Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

From the desk of Dr.Jit K Aggarwal

Vol 15 Issue 2
March / April 2024

Dear Practitioners

As we await the bliss-inducing 12-hour-long Shivaratri bhajans that will lift the energies and augment the vibrations of our surroundings, let us reflect upon Swami’s message on this occasion. Swami explains that on Shivaratri, Shiva represented by the Lingam, must be adored as the form for acquisition of Jnana or supreme wisdom. He says, Do not treat this day lightly, and reduce the discipline prescribed by the sages for its celebration, such as fast, vigil and uninterrupted recital of name of God, into a routine ritual, or a chance for picnic, revelry, rivalry or factious fun. Contemplate this day and this night, on the Atma Linga (elliptical idol which emanates from Shiva as His symbol), the Jyothir Linga (symbol of supreme light of wisdom), and be convinced that Shiva is in every one of you. Let that vision illumine your inner consciousness.” – Shivaratri Discourse, 5 March 1973, Disc. 4, Sri Satya Sai Speaks vol 12

Sai devotees all over the world are gearing up to celebrate the 100th birthday of Swami in Nov 2025 and we are happy to see the enthusiastic response from vibro practitioners with respect to ideas for a collective offering on behalf of our organisation. Some suggestions that have come our way are: A book of 100 Case Histories (similar to the book of 90 CHs offered to Swami on His 90th birthday), a book detailing 100 regular vibro camps across the globe and a book featuring 100 practitioners describing their extraordinary experiences with vibrionics.

Whilst many have expressed an interest in attending a mammoth event on the lines of our 1st International Conference in Jan 2014, we propose state-wise seminars can be organised in India and country-wise/region-wise retreats overseas. If we can garner enough support and volunteers and can ensure a minimum of 100 participants, there is a distinct possibility of a National Conference actualizing.

We are still in the ideation stage and the reality of any of these panning out depends on each one of us. Those who wish to volunteer to take responsibility for carrying out any of the listed suggestions or would like to extend support in another capacity are welcome to write directly to me at I shall be delighted to provide you with guidance on how to proceed thereon. We hope to make this momentous occasion to celebrate the 100th year of the Kaliyuga Avatar, a truly special and memorable one.

As an organisation perpetually striving for growth and expansion of our reach, I earnestly feel that the one area we need to work on is to increase our practitioner base at all levels. Recently, we have had fewer applications for promotions to the next level, especially from VPs aspiring to become SVPs. It has come to my attention that some practitioners are under the impression that we lack senior-level teachers and do not have sufficient supply of SRHVP machines. Let me clarify that this is not true, we can comfortably cater to an increased demand so, do not let such myths deter you from applying for the SVP training. To encourage VPs to apply for the SVP course we have relaxed the guidelines for admission. For further details, see the In Addition section.

As you all know, our Research Team is constantly working on improving and updating our Handbooks for Users of Vibrionics (108CC 2011 and Vibrionics 2016). The team carefully reviews the symptoms and causes of every new disease, studies the conventional treatment for it, looks into relevant homoeopathic remedies and seeks Swami’s guidance before updating the combos. Several additions have been made to the 108CC book that was last published in 2011. An updated index of the 108CC book was published in 2018 in Vol 9 #5. I am pleased to announce that this index has been further modified and the 2024 addendum is included in the In Addition section. We suggest that all practitioners print this list and attach it to their 108CC book for easy reference.

May I seize this opportunity to remind ourselves that SVIRT belongs to us - the practitioners and, as such, it is the collective responsibility of us all to contribute to the running and growth of the Institute. There are ample opportunities for all practitioners, experienced VPs and SVPs can volunteer to qualify as e-course and workshop trainers. Being a completely charitable institution, every additional offer of seva will be deeply appreciated.

I leave you with a very potent and apt message of Bhagawan that we may keep in our hearts and follow it through our daily life. “This is the primary message of Shivaratri. I am giving you three maxims which you have to bear in mind: ‘Seva, Seva, Seva’. Never forget the duty to serve. For this, you have to develop love. To develop love, you have to promote the spirit of sacrifice. Service will become meaningful when it manifests love that issues from sacrifice. Consider service as conducive to your own spiritual development. Be good, do good.”…Shivaratri Discourse, 7 March 1997, Disc. 6, Sri Satya Sai Speaks vol 30.

May our dear Sai Shiva bestow the light of wisdom on us all. Wish you all a very happy and holy Shivaratri!

In Loving Service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal