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" Kad god vidite nesretnu, bolesnu ili potištenu osobu, to je polje vašeg sluţenja,seve. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Vol 12 Broj 3
May / June 2021
Verzija za tiskanje

Molimo Vas da otiskate ovu stranicu, ukoliko vam je potreban tiskani promjerak cijelog Glasnika

From the desk of Jit K Aggarwal

Dear practitioners

I feel blessed to be writing to you around the time of Easwaramma day. Mother Eswaramma is the hallmark of love, compassion, and selfless service. She was a shining role model and a beacon of hope for many who sought solace in her as Swami’s chosen earthly mother. For all those aspiring to grow spiritually and in their vibrionics service, there is an ocean of lessons to learn from her saintly life in delivering unsullied love through service, especially during these unprecedented times while dealing with havoc being wreaked by Covid-19.

Swami said “Develop spiritual outlook and treat the patients with love and care and make them happy and healthy. Without God’s Grace, even the pulse cannot beat. You are under the mistaken notion that mere medicine can cure a disease. If that were the case, what happened to all those kings and rich men who had access to the best medical facilities? So, along with medicine, one should have Divine Grace too. Medicine and Divine Grace are like negative and positive, respectively. A disease can be cured only when both these come together. So, along with taking medicine, one should also pray for Divine Grace.”…Sathya Sai Speaks vol 34 Disc 2, 19 Jan 2001. This is a very pertinent message for all of us – patients and practitioners alike – as we deal with the second wave of this grueling pandemic.

The new double mutant variant of the Covid-19 virus has many nations in the grip of a public health emergency. The situation is especially grave in India. We need to collectively redouble our efforts to reach out to the masses with the Immunity Booster IB. We have received encouraging reports from the field relating to the efficacy of IB – very few infections have been reported amongst those who have been taking IB regularly vs. those who have not taken IB. We have also observed that increasing the dosage results in overcoming the infection quickly. There’s no doubt that the faith of the practitioner and their overall mindset/attitude towards wellness plays a key role in their patients developing faith in vibrionics. 

We gratefully acknowledge the efforts of vibrionics practitioners who have risen to the occasion and are selflessly serving beyond the call of duty (promised hours of seva). Some have been providing 24/7 counselling to those who are panicking, some are broadcasting remedies to those who cannot be given remedies physically, and others are delivering not only vibrionics remedies but other medicines and supplies as needed. We beseech you all to continue adhering to rules of social distancing and taking necessary precautions while serving those in need. 

I am delighted to share with you that our “Spread the Word” campaign has been a roaring success. In the past two months there have been some significant initiatives, the foremost being the inauguration of a vibrionics clinic at the Sai International Centre in New Delhi (see the In Addition section for more details) and the other being the launch of two clinics in Bangalore championed by the Karnataka team. One clinic is at a residential home that provides much-needed medical care (including prosthetics, surgeries) to the physically challenged, and treatment to people with mental health disorders, and life-threatening illnesses. The doctor and nurses here are very receptive to vibrionics treatment. Our team treated 52 psychotic patients in March. Due to the present Covid restrictions, they could not hold a camp in April; nevertheless, they provided IB to 55 patients. The second clinic is at a free school with 500 students (60 of whom are boarders) from poor families. These children are given free counselling in addition to vibrionics remedies. Another important update in this regard is the streamlining of the procedure for providing IB to all the sevadals that arrive in Prashanti Nilayam. We are also receiving an increasing number of requests for IB through our website and from our regular patients who are keen to provide it to their relatives and friends. In the last month alone, we have administered IB to a total of 35,424 recipients. The total IB recipients in the past one year is 362,408.

Taking advantage of the current stay-indoors situation, our virtual networking amongst practitioners has gained impetus. Senior practitioners in Andhra and Telangana, under the guidance of their Coordinator 11585, have started virtual monthly meetings to share, support, and enrich their knowledge. Their meetings include presentations by practitioners with medical backgrounds to explain how different body systems function, discussions on relevant case histories, and resolving practitioner queries. Bi-monthly meetings on similar lines are already being held since Dec 2019 by Tamil Nadu practitioners. The first virtual US and Canada Refresher seminar was held for 20 practitioners over a two half-day session on 6 & 7 March 2021. Virtual interactions have brought the practitioners closer together and also created a nice synergy in the group. At the conclusion of the refresher, many practitioners hailed the initiative as being inspiring, uplifting, and energizing. They identified the need to create a more cohesive platform for collaborating with their peers and set up a Microsoft Teams virtual closed network for practitioners from the two countries. This network will encourage collaboration amongst practitioners and will ease communication amongst them with regard to suggestions, questions, results and other information based on their knowledge and experience.

In March 2021, less than ten months since the launch of our redesigned website, we crossed a milestone of 10,000 hits. We received several suggestions from visitors to enhance the content and features of the website. This is keeping our IT team plenty busy! In the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, an integral part of our organisation’s DNA, we welcome more suggestions from practitioners in this regard. Please send your proposals and feedback to IT Wing at [email protected].

In conclusion, I wish all the practitioners immense success in all your endeavours towards curbing the spread of Covid-19. Please stay safe and keep marching forward with GODFIDENCE.

 In loving service to Sai

Jit K Aggarwal

Itchy scalp 03576...UK

A 26-year-old female pursuing a doctorate in Psychology had been suffering from an itchy scalp for two months. The itching was so intense that she would desperately scratch her scalp vigorously with both hands. There seemed to be no obvious cause for this condition. However, she had undergone two stressful moves to different cities within a year. Also, she had started her Ph.D. program with a demanding curriculum soon after her first move, involving a daily hour-long commute to the university. She washed her long hair every day as this gave her some relief. She tried different types of medicated shampoos but to no avail. On 24 Feb 2019 the practitioner gave her:

CC11.2 Hair problems + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic + CC21.6 Eczema…TDS

On 1 March, she reported feeling very low and wanting to have a big cry. Considering this to be a pullout, the practitioner advised her to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and suggested reducing the dosage. But the patient preferred to continue at TDS. After two days she developed a mild rash on some parts of the body but there was no discomfort. She felt 30% relief from itching on the scalp. After a week there was 60% improvement in itching and the rash completely disappeared. On 17 March, she had fully recovered and was feeling calm and confident. Dosage was reduced to BD for one week, followed by OD for two weeks, then on 7 April to OW for a month before stopping it. She passed her examination with flying colours. There was no recurrence even after one and a half years.


Back & joint pains, gas retention 02814...India

A 32-year-old female had been suffering from pain in her lower back, knees, and ankle joints and intestinal gas retention due to indigestion for over two years, after a caesarean delivery. She took allopathic medicines for a year without any benefit; these provided temporary relief as symptoms would soon return. On 9 April 2017, she was given: 

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC9.1 Recuperation + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine + CC20.6 Osteoporosis…6TD 

Within one month, she had 40% relief in her pains and digestion was 70% better. On 18 June, she reported 70% reduction in backache and pain in joints had almost gone; also she no longer experienced gas retention and the dosage was reduced to TDS. By 16 July, she was completely free of all symptoms, so the dosage was gradually tapered down to zero over the next one month. As of Apr 2021, there has been no recurrence.

