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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Depression, headache, acidity & insomnia 11570...India

Shortly after the untimely death of a close relative in 2017, a 36-year-old woman went into depression, lost all interest in daily activities, had constant headache and could not sleep due to intrusive thoughts. She had burning sensation in the chest due to excessive acidity and a lot of burping post meals. Three years of allopathic treatment for depression and sleeplessness provided no relief; it was stopped in Sept 2020. She took over-the-counter medicines for headache and acidity when these were severe and got temporary relief.

On 18 Dec 2020, when she consulted the practitioner, she mentioned she was anxious about her recovery. She was given:  

For depression, headache, acidity:

#1. CC4.10 Indigestion + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC11.3 Headaches + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders…TDS 

For insomnia:

#2. CC15.6 Sleep disorders…half an hour before bedtime

Within two weeks, there was 50% improvement in all symptoms! This moved up to 80% in another two weeks by 16 Jan 2021, she felt very refreshed; #1 was reduced to BD. As she was sleeping well without taking #2, she was advised to take it only when needed. 

By 28 Jan, all her symptoms had gone; she felt very happy, free from anxiety and fears! #2 was not needed anyway and #1 was reduced to OD and tapered down to OW and stopped on 3 Mar 2021. 

As of April 2024, she remains happy and healthy with never any recurrence.

Patient’s testimonial (exact translation from Hindi):

Earlier, I used to get very tensed over small things. I could not sleep at night. I was taking medicine for depression for 3 years but there was no improvement. Then I started taking Vibrionics medicine. With this medicine, I started getting better within a few days. Now I sleep well and don't have any tension about anything. I am very thankful to the practitioner who gave me the medicine.