साई व्हाइब्रियोनिक्स पत्रिका

" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Acute Tendonitis with Nodules over Shoulder and Elbow Joints, Diabetes 01096...USA

On 10 September 2014, the practitioner, who is a practicing physician, received a phone call from a 62-year-old patient who had developed extremely painful marble-sized (10-25 mm) nodules over both shoulder and elbow joints with highly inflamed tendons of both anterior joints. He was unable to move his arms due to the severe pain for the last two weeks. He had been exposed to lots of smoke following a fire at his business and then to dust from the construction work later. He had not sought any medical advice or treatment for his pain nor could he come to see the practitioner in person as he lived very far from her. He had been a diabetic for three years and was taking allopathic medicine (Metformin 1gm BD). He had previous experience of taking Vibrionics for diabetes and was willing to try again.

He was given the following:

For tendonitis and nodules:
#1. CC2.3 Tumours & Growths + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue...TDS

For effects of smoke and dust:
#2. CC17.2 Cleansing...OD

For diabetes:
#3. CC6.3 Diabetes...one dose at night only if his fasting blood sugar goes higher than 140. [The practitioner notes: This dosage was prescribed based on his earlier experience of this remedy a year ago. His blood sugar would drop at times to as low as 50 from 200 within an hour of taking the morning dose, making him feel faint. But the nighttime dose did not have such an effect. It would merely bring the fasting sugar down from 130-140 to 120. His wife panicked over his response to the morning dose so he had stopped taking the remedy]

The patient started to feel relief from the pain within a day or two and after four days, the pain had improved by 80%. But it took time for the physical symptoms like nodules to disappear. The patient reported 50% improvement in his tendonitis and reduction of nodules in two weeks. #was then reduced to 3TW. By January 2015, he reported that his pain and nodules were cured completely. #1 and #2 were reduced to OW and stopped in March 2015 when he felt that all his conditions except diabetes had cleared. As of October 2015, he continues to take #3...OD along with allopathic diabetes medication.