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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Answer Corner

Vol 14 Issue 5
September / October 2023

Q1. How is vibrionics connected with homoeopathy and in general, does it achieve faster cures?

A. Both vibrionics and homoeopathy utilise the same basic vibration of a substance to achieve a cure by balancing the relevant energy centres in the body. Further, as both systems of healing are given to us by God, we don’t claim the supremacy of one over the other. Since vibrionics is practised as a free service to mankind, the love and sympathy of the practitioner is likely to be more predominant, thus giving faster results. This is further supported by the unique energy of Swami who has personally blessed this system many a time. An additional point is that only those who have full and firm faith in the system are selected to practise vibrionics and this has a direct bearing on the results.


Q2. In view of the emergence of a new Omicron sub-variant Eris, is there any change in our IB remedy?

A. Since the symptoms of Eris are similar to that of Omicron, our latest version of Immunity Booster IB, covers them well. In view of any possibility of an infection, it is recommended that IB should be continued as a prophylactic.


Q3. I am confused about the timing of when I should make a nosode? Should I use a nosode only after I don’t get the expected results from a remedy prepared using 108CCs or 576 cards?

A. Both the 108CCs and the 576 cards have the ability to make remedies for any disease, and yes, it is our usual practice to opt for a nosode after trying remedies from both systems. In vol 10 #3 Q5 May/June 2019, we mentioned of several practitioners who tried nosodes in the first instance and obtained excellent results. Encouraged by further positive feedback, we invite experienced SVPs to form a research team to take this project forward.


Q4. What is the remedy for retinal artery occlusion?

A. Retinal artery occlusion refers to blockage in the retinal artery carrying oxygen to the nerve cells in the retina at the back of the eye, this may result in severe loss of vision. So the patient should seek immediate medical attention and be under the care of a qualified doctor. However, our suggested combo is CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC7.6 Eye Injury + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic.


Q5. As a long-standing vibro practitioner, I have used, for broadcasting, potentising and making nosodes, 200C potency (dial setting 468) for years but several of my colleagues have found that 1M (dial setting 573) potency has worked better. Could there be a reason for this and what potency should I use in future?

A. Yes there is a reason but some background knowledge is required to understand this.

Although mathematically predicted in 1952, it was only after a decade of hard work that a German physicist Schumann was able to measure the frequency of earth’s electromagnetic field (known as earth’s heartbeat) and found this varies from 7 to 8 Hz with an average of 7.83 Hz; this is known as the fundamental Schumann resonance. In more recent decades this has been slowly creeping up and in the 3rd week of June 2023, it began to change dramatically. As the earth’s heartbeat has gone up, it is likely that the best potency at which to broadcast or potentise has also moved up. There are many practitioners who are satisfied with 200C but there are many others who are finding that 1M is working better. So it is a matter for you to decide whether to use one or the other. In terms of vibrations, there is not a big difference between these two potencies. Remember once your mind believes that a particular potency is much better, stick to it. Also refer to vol 7 #4 Q4.


Q6. Does the SRHVP machine require any special maintenance or handling during its use?

A. It is well known that both 108CC box and SRHVP should be protected from sources of radiation. However, as both have been directly blessed by Swami in His physical form, these should be handled with great care and used with reverence. As regards the maintenance of SRHVP, a comprehensive answer was provided in vol 12 #2 Q5.