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Hands Reaching Out

Sore throat, cough and sinusitis 01176...Bosnia

A woman, aged 75, came for help because of a severe sore throat, a bad cough with expectoration and inflamed sinuses that she had been suffering from for several days. She was given:

#1. NM36 War + NM70 CB9 + NM71 CCA + NM113 Inflammation…TDS

#2. SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM35 Sinus + SM40 Throat…TDS

When she returned a week later she was only 20% better. After some questioning from the practitioner, the patient revealed that she had caught scabies when she was 15 years old. Ever since she was a regular sufferer of bronchitis. Twenty years later, she started to have problems with her sinuses and over the years had suffered allergic reactions to a variety of antibiotics given to her by allopathic doctors. In an effort to cure these chronic problems and now with the knowledge that her ill health started with scabies, the practitioner commenced to give her a course of the Psorinum miasm as follows:

#1. SR250 Psorinum 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C…single dose of each potency with an hour in between starting with the highest potency 10M.

First type of pullout started one day later i.e. all the symptoms worsened. After two days, she felt much better. After three days, she was given:

#2. SR294 Hepar Sulph Calc 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C… same procedure and dosage as before.

Two days later, she was given:

#3. SR318 Thuja 10M, 1M, 200C, 30C, 6C… same procedure and dosage as before.

After 5 days, she felt very well. There was almost no cough, throat was fine and the sinuses were clear. Expectoration from the lungs rapidly diminished and after a week, her health was almost 100%

This is a fine example of using a miasm and 2 single remedies to clear chronic health problems in a very unique way.