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The practitioner writes: In 2014 I conducted an experiment to see what the effect of Vibrionics would be on tulsi (holy basil) seedlings. During the first week of June, I took seeds of two different varieties of tulsi plants, Ram Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi,  which had been saved from the previous year by my mother (She harvests seed from her tulsi plants every year as these plants don’t survive London winters.)

I planted the Ram tulsi and Krishna seeds in two separate pots. I prepared:
CC1.2 Plant tonic...1 drop in 200ml water in a spray bottle, shaken 100 times

I sprayed the Ram tulsi pot with the combo, covered the pot with plastic and kept it on the windowsill.  I kept spraying the combo on the soil every 2 days until the bottle was finished.

At the same time, I watered the Krishna tulsi with tap water instead, which I sprinkled on the soil with my fingers. Otherwise, I treated the Krishna tulsi in exactly the same way.

When the seedlings f had grown to 5cm, I re-potted them. I distributed 15 Ram tulsi seedlings and 8 Krishna tulsi seedlings to friends and family.

All the Ram tulsi growers reported that the seedlings produced plants with very large leaves, 4 times larger than in the previous year. The leaves tasted like tulsi but the size evoked wonder (“What is this?”).  By contrast, the untreated Ram tulsi seedlings produced plants with leaves the same size as usual.  The contrast is shown in the photo above with Ram tulsi on the left and Krishna tulsi on the right; these plants were about 3 weeks old (mid-July).

The next photo (left) shows the plants 6 weeks later, at the end of August. The difference in the size of leaves is huge; note that the Ram tulsi is now on the right.

The constrast in leaf sizes in the mature plants can be easily seen in photo below showing a Ram tulsi leaf (bottom) and a Krishna tulsi leaf (top):

One Ram tulsi flowered on 8th October, shown in the photo on the left . Seeds will be collected from this plant. The experiment will be continued in summer 2015 to see whether this plant will still continue to produce huge leaves without Vibro.

To date (15th Jan 2015) the Ram tulsi is still strong and healthy while the Krishna tulsi has withered, as shown in the photo above.