Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

From the desk of Dr.Jit K Aggarwal

Vol 13 Issue 6
November / December 2022

Dear Practitioners

It is such a blissful and auspicious time of the year. We just celebrated Diwali and Swami’s Avatar Declaration Day and now preparations are in full swing for our beloved Bhagwan’s birthday. One might ask why we celebrate so many religious festivals and spiritual events and how do they enrich our lives? I believe the significance of these festivals is to bring us closer to our divine self and realize the true purpose of life. In fact, these festivities were designed to bring us closer to God through immersing ourselves in glorifying the Almighty through prayer, song, and dance, and engaging in selfless service.

Sathya Sai Baba said, “If the name of Jesus is glorified all over the world today, it is because of His boundless love. He served the lowly and the lost, and in the end, offered his life itself as a sacrifice. How many of those, who call themselves devotees of Jesus, are following His teachings? Those who claim to worship Rama, how far are they following His example? How many professed devotees of Krishna are living up to His teachings? There are many who claim to be Sai devotees. How many of them are following the message of Sai? If everyone seeks the answer within himself, he will see that it is a zero. Anyone who claims to be a Sai devotee should dedicate his life to Sai ideals. That is true devotion and real penance. That is the hallmark of humanness. It will be reflected in love, which will find expression in compassion that generates real Ananda (Bliss).” - Birthday Discourse, 23 November 1993.

Swami’s ideal of selfless service forms the very foundation of Sai Vibrionics. Dedicating ourselves to the vibrionics mission serves to help each one of us evolve into better versions of ourselves and thereby bring us closer to God.

In 2015, on Swami’s 90th birthday, we published a book of 90 case histories that we dedicated at His Lotus Feet. We would like to commemorate His birth centenary in 2025 with a unique and special offering worthy of this momentous occasion. If you would like to make a grand dedication to Swami, give some serious thought and come up with an activity proposal and write to [email protected] with an outline detail of your project at the earliest by 30 November 2022. Remember, you would need to commit yourself to execute it, either individually or with peers. We envisage undertaking several projects during the centenary year.

I am delighted to see that vibrionics is gaining significant momentum as a holistic therapy. Recently, we have received several requests from practitioners residing outside India for vibrionics treatment for their friends and relatives who live in India. This has inspired us to launch a new initiative whereby overseas practitioners can email the remedy prescription and contact details of the patient to [email protected]. Our admin team will identify the nearest practitioner and forward them the details so that they can prepare and deliver the remedies to the patient. In all such cases, the patient’s record will be maintained by the overseas practitioner, who will count the patient as theirs.

Knowledge grows by sharing and the vibrionics mission gains momentum when practitioners share their cases and experiences. While, verbally we hear of so many amazing, almost miracle-like cures, sadly, many practitioners do not send in their written case histories. Sharing successful case histories not only helps other practitioners but also helps our research team to re-evaluate and validate our combos. It is my sincere request to you to send at least one chronic case history to [email protected] now and, in addition, regularly send in interesting cases, setting your own goal of how often you wish to send them.

I am thrilled to announce the commencement of two regular vibrionics clinics in Puttaparthi, one in Karnatakanagapalli across the Chitravati river and one near Sai Baba’s super specialty hospital. This is a significant development as it will benefit not only locals but also visitors to the area. More details can be found in the In Addition section of this newsletter. 

In conclusion, my prayer to our beloved Bhagawan is that He fills our hearts with more love and noble feelings so that we may spread His glory and His message of Love by infusing all those whose path crosses ours with His spiritually charged divine vibrations in the form of vibrionics. 

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal