साई व्हाइब्रियोनिक्स पत्रिका

" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 12 अंक 6
November/December 2021
मुद्रणीय संस्करण

संपूर्ण आवृत्ति की मुद्रित प्रति हेतु इस पृष्ठ की छपाई करें

From the desk of Dr Jit K Aggarwal

Dear Practitioners

Every year on 20 October we celebrate the Avatar Declaration Day of our beloved Swami. On this day in 1940 our Lord, at the age of 14, revealed to the world that He is Sai Baba. It was the start of a new era. Close on the heels of this auspicious anniversary, we bring to you an exciting news that marks the beginning of a new and important chapter in the journey of Sai Vibrionics! With Swami’s immense love and grace, after two years of chasing permits and official clearances, we were finally able to begin work on the construction of the Sai Vibrionics Research, Training & Wellness Centre in Puttaparthi.

On 11 October, during the sacred days of Navaratri, Bhoomi Pooja was performed on the site, organised by practitioners on behalf of our healing trust. The priest from the Lakshmi temple in the ashram chose the perfect spot for the pooja as per Hindu Vastu. We were honoured to have Sri RJ Rathnakar, Managing Trustee of the Central Trust, preside over the function and participate in the ground-breaking ceremony. He was gracious enough to do the first digging with full reverence and devotion, of this hallowed ground, an important ritual. The picture of Swami sitting atop His throne with His blessing hand in Abhayhasta with the caption Why Fear When I am Here made Swami’s presence felt by everyone who attended this milestone event. 18 SVPs from across India broadcasted SM2 Divine Protection to coincide with the pooja and Swami’s loving grace and holy vibrations were felt by all.

The Bhoomi Pooja was followed by Sankusthapana (laying of the foundation stone) on the holy and auspicious occasion of Dasara on 15 October 2021. Carved sandalwood sankh and a kalasam (pot) containing navaratnas, navadhanyas, panchalohas, gold, silver, and gemstones were placed at the base of a seven-foot-deep pit. Stone and sand from the Sannidhi construction at Sai Kulwant Hall, a small rock from Badrinath, holy water from the Ganges, and mud from the site charged with SM2 Divine Protection, were also put there. Finally, before the concrete was poured, likhitha japam books written with love by practitioners from all over India found a place of pride in the foundation. Once again, Swami’s loving guiding hand ensured the pooja was conducted smoothly. Photos of both events can be seen in the In Addition section.

As most of you know, the First International Conference of Sai Vibrionics was held in 2014 (https://vibrionics.org/?page_id=2826). Swami has planted a seed of inspiration and we believe that the time is right to plan the Second! The Vibrionics Centre is estimated to be ready in early 2023 and we would love to hold the Conference to coincide with its inauguration. A conference of this scale requires months of planning and preparation and we are counting on each one of you to make it happen. Please share your thoughts, suggestions and views on the same via email at [email protected].

As we approach Swami’s birthday, let us dwell a moment on the Divine words from His discourse on 23 Nov 1968. Swami said, “Cultivate nearness with me in the heart and it will be rewarded. Then you too will acquire a fraction of that supreme love. This is a great chance. Be confident that you will all be liberated. Know that you are saved. Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that life will be happy for all and full of joy, and that the golden age will recur. Let me assure you that this divine body has not come in vain. It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity.”

Aren’t we fortunate to have such a loving Lord to guide us? I have no doubt that the life of each one of us vibrionics practitioners has been steered by an inner calling to serve humanity. Indeed, we have seen this in our tremendous response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prevention being better than cure, the distribution of Immunity Booster (IB) has remained a priority and in the last four months, practitioners have distributed more than 6,000 IB bottles to seva dals in Puttaparthi alone! The total number of beneficiaries of IB in India has reached 538,089 – all who have been served with unconditional love and infused with His Divine vibration and protection.

With the easing of Covid restrictions, there is encouraging news that most of the suspended clinics and camps have restarted in full swing. Several new clinics have been opened, especially in remote areas of India. In particular, three Practitioners 02814, 10837 & 11210 have made significant contributions in this direction by reaching out to remote areas, rural communities and holding camps. We have also received reports of group charging sessions of 108CC boxes from several regions (photos provided in the In Addition section).

Another interesting opportunity to serve has opened up. In order to enhance the quality of content and information shared with practitioners and patients through our website and newsletters, we are building a team of volunteers who are skilled and experienced in writing. Those who would like to be a part of our ‘mass communication’ team, can reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Each time I interact with any vibrionics practitioner I am left in wonder with the success stories that each one of you has experienced while treating simple to complex and challenging medical conditions. It is my humble request that each practitioner sends in at least one complete case history every quarter to [email protected]. While we cannot publish every single case in the newsletter, these records will go a long way in enriching the case history repository on our website.

Finally, I want to remind everyone to take some time out for self-care. I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of this for staying centred and true to our inner calling. After all, we need to stay in the best of physical and mental health to do His work effectively and efficiently. On His 96th birthday, my sincere prayer to Bhagawan is that He continues to guide us in sustaining and growing our vibrionics mission from strength to strength.

In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal

Pitting oedema, loss of appetite 11624...India

A 96-year-old male had swelling in both legs from knees down and more around ankles, diagnosed as bilateral pedal pitting oedema ten months ago. During this period, he had very low energy levels and was feeling very weak. He was hardly eating anything because his appetite had gone down in the last six months. He was not taking any medication for these problems. However, he had been taking allopathic medicines for hyperthyroid and hypertension for 15 years and also prescribed laxatives on alternate days for constipation for six years. He was now finding it difficult to walk even with a walker which he had been using due to age related joint pains and muscle weakness. His haemoglobin was 9.6 g/dl on 10 Sept 2020. The following remedy was given on 1 Oct 2020

CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.4 Constipation + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.1 SMJ tonic…TDS 

By 17 Oct, his appetite had improved by 80% and swelling and constipation were reduced by 40%. When the practitioner saw him on 5 Nov, she was surprised that his legs looked normal, oedema had completely disappeared. His appetite became normal, he was enjoying his food and his haemoglobin had gone up to 11 g/dl. There was 50% improvement in joint pains, he was taking laxative only once a week and started to feel energetic. He was very happy that his main issues of oedema and loss of appetite were resolved and he did not feel the need for further treatment, He took the remedy at OD until the end of Jan 2021. As of Oct 2021, his appetite is normal and there is no recurrence of oedema.

Editor’s note: His pedal oedema and weakness may have been due to insufficiency of dietary proteins as he was hardly eating anything. The remedies improved his appetite; this may have resolved the issue of oedema and also weakness.

Sprained ankle 11624...India

A 45-year-old female had a fall while walking on an uneven surface and injured her left ankle three years ago. As there was much pain and swelling she immediately went for an x-ray that confirmed no fracture. The orthopaedist diagnosed it as sprained tendon for which he prescribed physiotherapy for a week and crepe bandage for two months but the swelling persisted. Also he prescribed painkillers whose side effects gave her acidity which after a year of taking them, became intolerable, so she stopped taking them. The pain started to get worse, so she could not get proper sleep and also developed neck pain radiating to her shoulders. Further after every 15 minutes of doing household chores, she would get tired and was irritable all the time. As homoeopathic treatment for two years also did not give her much relief, she opted for vibrionics. On 11 April 2020, she was given the following remedies: 

#1. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine + CC20.7 Fractures…TDS 

#2. CC15.6 Sleep disorders…half an hour before sleep

On the night of 17 April, she had severe ankle pain lasting 4 to 5 hours, a likely pullout. By next morning she felt 30% improvement in shoulder and ankle pain. After another three weeks on 9 May, she called the practitioner, profusely thankful as she felt more than 90% relief in her shoulder and ankle pain and swelling. She had been sleeping well and had no difficulty with her housework. By 30 May, all symptoms had completely vanished and after two weeks, both remedies were stopped. After one and a half years, on a review at the end Oct 2021, the patient confirmed that none of the symptoms had recurred. Previously, she had thought, living a life free of pain and looking after her family, would never be a reality.

