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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Case Histories

Vol 14 Issue 3
May / June 2023

Speech & behavioural issues in child 11615...India

A 5-year-old boy started to stammer in Oct 2020, especially when he was talking in a hurry; also he was occasionally picking his nose and clenching his teeth. His doctor opined that stammering could be fear-related, did not prescribe any medicine and simply advised the parents to encourage him to read aloud in front of a group of boys. This could not be...(continued)

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Incontinence in dog 11615...India

The practitioner’s 14-year-old female dog suddenly developed incontinence on 27 Jan 2023. She was wetting her bed or the floor 2 to 3 times at night and sometimes during the day. Her vet ordered a urine test but the reports were found to be normal. Diaper pads were tried but the dog would shake them off and continue to wet the bed or the floor randomly....(continued)

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Forearm, elbow pain 11605...India

A 68-year-old woman suffered from nagging pain, starting from the right elbow joint to the forearm, for six months since Aug 2018. This occurred while doing day-to-day kitchen chores like sweeping, lifting vegetable bags, kneading flour etc. Attributing the pain to weakness and overuse, her ortho doctor advised complete rest for her right hand, at least...(continued)

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Sleep disorder 11605...India

A 78-year-old woman had trouble falling asleep at night and also going back to sleep every time she woke up to urinate, on average three times during the night, since Mar 2009. She did not take any treatment for five years. In Mar 2014, her doctor prescribed sleeping pills and she could fall asleep faster about 80% of the time and on waking, go back to sleep...(continued)

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Allergic asthma 11956...India

A 53-year-old housemaid had been suffering from allergic asthma for the past 10 years, since 2012. She felt breathless whenever she did dusting and cleaning of bathroom tiles with acid. Breathlessness would last the whole day, disturb her sleep in night and she would be fine the next day. However, her work was disrupted during the day as she had to...(continued)

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Respiratory allergy 11641...India

A 20-year-old man had, for the past two years, nasal congestion and irritation, runny nose and sneezing since Aug 2020. The symptoms would start after the change of season. He has been managing well with the prescribed medicine, Febrex Plus as this provided immediate relief. On 19 Aug 2022, when these symptoms were triggered due to a sudden change of weather...(continued)

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Cervical spondylosis, vertigo, migraine 11632...India

A 52-year-old woman was suffering for the last 10 years since 2011, from stiffness and swelling in the neck and could not move her head to the side and had pain in her right hand. She did not want allopathic treatment but took homoeopathy from 2013 for three years. She discontinued it out of frustration as the pain came back with the same intensity when she...(continued)

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Overthinking (generalised anxiety disorder - GAD) 11641...India

A 15-year-old girl was suffering from overthinking since Aug 2020, for the past two years. This affected her concentration, studies and quality of sleep, For no reason, she would often have emotional outbursts and would occasionally cry and sometimes be aggressive and angry without provocation. The girl was a boxer but was unable to concentrate on her sport....(continued)

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Bedwetting 11594...India

An 8-year-old boy was bedwetting since early childhood, usually once every night. Since the father felt that the boy would grow out of it, he did not try for any treatment. But the problem became worse as the boy now wet the bed twice every night. So the father consulted the practitioner who gave on 14 Mar 2019

#1. CC12.2 Child...(continued)

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Hypothyroidism 11594...India

A 33-year-old woman was experiencing muscle cramps, mood swings, and fatigue for the past two months, since July 2020. During this period she had gained 4 kg (8.8 lb) in weight. Her doctor ordered a thyroid test which revealed an abnormally high level* of TSH, >100 µIU/ml. Fearing potential side effects of allopathic medicines which she decided not...(continued)

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Glaucoma 03611...USA

A 70-year-old woman was suffering since Apr 2013, from strain and tiredness in the eyes after watching TV or looking at the mobile screen or reading a book even for a short time. It was diagnosed as elevated eye pressure and dryness, possibly also weak eye muscles. Immediately she got permanent lenses (a special type of Toric lens) implanted in both eyes...(continued)

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Macular degeneration 11476...India

In Feb 1995, a 55-year-old female had, during her second pregnancy, complained of seeing dark spots in addition to vision disturbance in the left eye. This was diagnosed as central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) but the doctor did not feel the need for any treatment. Sure enough, after the delivery, the symptoms disappeared and her eyesight became normal....(continued)

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