Scabies 02814...India

A 45-year-old man and his 40-year-old wife were both suffering from severe itching and papular (pimple-like) rash all over the body for over six months. Allopathic treatment did not help much, so they stopped it and on 11 May 2018, consulted the practitioner who gave: 

CC21.3 Skin allergies…TDS orally and in coconut oil for external application…OD 

After a month both itching and rash improved by 40% and in another month by 90%. On 10 July, the oral dosage was reduced to OD. In another two weeks by 24 July 2018, they had fully recovered, so the dosage was slowly tapered down to zero over the next 6 weeks. Even after nearly three years in Apr 2021, the couple have not had any skin complaints.

Asthma 03569...USA

A 46-year-old woman had been suffering from asthma since childhood. Two to three times a year, she would develop wheezing, night-time cough, chest congestion, and breathlessness, triggered by a change in weather, pollution, or emotional stress. She would take the prescribed salbutamol inhaler and symptoms would subside in a month. She qualified as a practitioner on 24 June 2018 and after a week travelled to India. Soon after arrival, she started to get blocked nose and wheezing. From her experience, she knew these symptoms would worsen within an hour leading to asthma attack, even with the inhaler. She immediately took the inhaler and also started taking the following Get Well remedy from her Wellness Kit on 2 July 2018:

CC9.2 Infections acute…every 10 min for two hours in water, followed by 6TD 

To her astonishment, the symptoms did not worsen even after two hours. So she did not use the inhaler again. Within three days she was completely free from wheezing and blocked nose. Dosage was reduced to TDS on 5 July, OD on 8 July, and stopped on 12 July. It has been more than two and a half years now without a sign of even mild wheezing, let alone asthma!

Editor's Note: Breathe Well remedy from the Wellness Kit would have been more appropriate. However CC9.2 Infections acute also contains vibrations relating to chronic respiratory illness and did wonders in this case! 

Prostate adenoma (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) 03558...France

A 65-year-old man used to wake up frequently at night for urination since August 2018. Slowly, this frequency increased during the day as well. On 23 Sept 2018, he was diagnosed with prostate adenoma (enlarged prostate, restricting the flow of urine). His urologist suggested prostatectomy (surgery for partial/complete removal of the prostate) and also prescribed Oroken tablets for urinary tract infection as revealed by tests at the time. Worried about the side effects of this antibiotic and due to fear of losing his prostate to surgery, he declined any allopathic treatment. His situation was slowly becoming worse and after four months, he was waking up for urination 5-6 times in the night. The quality of life was being adversely affected. He was on the lookout for an alternative and safe healing therapy. On 20 Jan 2019 he contacted the practitioner and was given the following remedy:

CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC13.2 Kidney & Bladder infections + CC13.3 Incontinence + CC14.2 Prostate + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders…6TD

As there was slow but steady improvement, he continued the remedy and after five months, the frequency of urination at nights was reduced to three times and he had no such urge during the day. By 19 Jan 2020, he felt completely healed as only occasionally he would wake up during the night. The dosage was reduced to TDS. In the next five months, he never had to get up at night, so the dosage was reduced to OD and finally stopped on 3 Jan 2021. As of April 2021, there has been no recurrence.

Food intolerance 03566...USA

A 70-year-old female paediatrician had an intolerance to certain foods for over 30 years. Within 3-4 hours of consuming cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes or wheat, she would get stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhoea which would usually last a week even with taking Pepto Bismal an over-the-counter medication. She stopped eating these foods and feeling helpless, resigned herself to her fate. One night, Swami appeared in her dream and told her to take ‘Baba’s medicine’ for her problem from the practitioner. So she immediately contacted the practitioner on 9 March 2019 and was given:   

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC4.10 Indigestion + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic...TDS

She took the remedy religiously for six months while avoiding the foods she was sensitive to. In Sept 2019, she attended a wedding where she ate everything she wanted to, and some dishes contained potato, cauliflower and wheat. She was surprised to note that she had no adverse effect and felt perfectly normal. Feeling that she had been cured, she started to include cabbage also in her diet, 2 to 3 times a week and was absolutely fine. Dosage was reduced to BD on 28 Sept and OD on 10 Jan 2020. On a review in Mar 2021, she continues to relish everything but prefers to take the remedy at OD as she feels it helps her maintain good overall health.

Editor’s Note: Generally food intolerance goes away within 1 to 2 months with vibrionics treatment.

Knee pain, high BP 11616...India

A 75-year-old woman had been suffering from knee pain and high BP since her husband’s death 15 years ago. She tried Siddha therapy for over five years with no significant benefit. For the past five years, she has been taking allopathic medication for BP, as a result, it was under control at 140/90. Once in a while her BP would shoot up and cause lightheadedness leading to loss of balance, sometimes she would fall while walking. She has been managing knee pain with an allopathic painkiller. More recently she had been taking medicine for high cholesterol too. On 21 Aug 2019, she was given: 

For knee pain: 

#1. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC20.3 Arthritis + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine…QDS

For high BP:

#2. CC3.3 High Blood Pressure + CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis + CC3.7 Circulation + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS 

After two months she reported an overall improvement of 25% and said she had already stopped taking allopathic medicines. By 25 Feb 2020, her BP was normal at 120/80 and there was 70% reduction in knee pain. Unlike before, she was even able to climb the steps with ease without any support. But in the past few weeks, she had frequent urination during the day and at times burning sensation in her feet. Therefore, #1 and #2 were enhanced to take into account burning sensation and frequent urination respectively: 

#3. CC18.5 Neuralgia + #1…TDS

#4. CC13.3 Incontinence + #2…BD 

In just over two weeks on 14 March, she reported complete recovery from all symptoms, except for occasional knee pain which she felt was normal for her age. Over a period of the next eight months by Nov 2020 dosage of both #1 and #2 was slowly tapered down to maintenance dosage of OD which she still continues. As of Apr 2021, there has been no relapse.