Acne 11626...India

An 18-year-old girl started getting pimples on her cheeks and forehead a year ago. The pimples would develop only during her menstrual periods and subside slowly. However, for the past six months, the severity of acne increased and pimples remained even after her cycle. She thought this had happened after using an ordinary moisturising cream for one week. She did not consult a doctor but sought vibrionics treatment instead. On 12 Aug 2020 she was given: 

#1. CC8.1 Female tonic + CC17.2 Cleansing + CC21.2 Skin infections + CC21.3 Skin allergies…TDS 

#2. CC21.2 Skin infections…OD made into a paste with corn flour for topical application

On 30 August there was a strong pullout with 50% increase in pimples on her cheeks and even slight itching. She was advised to continue the remedies as prescribed. Three days later itching stopped and pimples started to subside gradually. After three months by 5 December, she was completely free of pimples. So #2 was stopped and the dosage of #1 was reduced to BD and further to OD on 8 Feb 2021 before stopping it on 26 Feb. As of Oct 2021, there has been no recurrence.

Back pain, stomach ache & acid reflux 11601...India

A 53-year-old male had been suffering from lower back pain for three years due to regularly driving for long periods, both for his business and seva activities. Additionally he suffered from stomach ache, a feeling of heaviness after meals, heartburn due to acid reflux, and he was very stressed due to hectic business schedule. He was not taking any medications, just occasionally he would take home remedies for indigestion and apply balm to his back for temporary relief. On 10 Aug 2020, he was given: 

NM22 Liver + NM29 SUFI + NM38 Back Pain + BR9 Digestion + BR12 Liver + SM39 Tension…6TD for one week followed by TDS

Within two weeks on 23 Aug, he reported 50% improvement in back pain and stomach ache. Also, he did not feel heaviness after taking food, nor any heartburn, and despite his continuing busy schedule was no longer stressed. By 13 Sep, he was fully relieved of all symptoms. As he travels a lot, the patient felt more comfortable continuing the dosage at TDS until the end of December. It was reduced to OD on 1 Jan 2021 and tapered down to OW on 1 April before stopping on 30 April. As of Aug 2021, none of the symptoms have recurred. 

If using the 108CC box give: CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.5 Spine

Tennis elbow 11632...India

A 65-year-old woman had been suffering from severe right elbow pain radiating to the thumb for the past 25 years. The pain started in 1996 after 10 years of working as a teacher. She had to stretch her arm continuously for long periods to write on the blackboard. The pain slowly worsened to an extent that she could not wear bangles let alone lift a pressure cooker. In 1999 the doctor diagnosed her condition as tennis elbow and advised physiotherapy that included gently squeezing a stress-ball for long hours. This provided temporary relief only. Her pain became severe in 2001 and the doctor diagnosed calcium deficiency. She took the prescribed calcium supplement which helped a bit. By 2010 pain aggravated so much that she had to quit her job. A few years later, she had to discontinue stitching (her hobby) and even had to give up wearing saris. She was given steroid injections and later daily pain killers which did not help much. In desperation, she decided to go for an alternative treatment. 

As soon as her sister qualified as an AVP, she made her the following remedy on 29 March 2021

#1. CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue…TDS 

#2. CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue...BD in coconut oil for external application 

The pain was reduced by 50% after 3 days and by 80% after another 20 days. The patient was overjoyed as she could do her household chores comfortably without the need of a painkiller! By 9 May the pain was completely gone. To her great relief and surprise, in spite of the extra work involved due to her grandchild’s birth, she did not need any domestic help. Over the next three months, #1 was gradually tapered down to OW by 14 Aug. She continues to take this as the maintenance dosage and #2 was stopped in mid-July. She is very happy to have resumed stitching and also wearing saris after several years. 

As of the end of October, there has been no recurrence. 

Editor’s note: Tennis elbow being a self-limiting condition usually lasts between 6 months to 2 years, with 90% patients making a full recovery within a year. This patient fell in the other 10% and developed a severe longstanding problem, now resolved with vibrionics.

Toothache 11585...India

A 43-year-old woman started having toothache in Aug 2020. In early Sept, she consulted a dentist who found two cavities and recommended filling them. However, she chose to get only the painful tooth filled. Towards the end of October pain started in the other tooth and this would aggravate with hot or cold food. This forced her to cool down coffee - her favourite drink and swallow it rather than sip it hot. By the end of November pain became unbearable, she went back to the dentist who found the cavity was too deep. Suspecting nerve damage, he recommended root canal treatment but she insisted on having just a filling. Within two days she had to return to the dentist with pain and swelling. He removed the filling, prescribed painkillers and again advised root canal treatment. 

In order to avoid the expensive and painful procedure, the patient started looking for an alternative and opted for vibrionics. On 23 Dec 2020 she was given:

NM39 Teeth Decay + SR391 Kreosotum...6TD

Within ten days the pain was completely gone. The patient was able to take hot and cold food without discomfort. The dosage was reduced to TDS on 4 Jan 2021 and to OD after a week before discontinuing it on 13 Jan. As there is a greater risk of infection in an unfilled cavity the practitioner advised her to go back to the dentist for a filling. As there was no pain, the patient did not feel the need to do so. However eight months later, the practitioner again stressed the need for a filling, so the patient visited her dentist who confirmed that now there was no need for a root canal treatment and simply filled the cavity. As of end Oct 2021, she is doing well. 

If using the 108CC box give: CC11.6 Tooth infections

Cough with phlegm, acid reflux 11601...India

A male aged 52 years was suffering from cough with excessive phlegm which he found difficult to expectorate and acid reflux for nearly three and a half years. At night in a lying down position, he struggled to breathe normally but was fine during the day. On the suggestion of a friend he had been using an oxygen mask at night for three years and this helped with his sleep. On 29 Sept 2020, he approached the practitioner who gave: 

NM16 Drawing + NM26 Penmycin + NM36 War + NM37 Acidity + NM114 Elimination + SR304 Oxygen 200C…6TD for one week followed by TDS 

As he had the habit of eating one heavy spicy meal a day, the practitioner advised him to eat two lighter meals instead, to cut down on spicy and non-veg food and also to avoid cucumber and apples which were causing nose block. 

On 13 Oct, he reported 50% reduction in all his symptoms. Occasionally he still had to use the oxygen mask. In another month on 12 Nov, his breathing was comfortable, phlegm and acid reflux substantially reduced and digestion much better – an overall 80% improvement. On 24 Dec, he said that all his symptoms had completely gone a month ago, also he had good sleep and did not use the oxygen mask! The patient was more comfortable to continue at TDS for another two months. On 1 Mar 2021 the dosage was tapered down to OD, then to OW and stopped in April 2021. As of Oct 2021, he has been absolutely fine. 

