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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Answer Corner

Vol 15 Issue 3
May / June 2024

Q1.  What is the vibrionics substitute for antibiotics taken for bacterial infections?

A. Antibiotics are natural, semisynthetic or synthetic antimicrobials that work by killing bacteria or preventing them from multiplying. There are many classes of antibiotics, and each is effective only against a specific type of bacteria. A vibro remedy, on the other hand, is a  common remedy for all bacterial (or viral) infections. This is because unlike antibiotics, vibrations do not kill bacteria (or virus), but work by simply boosting the body's own immunity to fight an infection. In the 108CC box we have CC9.2 Infections acute and with SRHVP we can make NM36 War or SR293 Gunpowder, usually a more potent vibration. Simplistically put, we prescribe according to symptoms, and/or give vibrations for a body part so that it will go directly to that organ.


Q2. Why do we recommend to avoid storing a water remedy in the fridge?

A. First we should remember to keep all remedies in a cool place, away from strong light, specially sunlight. We avoid putting remedies in the fridge because in some cases, the mechanical vibrations from the compressor can change the potency of the remedy. Having said that, latest findings indicate that it is safe to keep a water remedy in the fridge for short duration of say, two days (but do so only if the climatic conditions necessitate). So the best option is to repeatedly make water remedy in small quantities, and if there is still excess remedy water, it can be utilised for plants. Some practitioners have reported, depending upon the environmental conditions, a water remedy outside the fridge can last longer than two days. See earlier answers in vol 4 #2.Q1 and vol 6 #1.Q6.


Q3. We have many bodies - physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, spiritual etc; on which body do vibrionics globules work? Please explain in detail.

A. The active ingredient in the pills is the healing vibration and it works at the etheric level because this is a network of subtle energies with which the healing vibrations would interact. Note that all the bodies are intimately interconnected via the vital life force energy (prana), so the changes taking place in one body will filter through to all the other bodies. Hence, in effect, vibrations are working at all levels.


Q4. If an SVP wants to create his personal SRHVP card corresponding to his own combination of remedies eg, homoeopathic remedies and/or natural/plant substances for some disease, how can he do it?

A. The cards are created using the techniques of radionics and radiesthesia, hence this topic is outside the scope of vibrionics. However if you wish to make vibration of a homoeopathic remedy, you can potentise either mother tincture or potency to any desired potency; the same can be done with any natural or plant substance.


Q5. As vibrionics works at all levels of our body, once the physical ailments disappear, should there be any need for patients to do anything additionally for taking care of their mental and emotional states?

A. While treating the physical ailment vibrionics remedies will also bring your mental and emotional levels back in balance but remember ‘Our health is in our hands’. If we don’t follow a healthy lifestyle conducive to both physical and mental wellbeing, the ailment is likely to return, even though in some cases, it could take a long time! We recommend you read our many newsletters on healthy diet, exercise, meditation, positive thinking etc.