साई व्हाइब्रियोनिक्स पत्रिका

" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Infected Teeth 01339...USA

For two years, a 59-year-old woman was suffering in two of her teeth from a low-level infection and sensitivity to hot and cold foods including liquids. The dentist took X-rays of her teeth and advised root canal treatment to both teeth and removal of the nerves to stop the pain. The day before the treatment was due to begin the practitioner gave this patient the following remedies:
CC11.6 Tooth infections + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions…TDS

The patient took three doses prior to the dental appointment and offered a prayer to Sai Baba for healing. As she sat in the dental chair, she said she felt an ‘internal shift’ and knew that her teeth were healed. Much to the surprise of the dentist, he discovered that the roots of both teeth were perfectly healthy and treatment was not required. By Swami’s grace, not only was the patient spared the pain of the dental procedure, she managed to avoid getting into debt over the expensive treatment for which she had agreed to pay US$ 2,300!