 If using the 108CC box give: CC4.10 Indigestion + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.4 Asthma attack + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.6 Cough chronic 

Allergy to nuts & dairy 00006...India

A 32-year-old male would develop red itchy bumps on his face within 1 to 2 hours of consuming even trace amount of peanuts, cashews, almonds or dairy products, first noticed by him in Oct 2012, while he was living in the US. With steroid cream, it would take 7 to 10 days for the skin to get back to normal. He suffered frequently from such episodes for one year, not knowing that it was due to food allergy. Soon after his return to India, in Nov 2013 a skin specialist advised him to monitor his food intake. By trial and error, he discovered the cause to be an allergy to the above foods which he found difficult to completely avoid as these were part of his regular diet. For four years he used steroid creams which gave only temporary relief. He also took homoeopathic treatment for one year and ayurvedic for six months without any improvement. In Jan 2016 he heard of vibrionics and fascinated by it, enrolled in the course. During the training, he approached the practitioner and sought treatment for his allergy. On 24 Feb 2016 he was given the following remedy prepared using a sample of nuts and milk provided by him: 

Potentised peanut, cashew, almond & milk at 200C…TDS 

He was told to completely avoid these foods and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Within two days mild rash appeared on his face even though he had not consumed any of these foods. As this was a case of mild pullout, the patient was able to continue at the same dosage. In the next five days, his symptoms were completely gone. After two months the practitioner advised him to try a small quantity of these foods, one at a time, checking for any allergic reaction. To his utter amazement none of the foods caused any rash, this encouraged him to start eating these regularly. The remedy was gradually tapered down to zero by the end of Aug 2016. Now it has been more than five years since the remedy was stopped without relapse of any symptoms. 

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 03599...USA

A five-year-old boy was suffering for over a year, from episodes of abdominal pain with alternating phases of diarrhoea and constipation. It was diagnosed as IBS and symptoms would occur once every 2-3 months and would last for two weeks despite taking allopathic medication. During constipation, bowel movements would happen once in 2-3 days and were painful with difficulty in passing stools. Sometimes the pain was so severe that he was scared of going to the toilet. Once he had to be admitted in the emergency ward due to severe constipation. He had also been complaining of irritation and itching around his genitals for over two months. Gradually itching became so frequent and severe that he was too embarrassed to visit friends and relatives. He did not take any medication for itching. On 31 Dec 2020 when the boy developed IBS symptoms starting with constipation, instead of giving him allopathic medicines, his grandmother approached the practitioner who gave: 

#1. CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.3 Skin allergies…QDS in water  

He was advised to include more vegetables and carom seeds in his diet and to take only home food. On 10 Jan 2021, it was reported that there was hardly any change in his condition, so the remedy was changed to:  

#2. CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC21.7 Fungus...QDS and

#3. CC10.1 Emergencies + CC21.3 Skin allergies + CC21.7 Fungus…TDS in aqua-based non-fragrant cream to be applied to his genitals.    

Within four days on 14 Jan, there was 90% relief in IBS symptoms but itching persisted. On 21 Jan, the dosage of #2 was reduced to TDS and #3 was given in vibhuti. Apart from taking remedies regularly, diet recommendations were also followed. By 29 Jan, there was complete relief, including that from itching. #3 was now to be applied if needed. The dosage of #2 was reduced to BD and two weeks later to OD. The patient did not feel the need to continue beyond the end of February. As of the end of Oct 2021, he is doing well and actively participating in various activities.   

Editor’s note:  IBS can be triggered by stress or some specific food, so the patient should be monitored for two years for any recurrence or weight loss.

Allergy to dog hair 02802...UK

A 75-year-old woman has been managing her longstanding asthma with inhalers for over ten years. In Feb 2018, she moved to her daughter’s home to look after her large Alsatian dog whilst she went on a holiday. Gradually, her chest became very wheezy and she started coughing. When the daughter returned after four weeks, the mother’s condition had become so bad that she was hospitalised for several weeks. A respiratory consultant diagnosed this as bronchiectasis with severe asthma. She was given oral steroids and inhalers. Even after discharge, wheezing and shortness of breath persisted, along with difficulty in speaking due to severe cough. She contacted the practitioner who had treated her for constipation, hiatus hernia and incontinence for over four years. She was still taking #1. CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.9 Hernia + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC9.1 Recuperation + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC13.3 Incontinence + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic at the maintenance dosage of OD

On 8 June 2018, she was additionally given: 

#2. CC10.1 Emergencies + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.6 Cough chronic…TDS

Within two days the cough was 30% better but she was still quite wheezy and short of breath. On 12 June, during a visit to the patient, the practitioner noticed she was exposed to a lot of dog hair and kinesiology (muscle testing) confirmed that she was allergic to dog hair, hence the following remedy:

#3. Dog hair potentised at 1M…TDS

In one week, all symptoms reduced by 50% in spite of her staying with the dog. Despite the advice to take #3 alone, the patient started taking #2 also after a week as she felt this too helped. After two months on 14 Aug, there was 80% improvement in her overall condition. Her voice also sounded stronger and she was no longer coughing while speaking. To make it easier, #2 and #3 were combined and one bottle was given. She reported at the beginning of Jan 2019 that she had been completely fine for some time and had also stopped taking the steroids. Now #1 was combined with #2 & #3 and dosage was reduced to OD. As of Oct 2021, it has been more than two and a half years, she is fit and well and living happily with the daughter and her dog. Due to her age, she is more comfortable to continue the remedy at OD for maintenance.


Colon cancer 02799...UK

A female teacher aged 52 had been suffering for over a year from kidney pain, colic and indigestion. She took prescribed drugs along with home remedies but each time relief from symptoms was temporary; this went on for over nine months. The doctor ordered blood tests and ultrasound scan but these did not reveal anything. She was undergoing huge stress due to excessive workload and also from providing intensive home care to her mother-in-law having mouth cancer. The abdominal pain gradually became continuous and was so severe that she could neither walk nor talk. She became constipated, had vomiting and lost appetite. Soon her tummy ache became intolerable and on 28 April 2020, she had to go to a hospital emergency. They performed laparotomy and found advanced caecal cancer infiltrating the right ovary, extensive peritoneal disease, lesions causing narrowing and severe blockage of the small intestine. They had to perform a loop ileostomy whereby a stoma bag was attached to collect waste. They also confirmed lung metastases of size 19 mm in the right and 13 mm in the left lung. The hospital confirmed a diagnosis of Metastatic Caecal Adenocarcinoma with origin in the colon and a very poor life prognosis. The only treatment they could offer was palliative, not curative and she was told that the stoma was irreversible.

She felt that her whole world had collapsed but this huge shock woke her up. She decided there and then to fight the cancer out and surrendered to Swami to guide her through this crisis. A friend suggested Sai Vibrionics and seeing the practitioner, she felt “she is the Divine Angel to guide me through this journey”. She decided to take chemotherapy and vibrionics with total faith and surrender. On 5 May 2020 the practitioner gave:

For cancer

#1. CC2.1 Cancers - all + CC2.2 Cancer pain + CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC4.1 Digestion + CC4.2 Liver & Gallbladder tonic + CC4.3 Appendicitis + CC4.4 Constipation + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC4.11 Liver & Spleen + CC8.1 Female tonic + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.1 Chest tonic + CC19.3 Chest Infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic…6TD for two weeks reducing to QDS

For inflammation

#2. Prednisolone potentised at 10M & CM…QDS

For pain

#3. NM20 Injury + NM36 War + SR397 Morphinum + Cannabis 10M + Cocaine 10M + Crotalus Horridus 30C + Lithium 10M, all four from homoeo store…QDS

She was started on chemotherapy on 6 June and the following remedy for its side effects began the day before:

#4. NM45 Atomic Radiation + NM110 Essiac + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM2 Divine Protection + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SM6 Stress + SR310 Radium + SR324 X-ray + SR559 Anti ChemotherapyQDS one week before and one week after each session of chemo.

