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Vitreous Floater and Glaucoma 10608...India

On 17 Feb 2017 a 65-year-old female came to seek vibrionics treatment for vitreous floaters and glaucoma in both her eyes, which was detected on 3 Sep 2016. The pressure in the right and left eyes respectively was 28 and 34, much above the normal pressure range of 12 to 22 mm Hg. The doctor advised laser surgery as a permanent cure. But as the patient was fearful and disturbed merely by the thought of surgery, the doctor prescribed eye drops that would control and subside her eye pressure for the time being. 

Although the medicines were expensive, the patient was greatly relieved from her worries of an eye operation. After five months of using the eye drops, tests were done again, which revealed that the eye pressure was still quite high (18 and 25) and the doctor advised laser surgery at the earliest but the patient instead opted for vibrionics treatment on the recommendation of a friend. The patient stopped her eye drops and the practitioner gave the following remedy:

#1. CC3.7 Circulation + CC7.5 Glaucoma + CC11.3 Headache + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...6TD

#2. CC7.5 Glaucoma...6TD in water to be used as eye drops

After a month, eye tests were repeated and to the doctor's surprise, recovery was beyond expectation. The eye pressure had decreased to 15 and 16, so the surgery was cancelled. The doctor repeatedly enquired if any changes were made in food and lifestyle habits that could have led to such an amazing recovery, as the patient had not disclosed taking vibrionics remedies and discontinuing allopathic treatment. 

The dosage of both #1 and #2 was reduced from 6TD to TDS. Currently the patient feels relieved of vitreous floaters as well as other eye concerns and but to be on the safe side continues to take the same dosage.

Practitioner’s comments:
The patient’s fast recovery can be attributed to her regularity in taking remedies and disciplined follow-ups.