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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Dementia and Slurred Speech after Breast Cancer Treatment 02864...USA

A woman (aged 47) contacted the practitioner seeking relief from ailments that had developed as side-effects of her allopathic treatment for breast cancer. After a double mastectomy in April of 2014, the patient had completed chemotherapy in November 2014 and radiation treatment in January 2015. Afterwards, she began to develop dementia and a slur or stammer in her speech. She consulted a neurologist for the dementia, who confirmed that her nervous system had been affected by the cancer and its treatment. The neurologist also noted that she exhibited extreme hysteria during her first consultation. She was depressed. Her sense of confidence had been eroded by the dementia and feelings of guilt – she believed that her son’s family had broken up due to her illness. She was also not fully cleared of the cancer. She was taking hormone therapy and breast cancer medications.  The patient began Vibrionics treatment on 15 June 2015 with:

#1. NM5 Brain TS + NM6 Calming + NM25 Shock + NM67 Calcium + NM91 Paramedic Rescue + NM105 Visc Alb (F) + NM106 Visc Alb (FG) + NM110 Essaic + BR3 Depression + BR4 Fear + BR6 Hysteria + BR7 Stress + SM9 Lack of Confidence + SM13 Cancer + SM41 Uplift + SR253 Cal Fluor + SR256 Ferrum Phos + SR257 Kali Mur + SR265 Aconite + SR271 Arnica + SR281 Carbo Veg + SR345 Calendula…QDS

One week after starting the remedy, the patient called to complain of a severe urinary tract infection (UTI). The practitioner explained to the patient that the body was experiencing a pullout and releasing toxins, which were causing the UTI. Despite the discomfort, the patient was encouraged that the healing had begun. The practitioner immediately suspended remedy  #1 and gave the following treatment:

For UTI:
#2. CC10.1 Emergencies + CC13.2 Kidney & Bladder Infections…6TD

The infection cleared within 2 days. The patient then resumed #1…OD with  instructions to stop if the UTI recurred, go back to #2 immediately and resume #1 only when the UTI was clear. After 3 weeks’ treatment (6 July 2015), the patient reported a 60% improvement in memory retention. Her speech was almost back to normal and she felt emotionally steady.  Her relationship with the family was also steadily improving. She continued to take #1…OD.

On 3 September 3 2015, the patient called to say that her medical report showed she was now clear of cancer.  She had no memory problems, her speech was back to normal and she was feeling confident enough to go back to managing her business. As of October 2014, she was continuing Vibrionics treatment with #1…2TW.