Her mind-set was that cancer was just a visitor in her body, its time as a guest was over and now she was asking it to leave. During chemo, she visualised, as each drop went in, that cancer cells stop mixing with healthy cells.

She did suffer from the side effects of chemo like hair loss, joint pain, loss of appetite, lethargy and was unable to do anything except meditate. After the 5th session, she developed a blood clot in her pic line, which meant she needed an urgent CT scan which is normally done after six sessions. Remarkably they found 70% shrinkage in the size of the tumour. The doctors remarked this to be unbelievable. This further strengthened the patient’s faith in vibrionics. As she felt very weak, the practitioner gave the following additional remedy on 27 August:

#5. NM2 Blood + NM12 Combination-12 + NM45 Atomic Radiation + NM48 Vitamin Eye Comp + NM63 Back-up + NM67 Calcium + NM68 Cataract Comp-B + NM86 Immunity + OM1 Blood + OM28 Immune System + BR1 Anaemia + SM2 Divine Protection + SM5 Peace & Love Alignment + SM6 Stress + SM26 Immunity + SM41 Uplift + SR216 Vitamin-E + SR224 Spleen Chakra + SR233 Ruby + SR256 Ferrum Phos + SR281 Carbo Veg + SR306 Phosphorous + SR324 X-ray + SR360 VIBGYOR + SR361 Acetic Acid + SR494 Haemoglobin + SR509 Marrow + SR529 Spleen + SR561 Vitamin Balance…QDS 

After six chemo sessions, blood tests revealed falling levels of haemoglobin, vit B-12 and platelet count. On 8 September, another remedy was added: 

#6 Blood nosode at 10M & CM… 6TD for 2 weeks, then QDS

She started to feel renewed energy that was not felt before. By the 12th chemo session on 15 Nov, she felt the healing taking place inside her. The doctors told her that it’s rare to complete all the chemo sessions consecutively as patients need to stop and recuperate to get blood levels back to normal.

After another CT scan in two weeks, the oncologist rang her in the excitement that the top specialist agreed to cytoreductive surgery to remove tumours with hyperthermic Intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC, whereby life expectancy increases and the rate of cancer reoccurrence reduces). Previously the doctors did not consider her suitable for this surgery. During the ensuing 12½ hour surgery on 29 Jan 2021, she had a hysterectomy, oophorectomy, cholecystectomy, splenectomy, hemicolectomy, omentectomy, insertion of ureteric stents and intra-operative chemotherapy. After the surgery, while she was still wired up she had a vision of Sai Baba washing His hands - a divine play! A CT scan confirmed her body was clear of all cancer. Lung cancer which was not treated (only vibrionics given) was now benign and just a haematoma! 

She was discharged on 12 Feb 2021 to live a new life, free of cancer as confirmed by a scan three months later. She is left with neuropathy in her hands and legs, which she is confident of overcoming. On 29 Sept, #2 to #5 were stopped. As of the end of October 2021, she continues to take #1 & #6, is able to manage cooking and gardening, draws and etches on glass and makes candles to get her hands working and manages short trips outside. She was always anaemic, so felt weak as if with little energy; now she feels better than ever before! For the first time, all her blood reports are normal, not deficient in any vitamins or minerals. The tremendous support from her soul-mate husband and family coupled with their prayers has sustained her. Loving every cell in her body and thanking them was crucial in the healing process and so was the patient’s complete faith in Swami!

If using the 108CC box give #3: CC2.2 Cancer pain + CC10.1 Emergencies; #4: CC2.1 Cancers All + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic; #5: CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC7.2 Partial Vision + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic


Practitioner Profile 11624...India

Practitioner 11624...India, coming from an extended family of doctors, she has always been fascinated by the service her grandparents provided and the reverence and blessings they received from patients. Quite naturally she took them to be her role models. Unable to secure a medical seat, she remained enthusiastic and undaunted, realizing that God has a plan for every soul, their own role and path. Clinical Biochemistry turned out to be hers. Years later in confirmation, on 4 Oct 1995, she was selected by Sai Baba to work as a Biochemist at His Super Specialty Hospital and she was given charge of the department in June 2001. Prompted by Swami in a dream to pursue research, she completed her doctorate in April 2011 and was appointed the head of the department in June 2011, later completing NABL accredited courses in quality control. Her duty at the hospital was the highly responsible task of ensuring the overall quality of the biochemistry laboratory and delivering timely patient reports. Living in constant integrated awareness of His presence, she feels that Swami guided her in modernizing the lab and turning it into a world-class Biochemistry Lab by strictly maintaining internal and external controls. 

During her pre and early teens, she grew up in the home of her spiritually oriented grandparents who encouraged her to read scriptures like Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita and attend sacred storytelling and spiritual lectures. At age 14, always averse to discord between religions, she designed a multi-faith emblem portraying religious unity. She was first introduced to Swami in March 1985 during Mahashivratri celebrations at a Sai Samiti where she was irresistibly drawn by bhajan-singing. Hearing the 'Sarva dharma prayer' brought tears to her eyes and she entered His fold, soon digesting all available Sai literature, convinced that Swami was the God she was searching for. In response to her great desire but hesitancy to sing, Swami appeared in her dream and told her "Nothing is impossible in this world"; she then started to lead bhajans. It was not until March 1986 that she had His first darshan. Then she began visiting Puttaparthi twice a year until 1995 when she moved there. She threw herself enthusiastically into various seva activities like Bal Vikas, satsang, medical camps and sevadal service. She yearned to please Swami, her god and guru, and be as close to Him as possible.

She first came across vibrionics in 2016 while browsing the net. Swami Narayani's stories interested her, but not enough to think of becoming a practitioner. In Dec 2018, during a train journey, she was amazed to hear from a fellow passenger, a breast cancer survivor, that vibrionic remedies had ameliorated the side effects of her chemotherapy and radiation. A few days later, she met a practitioner in Puttaparthi, who related his successful recovery from skin allergies with the remedies. Recognizing these as signs from Swami, she enrolled in the course, eventually becoming AVP in Feb 2020 and VP in May 2021.

The practitioner feels the ability to help people regain their health in the safe zone of harmless vibrionics remedies is no less than a miracle. She quotes a few examples:

  • A couple married for five years remained childless in spite of consulting specialists and using their medications. The husband was diagnosed with low sperm count, but financial restrictions together with the wariness of certain procedures prevented them from pursuing further treatments. The depressed wife craved for a miracle. She resolved to take vibrionics treatment. The practitioner gave her CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic and the husband was given CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC14.3 Male infertility + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic. After taking the remedies for just over six weeks, to their utter delight and joy, she conceived and is now the proud mother of a healthy six-month-old baby boy. 
  • A 35-year-old woman diagnosed with PCOD 18 months ago complained of irregular periods – menstruating once in 2-3 months, weight gain and irritability over petty things. She did not want to take allopathic medicines. Within one month of taking CC6.2 Hypothyroid + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.8 Menses irregular, she started having regular periods, eliminated her weight gain and the irritability disappeared. 
  • A 55-year-old female with a wart growing along the length of her right Index finger found no relief after a year of homoeopathic treatment. Worried about its increasing size, she changed to vibrionics treatment and was given CC21.8 Herpes. The patient sincerely and strictly followed the instructions for five months, the wart simply fell off.