Itchy & watery eyes, post-cataract surgery 11629...India

A 50-year-old female farm worker’s right eye was operated for cataract over two years ago but her vision improved to only 75% from 25%. Moreover, the operated eye was itchy and would continuously discharge water whenever she was exposed to strong sunlight and dust due to working in the farm. She had been using the prescribed Flubigat and Ara eye drops which did not help her at all. Gradually she started having these symptoms even when she was not exposed to sun or dust. As her daily work was adversely affected, she was living in great distress. When she visited the practitioner on 9 Mar 2020, her right eye was watering profusely all the time. She was given:

CC7.3 Eye infections + CC7.6 Eye injury…6TD orally & TDS in distilled water as eye drops 

As she started to feel improvement she stopped the allopathic eye drops after three days. By 14 March, there was 50% improvement in water discharge, itching was a little less and overall vision had also improved. Now oral dosage was also brought down to TDS. On 12 April, she reported her vision to be completely normal and itching had vanished but there was still some water discharge. By the first week of May, she was free from all symptoms and was able to perform her work in the farm normally, in spite of constant exposure to sun and dust. On 25 May the dosage of both oral remedy and eye drops was reduced to OD. As of March 2021, she is doing well and has chosen to continue the remedy at OD as a preventive.

Allergy to avocado 03599...USA

An 11-year-old girl would develop dry itchy eruptions all over her body, except the face, whenever she ate an avocado; this severe allergic reaction had been occurring for over a year. With allopathic medicines, it would take her a week to get back to normal. Being familiar with and having faith in vibrionics, the girl’s mother approached the practitioner for a lasting solution. At the time of consultation on 27 November 2020, the girl had the rash due to a recent episode. Also, the mother suspected that she may have worms, although no de-worming medicine had been given. The patient was given:

CC4.6 Diarrhoea + CC4.10 Indigestion…every 10 min in water for an hour; if no improvement, for another hour in the evening followed by 6TD the next day. 

She took no other medicine and in one week by 5 December the rash had disappeared, so her skin became normal, although there was some itching which lasted a little longer. The dosage was reduced to TDS. After two weeks, she ate avocado twice within a span of one week without any allergic reaction. On 2 Jan 2021, the mother was happy to report that even her longstanding allergy to milk and yogurt had vanished! The dosage was reduced to BD and the remedy was stopped after six weeks. As of April 2021, she continues to relish avocados and milk products without any recurrence of symptoms.

Editor’s note: CC4.6 Diarrhoea was included for possible worms.

Scanty & irregular menses due to PCOD 02726...USA

A 38-year-old woman had been suffering for 20 years from scanty and irregular periods, also thinning of hair on the scalp and obesity; the doctor had diagnosed her condition as Polycystic Ovarian Disease, PCOD. With two years of hormonal treatment by endocrinologists, she started having periods 5-6 times a year but not regularly. She then went on to other alternative treatments like ayurveda, homoeopathy, and yoga for six years but her periods were still irregular, 3-4 times a year. A month ago, she had started on a very low-calorie diet plan to control her weight. On 8 April 2020 she contacted the practitioner who gave the following: 

#1. CC6.2 Hypothyroid + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.8 Menses irregular + CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC17.2 Cleansing…TDS 

She did not notice much improvement but was taking #1 only once a day. In Sept 2020 she realised her periods had become regular and also there was 20% improvement in hair loss, so she immediately started to take #1 TDS. On 2 Oct 2020, the practitioner modified #1 as follows:

#2. CC6.2 Hypothyroid + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC11.2 Hair problems + CC12.1 Adult tonic+ CC12.4 Autoimmune diseases + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic…TDS in water 

To her great delight, the periods continue to be regular which had never happened since menarche. By 1 Jan 2021, she had lost 9 kg (20 lbs) in weight; also there was 50% improvement in hair loss but she was not so concerned about this. The dosage was reduced to OD. As of April 2021, she continues to take #2 at OD as preventive.

Patient’s testimonial (paraphrased) dated 29 Jan 2021:

From September 2020 my periods are right on time which I never experienced since the onset of puberty. I am convinced that my regular periods, gradual loss of weight and positive attitude are all due to vibrionics only. I further confirm that remedies taken in water are more effective than pills.

Endometriosis, leg pain, ovarian cyst 03518...Canada

Since Sept 2016, after ceasing to breastfeed her son, this 41-year-old woman suffered from severe cramps (pain rating 9-10) and excessive bleeding during menses. She also had continuous daily pelvic pain (rating 5-9) that was radiating down the left leg to her ankle. In mid-2017, she was diagnosed with endometriosis and osteoporosis of the left hip. She was always fatigued and had been struggling to keep up with her daily activities for over three years and only managing with painkillers. In May 2020 she started to notice spotting between periods. Three months later, an ultrasound test revealed a 1.9 cm ovarian cyst. On 23 Aug 2020, she consulted the practitioner who gave: 

For endometriosis and ovarian cyst:

#1. CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.7 Menses frequent…TDS in water 

For pelvic & leg pain and osteoporosis:

#2. CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.6 Osteoporosis…TDS in water 

After one month, she felt 50% reduction in all her pains. In another month, she experienced normal menses and 100% relief from all the pains. This helped her to take on volunteer work at the local Sai Centre that she was unable to do earlier. Dosage of #1 and #2 was reduced to BD. After two weeks ultrasound test on 5 Nov showed no evidence of an ovarian cyst. On 30 Nov the dosage was further reduced to OD before stopping the remedy on 11 Dec 2020. As of April 2021, there has been no relapse of symptoms and she is pain-free, feeling energetic, strong and cheerful with the joy of life.

Lumbar spinal stenosis 12051...India

In Jan 2019 an 80-year-old man developed pain radiating from the lower back to his right foot. The doctor diagnosed this as lumbar spinal stenosis (nerve constriction at the lumbar-sacral region). He has a history of osteoarthritis of the knee for which he has been taking CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC18.5 Neuralgia + CC20.3 Arthritis + CC20.4 Muscles and Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine since Dec 2014 (refer to vol 6 #3). In Nov 2019, the pain became so severe that he was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes. He had great difficulty in walking even a little distance. The doctor prescribed Nervijen-P tablets for a month but that gave only some relief. On 12 Dec 2019, the practitioner stopped the above remedy and gave the following: 

NM3 Bone + NM38 Back Pain + NM40 Knees + NM97 Sciatica + OM18 Sacral & Lumbar…TDS

After two weeks, there was 90% reduction in pain and he was delighted that he was able to walk even one km at a stretch. In another two weeks, he had 100% relief in pain. Due to his age and history of skeletal health, the practitioner advised him to continue the same dosage for several months. On 29 Apr 2020, he complained of intermittent sensitivity in the perianal region, especially when passing stool. Dosage of #2 was increased to 6TD. By 15 May, the sensitivity was gone and the dosage was reverted to TDS and after three weeks reduced to maintenance dosage of OD. As of April 2021, he is completely fine.  

If using the 108CC box, give: CC20.1 SMJ tonic + CC20.5 Spine

Patient’s testimonial:

In November 2019, I dreaded whether I will be able to be myself attending to my duties. I was not able to even walk a little distance from the elevator to my apartment. I was only praying to Swami. I have full faith in Sai Vibrionics and the past experience gave me utmost confidence. He alleviated my pain and within a month of taking Sai Vibrionics. I am able to walk normally to do my errands and do all my activities without depending on others. Today I am not taking any other medication except the vibrionics remedy. I am ever grateful to my beloved Swami for keeping me healthy at this age.

