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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Pancreatitis 02494...Italy

Our friend a 52-year-old woman, lives in Palermo Sicily, and has two cancers; we are helping her deal with this. When she has chemotherapy we give her: 

#1. SR559 Anti Chemotherapy 

On the evening of December 24, 2011 she phoned crying and saying that she was full of intense pain and did not know what had provoked it. She then called her brother and he  found  her in such  pain that he called an ambulance. Her brother later phoned from his cell phone saying that the pain was caused by a haemorrhage due to an error during a biopsy done a few days before between the gallbladder and liver. We did not know the reason for the pain so we started to broadcast on December 25th, #2. CC10.1 Emergencies for 24 hours

#3. NM20 Injury + NM36 War + OM1 Blood + OM17 Liver-Gallbladder + SR265 Aconite + SR271 Arnica + SR293 Gunpowder + SR493 Gallbladder + SR504 Liver + SR516 Pancreas…TDS 

In a few days our friend was better but the pain was not gone and the fever was very high and the medication the doctors gave was not helping. Finally after many medical tests, doctors realized that the haemorrhage was over and the problem now was severe pancreatitis and that her life was at risk. When we got this message we replaced the old combo with a new one asking Baba to help. We used a pendulum. . It was broadcasted for 24 hours on January 2012: 

#4. NM36 War + OM1 Blood + OM17 Liver-Gallbladder + SM1 Removal of Entities + SM2 Divine Protection + SR265 Aconite + SR271 Arnica 30C + SR293 Gunpowder + SR516 Pancreas 

With this combo the patient was completely healed in a week. The doctors were astonished because it was not possible for a cure to be so fast. What she was suffering from, according to her doctors, she could not have recovered from for at least a month. 

Patient’s testimonial: 

“My name is Cinzia Graziano and I wanted to describe my experience with vibrational pills made by Fabio Previati and Wilde, which saved my life! I had two cancers and did chemotherapy, using the anti-chemo vibro pills, which greatly reduced the side effects of chemo! But the most incredible experience was last year because I had an almost fulminant pancreatitis (painful and dangerous)! I was pretty much dead. Fabio and Wilde immediately broadcasted the vibro pills to me long distance and after one week I was standing with everyone (especially physicians) amazed by such incredible healing! I know that Baba was obviously with me!"