Sharing these success stories with new patients helps to instil in them even greater faith in vibrionics. She equates the 108CC box to the sacred Sanjeevini plant from Ramayana and finds it to be indispensable for handling her family's ailments. The practitioner finds CC10.1 Emergencies to be most useful as it provides immediate relief for any emergency and many ailments; she calls it her ‘all-rounder’; also CC9.2 Infections acute + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic gives excellent results when used for respiratory allergy to dust, cold or food.

Around half of her patients are from outside Puttaparthi. They consult her over the phone and her husband happily sends the remedies by post. During the pandemic, however, due to delays in the postal service, she has been referring some patients to their local practitioners. Working in the hospital and living on the campus has given her the opportunity to serve the staff members who account for the remaining 50% of her patients. She never misses an opportunity to introduce the subject of vibrionics to anyone she meets. She listens to her patients with much patience, responding appropriately with compassion. This makes them relaxed and happy and they can express themselves freely, the practitioner believes that the process of healing starts there and then.

She has participated in group packing of Immunity Booster and also helps with translations into Telugu. Currently, she is mentoring an AVP, a service she loves, partly because she learns from the new AVP’s different perspective of treatment options. She likes to collaborate with other practitioners but the opportunities have been limited due to the pandemic. She is planning to conduct camps and looks forward to becoming an e-course teacher and a workshop trainer in due course. Knowing that Swami will always provide sufficient energy for His seva, she has resolved to do this to her fullest capacity.

The practitioner is grateful to Swami for giving what she calls His "powerful miracle medicine". While preparing remedies, she constantly prays, feeling strongly connected to Him, and sends positive vibrations, especially to those with severe illness. Vibrionics, she feels, is a fast-growing alternative modality with many dedicated practitioners working hard and contributing to its growth. Providing free medicine to the maximum number of people is not an easy task in today’s world of Hi-tech medicine, but she says, with practitioners’ love and compassion and Swami’s grace, nothing is impossible.

Cases to share

Practitioner Profile 11626...India

Practitioner 11626...India with a post-graduate degree in Commerce, she is a homemaker and a Bal-Vikas (SSE) guru. Fortunate to be born in a family of Sai devotees, over the years, she has witnessed many service activities of the Sai seva organisation. Swami's words “If you take one step towards Me, I shall take a hundred towards you” spurred her to participate in Parthi seva in Oct 1998 when she was blessed with an opportunity to take Swami's padanamaskar, a memory she still cherishes.

Already keenly interested in alternative healing, when her father told her about his friend’s wife benefitting from Sai vibrionics with her lung cancer, the practitioner immediately began web searching for the remedies that helped. In the process she watched Dr Aggarwal's Souljourns interview that inspired her to sign up for a course, consequently becoming an AVP in Feb 2020 and graduating to VP in Apr 2021. She feels her decision received divine approval when during her admission process she lacked the required number of patients and prayed to Swami. Shortly thereafter, out of the blue, an old family friend called her and decided during the call itself that vibrionics would benefit his whole family, thus providing the required patient quota. She began her vibrionics practice from home, but now due to the pandemic most consultations are on the phone and remedies are sent by mail. This suits her patients, happy to remain in the safety in their homes. Her husband provides invaluable help with mailing the remedies. During these challenging times, vibrionics has also proved very useful in taking care of her own family members’ acute health problems, without the need to visit a physician.

The practitioner shares a heart-warming case of a 23-year-old male who suffered constant pain and irritation in his stomach for eight months. He presented with weakness and inability to eat properly, generally lying listless in bed without any allopathic medication. His bone marrow test revealed “aplastic anaemia”, his endoscopic report, ’severe haemorrhagic gastritis’, and his RBC, platelet and haemoglobin counts were very low. On 11 June 2020, he was given CC3.1 Heart tonic + CC3.2 Bleeding disorders + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC12.1 Adult tonic. He started improving steadily; his stomach pain reduced, his platelets improved from 6000 to 17000, and his haemoglobin increased from 2.8 to 6.5. He was able to eat properly and do his own work, all within a period of 6 months. On 16 Apr 2021, CC12.4 Autoimmune diseases & CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders were added to the above combo. Presently, in October 2021, with 90% relief in all his symptoms, an improved platelet count of 42000, and near normal haemoglobin at 11, he continues to take vibro treatment. He has received bonus healing; earlier he had many deep-seated fears, but having experienced so much improvement has boosted his faith in Sai Baba and all his fears have vanished despite the general widespread fear of Covid. In another case, a 20-year-old male suffered from sneezing with runny and blocked nose along with fatigue and lethargy for five years. After commencing work as a tailor, he would get nosebleeds thrice a week. On 21 Jan 2021, he was given CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.5 Sinusitis. The nosebleeds stopped within a week and his sneezing within a month, other symptoms disappeared too.

She recommends CC12.2 Child tonic for the prevention of all types of infections in children. Immediately after becoming an AVP, she gave this to her 11-year-old son BD for 6 months. This cleared up his frequent cold, cough and chest congestion which had plagued him since birth. His allergy to bananas also vanished, an additional unexpected benefit! Given OD as a preventive to a 6-month-old baby boy, this remedy did indeed keep the child free of cold, cough and fever. For patients with stress due to family problems, she discovered that spraying CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders in their homes to be very helpful. A 34-year-old woman, troubled by ten years of weekly psychic attacks from invisible entities, obtained complete relief with this spray. When a patient is 90% cured but the last 10% recovery is being stubborn, the practitioner adds CC17.2 Cleansing to the original combo for quick and complete healing. Adding the same to a remedy for skin problems also brings faster relief. For her own acidity problem, she found that adding CC17.2 Cleansing to CC4.10 Indigestion + CC19.7 Throat chronic gave excellent results.

Initially, she used to get upset when her remedies seemed to fail, but with constant prayers to Swami, the practitioner has gradually developed a sense of detachment and surrender. She visualizes healing vibrations beaming onto each patient in the form of a white light and this has increased her confidence, as has continuous chanting of ‘Om Sri Sai Ram’ while preparing remedies. This practice engenders a sense of satisfaction in her, that the patient is truly in Swami's care. She coaches her patients on lifestyle and stresses the importance of physical activity. Following her own advice to keep her body and mind healthy with regular pranayam and a hatha yoga routine, she practices what she preaches.

Throughout her practice, she feels benefitted by keeping in touch with her mentor as well as other supportive seniors who impart valuable suggestions with difficult cases. She appreciates her fellow practitioners who help with consultation, education, procuring supplies and generously covering her patients in her absence. In her hometown, she was delighted to help prepare IB bottles during group seva. Mentoring new AVPs is a recent enjoyable service. She considers this an opportunity for mutual learning and furthering her own skills as a practitioner. Looking ahead she eagerly anticipates joining medical camps and becoming an SVP with an opportunity for broadcasting. 

On reflection, she considers 'acceptance' the first step in wellbeing because it focuses the mind on the solution rather than the problem. She works to cultivate purity of thought, believing that illness occurs to teach us something and once the learning happens, the recovery begins. In conclusion, she considers the holistic healing system of Vibrionics to be a boon to all mankind and she feels blessed to be playing her part.