Practitioner Profile 03576...UK

Practitioner 03576…UK has been a practicing lawyer since 2006. She first heard of Shirdi Baba from an Indian family while on vacation in Turkey in April 2014. She was so excited that she made two trips to Shirdi in 2014 itself. In early 2015, she visited a medium who introduced her to Swami and indeed He was present at the meeting and the medium merely conveyed His messages to her. She was directed to go to Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram and told that she had the money for the journey (refunded to her by the airlines from her delayed earlier flight to Shirdi). Soon after in March 2015, she made her first trip to Puttaparthi. On her return, she had a beautiful life-changing dream in which many of her questions were answered by Swami and she woke up a complete vegetarian and teetotaller. She started attending all Sai events in her vicinity regularly. In her own words “I only had to take a few steps towards Him, and He began to open a new world to me, my faith in Him escalated overnight as He comforted me with miracle after miracle to prove His existence. Swami Himself cleared all my doubts about Him.”

She visited Puttaparthi again for Swami's 90th birthday celebration and volunteered at the medical camp. On returning home, she felt a strong calling to continue with seva. This spurred her to take on part-time work, on minimal wage, as a community care worker; she also worked every weekend with dementia patients. Of course on weekdays she was in full-time employment as a lawyer. She also felt drawn to healing rooms in churches and remembered the message from the Bible - when we pray for others from our heart, God listens. This prompted her to pray regularly for family and friends in distress. She did this sincerely, no matter what the difficulty. It was after appealing to Swami for another path to help others that Sai Vibrionics manifested in her life. Suddenly she experienced a few health issues herself and soon after starting the remedy, these melted away, thereby 100% faith in vibrational healing was cemented. She knew the ailments were just an excuse to bring vibrionics into her life.

Her journey to qualify as a practitioner was fraught with obstacles; she was advised to try a year later. Under normal circumstances, accepting this decision and walking away would be her norm, but she got a strong message from Swami to fight for it. Consequently, she qualified as an AVP in Feb 2019. Looking back, the practitioner feels this was all part of Swami's plan to help shake off her ego and chisel her into a better human. Soon afterward in Sept 2019, she became a VP.

In the last two years, she has treated over 100 patients and achieved success with varied ailments such as heart issues, acidity, intestinal worms, diabetes, heavy and irregular periods, prostate problems, aphasia, epilepsy, osteoarthritis, and Covid-19. She finds CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic, a magical remedy that makes people peaceful and as positive calmness starts to replace their negative thoughts, healing begins. She has discovered a new love for gardening and finds that plants are joyful to nurture and bring beautiful energy to the house. She uses CC1.1 Animal tonic + CC1.2 Plant tonic to spray on plants every other day to keep them healthy and free from mites and other diseases. She adds CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic if planning to transplant them or if they look unhappy. She has successfully used CC1.1 Animal tonic in another way. A six-year-old girl could not get rid of her tapeworms despite allopathic treatment for three years. The practitioner started treating her for many health issues in Sept 2019. The child improved in other areas but the tapeworms persisted. On 30 June 2020, she added CC1.1 Animal tonic to her earlier remedy and within five days, the worms came out and nine months later in March 2021, she is still free of them!

In another case, the practitioner was treating a 70-year-old female with multiple chronic health problems including pain in the kidney area. An ultrasound scan on 2 Jan 2020 revealed a tumour in her kidney, so she added CC2.3 Tumours & Growths to the combo. When a CT scan was done on 28 January, the tumour was no longer there.

The practitioner keeps the 108CC box in her prayer room and always feels Swami's strong guiding presence when preparing remedies. Many patients have reported that they started feeling relief soon after consultation but before receiving the remedy. She finds the cure is quicker when supported with prayer. Sai has shown His divine presence in her home with the manifestation of vibhuti and honey from photographs. She has the habit of speaking to Swami and always seeks His assistance with her patients. It has happened on many occasions that patients have omitted to relate important information and Swami has guided her to add a specific combo to their remedy. On later mentioning it to her patients, they expressed surprise and confirmed having forgotten to mention that particular point.

She sets one weekday evening aside for patient phone calls and prepares the remedies over the weekend. The rest of the time, she receives patients’ requests and communicates with them via text messages. All urgent cases are prioritized and she keeps padded stamped envelopes ready to mail the remedies. Attendance at regular meetings keeps her abreast with the vibrionics world and provides an opportunity to discuss difficult cases and learn from senior practitioners. She has learnt that an illness appears in the etheric body before manifesting in the physical but it lingers on in the subtle body even when we feel well; hence it is important not to abruptly stop the treatment. This understanding has not only helped her in making changes to her own lifestyle but also in counselling patients to adopt a more positive way of life.

She has an important tip for practitioners, that is to maintain comprehensive patients’ records. This saves time and prevents frustration when referring to past remedies and helps with completing seva hours and submitting completed cases. Another tip is that although we are keen to help everyone, there are patients who do not want to be helped and in such cases, it is best to pray for them, surrender to Swami and move on to other patients.

She makes time in her busy schedule for prayers, reading inspirational books, listening to positive affirmations and shares this learning with patients. Her overall outlook on the world has changed as she now realizes that what happens on the outside is a mere reflection of her inner thoughts and feelings. She has learnt to let go of past hurtful events, expectations, and disappointments, which caused her anxiety in the past. Qualifying as a vibrionics practitioner, she truly believes, is the best opportunity that Swami has given her to progress on the path of self-transformation. It is a privilege to be placed in a position where, as His instrument, she is able to help others.

Case to share:

Practitioner Profile 02814...India

Practitioner 02814...India is a retiree after serving in the field of personnel management. He has a degree in science and a diploma in pharmacology. He first heard of Swami in 1968 when he received His photo from his father’s friend. He then started praying to Baba daily and was fortunate to have His darshan in 1972. Thereafter he became an active sevadal member of the SSS Seva organization. He has been assigned many different roles such as being a state coordinator, member of Prashanthi security (PS) service for Haryana and Chandigarh, zonal coordinator for Bal Vikas, disaster management and has served on the faculty teams of spiritual, educational, and service wings. He has been the district president of four districts of which he has recently given up two due to the Covid-19 situation. The practitioner feels extremely fortunate to have received, following completion of his ashram seva at Puttaparthi, the last blessing from Swami, accorded only to seva dals, on 23 March 2011.

In May 2010 he came across an internal announcement for an AVP training workshop to be held in Rishikesh. He immediately signed up for the same and having successfully completed the 3-day course, he became an AVP and started his practice with the 54CC box. In Oct 2010 when in Puttaparthi for his regular seva, he could join the VP training program at the end of which he received the newly released 108CC box. Although it appeared premature but witnessing his commitment and dedication, Dr.Aggarwal allowed him to enrol on the next level course which he completed in March 2011 and qualified as an SVP. Such was his resolve to progress in vibrionics, it was after just four months of his practice at the senior level that he became an AVP Teacher in July 2011.

