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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Vol 7 Issue 6
November/December 2016

Staggering Increase in Worldwide Diabetes

World Diabetes Day, an annual event conducted to create awareness among the public, was celebrated recently on 14 November. Diabetes, as we all know, is a multifactorial disorder with several contributing factors such as mental and emotional health, genetics, environment, and lifestyle. This year, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) focused on routine screening to ensure early diagnosis and avoid related complications, which was a much-needed strategy to bring a check on the skyrocketing numbers. 366 million people worldwide now have diabetes, and the disease is responsible for 4.6 million deaths annually.

Vibrionics has successfully touched the lives of many diabetic patients with improved health and brought hope in them. In this issue, we present a few diabetes cases as well as their complications that our healing system has successfully addressed. Let's continue our efforts in educating people on the merits of eating healthily, daily exercise and balancing one’s mind. We must also remind our patients to consider vibrionics as a preventive strategy when deemed appropriate. With the dedicated service from all the practitioners and God's grace, vibrionics has the potential to be in the alternative health forefront to tackle this major public health issue. 

A conversation Swami had with two physicians about diet, heart disease and diabetes can be found at

“Best thing is diet control and exercise. For diabetes, green leafy vegetables are good, except cauliflower. Cabbage is good. All fruits with black seeds like apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, etc are good, except custard apple (as it has too much sugar). Papaya is good. Avoid all roots, especially potatoes.”…Sathya Sai Baba

Another quote from Swami: “Don’t eat sweets; Every day in the morning, after a bowel movement, take one green cucumber with skin and with seeds, blend the cucumber, and it will become one glass of juice, take this juice on an empty stomach; ½ hour later take breakfast; take it for 10-15 days, and your sugar level will come under control. Avoid root vegetables (i.e., vegetables which have roots) like carrot, potatoes, and do some walking exercise.” …Sathya Sai Baba


Kerala’s annual vibrionics meet - 16 October 2016

The Kerala State President opened his inspiring inaugural address with Swami’s words, “I am dancing not because I am happy, I am happy because I am dancing” - unconditional service has to be rendered with this devotion in mind. The KeralaDistrict President emphasised that vibrionics offers a good opportunity for rendering service and thus leading to the path of self-transformation. In his skype message, Dr Aggarwal spoke about the recent developments in vibrionics and reminded practitioners of Swami’s words that vibrionics is the medicine of the future. 

Topics discussed at the one-day workshop centred on the Kerala teams’ evolution, impact on the community since their inception and the way forward. Some successful case histories and patient testimonials were presented. The importance of writing of patients’ histories was emphasized since this forms the backbone for the growth of vibrionics. In order to help practitioners with diagnosis, Practitioner 11958 presented an overview of the human anatomy and the various systems of the body, along with diseases and their symptoms that can afflict a person.

Training of AVPs in Kerala began in December 2010 when 53 practitioners completed the course successfully. In Jan 2011, this information was included in the Annual Report of Vibrionics presented to Swami who accepted it in His Infinite compassion and expressed His approval by saying “Very happy with the work”. Today, there are 103 practitioners in the State and 56 remain very active. Over a quarter of a million people have received vibrionics treatment so far. 

A treatment centre was opened at Thrissur on 24 Nov 2012. In particular, vibrionics has been able to help people in Kasargod affected by the extensive use of Endosulfan pesticide. One practitioner has treated over 10,000 patients - a feat that can only be accomplished with Baba’s guiding hands. With ever-increasing ailments in the population and considering the side effects brought on by allopathic medications, the vibrionics health care programme dispensing tonics such as Bala Poshini (Children’s’ tonic*) and Pariksha Sahaie (Students’ tonic**) fulfilling a significant need.

The practitioners requested training in writing of case histories based on a twenty-two point format that was presented at the workshop. It was suggested that having regular local and district level meetings and restarting the Kerala newsletter would be useful in keeping the rural practitioners with limited access to the internet updated with the latest in vibrionics treatment. This will also give an opportunity to the not-so-active practitioners to be more actively engaged.

The meeting concluded with reminders to practitioners to do selfless, unconditional service with love and surrender.

Now, in November, arrangements are being made to start a daily Vibro Clinic at Kizhuthani, a rural area, in Thrissur district of Kerala as a birthday offering to Swami.

*Children’s tonic contains CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC12.2 Child tonic
**Students’ tonic contains CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic


Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Texting & Driving: This Could Save Your Life from the USA, gives adults, young and old, a chance to see first-hand the result when someone texts on their mobile phone while driving. Here is the link:

Share this link with family, friends and patients. Would you like to see more PSA in the future? You can share by sending us a link to a PSA about health or life-style, in English or with English sub-titles.

Om Sai Ram