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" Там, где вы видите больного, подавленного, несчастного человека, там и есть ваше поле для бескорыстного служения " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Chronic Sneezing & Runny Nose, Irregular Menses 11177...India

A 41-year-old woman sought treatment for chronic runny nose and sneezing on the 25 September 2010. The problem had persisted over 20 years. She suffered from bouts of continuous sneezing, sometimes sneezing incessantly for over 300 times, especially after washing her hair. She would then be so exhausted that she would need to sleep for 4 to 6 hours afterwards. She also suffered from a heavy feeling in the head and had painful irregular periods. She was not taking any medication for the conditions. She was treated with: 

CC8.8 Menses irregular + CC19.2 Respiratory allergies…QDS

After two days, the patient reported that her runny nose and sneezing were 25% better. After two months all problems were 80% improved, so the dosage was reduced to TDS After four months the patient made a full recovery. The patient still expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Swami, as she believes her illness was healed by His Grace.