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Answer Corner

Q1. As the root cause of any illness lies in the mind, will it be reasonable to include CC10.1 Emergencies and/or CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic to help clear the underlying baggage, in the first remedy given to a patient? 

A. Patients usually come to us with a specific ailment. To gain their trust we should focus and make a remedy based on symptoms as the cure will be faster. Of course if their stress, depression or fear relate to their ailment, then do include CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic. Later when there is an improvement, the patient will feel happy to share inner mental worry or emotional difficulty and it will be best to add an appropriate remedy from category 15 at that time. CC10.1 Emergencies should generally be given for emergencies and injuries. If you do feel the need to add this to the first remedy you give to the patient then it is best to exclude it as soon as the need for this is over. Also, remember that vibrionics works by clearing toxins which in turn boost one’s immunity. In this way vibrionics remedies are indirectly addressing the root cause anyway.


Q2. I shall be treating an aged bedridden patient whose frail body I fear may not be able to withstand a pullout. How can I deal with this delicate situation?

A In general, in such a situation, it is best to give a single dose and wait while checking any sign of pullout. If there is a pullout, don’t increase the dosage until it has subsided. Treading carefully, you can gradually move up to reach the prescribed dosage. Also, avoid treating a deep underlying root cause until the patient has recovered sufficiently while being treated for current symptoms. Miasm remedies which may cause pullout, are generally less effective at later ages, so should be given as early in life as possible. Also if you give remedies from the 108CC box, the chance of getting a pullout is much less.


Q3. Many patients are reluctant to take remedy in water. Shall I give them in pills? 

A. It is the experience of many practitioners that vibro remedies are more effective in water but comparatively less patient-friendly. It is not always practical for some patients and in some situations eg, an elderly patient taking more than one remedy or several members of a household taking different remedies or non-availability of pure or distilled water (mineral water is not recommended). Also, pills last much longer when the remedy is made in water, especially useful when a patient is about to run out of pills. There is also the downside to taking remedies in water since the latter readily absorbs impurities (even when kept covered) from the atmosphere and so the water can become stale and remedy less effective. However, where frequent dosage is required, using water is practical and more advantageous. Insisting on a patient to take the remedy in water can be counterproductive. Refer to vol 7 #3. If there is no improvement with pills then water remedy can be considered. While administering the first dose, it is helpful to demonstrate how to make the remedy in water.


Q4. Can I use IB remedy water for gargling to keep my throat clean? What should be the ideal temperature of water?

A. It is well known that in addition to taking in the remedy orally topical application increases the efficacy of vibrionics remedies. Therefore it is perfectly fine to use the remedy water as mouth wash or for gargling. As keeping the remedy in the mouth for a minute the vibrations are already absorbed it does not matter whether you now ingest the water, or discard it because you suspect a virus in the mouth. In any case, continue taking IB on waking. Remember the vibrations in water (also in oil or cream) are effective at up to body temperature of 37C (98.6F) whereas gargling is best done at higher temperatures. So, it makes sense to gargle normally in warm saltwater and take IB remedy separate from gargling.


Q5. Vaccination is due for my 5-year old child but I am confused whether to go for it or not? 

A. There are strong opinions on both sides. Some paediatricians believe that the immune system of children under three is not ready for vaccination. Some parents claim that children are at risk of getting conditions like autism after MMR or DTP. Many alternative health practitioners subscribe to the view that there is a risk of permanently weakening the immune system and a possibility of causing future allergies. On the other hand, we all know that vaccinations have saved millions of children from diseases like smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. We feel that vibrionics can work hand in hand with allopathy. Our view is that guidelines of local health authorities should be followed and the decision to vaccinate should be entirely the choice of parents. If vaccination is to be taken, talk to a vibro practitioner first as we have remedies that can help with reducing any adverse side effects and if you choose not to go for it, then we can provide remedies for protection.


Q6. During consultations if a patient moves on to asking personal questions, how should I handle this? 

A. Answer within your comfort zone. Politely tell them that your time is limited and you want to know more about them and their health issues to make the best remedy. It’s important to set a length of time for each appointment. The general suggestion is 45 to 60 min for the first appointment and 30 min for follow-up or set your own length of time. Act in a professional manner.


Q7. Vibrionics and homeopathic remedies are both subtle energy medicines. However, the instruction of keeping remedies away from radiation sources is mandatory in vibrionics but does not appear to be so in homoeopathy, why? 

A. Homoeopathic remedies are traditionally prepared by dilution and succussion method, so these (above 12C potency) are similar in nature to vibrionics remedies. Hence standard storage conditions for both are to keep them away from direct sunlight, strong-smelling odours and electrical equipment that emit strong electromagnetic fields. This is based on the observation of many practitioners and there appears to be no scientific proof or study done.


Divine words from the Master Healer

Take in only simple pure clean food---what is called Satvic food by the sages. That is to say, food which will not arouse the impulses and emotions, sharpen the passions, upset the equanimity, hamper health. Food offered to God is free from the evil vibrations that injure the individual in subtle ways. Food offered to the hungry and then eaten has also the same beneficial quality. Since food has a subtle impact on the feelings and thoughts of man, you have to be vigilant ever.

...Sathya Sai Baba, “The dead satellite” Divine Discourse 6 March 1970                        https://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume10/sss10-07.pdf


When you go into the qualifications needed for seva, you will know that a pure heart---uncontaminated by conceit, greed, envy, hatred or competition is essential; also, faith in God, as the spring of vitality, virtue, and justice. Seva is the worship you offer to the God in the heart of everyone. Do not ask another which state you belong to, or which caste or creed you profess. See your favourite form of God in that other person; as a matter of fact, he is not 'other' at all. It is His image, as much as you are. You are not helping some 'one individual'; you are adoring Me, in him. I am before you in that form; so, what room is there for the ego in you to raise its hood? Duty is God. Work is worship. Even the tiniest work is a flower placed at the feet of God.

...Sathya Sai Baba “ A flower at His feet” Divine Discourse 4 March 1970                       https://www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume10/sss10-06.pdf



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In Addition

1. Health Tips

Let your skin glow in health!

The body has to be carefully and tenderly fostered; it is a precious gift, a very complicated but well-co-ordinated machine, given for achieving a laudable task. Its exterior too must be clean and full of the charm of goodness. The skin of the fruit of Ananda (divine bliss) is the physical body”…Sathya Sai Baba1

1. Structure and function of the skin

Skin with its appendages — nails, hair follicles, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands— is the largest organ in the body, comprising 15% of the total adult body weight. The three main layers of human skin are:

a. Epidermis is the outer thin, elastic, tough, and protective layer, it has no blood vessels. It is continuously regenerated by new cells made in its lowest layer which travel to the surface and replace the dead cells which are shed each day. It prevents irritants and allergens from entering the body, maintains the internal water balance, determines the skin colour and protects from UV radiation through its pigment melanin. The top layer of epidermis gives rise to nails which protect the delicate tips of fingers and toes from injury, enable precise movements and touch sensitivity, and serve as a tool for cutting, scraping, or pinching very fine objects.

b. Dermis is the inner thick, fibrous, and elastic layer containing nerve endings, oil/sebaceous glands (to keep the skin and hair moist and soft), sweat glands, hair follicles, and blood vessels. This layer gives the skin its flexibility and strength, nourishes and protects the epidermis, and helps in wound healing.

c. Hypodermis/subcutis: the innermost fatty layer that helps attach the skin to the bone and muscles. It is interlaced with blood vessels and nerves, gives structural support to the skin, insulates the body from cold, aids shock absorption, and serves as an energy storage area. 

