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" Όποτε βλέπετε έναν άνθρωπο άρρωστο, αποθαρρυμένο, απαρηγόρητο ή ασθενή εκεί ακριβώς είναι το πεδίο σας για προφορά " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 8 Τεύχος 3
May/June 2017

From the Desk of Dr. Jit Aggarwal

Dr Aggarwal shares Swami's guidance on how to focus inward, experiences during a workshop in Poland, a research project by USA practitioners and a reminder to apply for membership in International Association of Sai Vibrionics Practitioners

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Ιατρικό Ιστορικό Περιστατικών

In the issue are cases for throat cancer, learning disability, osteonecrosis of ribs, chronic abdominal pain, diabetes, hypothyroid, wound caused by injury, leishmaniasis canine, chronic acidity and wheat allergy, and exam anxiety disorder

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Προφίλ Θεραπευτών

We are introduced to three practitioners from India, all with different backgrounds but all who realized this was a wonderful service for them.

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The Answer Corner

In this issue Dr Aggarwal answers questions about whether just keeping the vibro remedy next to the body can produce results, the remedy for empyema, if keeping the 108CC box in a tin can be detrimental, do mechanical vibrations or a plane trip affect the remedies, how to help motivate practitioners.

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Divine Words From the Master Healer

Swami tells us that life cannot continue without service and the importance of the quality of the food and water we consume.

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Upcoming workshops and refreshers are listed

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In Addition

In this issue Dr Aggarwal shares information about more about the health benefits of water, the team of translators who make the newsletter available in different languages, about the AVP workshop in Puttaparti, and about the practitioners workshop in Hyderabad

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