Glasnik Sai Vibrionike

" Kad god vidite nesretnu, bolesnu ili potištenu osobu, to je polje vašeg sluţenja,seve. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Infertility - erectile dysfunction, ovarian cyst

A young couple had been trying to have a baby for 3 years since their marriage in 2011. On 10 March 2014 the 26-year-old husband came to the practitioner with his medical report which showed he suffered from erectile dysfunction. He had taken ayurvedic and later homeopathic treatment, at a huge expense, for 2 years but without any success. He was given the following:

CC14.3 Male infertility…TDS

After 2 weeks the patient reported that his erection was 50% better than before. On 5 April 2014 he came with his wife, both looking happy as his erectile dysfunction had completely disappeared. He continued the remedy for another 2½ months at TDS and stopped it on 20 June 2014 of his own accord as he felt he did not need it any more.

Inspired by the husband’s quick improvement, the 23-year-old wife wanted to try vibrionics for her problems too. She had irregular and delayed periods for the past one year, the time gap between her cycles being 2 to 3 months. An ultrasound scan done in December 2013 had revealed an ovarian cyst. She was given on 5 April 2014:

CC8.1 Female tonic + CC8.4 Ovaries & Uterus + CC8.8 Menses irregular…TDS

Her next 3 cycles during May to July 2014 were regular and within a month of the previous one. To their great delight the wife conceived in August 2014. A routine scan done during her pregnancy showed there was no cyst. Though she was advised to continue the remedy during pregnancy, the couple only contacted the practitioner to give her the good news that a healthy baby girl was born on 29 May 2015. She conceived again and gave birth to a baby boy in May 2018, both mother and child were healthy. Now the whole family takes only vibrionics remedies for any health issues. As of April 2020, the parents and the children are doing well.

Patient’s Testimonial dated 15 March 2019: I and my wife took vibro medicine in March 2014 for my erectile dysfunction and my wife’s ovarian cyst and irregular periods. We didn’t have a child until 3 years after marriage due to above issues. After taking medicine for 3 months my wife conceived and we were blessed with a baby girl in May 2015. Recently in May 2018 we were blessed with a baby boy. From 2014 till date we haven’t taken any other medication for the above problems, neither did they recur. We are grateful to vibrionics treatment and Sai Baba for helping us recover from these issues.