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" Whenever you see a sick person, a dispirited, disconsolate or diseased person, there is your field of seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Sickness in Chickens 02715...Germany

A Vibrionics practitioner’s mother had 23 hens. All but three of them died of an infection that afflicted and killed all other local chickens in the area. Of the three that survived, one was particularly weak and was finding it difficult to hold its head up, walk straight or enter the chicken coop. This hen was kept in the house away from the other two. The vibro practitioner sent the following remedies to her mother for the chickens:

CC1.1 Animal Tonic + CC18.4 Stroke…TDS

The practitioner’s mother put the pills in the beaks of her sick hens and within a few days, there was a remarkable improvement in their condition. The weakest hen was soon able to hold its head up, eat properly and walk to the chicken coop again. A week later, it was so well that it started laying eggs, so the dosage was reduced to OD. Then the same remedy was given to the other two hens that were underweight and weak, and in a short while, they also recovered. The practitioner’s mother now has three perfectly healthy hens which give her some consolation for losing the rest of the flock