The Practitioner was his own first patient for treatment of high BP for which he had been taking allopathic medicine since 2009. In June 2010 he started taking CC3.3 High Blood Pressure (BP) and within 6 months, not only did he discontinue both allopathic and vibrionics remedies but his BP stayed normal for the next five years! Then his BP started rising and by adding CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis to his earlier combo, he was able to keep the BP under check for another two years after which he has needed the support of a small dose of allopathic medicine. Suffering from sinusitis which caused chronic headaches, chest infections, and fever right from age 18, the practitioner started taking CC19.2 Respiratory allergies + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.5 Sinusitis + CC19.6 Cough chronic in July 2010 and within 3 months was completely cured of this chronic problem. In 2009, an accident had caused a torn ligament and neck pain. Despite taking allopathic treatment for a year, the lingering pain and spondylitis continued unabated but vanished within two months of commencing with CC20.3 Arthritis + CC20.4 Muscles & Supportive tissue + CC20.5 Spine. Experiencing the efficacy of these remedies first-hand, his faith and confidence in vibrionics became rock solid.

The practitioner is available for vibrionics seva at all times. During the day he deals with telephone inquiries from patients and in the evenings he gives them consultation in person at a nearby temple. At night, he prepares the remedies to give out the next day. In the past ten years of his practice, he has treated over 22,000 people for a huge array of health issues. He was instrumental in introducing vibrionics in the Village Adoption program and at the medical camps organized by the Sai Organization. He visits Prashanti Nilayam 2 to 3 times a year for both PS service and vibrionics seva in the clinic for sevadals. A few sevadals on duty in Prashanthi Nilayam get infected with dengue every summer. In 2019, the practitioner gave, as prophylactic, CC9.3 Tropical diseases for two weeks, to over 2,100 sevadals and not a single case of dengue was reported that year. He has given IB for Covid-19 to over 4500 ashram visitors from March to May 2020 and to over 5000 people in his hometown and nearby villages.

The practitioner would like to share the case of a 50-year-old woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis since 2001. She had been taking many allopathic medicines including steroids for the past ten years. When she visited the practitioner in Aug 2011, she was suffering from haemoglobin and calcium deficiency, brittle soft nails as well as sleeplessness and numbness which she believed to be the side effects of steroids. Her condition started improving slowly but steadily when she was started on vibrionics remedies based on the symptoms and it was only in Feb 2016 that she reported being 80% better and her doctor stopped the steroids. Thereafter the improvement was much faster, gradual tapering of vibro dosage was started before stopping the remedy in Dec 2016 when she was completely free of symptoms. Four years later when the practitioner was last in touch with her, she was still free of all health problems.

He narrates two other cases where successful outcomes inspired patients to take up this seva. One is that of a married couple who did not have children after 12 years of marriage. With faith, the husband and wife took CC14.3 Male infertility and CC8.1 Female tonic respectively for 16 months and the wife conceived. After the birth of their baby, the couple trained as practitioners. In the second case a 13-year-old boy, with a perforated eardrum caused by injury in March 2012, was advised surgery after six weeks of allopathic medication did not help. He was given CC5.2 Deafness + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC21.11 Wounds & Abrasions. In Oct 2012 when they consulted the ENT doctor, he was astonished that the ear had fully healed without surgery. After witnessing his son's complete cure the father trained as an AVP and continues to be an active practitioner.

He practices vibrionics with a missionary zeal, fully believing in Swami's divine words “You do My work, I will do yours”. He has experienced this in many situations. Once after completing seva at a medical camp, three hours away from his hometown, he missed the last bus back home due to excessive patient load. But on reaching the bus stand, he found the bus was still there, apparently delayed! In his next visit to the same medical camp, the seva finished an hour early. The practitioner was waiting outside a temple when the last bus came and stopped right in front of him (some distance before the bus stand) and he was able to board and secure the last available seat which would have otherwise gone. This avoided three hours of travel standing, at the end of a hectic day!

The practitioner has consistently based his life on Swami's guidance to be constantly in touch with his inner divinity. This infuses self-confidence in him. When cured patients out of gratitude want to pay back financially or otherwise, the practitioner tells them about Swami’s projects which are free and altruistic. This he believes inspires the practitioners to be part of Swami's divine mission. It gives the practitioner immense bliss to be engaged in selfless seva.

Cases to share

Answer Corner

Q1. In my country, it is generally difficult to find patients. Now due to COVID-19 restrictions in the past year, I had no new patients. I could only serve my existing patients by sending refills through the postal service. Any suggestions on how to find new patients? 

A. The best way to get new patients is through word-of-mouth with the help of old patients. Encourage them to share their ongoing improvements and success stories so as to motivate their family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues to avail the benefits of vibrionics. People are more open when offered remedies for their plants and pets. If you are a VP or above, you have access to our standard visiting card template which can be customised with your contact information. Provide enough visiting cards to your patients to give out with their verbal or email compliments about vibrionics. Also, share our newsletters and website details with them since patients love reading healing stories and anecdotes.


Q2. My patient is using prescribed allopathic cream for warts, can I also suggest vibrionics remedy application after some gap? 

A. Yes of course. In this case, it is better to apply the vibrionics remedy first as the vibrations will get absorbed within 20 minutes; if allopathic cream is applied first, it is likely to physically stay longer than 20 minutes on the skin and may interfere with vibrionics.


Q3. I am somewhat confused about the procedure for broadcasting remedies. Can you apprise me of this and any associated rules and requirements of broadcasting?

A. All aspects of broadcasting including the procedure have been covered in earlier newsletters vol 7 #1 to #4 & #6, vol 8 #6, vol 9 #4, vol 10 #2, vol 11 #4 & vol 12 #1. In vol 7 #4, we have stated that vibration from a single card can be broadcast by directly inserting the card in the slot of SRHVP. The latest research has however confirmed that it is best to first prepare the remedy using this card and then broadcast as normal. Remember all the rules about dosage, duration, tapering of dosage, and initiation while giving the first dose, remain the same as with oral intake.


Q4. A few of my patients stopped taking remedy after a short time, some others, after receiving it, did not start taking due to apprehension or family pressure. There are of course those who don’t want to take in spite of going through newsletters and other website content. Can you guide me as to how to handle such situations? 

