Рассылка Саи Вибрионикс

" Там, где вы видите больного, подавленного, несчастного человека, там и есть ваше поле для бескорыстного служения " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Oral herpes and acute vomiting 02802...UK

A 45-year-old female who had been feverish for two days and had developed a large herpetic sore on the left upper lip, contacted the practitioner on 16 June 2017. Her whole mouth was sore and the tongue had a white coating. She also had acute vomiting for one day. She had undergone surgical removal of a breast cyst a week previously. The surgery went well and the wound was healing nicely. She could not explain why she had suddenly become unwell. She was unable to eat and had become weak. She had taken some paracetamol for the fever. She was given the following remedy: 

CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC8.3 Breast disorders + CC9.2 Infections acute + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC11.5 Mouth infections + CC11.6 Tooth infection + CC21.7 Fungus + CC21.8 Herpes...6TD

Patient did not take any other medication while taking the vibro remedy. She was delighted to experience 100% relief in all her symptoms within two days. She reduced the dosage to TDS for two days, OD for three more days and then stopped. As of October 2017, the patient had no recurrence of any of the symptoms and continues to do well.