was no further improvement, she would discontinue the treatment. In this...(continued)

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Respiratory allergy 11612...India

A 42-year-old man sought help at a monthly vibrionics camp for a recurring respiratory allergy, which had been bothering him since childhood. Symptoms included sneezing, runny nose, cough and throat congestion due to sputum. These were triggered by exposure to dust during travel or house cleaning and weather changes. Each episode lasted a week...(continued)

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Hole in eardrum, ear infection 11655...India

In early Apr 2023, a 42-year-old school teacher, noticed regular white discharge from her left ear, later becoming thicker and occasionally reddish. Although there was no pain, the bothersome discharge increased after a bath. So she started placing cotton in her ear. A homoeopath treated her with ear drops (SBL Mullein) but this aggravated her...(continued)

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Diabetes, sciatica pain, sleeplessness 03599 & 02726...USA

A 75-year-old female 4’10” in height and 52 kg in weight had, high fasting blood sugar FBS (260 mg/dL fasting, normal being 90 to 130) in spite of taking three different tablets and 3 units of insulin daily, for more than a decade; sciatica and back pain with only 50% improvement on taking homoeopathic treatment for 4 years and also sleeplessness,...(continued)

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Itching & white patch on scalp, knee pain 11650...India

A 60-year-old female had been battling with persistent itch on her frontal scalp since 2010. On scratching, dry scales would falloff leaving behind a white patch. She underwent a frustrating journey through various treatments spanning 13 years. Homoeopathy from 2011 to 2013, gave little relief. Allopathic treatments between 2014 and 2017, including steroids...(continued)

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Food allergy 11655...India

The 52-year-old female practitioner had a history of frequent episodes of breathlessness, a choking feeling, and dry cough since age seven. Each episode would last 10-15 minutes, sometimes persisting through the night. Excessive speaking worsened her symptoms which were treated by her doctor but sometimes antibiotics didn’t work. A concoction of black...(continued)

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Pain due to strained muscle 11650...India

A 45-year-old man was suffering from persistent pain in his left upper arm from elbow to shoulder for five months since Dec 2022. The patient attributed it to possible strained muscle while lifting heavy vessels weighing 30-40 kg, during his daily voluntary service as a cook for 15 years. Over the past two weeks, the pain intensified extending to both his...(continued)

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Pounding in ear, numbness in leg 03610...UAE

A 70-year-old female doctor was suffering from intense pounding in her ear and numbness in her leg when she sought vibrionics treatment. She attributed her condition to a distressing incident on 4 July 2020, when she got stuck in her apartment lift for about 10 minutes. She was escorted out of the lift and helped to lie down on the floor since she nearly...(continued)

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