A. Most people tend to be fearful of the unknown. Hence it is understandable that even after reading through vibrionics literature, some would be apprehensive and may not like to take this treatment. In such cases, it is best to offer them the option to try it on their plants or pets which indeed produce positive results very fast. There will be others who just don’t want to take vibrionics. As they don’t have the inner willingness to take these remedies, these are unlikely to work well for them anyway. Our responsibility is to create awareness of vibrionics and we should not try to convince anybody of the benefits of, or persuade them to use, this healing system. Oftentimes people want the treatment in desperation because traditional medicine did not work. Human nature being what it is, the same people are hoping for a fast miracle cure. When this does not happen, they move away to another therapy. They are not meant to receive the healing benefits of vibrionics. It is best to accept this as the divine will and concentrate your energy on other new patients.


Q5. What is the role of lifestyle in the treatment of chronic diseases that are hereditary?

A. Only 10 to 30% of diseases afflicting us are estimated to be hereditary. The remainder are due to environmental factors such as lifestyle and pollution etc. Moreover, our genes are not permanently programmed. They can evolve depending on our environment, influenced mainly by what we take in through our five senses. Hence it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is essential to educate patients on the importance of lifestyle viz, diet, meditation, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and doing everything joyfully but not until you establish a rapport with them. Any insensitive insistence at the initial appointment might put them off vibrionics. 


Q6. Several of my patients with chronic illnesses experienced fast recovery like 60-80% in the beginning but then the improvement stopped. What could be the reason and what should I do? 

A. After giving a vibration for some time, the body can in certain cases become immune at some point, so it turns off the reception to that vibration. This can be explained by an example - when you move into an apartment next to a railway station, noise bothers you so much that you can’t even sleep. However, after some months you won’t be bothered by the noise as the body would exclude that sound from the spectra of disturbance and it won’t react to it anymore. The reason is that there is a miasm which is blocking further improvement. Hence in such cases, treat with SR560 All Miasms before restarting the original remedy, as explained in newsletter vol 8 #5. Also, refer to vol 6 #2 for a similar question.


Divine words from the Master Healer

Absence of mental ease and equanimity leads to what we correctly call disease. One sacred duty of the doctor is to advise persons on how to preserve health and prevent disease. He has to be vigilant in society to discover and suppress every tendency in Aahaar and Vihaar (food habits and recreational activities) by which diseases are developed. The dress worn by humans, the houses where they live and the areas where they are situated, have to be tidy and clean. The food that is taken has to supply all the elements needed to keep the body strong enough to resist illness. Even if it falls short a little in this respect, health can be maintained if it is unpolluted, pure and holy. The atmosphere breathed in, the water taken in, the ground lived on, the animals and plants that surround---all have maleficent microbes that may cause illness if the mind and body are not equipped with powerful resistance armour. 

…Sathya Sai Baba, “The doctor's profession” Divine Discourse, September 1980                                 


You should all realise that the human body has been given to you solely to render selfless service. Such service broadens the heart, destroys the ego, and generates bliss. Service also helps to promote consciousness of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. Your task does not end there. You have at the same time to propagate the idea of Ekaathma-Bhaavam (spiritual oneness of all mankind). Mankind has to be led from dualism to non-dualism.

... Sathya Sai Baba, “Spiritual significance of loving service” Divine Discourse, 21 November 1995      


Forthcoming Workshops*

  • USA: Virtual AVP Workshop** twice-weekly sessions Sept to Nov 2021 contact Susan at [email protected]
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual AVP Workshop, weekly sessions 2 June to 16 July 2021 concluding with a practical workshop at Puttaparthi (after Guru Purnima) on 26-27 July 2021** (details will be intimated to participants), contact Lalitha at [email protected] or by telephone at 8500-676-092
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual AVP Workshop, Sept to Nov 2021** Dates to be announced contact Lalitha at [email protected] or by telephone at 8500-676-092
  • India Puttaparthi: Virtual SVP Workshop Jan 2022** Dates to be announced contact Hem at [email protected]

*All AVP and SVP Workshops are only for those who have undergone the admission process and the e-course. Refresher seminars are for existing practitioners. 

**Subject to change

In Addition

Health tips

Herbs for flavouring and enriching your food for wellbeing

“Under the skin lies a very light secondary layer. It is this layer that protects the skin. Green leaves strengthen this layer, apart from having other benefits.”…Sathya Sai Baba1

1. What are herbs?

Herbs are leafy greens or flowering parts of a plant including their tender stems. There are myriads of herbs; some are ideal for flavouring food, some used as vegetables, some essentially medicinal, and some used for beauty treatment, or as perfumes or disinfectants. In this article, we present health-enhancing edible herbal leaves. Milder than spices, herbs are used in small quantity to impart flavour, brightness, and colour to dishes.2-4

2. Benefits, usage, and storage of herbs

Benefits: Herbs are a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to enhance health and prevent disease, aid digestion, give relief from colds and reduce aches and pains.4-5 Flavour of fresh herbs can also serve to replace or at least reduce intake of sugar and salt.5

Usage: Chop the soft and tender herb gently by hand, and add it to the dish at the end of cooking or at the time of serving. Add dried herbs at the beginning or during the cooking process. As one teaspoon of dried herbs equals four teaspoons of fresh ones, start with a pinch to know its strength to ensure that the taste or aroma of the main ingredient in a dish is not masked.6,7 

Storage: Fresh herbs will last longer if they are washed gently, dried carefully, wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a resealable bag in the refrigerator. Store very tender herbs like basil and dill in water at room temperature. Change the water every couple of days and discard wilted stems. Store dried herbs in air-tight plastic bags, glass jars, or stainless steel containers in a cool, dark, and dry place, preferably freeze or refrigerate. They may last for a year or more. Dry bay leaves last up to 2 years. Check their freshness once in 3-4 months by crushing a small amount and sniffing; the aroma should be fresh.6,8,9

We are covering 20 commonly used herbs. Their Indian names, wherever applicable, are given in parenthesis.

3. Flavouring herbs

3.1 Basil & Holy basil (Tulsi): There are many types of basil with different flavours. Sweet basil leaves used in sauces (especially Italian pesto), salads, soups, and as a topping on pizza have a warm spicy flavour. Widely researched “tulsi”, with light green or purple leaves with tooth-like edges and strong peppery flavour, has powerful healing qualities. Its concoction can help prevent lifestyle diseases, assist in normalising blood sugar and blood pressure, enhance immunity, and relieve cold and flu as well as anxiety and depression.10-13

3.2 Bay leaf (Tej patta): Most aromatic of all the herbs, whole bay leaves are added during cooking and removed before serving; used in stews for relief from sinusitis. Its regular intake in powdered form or in a capsule may increase nutrient absorption, reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and prevent stomach ulcers.14-16

3.3 Celery (Ajmod): A traditional herb with a strong aromatic flavour, its leaves are ideal for garnishing salads, soups, and noodles, and stalks are eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable. It is a natural detoxifier and prevents bacterial infections.17

3.4 Chives: This herb goes well with salads and vegetable dishes, as a topping especially on baked potatoes. A good source of vitamins A, C, K, choline, folate, and fibre, it may lower the risk of stomach cancer, heal sunburns and sore throat, lower blood pressure, help body metabolism and foetal development, act as a mild stimulant and diuretic, and is a natural bug repellent. Don’t cut chives unless ready to use them. They can be dried and frozen and stored for years.18,19

3.5 Cilantro/Coriander (Hara dhania): Cilantro refers to the fresh leaves of the coriander plant. The leaves along with the tender portion of the stem lend a nice flavour to salads, soups, and other dishes. A good source of vitamins A,C, and K, it can aid in digestion, detoxify the body, soothe skin irritation, lower anxiety and improve sleep, promote healthy vision, and strengthen the skeletal system.4,20,21 (also see vol 11 #3 ).