The main functions of the skin are protection from infection and injury, thermoregulation, and sensation. Skin also pre-synthesises vitamin D from the sunlight facilitating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, vitamin A, and steroid hormones.2-5

2. Causes and symptoms of skin disorders

2.1 Causes could be infection due to virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite; allergy from exposure to the sun, cold/hot temperature, dust, pollen or mould spores, animal dander, perfume, soap, wool, food, chemicals, drugs, or another person’s skin; diseases like diabetes; genetics including autoimmune disorders; stress; medications, or injury caused by bites, stings, burns, or wounds. If there is no known cause, the underlying condition needs to be addressed.6.7,8

2.2 Symptoms that indicate skin problems are rash, blisters, open sores, bumps, ulcers, abscess, boils; also, abnormal pigmentation or discoloured patches, dry skin, itching, scaly or rough skin, peeling skin, lesions, or dry sores. Many a time it is not easy to gauge the skin condition and tests like biopsy, culture, or skin patch test may be required. Some skin changes may not be due to a disease.6.7,8

3. Skin infections

3.1 Viral infections: Herpes simplex remains dormant in the body and comes with a tingling, burning, and itching sensation in the affected area (usually in or around the mouth or genitals); can flare up as fever with swollen lymph nodes, cold sores, or blisters. Herpes zoster (shingles) occurs when the dormant chickenpox virus gets reactivated, especially in older adults and those with weak immunity. First symptoms are severe burning or tingling pain followed by a band of rash or blisters on one side of the body. Usually clears up within 3 to 5 weeks. Can infect someone as chickenpox but not as shingles. Measles (rubeola) is a highly contagious childhood disease that manifests as very painful red blotchy rashes. Warts are noncancerous rough bumps, mostly on hands, soles of the feet (verruca), face, fingers, around fingernails and toenails, and genitals. They develop when the human papillomavirus (HPV) enters a cut or break in the skin causing infection that spreads by casual skin contact or through shared objects such as towels. Once the skin is infected, warts can take weeks or months to appear.7,9-14

3.2 Bacterial infections are very common and hard to diagnose. Cellulitis is non-contagious and occurs in the lower layers of skin, especially when the skin is broken due to ulcer, bruise, burn, or a recent surgical wound. It appears as tender red swelling, warm or hot to touch, mostly on the face of children and lower legs in adults. If not treated early, it can lead to blood infection and damage the immune system. Elevate and cover the affected area to aid healing. Other infections are: Impetigo is highly contagious, starts around the nose and mouth; Carbuncles (cluster of several furuncles/boils, contagious, usually on the back, thighs, or back of the neck); and syphilis that usually spreads by sexual contact and can be passed by mothers to unborn children, can remain dormant for long and can be cured in early stages but is life-threatening if untreated. Leprosy is mildly infectious with symptoms of discoloured patches of skin, numbness, muscle weakness, and skin lesions which can lead to decreased sensation to touch, temperature, or pain. Can be cured if diagnosed early. If not treated, the nerve damage can result in crippling of hands and feet, paralysis, and blindness.7,15-19

3.3 Fungal infections (mycosis) occur in the skin folds or where moisture gets trapped, like armpits, between fingers and toes, mouth, groin, vagina and also feet and nails; and includes diaper rash. Symptoms are bright red rash with localised itchiness, sometimes with blisters or pustules. Ringworm infection, highly contagious, includes athlete’s foot and jock itch (in the groin area, more in men), and Candida infection like thrush which often occurs in mouth or throat, and armpits. Infants and those having dry mouth, uncontrolled diabetes, HIV infection, cancer, or pregnancy are more at risk. One can catch a fungal infection from infected animals, contaminated soil or surfaces, or through person-to-person contact. Though treatable with antifungal creams, the symptoms can drive one crazy; keep the affected area as clean and dry as possible.7,20-22

3.4 Parasitic infections: Head lice are tiny insects that live on people’s heads and feed on their blood. Marked by itching around the ears and the neck, especially at night, it takes 4-6 weeks for the itching to start and takes even longer to eliminate the lice and their nits. Body lice produces an intense itch. Scabies causes pimple-like itchy rash anywhere especially, the webspace between the fingers and toes, inner part of wrists, folds of elbows, armpits, waistline and groin area, and scalp of infants. All these are often found in people living in crowded conditions and spread person to person in proximity, common in children in daycare and schools. Creeping eruption/Sandworm disease has winding snake-like red itchy rash caused by hookworms, from eggs in the faeces of dogs and cats, found in moist sandy land; so don’t walk barefoot on contaminated ground, especially in tropical places.7,23 

4. Allergies and autoimmune skin disorders

4.1 Skin allergy is triggered by contact with an allergen. When the immune system fights the trigger to remove it from the body, it results in red and itchy skin rash. Dermatitis includes eczema (due to genetic or environmental factors; but can become a weeping/wet eczema due to excessive scratching), hives or urticaria (raised pink or red bumps, often in batches), and liver/sun spots (patches of darker skin due to exposure to ultraviolet light/radiation).8,24-26

4.2 Autoimmune skin disorders considered incurable but not infectious or contagious: Psoriasis is caused when the skin regenerates its cells at an abnormally fast rate and the body is unable to shed the excess cells quickly. This manifests as thick itchy scales and red patches with burning or stinging sensations which flare up and subside periodically in cycles. It can be triggered by weather conditions, stress, infections, allergens, smoking or alcohol, or medications. Lupus can manifest typically as red rash over the cheeks and bridge of the nose which may worsen by sunlight. Common in women, it can cause joint pain and inflammation throughout the body, fever, and even organ damage. Vitiligo/Leucoderma is a long-term condition where white patches develop on the skin, mostly on the face, neck, and hands, caused by a lack of pigment melanin. It makes one vulnerable to sunburn. On the other hand freckles (small brown spots), mostly harmless, are due to the overproduction of melanin caused by exposure to sunlight. Lichen planus, normally triggered by stress, it takes about 1 to 2 years to go away on its own, and patches take many months to fade away. Alopecia is loss of hair because hair follicles are attacked by one’s own body.6,27-33

5. Other skin disorders

5.1 Acne can be in the form of white or blackheads, pimples, cysts, and nodules, caused by blocked hair follicles or oil glands of the skin, often triggered by hormonal changes. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome often have acne. It may also be due to genetics, anxiety or stress, hot and humid climate, use of oil-based cosmetics, and squeezing pimples, and can leave scars. Every red bump may not be acne. Rosacea is a chronic swelling of the face with redness across the cheeks and nose, most common in women over 30 with lighter skin. The cause is unknown and attributed to an overactive immune system or heredity; it is neither contagious nor connected with hygiene.34-36

5.2 Skin cancer: its main warning signs are changes in the skin such as pink growths with raised edges and a depression in the centre, scar-like area with poorly defined border, painless firm shiny lumps, also open sores that don’t heal, and unusual moles.37,38

5.3 Other skin disorders: Corns and callouses are hardened or thick patches of skin due to repeated rubbing, irritation, or excessive pressure eg, when shoes don’t fit properly or one walks in the wrong posture. Hyperhidrosis is abnormally excessive sweating not related to heat or exercise, genetic in nature or due to medical conditions like diabetes or Parkinson’s disease. Wrinkles are due to age, exposure to sun, dehydration, or genetics. Scars form as part of the body’s healing process after an accident, surgery, burns, acne, or an illness like chickenpox, some fade over time. Keloid is a thick raised scar after an injury to the skin. Dandruff is dry, flaky, itchy skin on the scalp, mostly due to irritated dry or oily skin.39-43

