Sai Vibrionics Newsletter

" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

From the desk of Dr.Jit K Aggarwal

Vol 13 Issue 4
July / August 2022

Dear Practitioners

We are now entering into one of the holiest months of the year - Ashada - which brings with it the auspicious festival of Guru Purnima, a festival that holds a dear place in the hearts of all practitioners as the day Swami showered us with love in the physical form by cutting the cake offered by the vibrionics team and accepting our offering of prasadam for three consecutive years.

In His Guru Purnima discourse in 1969, Swami said, “Today's festival is called Guru Purnima; it is a name full of meaning. Purnima means the effulgent full moon. Guru means (Gu-ignorance, Ru-destroyer) he who removes the darkness and delusion from the heart and illumines it with Higher Wisdom.” The full moon represents the mind when it is filled with love. And, Swami says, the only way to fill our hearts with pure unsullied love is to engage in sadhana (spiritual practice), one of the easiest forms of which, in the Kali Age, is seva (service).

Seva is the very spirit behind Sai Vibrionics that endeavours to spread the stream of Divine Love in the form of healing vibrations. With Swami’s immense grace I am happy to report, our mission has picked up steam in the last few months. Camps and physical clinics that had been suspended due to the pandemic have re-started in full swing; these are being held at both the original and new venues by dedicated teams of practitioners. You can refer to the ‘In Addition’ section for a brief report of our activities.

With this acceleration in seva activities, we are being flooded with enquiries from patients asking for contact details of their nearest practitioner. All such requests are handled by a dedicated team under the IASVP wing and can be contacted at [email protected]. I request all practitioners dealing with such inquiries to obtain feedback from patients, as to whether the practitioner is active and his latest contact details, in order to keep our database up-to-date.

I am happy to report good progress since announcing the institutionalisation of Sai Vibrionics with a formal and dynamic organisational structure just over two years ago (vol 11 Issue 2: March/April 2020). In the backdrop of challenges and opportunities that the pandemic presented us with, a team of senior practitioners, who have taken responsibility for running the organisation, has formed a ‘think tank’ in order to introspect and analyse the functioning of the organisation. The team will evaluate the activities of all the wings and formulate a comprehensive roadmap to fulfil the aims and objectives of Sai Vibrionics and take it into the future.

And while on the topic of taking vibrionics forward and making a meaningful impact, gaining credibility on the world stage is of paramount importance. This requires much greater contribution, effective coordination and increased collaboration amongst our practitioners to produce and present their successes via publishable case histories. In order to maintain our repertoire of case histories, I strongly urge all RCs and mentors to ensure that every practitioner (AP, AVP or SVP) sends us at least one chronic case history every quarter to: [email protected]. Don’t worry if you do not have a properly documented case; simply fill in the required data from your patient records in the excel or word document template which we will provide you with, on request. Our case histories team will then use the raw data to rewrite your case in a publishable format. Kindly make sure to include your registration number in all communications.

Guru Purnima is an occasion when we should rededicate ourselves to living every day by the teachings of our spiritual master who through His Divine life and teachings taught us the true meaning of Love and Service. In His Guru Purnima discourse in 1998, Swami said, “Seva is the highest form of worship and the best penance. Seva is the most important form of reciting the Lord’s name.” Let us move ahead with gratitude and humility on the path our Sadguru Sai has illuminated for us.

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal