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Menstrual pain, anaemia, acidity 11585...भारत

A 38-year-old female from a remote village suffered from severe pain during every menstrual cycle for the past 25 years, though the bleeding was normal. On her physician’s advice, she took painkillers only when the pain became unbearable. Two years ago she developed burning sensation in her stomach and took antacids to cope with it. In March 2017 she was found to be anaemic as her Hb count was 7, much below the normal range of 12 -16 g/dL. On 25 April 2017, she visited the practitioner and complained of weakness and fatigue. She was given the following remedy:

For Menstrual pain and anaemia:

#1. CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC8.8 Menses irregular + CC12.1 Adult tonic...TDS
She discontinued the painkillers before starting #1 but continued with antacid.

During her follow-up visit on 19 May 2017 she was happy to report that she had no pain during menstruation for the first time in the past 25 years. She was asked to continue #1 and was also given:

For Acidity:

#2. CC4.10 Indigestion...TDS

At this point, she discontinued antacids too. After 8 weeks on 16 July, she informed the practitioner that she was free of pain during the menstrual cycles of June and July and fully relieved from acidity. She no longer felt weak or fatigued and did not feel the need to go for another blood test. The dosage of #1 and #2 was reduced to BD for two weeks, then to OD for the next two weeks, and gradually tapered down to OW before finally stopping on 30 September 2017. Inspired by the curative effect of vibrionics, her family members also started taking treatment from the practitioner. As of April 2020, she confirmed she was healthy with no recurrence of any symptoms.