6. First aid & home remedies for bites, stings, burns, and wounds44-50

6.1 To treat a bite or sting first remove the stinger if it is lodged in the skin, wash the affected area, and apply an ice pack to reduce pain and swelling; may apply a thin paste of baking soda and water to the sting to calm the itching.45

6.2 There are many home remedies for a mosquito bite like cold pack, oatmeal paste, aloe vera gel, lemon balm, basil or thyme leaf paste, apple cider vinegar, a slice of onion or garlic paste.46

6.3 Treating 1st-degree minor burns at home: Immediately immerse the burn in cool tap water or apply a cold, wet compress for about 10 minutes or until the pain subsides. Applying a layer of pure aloe vera gel taken directly from the leaf can heal first-to second-degree burns. Can apply petroleum jelly 2-3 times daily. Do not put butter, oil, egg white, toothpaste, ointment, or ice for they can irritate the burn areas and cause infection. Cover the burn with a non-stick, sterile bandage; once healed protect from the sun to minimise scarring. Seek immediate medical care for higher degree burns and any electrical burns however minor.47-49

6.4 First aid to a wound will speed up the healing process. Gently rinse the wound with clean lukewarm water. Towel dry and cover with dressing and light bandage, and seek medical care.50

7. Tips for a healthy skin

  • Follow good hygiene practices. Clean skin folds, spaces between fingers, toes, and private parts. Washing hands regularly with soap can prevent infection.
  • Be gentle with your skin; rubbing or scratching the skin will aggravate the problem and pave the way for infection.
  • Avoid sharing personal clothing, comb, towel, bed linen, or footwear.
  • Take care of your gut with a healthy diet, keep fit physically and mentally, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.
  • Protect the skin from sun exposure when its rays are strongest. If need be, use sunscreen, moisturiser, and natural cleansers like milk, honey, oil, homemade paste of fruits or aloe vera.51,52

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2. Sai Vibrionics Research, Training & Wellness Centre - construction starts

Bhoomi pooja is a sacred ritual performed in honour of Goddess Bhoomi (earth) and Vastu Purush (deity of directions). The purpose is to eradicate the ill effects and Vastu doshas in the land and pave the way for a smooth construction. Vastu is the ancient Hindu system of architecture and design that aims to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilising geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments. It is closely followed by Sankusthapna, laying of the foundation stone. Some pics from the two ceremonies







3. Resumption of Vibrionics group activities in India

Some pics from the various activities….




























4. UK annual virtual meet, London, 19 September 2021

Organised by the UK coordinator 02822, who had worked hard in inspiring the speakers to send their presentations in advance. This gave the participants (26 in all) time to think deeply about the topics so as to prepare their queries. Practitioner 03531 has taken full responsibility for setting up and running all future virtual meetings. There will be three UK meets a year - a National meet and two more run by regional groups, but all are eligible to participate.

Dr Aggarwal gave an exciting brief on the upcoming project for the construction of the vibrionics centre and Head office in Puttaparthi. Practitioner 03555 shared two cases of successful skin treatment. Practitioner 00217 addressed the problem experienced by many practitioners, that of getting negatively affected by patients’ low energy. In his personal experience the affirmation “I must refrain from thinking I am the healer, I am not the doer, this body is an instrument of the Divine to do its work, I must refrain from claiming the result of any action” keeps him shielded from the patients’ negative energy. Practitioner 02900 related his personal experience of the efficacy of vibrionics in preventing a fracture after a very bad fall despite his osteoporosis, diagnosed in 2008. The skeletal remedies along with potentised Alendronic acid (common osteoporosis medicine) have done wonders for him.

There were two excellent Powerpoint presentations. Practitioner 02802, an experienced physician, gave very useful tips on prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, namely balanced & healthy diet, daily exercise - recommending 30 min of brisk walking, adequate 7-8 hours of sleep, learning new things and plenty of social interactions. Another doctor practitioner 02829 gave practical information on symptoms of Covid-19 amongst fully vaccinated individuals, the top five being - runny nose, headache, sneezing, sore throat, and loss of smell. In case of infection, she suggests taking treatment at the earliest, rather than thinking that it is just a cold or sore throat. She recommends IB…6TD along with a suitable combo targeting the affected organ; adequate rest, frequent hot drinks (keep hydrated) and steam inhalations, hot soup, and home oxygen if needed. Above all be positive. Within 10 days most patients get their strength back.

The meeting concluded with the usual vote of thanks and Aarti.

5. Interesting Anecdotes

Miracles of CC10.1 Emergencies

The practitioner 11632…India has achieved great success with the use of CC10.1 Emergencies. During the pandemic, she gave to all her patients a separate bottle labelled Om containing CC10.1 Emergencies to be used in any emergency.

Case #1. After qualifying as an AVP, the practitioner treated her whole family with vibrionics, much to the delight of her enthusiastic 6-year-old grandson who enjoys administering daily the IB to all family members. “I love Vibrionics and Swami”, he proudly declares. On 21 May 2021, he fell from his chair, the impact resulting in a gushing nosebleed with severe pain. His panicked family ruled out the local hospital as being too risky during the pandemic. “Granny, you are a vibrionics doctor! Why don’t you give me vibrionics medicine? I will be fine if I take it!” announced the bleeding child. She put one pill of Om under his tongue. Within ten minutes, the bleeding stopped and the pain vanished.

Case #2. On 28 May 2021, undergoing a stressful domestic ordeal, a 78-year-old handicapped female patient suffered from intense anxiety with heart palpitations, reeling sensation, and perspiration, her first such experience. She took one dose of Om which gave her immediate relief and no recurrence. 

Case #3. In May 2021 a 63-year-old village patient tested Covid positive, developing breathing difficulty as his oxygen level dropped drastically. The emergency help did not turn up. In a state of panic, the wife rang her practitioner and was told to put one pill of Om under her husband’s tongue while chanting the divine name. To their great relief, the patient immediately started to feel comfortable and his condition remained stable until help arrived two hours later. His wife credits vibrionics for saving her husband from a critical situation that might have taken his life. She considers this to be no less than Swami's miracle.

Case #4. A 68-year-old female patient, soon after learning her granddaughter had tested Covid positive, developed diarrhoea. The next morning on 25 May 2021, on the practitioner’s advice, she took two doses of Om half an hour apart, this completely stopped her diarrhoea. A surprise bonus was that she now started enjoying sound sleep which she had not had for several years due to her husband’s depression!

Case #5. The practitioner's 50-year-old neighbour on IB for three months complained of enormous stress and disturbed sleep since her close relatives went into the hospital with Covid. She took one pill of Om, slept soundly and woke up in the morning, well-rested, relaxed and cheerful.

6. In Memoriam

It is with much sadness that I bring you the news of the passing away of Mr John Galvin 02444 on 13 September 2021 at the age of 72. He and his wife 01228 have been enthusiastically serving patients in and around Puttaparthi, in remote Himalayan villages as well as in Goa for the past 18 years. They regularly held vibrionics camps at local schools and have been instrumental in holding medical camps at the railway station on Swami’s Birthday since 2009, even during the pandemic. John will be remembered by the vibrionics fraternity for his exemplary service. Our hearts go out to his wife in her hour of bereavement.