Culantro/long coriander: Often confused with cilantro, it is an unusual herb with long serrated leaves and stronger aroma; mostly available in dried form.4

3.6 Curry leaves (Kadi patta): These amazing leaves of the curry tree (grown in many Indian households) are an essential ingredient in cooking in India and Srilanka. They can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and prevent infections and anaemia. One can chew fresh leaves to detoxify the body, to enhance digestion, and to prevent hair fall.22-24

3.7 Dill weed (Suva bhaji): Fernlike spring herb used in pickles and for garnishing many dishes, snacks, and salads; sometimes used like a vegetable in large quantity, sautéed with potatoes. It can boost digestion, combat infections, regulate diabetes, enhance calcium absorption, and give relief from menstrual cramps and insomnia. It does not stay fresh for more than a day.25-27

3.8 Fennel (Saunf ke patte): Similar to dill in looks and flavour, it is a totally edible herb. Its juice helps in digestion and can treat urinary infections, body pain and fever, insomnia, and depression.28 (also see vol 11 #3)

3.9 Mint (Pudina): Mint imparts a fresh, aromatic, sweet and spicy flavour to drinking water, beverages, syrups, ice creams, and candies. It helps in digestion and treating intestinal worms, colic pain, and chest congestion, boosting brain function, and balancing hormone level. It is used in cosmetics, toothpastes, and mouth fresheners. There are many varieties of mint, two commonly known are: spearmint (generally used in cooking and in chewing gum), and peppermint which may increase alertness and memory.29-31

3.10 Oregano: It is sprinkled on pizza, pasta, salads, soups and sauces for flavour. It is used to treat an upset stomach, respiratory issues, inflammation, and infections. Oregano tea is good for gut health, sore throat and cough.32-35

Marjoram: Similar but milder and sweeter than oregano.35

3.11 Parsley: Similar to cilantro in appearance, use, and benefits, parsley has pointed serrated leaves with bitter taste. It has a delicate flavour which gets enhanced if mixed with cilantro. A natural breath freshener and diuretic, parsley has vitamin B, in addition to vitamins A, C, & K. It can boost immunity and kidney health, protect eyes, skin, heart, and bones, and reduce acidity and bloating.4,36-38

French Parsley/chervil: Similar but a more delicate annual herb.4

3.12 Rosemary (Gulmehendi): A herb of the mint family, with needle-like leaves, it is used to flavour a dish at the end of cooking and to make tea. Rosemary can boost the immune system and memory, reduce stress and drowsiness, impart calmness, aid digestion, and act as an insect repellent. Often used in making candles, perfumes, and cosmetics.39-41

3.13 Sage: A powerful woody herb with hair-like structures on its leaves, sage is closely related to rosemary. Apart from flavouring foods, it is ideal for infusing into herbal tea and other beverages. Traditionally it is used to treat infections, pain, mouth ulcers, and memory problems, it is a natural cleanser and air purifier. In ancient times it was used to ward off evil and treat snakebites.4,42,43

3.14 Savory: Winter savory is a delicious herb that can add minty flavour to any recipe. The aromatic summer savory with a peppery flavour is a good substitute for parsley; can be had raw in salads or cooked, especially with beans. Both types of savory are nutritive and help to give relief from muscle pain, bronchial congestion, digestive problems, and bites and stings, and fight infections.44-47

3.15 Tarragon: Tasty when consumed raw, it can provide relief from toothache and suppressed menstruation, fight bacteria, and improve digestion and sleep. Tarragon tea can reduce stress and anxiety.4,48

3.16 Thyme: Considered a cousin of oregano, it is earthy, lemony, and minty, and would impart better flavour when used together with rosemary. It has more vitamin A & C than oregano, is a natural diuretic, can stimulate appetite, alleviate digestive and respiratory problems, and fight infections. It can get rid of pests. In ancient times It was effectively used to prevent and treat poisoning.4,49,50


4. Herbal leaves used more like vegetables

4.1 Amaranth leaves (Chaulai): Superior to most greens, it is very rich in vitamins A, C, B-complex, and K and iron. It contains more potassium and a lot more calcium than spinach. It prevents osteoporosis and iron deficiency anaemia. Fresh tender leaves could be mixed with salads, or made into juice or paste or curry and also cooked with lentils.51-53

4.2 Fenugreek leaves (Methi): It is commonly used in wheat bread (chapatis) or cooked as a vegetable, especially with potato, its regular consumption can prevent and treat anaemia, all kinds of digestive issues, and diseases like beriberi and tuberculosis, control glucose level, and stabilise body temperature. Made into a paste, it can remove scars and stop baldness; mixed with lemon juice, it can be a natural mouthwash.54 (also see vol 11 #3 & #5)

4.3 Moringa/Drumstick leaves (Sahajan): Most potent part of the miracle plant, moringa leaves have more than 90 nutrients, 46 different antioxidants, and all the essential amino acids making it protein-rich, twice as much calcium as in milk, and three times the iron in spinach. The leaves are used in breads, dosas, made into a paste, or sautéed with vegetables for their flavour and nutritional value. These can enhance immunity, balance blood sugar, and are excellent for the digestive system. Moringa seeds when put in dirty water will attract the impurities and make the water drinkable.55-57 (also see vol 11 #5)

4.4 Sorrel leaves/Sour spinach (Pitwaa/Gongura): it is the only leaf that can be eaten in the monsoon without fear of contamination. It has a tangy flavour and gains sourness with temperature. Normally consumed as chutney, it is also used in pickles, and cooked with vegetables or lentils. Being nutrition-rich, it can prevent many diseases including anaemia.58-60

5. Hybrid of herbs

5.1 Herbs de Provence: Commonly used in French cuisine, it is an aromatic mixture of dried herbs - basil, bay leaf, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, savory, tarragon, and thyme.61

5.2 Tisane/Herbal tea: Tea from herbs can be very rejuvenating. Take any herb of choice and let it remain in hot water for 2-3 minutes or more, strain and sip. This way one gets all the benefits of that plant in a form that is easy to digest. Apart from oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, and tulsi, one can make tea from eucalyptus leaves, echinacea, hibiscus (antiviral), fennel, lemongrass, mint, celery and rooibos (for detoxification, good digestion, and boosting immunity), or chamomile and passionflower (for their calming effects).62-66

6. Conclusion

All herbs make food appetising, refreshing and are safe and healthy in small amounts for flavouring. Moderation is the key even when using herbs as vegetables. However, people having allergies, on blood thinners or medications for lifestyle or life-threatening diseases, or pregnant women should be cautious about specific herbs and their quantity.

