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" Όποτε βλέπετε έναν άνθρωπο άρρωστο, αποθαρρυμένο, απαρηγόρητο ή ασθενή εκεί ακριβώς είναι το πεδίο σας για προφορά " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Cysticercosis of the Brain 01053...USA

In April 2011 a 37-year-old female came with the above diagnosis. This is a systemic parasitic infestation caused by ingesting the eggs of tapeworm from undercooked pork. The eggs burrow through the intestinal wall and are carried to other tissues; in the brain they may cause a wide variety of neurological symptoms.

The allopathic doctor treating her gave a poor prognosis for recovery after the prescription drug that was being given had brought no change to her condition. The patient complained of dizziness, fatigue, depression, general body pain, digestion, weight gain problems, chronic headaches and chronic sinus congestion.

The practitioner gave:
CC9.3 Tropical diseases...QDS

Three months after she started the treatment the cyst had decreased by half. Then the progress was slower and in March 2013, nearly two years later, on reviewing the last MRI report, her allopathic doctor declared her healed.

Other symptoms she is left with are improving - the depression is being treated with CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic and the patient reports it has become 50% better. She has lost weight but is making positive diet changes.

The practitioner's comment:
The practitioner says that it  should be noted that she did continue to take some antibiotics and antifungal prescriptions as well as cortisone. But as these drugs caused bad side effects, she would repeatedly stop and start them again. She was however during the whole period conscientiously and regularly taking the vibro medicine daily. So the practitioner feels the remedy may have been the key to a total recovery.

The editor's comment:
This is a good healing particularly as without a risky operation to remove the cysts there is usually very little likelihood of a recovery. It would have been helpful however to have included some of the brain body part remedies which might have hastened the healing, so it is a pity that the practitioner did not consult a senior practitioner for help.