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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Hypothyroidism, Swelling of Feet, Joint Pain, Incontinence, Mental upset 02817...India

The practitioner writes: We met a 73-year-old woman at the home of a  common friend who was taking Vibrionics. The woman was suffering from various problems for the last 15 years: a burning sensation in the soles of her feet and swelling in the soles and toes, she was mentally disturbed and had a very low self esteem, had difficulty in walking and could not move her hands properly because of the pain. For 5 years she had knee joint pain and incontinence and also hypothyroidism. She was under allopathic treatment for a number of years but her condition was not improving. She kept blaming herself for not being fit, putting on weight and getting angry about everything. She avoided leaving her house because of her incontinence. The lady cried and held my hands, and hoped that God will cure her through vibrionics of which she knew from a friend. After talking to her I came to know that she has had problems with her marriage, separated but living in the same household for about 20 years and to me this was obviously the cause of her ill health.

At the start of her treatment, she was taking 12 different allopathic tablets daily. I told her not to stop any allopathic medicine without asking her doctor, and gave her:
CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC3.7 Circulation + CC6.2 Hypothyroidism + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic + CC13.3 Incontinence + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.3 Arthritis…TDS

I was surprised when the patient called me after 4 days and said that she had stopped all the allopathic medicines and was feeling very good. She estimated that she had 50% improvement in all her symptoms. I told her again not to stop her allopathic medicines without consulting her doctor. But she would not agree.

After 15 days when she came for a refill, she had 70% improvement. She told me,  ‘Now I only want these magic pills’ (this is what she calls vibrionics). After a month of her first visit she felt quite normal except for some residual body pain. That too disappeared over the next few weeks. She currently sleeps properly and is a very happy lady. She continues to take the remedy regularly and calls it Amrita (means nectar).