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2. Update on Covid-19 remedy

The dire shortage of oxygen for Covid-19 patients in India spurred the research team to look into ways of increasing the oxygen saturation level. The findings confirm that remedy made in water using card SR304 Oxygen at 200C and given every ten minutes can quickly boost the oxygen level to around 90. The dosage can then be tapered down slowly as the improvement progresses and the level can reach up to 95 within 2 days. Practitioners with only 108CC box can instead use CC19.1 Chest tonic with the same dosage as above. Remember to continue the IB remedy as per guidelines in vol 12 #2.

In view of the above finding, the IB remedy prepared using the SRHVP has been modified to: BR4 Fear + BR9 Digestion + SM26 Immunity + SM27 Infection + SM31 Lung & Chest + SM40 Throat + SR272 Arsen Alb 30C + SR277 Bryonia 30C + SR291 Gelsemium 30C + SR304 Oxygen 200C. Remedy prepared using the 108CC box remains the same, refer to vol 12 #2, In Addition section #2. You may also like to refresh your memory with the miraculous experience of practitioner 11601…India with the oxygen card, see vol 11 #6, section #2. She has further reported great success with patients who were on oxygen in the hospital as well as at home, on using SR304 at 200C.

IB used as nasal drops:

The practitioner 11626 having an allergy to strong smell and dust, developed sneezing, so increased the  IB dosage to 6TD (was taking preventive at OD). Sneezing was gone in two days but she still had blocked nose and headache. She learnt from another practitioner 11623 that IB, when made in water and used as nasal drops, immediately clears nose block. When she put one drop in each nostril, the relief was instant and phlegm started flowing. She used the nasal drops at BD and within two days her sinusitis cleared completely. Ever since she has been successfully using this for her children whenever they have blocked nose.

3. Inauguration of Vibrionics Clinic at the Sai International Centre New Delhi, 4 April 2021

With Swami’s immense blessings Sai Vibrionics reached yet another milestone on 4 April 2021 with the inauguration of a weekly Vibrionics Clinic at the Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, the abode of Swami in New Delhi. The occasion was graced by the State President of Delhi-NCR and in attendance were office bearers of SSSSO and Vibrionics team of the Delhi-NCR region.

The programme started with Veda chanting and lighting the lamp. The state president lauded the good work done by the vibrionics team in the region, assuring them of full support by the organization. He called upon them to continue serving with Love and follow the path shown by Swami. The event was concluded with a charging session of 108CC boxes of 22 practitioners.




The clinic functions on Sundays, manned by two practitioners on a rota basis and supported by a team of well-trained seva dals who also take down the vitals like BP, pulse rate and blood sugar of each patient. The relentless efforts of practitioners 11573&11437 in establishing this clinic are greatly appreciated.











4. Inspiring anecdotes

4.1 Pure love keeps flowing

A Sai student, due to classes being online, is currently in Delhi with his mother. Both had Covid-19 symptoms for two weeks and the mother was almost bedridden. He felt certain that they were both positive but the results of their test were inordinately delayed. They were struggling to have cooked food as none of their close relatives living nearby even cared to bring them some. On 23 April 2021, in desperation, he sent a message to the  All India Vibrionics Coordinator who contacted a local practitioner 11389 and within minutes she personally delivered the remedies along with non-prescription allopathic medicines. She was not stopped anywhere on the way despite Delhi being under a curfew!! Swami also took care of the food when the local seva organisation started providing home-cooked food to them under an initiative started for home quarantined families in the area. The duo was left speechless, overwhelmed by the sudden outpouring of love from every quarter. From the third day, the boy started attending online classes and the mother was able to walk around and was even ready to start her work on the fifth day. The student writes: “We at Parthi who have never seen Swami are always told, He comes to you in various forms in multitudes of ways because He loves you. Today what I have received is surely medicine but I would like to call it 'pure love', the kind which Swami has for all of us. I thank Swami for coming in your form in this time which I would doubtlessly call the toughest days I have ever faced in my life. Sai Ram” 

4.2 Swami’s blessings continue

On 19 April 2021, practitioner 10741 discovered that the dropper bottle containing CC3.7 Circulation in her box had completely dried up. On her request, a fellow practitioner brought to her CC3.7 in a small vial, the same afternoon. When she was ready to replenish her empty bottle she was flabbergasted to see that it was already ¾ full, with just enough room to add the liquid remedy brought to her. It was indeed the same combo bottle that Swami had physically taken out when He blessed the Master box on 2 March 2008 (refer to the picture on the first page of 108CC book). Swami’s reassurance to all practitioners!

5. Workshops & Seminars

5.1 Virtual AVP workshop, 9 Jan to 6 Mar 2021;  practical workshop, Puttaparthi, 13-14 March 2021

This nine-week workshop had 36 virtual sessions covering in-depth all the nine chapters of the AVP manual which the candidates had already studied in their eCourse. Taking advantage of the virtual platform many existing practitioners were able to attend these sessions as silent participants. This helped them to refresh and further their understanding of vibrionics. Additionally, some senior practitioners aspiring to be vibrionics teachers were given the opportunity to take up some of the topics. Guidance was given on writing case histories which is crucial to the growth of vibrionics, also there were talks on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of disease. IASVP wing director made a presentation (see pic) on the current administrative structure of vibrionics, this was much appreciated. Dr Aggarwal in his address to the participants stressed that devotion, dedication and gratitude were essential in bringing about a cure and manifesting love can trigger healing for a patient. Practitioners should merely do their best and leave the results to Swami. This virtual workshop was a great success with 61 participants from around the globe on the final day. During the practical workshop at Puttaparthi, the newly qualified candidates took the oath and received the 108CC box with gratitude and a resolve to do their utmost to serve their patients.

5.2 Virtual SVP workshop, Puttaparthi, 22-23 March 2021

The two-day seminar was conducted as a follow-up workshop for nine SVPs who had qualified during 2018-19 out of which seven attended along with five other senior practitioners. On the first day, there was an open and in-depth discussion on several case histories. The second day was fully devoted to the concepts and practices of dealing with miasms and broadcasting of remedies with valuable inputs from Dr Aggarwal.






6. In Memoriam

We bid farewell to an experienced, greatly valued practitioner Mrs Kamlesh Wadhwa 00535 who passed away at her home in London on 22 Jan 2021, at the age of 84. She was actively serving her patients until last year when her failing health due to haemolytic anaemia made it difficult for her to continue this seva. Our hearts go out to her family in their time of bereavement.